The mysterious man of many famous faces (part II)

The mysterious man of many famous faces (part II)

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One began the first installment in this series of articles examining the mysterious saga of a man named Michael Rockefeller. Not much is publicly known about Michael, other than alleged claims of his disappearance in the jungles of New Guinea in 1961. Depending upon the particular source one consults, some accounts claim Michael Rockefeller drowned after the capsize of his canoe. Still others claim Rockefeller managed to survive the frantic current of the river rapids and swam to shore, but once there, was attacked by a tribe of cannibals and eaten alive.

Yet another account attempts to spin the tragic yarn in another bizarre direction, claiming Rockefeller somehow fell over the gunnels of the canoe and was summarily attacked by sharks. Whichever account one chooses to believe, it is clear the alleged death of Michael Rockefeller, son of the late Nelson A. Rockefeller, amounts to one fantastical fish story.

So far, one has demonstrated there may exist circumstantial, forensic ear bio-metric, and empirical evidence that not only is Michael Rockefeller still conspicuously alive, but that he has performed in the role of host actor for some of history’s most prominent figures, among them Hollywood icon James Dean, Superman’s Christopher Reeve, and music legend Elvis Presley. Turns out however, Michael Rockefeller may have portrayed more prominent characters recognized as household names. Adding to the intrigue of this truly mysterious man, one shall reveal that not only has Michael Rockefeller portrayed a gold medal winning decathlete, but also played the role of US president – not once, but twice.

But first folks, to continue the examination of Michael Rockefeller’s fascinating saga, we shall now return to the Olympic summer games competition of 1976 held in the historic city of Montreal.  Continue reading “The mysterious man of many famous faces (part II)”