Once again, the American public has been emotionally manipulated by yet another inconceivable news story.

On its face, the narrative details of the story of “Amy Ford”, the 39 year-old Registered Nurse who, it was recently alleged, gunned down another woman after an argument in Mingo County, West Virginia, appear to stretch the boundaries of the absurd to the breaking point.

Odder still, there don’t seem to exist any eyewitnesses to the alleged “shooting”.

As well, the timing of this story appears tellingly suspicious, given, at present, the precarious state of social and political circumstances in America.

Rest assured, such emotionally jarring news stories are intended as part and parcel of the grand scheme of psychological warfare, of the type which has been executed by the Jesuit order, in Rome, since the dawn of the 20th century and the development of rapid mass media communication.

Upon further investigation, after ripping away the superficial veil of the story of “Amy Ford” – also known, according to investigating police, as Amy Thorn (the occult significance of that name will be explained, a bit later) – it became apparent this was yet another example of Post-Modern Reality Simulation.

Ford’s story also involves a senior United States Senator, “Joe Machin”, who, upon further investigation, has turned out to be a fabricated character scheme portrayed by a former NFL athlete.

It has also been discovered, “Amy Ford” is the hidden daughter of Manchin’s host actor. While alleged to have died in 2016, Ford’s host actor portrayed the gun toting nurse, “Amy Ford”, who also appeared at the recent Republican National Convention in 2020, to speak about the dangers of the Covid-19 “pandemic” and to promote Senator Manchin’s TeleHealth bill.

Further investigation into both Ford’s and Manchin’s confirmed host actors have, not surprisingly, turned up key connections to Jesuit institutions of higher learning.

Yes folks, those at the highest levels of the Jesuit order, in control of the Vatican, in Rome – in their insufferable arrogance and incorrigible hubris – can never resist leaving behind clues at the scene of the crime.


As alluded to before, it turns out, “Amy Ford” has more than one pseudonym.

One of these pseudonyms – “Heather Bresch” – is connected to a pharmaceutical company, Mylan, which, four years ago, came under fire for its marketing of the controversial drug EpiPen. “Heather Bresch”, according to Wikipedia, is also the daughter of West Virginia senior senator, Joe Machin. This biographical fact served as a key clue in determining the genuine identity of “Amy Ford”.

Heather Bresch:


SEE: https://fortune.com/2016/mylan-heather-bresch-epipen/

According to the article, available at the link posted immediately above, “Bresch first adopted EpiPen in 2007, when Mylan purchased the generic drugs division of Germany’s Merck KGaA for 6.7 billion.”

The slew of crimes and felonies committed by Merck KGaA – one of the world’s largest vaccine manufacturers – have been detailed previously.

SEE: Wuhan psychological operation has everyone in check?

The article at Fortune.com goes on to detail further, “EpiPen was one of about 400 products that Mylan acquired in the deal {with Merck}.”

Upon further examination, it appears – given the timing, corresponding with both Bresch’s ascendance to the CEO of Mylan and, later, the advent of the “coronavirus” psychological operation – the strenuous marketing campaign of EpiPen may have been executed with ulterior motives.

Apparently, according to Fortune.com, EpiPen is “a plastic device that, with with the push of a button, injected what Bloomberg has estimated to be about a dollar’s worth of the generic hormone epinephrine to treat deadly anaphylactic shock.”

Could it be, the nature of this drug’s self-medicating capabilities was also designed to psychologically acclimate the American population’s mass acceptance – via President Donald J. Trump’s “Operation Warp Speed” – to the forced administering of Covid-19 vaccinations?

Also, according to Fortune.com, after working her way up the corporate ladder from the lowly depths of the secretarial office, in 2007, Bresch’s appointment to the office of CEO of Mylan neatly corresponded with the company’s merger and acquisition with Merck KGaA.

“Bresch saw potential in the decades-old auto injector, and Mylan credits her with spearheading an effort to widen its use.”

Notice, the biographies of “Heather Bresch” and “Amy Ford” are identical, in that they both feature the same rags-to-riches and “American Dream” narrative.

Wikipedia admits, Bresch’s tenure as CEO of Mylan was riven with controversies, “Bresch has been a central figure in two controversies, a 2007 accusation of her inflating her resume with an unearned MBA degree, and as the CEO of Mylan during the controversy over pricing of the company’s EpiPen products.”

Though Bresch inflated her resume with a fake MBA, Wikipedia informs us, “Bresch grew up in Fairmont and Farmington, West Virginia, in a Roman Catholic family…”

Years prior to the beginning of the Covid-19 psychological operation, here in the West and in America, could it have been, the confluence of the following events are not coincidental: 1.) Bresch’s appointment to CEO of Mylan and the merger with one of the world’s largest vaccince manufacturers, Merck KGaA, 2.) President Donald J. Trump’s (AKA NBC’s Brain Williams/Prince Stefano Casiraghi Grimaldi of Monaco) significant investitures in Fortune 500 vaccine manufacturers and, still later, 3.) the introduction of Senator Machin’s TeleHealth Bill?

