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So, for those who think the following may violate delicate sensibilities, go right ahead and read something else.

It’s up to you.

Should you stay, or should you go?

Will you seek genuine truth, or will you choose to remain comfortable with lies disguised as truth?    

What if everything you thought was real turned out to be an illusion? What if everything you perceived as the truth presented to you on the network news turned out to be a lie?

The television was created not to entertain the public, but to shape public consciousness in ways conducive to generating profits. escape-to-death_banner1071

Before one begins to delve into details, some definition must be provided as to what is meant by the word hoax as it relates to the aforementioned historical events. There can be no doubt, based upon verifiable research, what the public witnessed were documentaries of crisis preparedness drills, posed by the media as actual emergencies. By now, everyone is familiar with the term ‘crisis actor’.

In truth, this is a misnomer.

Even in this 21st century age of instant information, there remain widespread misconceptions with regard to how broadcast network television conducts business, and for what ultimate purpose. Television programming exists for one purpose only, to sell advertising, advertising that will generate profits for not only the networks, but ultimately, the stockholders. In order to ensure those profits, public attentions must be intensely focused.

How is this maintained?

Public attentions are kept focused on television programming by creating content that is emotionally and psychologically driven, such that the television viewer will stay glued to their television sets, long enough for the general public to become influenced by the advertising.

The world is controlled by bankers, concerned only with the smooth progression of commerce.

The news broadcast to the public doesn’t have to reflect reality, it only has to generate a profit. Featured Image -- 5549

conspiracy-stephen perkins-thriller-fiction-sandy hook-9/11-Boston bombing--black magic
Raging Falcon is it conspiracy or fiction?

With regard to the Columbine and Sandy Hook events, there can be no doubt actors with prestigious and historic Hollywood lineages tied in with those owning and operating the American media complex played roles in these staged events, events scheduled as government sponsored practice drills, simulated emergencies sold to the public as genuine crisis.

This is the secret formula of the media sorcerers, and their magic wand is the television.

If these events are fake, one may ask, how is it they can legally get away with it?

The following is paramount in understanding how these arrangements come about.

The actors participating in any broadcast production are under contract, subject to the strict terms and conditions therein. A producer and actors are hired and contracted to create a program to fill a particular time slot projected to reap maximum profitability.

In order to ensure the level of profitability hits the projected targets, engaging characters accompanied by emotionally engaging story lines must be produced. Pseudonyms are created for the characters under contract, an identity maintained for the stipulated duration of the contractual arrangement. When the performances enacted by the characters gains ratings and popular notoriety, profit value is attached to that particular pseudonym.

It must be understood, though the actors playing the characters do not own the pseudonyms, the names can be franchised to create a legend, which can then be utilized to garner even bigger profits through merchandising and additional advertising.

This is also why it is legal for a corporation to hire an actor assuming a role to run for public office, particularly if there is legislation to be benefited and profited from, whether politically or financially.

In light of this, one can readily observe how it is possible, in the way of standard practice, for governments and broadcast networks to regularly collude in creating events like Sandy Hook, Columbine, and even 9/11, in order to profitably satisfy agendas of mutual self-interest.

Now that some paramount groundwork has been covered, one shall provide details as to the identities of some of the actors playing roles in these particular broadcast events.

Some of the characters portrayed have become well known.

Unknown to the public, until now, are the real identity of the actors.

Many of the individuals one shall mention, are related to famous celebrity families with long resumes in the television and Hollywood movie industry.  Escape to Death - 3D


These events are always populated by family members for very specific reasons. For one, it eliminates the possibility of blackmail. Secondarily, this facilitates a concept known as celebrity leveraging. Whenever you see a character portraying a public figure, notice they are always accompanied by a spouse. In order to maximize secrecy in terms of the real identity of the actor, a sibling will often be employed to portray the spouse. This maximizes plausible deniability as well as maintaining integrity of the operation.

