The media is once again selling their favorite product-FEAR.

Once again, the media sorcerers want the public at large to believe there are terrorists everywhere. To instill the psychological manipulations of fear, chaos, and hatred, they must make you believe without question there is an immediate need for omniscient surveillance, and the increased presence of military outfitted law enforcement watching one’s every move is indeed justified. handsome-wizard-fireball-showing-black-background-49846858

But, of course, the selling of fear wouldn’t be quite complete without a little product placement. Though not a gambler, one would set very good odds that Ariana Grande’s new CD, ‘Dangerous Woman’, will begin to fly off the product shelves in virtual droves.

The flow of commerce and the promulgation of fear are always linked in such ways.

supernatural-alien invasion-homicidal madness-politics-
humid Hollywood night. Beltane, the witches holiday was breaking, and death was the only escape from danger.


Perhaps this quote from former CIA agent, John Stockwell, will serve to illuminate those who still believe the purpose of the boys working at Langley is to protect the American people from all enemies whether foreign or domestic. As one shall learn, the true purpose of CIA is not to protect American citizens, but something else entirely:

“It is the function of CIA, in the way of protecting American interests to keep the world unstable and to propagandize and teach the American people to hate and fear.”

While one is allowed to ponder the ultimate significance of that candid admission, consider for a moment, just what is meant by ‘American interests’? This means, the material and financial interests of the elite bankers and industrialists who the American people willingly choose to allow to rule over them, must be protected, at all costs.

The interests of the elites and those of the masses of people never in fact coincide. The needs of the former will always trump those of the latter. And yet, a great percentage of the American people still believe some shred of democratic process still exists.

Perhaps, it is time to divorce with the cognitive dissonance of social conditioning and observe the possibility that the concept of democracy exists merely for the sake of appearances. In practice, apart from mere appearances, the true architecture of governance, the one never broadcast on the major mainstream networks, possess no such democratic compunctions. If the revealing statement of a CIA agent is not powerful enough to persuade one that deception is the most powerful tool of national and international governance, perhaps this excerpt from HR 4310, a piece of legislation rubber stamped into law by the US congress in 2013, will serve to underscore the point:

“The Department of State or Broadcasting Board of Governors are not prohibited from propagandizing US media, in any medium or form of communication, due to the potential that US citizens may or may not be exposed to such program material, as long as the propaganda is disseminated after the effective date of the Smith-Mundt Modernization act of 2012.”

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Raging Falcon is it conspiracy or fiction?

But, back to the analysis of this so-called Manchester event.

Internet conspiracy theorists will continually emphasize the number coding common to all of the reports proffered by the mainstream media sorcerers. Upon further investigation and consideration, this analysis turns out to be rather superficial. Though it is true identical numerology codes common to all of these events are beyond obvious coincidence, one has discovered a deeper layer yet.

More on that later, perhaps in the next installment.

For the moment, here is an excerpt from a paper funded by the US Army War College as it relates to emergency preparedness drills presented by the media as actual premeditated terrorist attacks:

“Active deception is the process of providing an enemy with intentions and capabilities which you do not possess, scenarios presented under false pretense of clear and present danger. Here, in this case, you are showing your enemy something which does not, in fact, exist.”

One can easily substitute the word ‘enemy’ implied in that statement with the world’s masses and readily arrive at the reasonable conclusion that the true purpose of these military style preparation drills is to actively deceive the world’s masses into fearing an enemy which in fact does not, and never has existed. It is then possible to decisively reason that the genuine enemy of the masses, the real terrorists, are the governments sponsoring these so-called terror preparation drills.

Now, allow one to present a demonstrative comparison and contrast analysis, between the effects of an actual bomb blast, and the footage of an emergency preparedness drill undertaken in Manchester, not more than a year prior to what mainstream media sorcerers, CNN and BBC, have reported as a terrorist attack. Here is a link to that of a video taken in 2012 in Afghanistan: Here is a link to the footage taken the evening of the event in Manchester on May, 22:

One can clearly hear the voice over the PA at 3:47 announcing “there is nothing going on here” as the concert goers file out in an orderly fashion. If one is truly objective in their comparative analysis between the video taken in Afghanistan with that of the footage presented by CNN and BBC from the night of the Manchester event, one can readily conclude the two examples represent a rather shocking and stark contrast. American Siren - 3D

If one is still not convinced of the anomalies inherently present in the mainstream news coverage with regard to not just the Manchester terror event, but many others, here is a link to yet another video many assuredly shall find instructive:

It is clear, there is a consistent and inherent uniformity with regard to the mainstream media’s presentation of these prepackaged terror events. Prior to the Boston bombing event, there was a public service announcement posted in the Boston Globe, warning the public that a ‘controlled explosion and accompanying drill’ was to take place prior to the start of the marathon. In the case of the Manchester event on the 22nd at 5:30 pm, there was a similar public warning issued by the Manchester police on Twitter regarding a ‘controlled explosion’ planned for a location in proximity to the Manchester concert arena.

It is clear, the purpose of these prepackaged events is in service to an overarching global agenda.


One should not be surprised, that very soon, national governments will begin to condition the public to the idea the ‘terror’ issue is too large and complicated to be conclusively dealt with by national sovereign governments alone.

Probability has it, the leaders of Western governments shall begin to parrot the notion that a grand solution to the international ‘terror’ issue can only be offered via the cooperative coalition of nations headed by the UN.

In other words, the veil of national security, hiding the overarching architecture of global governance that has in fact existed for decades, shall very soon be torn away.

More than ever, the time is now to put aside mundane and material pursuits and begin to spread awareness of this covert but obvious tyrannical deception.

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