A link, displayed immediately below, to another article found at Forbes.com, details Donald J. Trump’s stock holdings, which include holdings with some of the world’s largest vaccine manufacturers, GlaxoSmithKline, Pfizer, and – wait for it, folks – Merck KGaA.

SEE: https://www.forbes.com/sites/jenniferwang/2016/11/29/trumps-stock-portfolio-big-oil-big-banks-and-more-foreign-connections/

Unless – by some miracle – there is anyone who still believes the confluence of such events, in both the thoroughly corrupt spheres of politics and finance, occur by mere happenstance, the answer to the preceding question is an absolute negative.

As the details of this investigation into the remarkable story of “Amy Ford” unfold still further, everyone will begin to surmise that Ford’s character fabrication scheme was undoubtedly designed as a multi-purpose promotional machine.

One of Ford’s objectives – evident in the video excerpt – was to promote – on behalf of the Jesuit order and the thirteen, ruling elite Jesuit families – the Covid-19 psychological operation; the Trojan horse designed to globally implement the UN’s Agenda 2030, a well-designed and targeted program of depopulation and economic transition.

SEE: Behold the UN’s Pale Trojan Horse

A secondary purpose of the creation of “Amy Ford” AKA “Thorn”/”Heather Bresch” was to promote Senator Manchin’s TeleHealth Services Bill, efforts for which she was subsequently awarded by Manchin’s office.

How’s that for nepotism, huh folks?

SEE: https://www.manchin.senate.gov/newsroom/press-releases/manchin-capito-announce-12-million-for-telehealth-services-at-wvu

While listening to the audio featured in the preceding video, displayed above, everyone shall also readily notice the character fabrication of “Amy Ford” is keen to begin her address, at the 2020 Republican National Convention, by reminding her audience she is the “daughter of a coal miner”.

As was mentioned previously, we’ve encountered and observed this sort of cynical and heart-tugging biographical manipulation before; the story of the “American Dream”, of one rising up from the bottom of the economic ladder and ascending to the exalted pantheon of wealth, fame, and fortune.


But Ford’s fabricated biographical sketch is a smokescreen for something far more sinister: a Jesuit-trained Marxist “change” agent designed to help the Jesuit order bring forth the “4th Industrial Revolution”.

As described in the following articles, made available at each of the links immediately below, the 4th Industrial Revolution is not only the brainchild of those at the highest levels of the Jesuit order, it also entails significant, if not, paradigm-changing economic and social transitions which will negatively effect both the middle and working classes, living here in the West and in America.

The 4th Industrial Revolution entails that both government, society, and the process of industrial manufacturing, at all levels, will become digitally automated and overseen by the efficient utilization of digital algorithms.

In essence, utilizing the Trojan horse of the “Covid-19 pandemic”, the Jesuit order plans to replace manufacturing occupations and middle management of the industrial manufacturing processes, those which have been traditionally and formerly staffed with human resources, with what is believed will be the improved commercial business efficiency offered by the implementation of robotics and artificial intelligence on a global scale.

SEE: https://www.weforum.org/agenda/2016/01/the-fourth-industrial-revolution-what-it-means-and-how-to-respond/

SEE also: https://www.brookings.edu/research/the-fourth-industrial-revolution-and-digitization-will-transform-africa-into-a-global-powerhouse/

Indeed, though “Ford” appears benign enough, she is a carnivorous wolf, a Jesuit-trained counter-intelligence agent disguised in the benevolent garb of a “nurse”, one who has been posed in the position of helping the welfare of humanity.

Nevertheless, in the words of Albert Camus, “the welfare of humanity is always the alibi of tyrants.”

Which, however, brings up a glaring improbability.

How likely is it that, “Amy Ford”, a nurse and the daughter of a coal miner would become a prominently featured speaker at the Republican National Convention and, then, later on in the same year, become involved in a felonious shooting event which also happened to be prominently featured by the MSM’s news feed?

My guess is, even the most highly-skilled of Las Vegas bookies couldn’t calculate those long-shot odds.

The only explanation for such an improbable turn of events: they were scripted, and “Amy Ford” is a fabricated character scheme.


After clicking the following link to the web page, posted immediately below, everyone will observe, under the sub-title “National Speaker & Author”, “Amy Ford is the co-founder and President of Embrace Grace, a non-profit that inspires and equips the church to love on single and pregnant young women and their families.”

SEE: https://amyford.com/about

As has been detailed on several occasions, non-profit organizations are covert profit-making schemes, set up to bilk the gullible and those who are prone to emotional manipulation of tax free donations which are subsequently funneled to and hidden in off-shore accounts away from the prying eyes of the IRS, a private corporation owned by the Vatican.