If strangers are employed to portray characters in such an operation, there is always a chance, due to human nature, personal upheavals could damage operational integrity.

One often hears the argument that ‘someone would talk’, thus compromising the level of secrecy one perceives involved in successfully pulling off operations of this magnitude. Due to the nature of network contracts, bolstered by the utilization of reliable family members accustomed to such legal arrangements, the lid is always kept on tight.

The actor playing the part of Sheriff John Stone giving the press conference immediately following the Columbine event has been identified as actor John Astin, a family relative of Patty Duke Astin of network television fame. He has played several roles in other such events, benefiting from his family relations within the television industry.

Currently, John Astin teaches, you guessed it, acting and theatrical productions at John Hopkins University.

His brother Paul Astin, played not only the role of Ron Barber in the Gabrielle Gifford shooting hoax, but most famously, played the role of Gene Rosen in the Sandy Hook Massacre production.

Patty Duke Astin’s children, and grandchildren, played most of the major roles at Sandy Hook.

Remember Emily Parker, the six-year-old daughter of ‘Robby Parker’, allegedly slain at Sandy Hook? Turns out, she is the daughter of Sean Astin, who also plays the role of Robert Graham, a state representative from Colorado.

In fact, backdated and photo shopped pictures of all three of Sean Astin’s children were utilized to create the characters of Robby Parker’s children.

It can now be reported, the actress playing the role of Robby Parker’s wife in the Sandy Hook production, has been identified as Ali Astin, Sean’s younger sister.

So, you may ask, who played Robby Parker?

Well folks, it turns out to be no surprise, that actor is Astin family member, McKenzie Astin, best known for his role years ago on ‘The Facts of Life’ NBC television production.


In the next installment in this blog series, one shall reveal the identities of more of the actors playing roles in both the Columbine and Sandy Hook events. And, one shall assuredly be shocked to learn, that the siblings of one of the most beloved and legendary figures of American television played prominent roles.

But, even more, one shall be stunned to learn the true identity of that legendary figure. So, stay tuned for more, coming very soon!


    1. Yes, as I’m certain you’re aware, many of these family members reappear in a variety of these publicly staged crisis events. Tony Greenberg seems to star in many mainstream news stories in the guise of a variety of characters, and is probably more talented than most of the celebrated actors in Hollywood.

      1. this is such a treat for me….I never meet anyone who fully understands this phenomenon. thank you for writing about the Astin family…I knew nothing about them. I saw Sean in a video just yesterday from Charlottesville and when I read your blog this morining I knew it was him. Perfect timing. People are sold on the idea of crisis actors but they are missing the real deal. Yes tony..I have him in some amazing roles. did you know he played the female french teacher victim at Virginia Tech? One of my better discoveries. Also his character has a Muslim funeral in North Africa after the is amazing. He is pretending to be an Algerian violin player.

  1. You mentioned that the NFL is an entertainment league. Are all the other sports leagues scripted as well?

    1. The key element in stage managing sporting spectacles – particularly regarding the NFL – is the behavior and judgements of the on-field officials. The games aren’t scripted in the same manner as, for example, a Hollywood movie or television production, but the outcomes are directed in ways that are the most profitable in terms of maximizing advertising, merchandising, television ratings as well as other ancillary profit sources such as stadium concessions. The NFL is tightly connected to the Vegas gaming industry, and the game outcomes are also directed according to the vagaries of the point spreads set for each contest. Above all, the team’s owners – in cooperation with both the league commissioner and the television network executives – have a contractual and fiduciary responsibility, above all, to ensure the contests remain profitable for the major shareholders. This is why the emotional investments of the so-called fans are continually exploited with dramatic narratives about players, teams, and even coaches, manufactured, stories which focus on accentuating the development of marketable celebrity personas. This prevailing profit-making scenario is similar in the NBA and MLB, which both also primarily rely on the actions of the on-field officials in cooperation with the covert involvement of reliable key players to influence the outcomes of regular season and championship contests.

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