All of the images posted at Ford’s non-profit site appear to be photo-shopped, images taken from other photos and cut-and-pasted onto stock backgrounds. Also, if examined closely, images of Ford herself appear to have been raked with photo-shop and other sophisticated software packages, most likely to hide the identity of the fabricated character scheme’s host actor.

Ford’s husband and the other pair of males – pictured in the images at amyford.com/about, are likely to be family members – siblings, Patrick and Joe Junior – of the host actor, Amy Lynn Theismann, who, by the way, according to the following obituary, linked immediately below, was supposed to have died in 2016, at the age of 43 (7/Kabbalah Zayin, the mind weapon or the hook).

According to the obituary, “Amy Theismann graduated from Saint Thomas Aquinas.”

Saint Thomas Aquinas, though history informs he was a Dominican friar, he was also, according to this post at astralpulse.com, a Jesuit trained in the arts of “spiritual alchemy” (i.e. psychological operations).

“Indeed, for Ignatius {Loyola} and the early Jesuits Thomas Aquinas was the unparalleled angelic doctor (i.e. teacher): ‘In teaching, the fathers of the Congregation added, ‘let it be our care first to strengthen faith and nourish virtue. Wherefore in matters that Saint Thomas does not explicitly teach, no one should teach anything that does not accord with the sense of the Church and with accepted traditions or which would in any way lessen a firm and solid piety.'”

SEE: https://www.dignitymemorial.com/obituaries/pompano-beach-fl/amy-theismann-6867378

SEE also: http://www.astralpulse.com/forums/welcome_to_world_cultures_traditions_and_religions/st_thomas_aquinas_and_the_jesuits-t14010.0.html;wap2=


As alluded to earlier, MSM news sources uniformly claim “Amy Ford” is also known by the surname of “Thorn”.

In occult lore, the image of the thorn and the rose is related to the energy of the heart and the womb of life, and how the astrological movements of the stars effect the humors, frailties, and strengths of the human anatomy and the cycle of life.

The rose is also featured on the family crest of the Orsini family, one of the most powerful of the thirteen, ruling elite Jesuit families. The Orsini family have long been associated with the occult art of alchemy, the manipulation of the human psyche and biology through chemicals. The Orsini are the majority stockholders of most of the major food and drug companies throughout Europe and in the West.

Orsini Coat of Arms:


In essence, folks, the story of “Amy Ford” AKA “Thorn” was designed to prick your heart and to manipulate the public’s emotive responses – as any Jesuitical psychological operation is designed to do – on a conscious level

However, after living as a paragon of virtue – a nurse shuttled to New York to help “victims” of “Covid-19”, co-founder and president of a non-profit organization set up to help unwed mothers – it has recently been alleged that 39 year-old “Amy Ford” has been arrested on charges of shooting a woman.

According to an article published at wchstv.com, Williamson (VA) “Police responded to the 800 block of Vinson Street Thursday late afternoon after a gunshot was fired.”

After clicking the link to the story (https://wchstv.com/news/local/williamson-nurse-arrested-for-shooting-woman), in addition to the story’s blatant improbabilities, everyone will readily notice the overt presence of numerological markers.

The most conspicuous of these, is the number listed as Ford’s age, 39.

3 and 9, when summed, equal 12 which, when also applied to the concept of occult mirrored reversal, equals 21 or 777, Alistair Crowley’s intelligence joker code.

Also, everyone will notice the number of the block where the “shooting” was alleged to have taken place on October 9, 2020: 800 block of Vinson Street.

As everyone has learned, the number of 8 – aces and eights, mark of the Jesuit order – is symbolic of the infinite time loop.

Additionally, take note of the date: 10/9/2020

The numbers sum to 23 or 2 3’s (33, highest-degree Scottish Rite freemasonry)

Infinite Time Loop:


Of course, the most conspicuously ridiculous details of the “Amy Ford” “shooting” are reflected in the following pair of quotations from the article at wchstv.com, which detail startling facts about both the “victim” and the lack of eyewitnesses who may have observed either Ford’s alleged altercation or heard the single shot alleged to have been fired by Ford AKA Thorn.

“Several residents said they never even heard it.”

Regarding the “victim”, despite having been allegedly shot in the abdomen, perhaps the most vulnerable area of the human anatomy, “Police said the victim is doing well and is recovering in the hospital.”

“Thorn”, on the other hand, who claims to have acted in “self-defense”, “has been released on bond.”

In the words of the immortal Shakespeare, the story of the “Amy Ford shooting” appears to be, after all, much ado about nothing.


As most everyone, by now, has been most likely able to surmise, the father of Mylan CEO Heather Bresch”, “Joe Manchin”, the senior senator from the state of West Virginia, is also the hidden father of “Amy Ford” AKA Amy Lynn Theismann.

Extensive ear biometric, facial recognition, and image comparison analysis confirm, Senator Joe Manchin III, from the state of West Virginia, is portrayed by a host actor, former NFL star Joe Theismann.

Joe Manchin:


Joe Theismann:


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