The recent revolutionary rampage at the U.S. capitol building was a scripted reality television show.

The date, officially recorded for the event, is telling enough: January 6, 2021/7+5=12/21 (mirrored reflection)/777, Alistair Crowley’s intelligence joker code.


Of course, the story of any historical revolution would not be complete without the appearance of violent mayhem and sacrificial death.

Everyone should take note to underscore that particular word: ‘appearance’.

However, as everyone whom frequents this site has learned – when it comes to considering the validity of any “news” distributed to the public by the MSM – things are never as they appear. 

Although, one of these “revolutionaries”, a young woman, “Ashli Babbitt”, appeared to have been shot and killed while “storming” the capitol building with her revolutionary cohorts, she appears, upon initial investigation – to be a small-time Hollywood actress, activist, and political hack with an IMDB page and, as well, married to a man – Grant Babbitt – currently working in Hollywood’s cinema production industry.

But, as everyone shall soon discover, the story of “Ashli Babbitt” goes much deeper. “Ashli Babbitt” is a former Disney child-star and the hidden daughter of a very powerful Hollywood executive.   

Upon further investigation, Babbitt turns out to have been a fabricated character scheme created under the guise of several aliases.

Subsequent investigation, into Grant Babbitt, led to a trail filled with a slew of Hollywood connections, to the doorstep of DreamWorks – one of the largest and most profitable movie studios in Hollywood – and to both David Geffen (AKA “Doctor” Anthony Fauci) and Steven Spielberg.

However, “Ashli Babbitt” wasn’t the only actor discovered to have participated in this well-scripted but badly executed MSM ruse.

Moreover, the man alleged to be the U.S. corporate government’s senate majority leader – “Mitch McConnell” – is also an actor who, by his own admission, has been cast in the role of a political masquerade for the past thirty-six years.

Everyone will readily recognize the man who stars as this fabricated character scheme’s host actor.

Certainly, at one time or another, over the last several decades, everyone has observed this man performing on America’s television screens, cast as a high-profile MSM news anchor.


At times, the goal of psychological operations is to distract the attentions of the general population. In this case, amid the ongoing execution of “Operation Warp Speed”, the goal of executing an operation which appeared to feature an angry mob of right-wing revolutionaries, was to distract the American public away from growing contemplations of the acute dangers of vaccinations which, in the recent past, have proved to cause an array of health difficulties. The owners of the US corporation – the thirteen, ruling elite Jesuit families – the very same whom are the majority stockholders of the pharmaceutical industry, would like Americans to forget that – as recently as 2018 – over $4 Billion has been paid out by pharmaceutical giants, due to injuries and even deaths.    


As the article, at the link posted above, astutely points out, “According to an article published in Fair Warning, almost no media attention has been given to payouts made to vaccine victims by the government, which are adjudicated in the U.S. Court of Federal Claims (also known as “Vaccine Court”). Fair Warning points out that one of the reasons that the “Vaccine Court” works in relative obscurity is because public health officials maintain that ‘vaccines provide vast public health benefits’ and are reluctant to talk about vaccine casualties for fear that publicity about vaccine injury compensation awards would dissuade the public from getting vaccinated.”           


At precisely 20 seconds into the video excerpt, featured immediately above, everyone will notice the man seated behind “Mitch McConnell” configures his hands to make an esoteric gesture, one which is recognized by those belonging to the highest echelons of the Scottish Rite masonic order. 

While looking more closely, everyone will also notice, McConnell, then, turns in his senate colleague’s direction and configures his hands identically. Moments later, McConnell performs this gesture once again, when he cites how many years – 36 (3 6’s=666) – he has served in the U.S. senate.

Of course, most mainstream sources of information, such as Wikipedia, controlled by CIA which, in turn, is controlled by the Jesuit order, will attempt to dismiss, out of hand, any larger or occult significance associated with this esoteric gesture.

According to Wikipedia, this particular gesture – to which they ascribe the term “Merkel-Raute” – has become most associated with German Chancellor Angela Merkel: “This signature gesture of Angela Merkel, the current German Chancellor, has been described as ‘probably one of the most recognizable hand gestures in the world.”

To further dismiss any occult significance attributed to this gesture, the CIA hacks at Wikipedia have deployed the following bit of damage control: “Asked about how the Merkel-Raute was introduced as her trademark, Merkel stated that “There was always the question, what to do with your arms, and that’s how it came about.”

Having been instructed by her Jesuit masters, Merkel was assured that particular explanation sounded plausible and, for the public’s sake, would certainly suffice? 

Though Albert G. Mackey, the late and revered high-degree freemason, in his own publication, The Symbolism of Freemasonry (Explaining Its Science and Philosophy, It’s Legends, Myths and Symbols) informs us otherwise, assuredly, those initiated among the highest ranks of the Jesuit-controlled global cult of freemasons would never wish to place pearls of wisdom before – those whom they have historically regarded as – the (proletariat) herds of swine.


In order to spare everyone overly exorbitant amounts of time pouring through Mackey’s tome, a more brief and concise explanation of the symbolism of the masonic “Rhombus” can be found at “Because {the} rhombus contains vertical and horizontal directions simultaneously, we can say that is the symbol of the unification of matter and spirit.”

The article, found at the link listed previously, goes on to explain, “Rhombus is a geometric representation of a universal Corresponding Law filed by Hermes Trismegistus by ‘As below, so above’.” 

The article goes on to inform that, symbolically, the rhombus, or the diamond, represents a “dynamic figure”, generating “energy and motion”, “synchronizing the left and right brain hemispheres”, as well as representing the harmonization of the “ying and yang” or a “healing of the “imbalances” between the “male and female aspects”.


Though, reportedly, the senate chamber was recently convened to verify the legal validity of those votes compiled by the electoral college from the most recent presidential “election”, as can be readily observed, Senator McConnell and his senate colleague are signaling that they are in the midst of an occult ritual, one which was designed to bring forth the light of a revolutionary idea and to formulate it into solid reality in the minds of the public.

The rest of the story, sold to the public by the MSM, is merely the playing out of a reality television script, filled with diversionary themes of drama, death, and destruction.

The results of voice comparison analysis, however, prove that the man known to the American public as Senator “Mitch McConnell” is, in fact, a fabricated character scheme portrayed by a most familiar host actor, one who, for the last several years, has appeared during prime time television hours cast in the role of a renowned news anchor.

Case in point: while observing the following video excerpt, everyone should pay close attention to the quality of the vocal inflections displayed by a younger Senator McConnell and, then, compare it to those same qualities – tone, pitch, and inflection – displayed by the popular FOX (666) news anchor/moderator cross examining incumbent U.S. president  Donald Trump (AKA Brian Williams/Prince Stefano Casiraghi Grimaldi of Monaco) in the proceeding video clip.

SEE: The Resurrection of a Chameleon Prince

Senator “Mitch McConnell”

Chris Wallace & Donald Trump, 2020 presidential debate:

It should also be noted, the triple 7 code is evident in the official birth date listed by Wikipedia for Chris Wallace: October 12, 1947 (12/21/777). During the recent presidential debates, over which he presided as an official moderator, Wallace was 73 years-of-age (3 7’s=777). According to Wikipedia, during his inception into the MSM news industry, “As a teenager, Wallace became an assistant to Walter Cronkite during the 1964 Republican National Convention.”

Cronkite, of course, has also been identified as yet another fabricated character scheme. In fact, as shall be proved in a future article, which shall be published soon, the man known as “Cronkite” also portrayed several important and popularly known historical figures. The identical host actor behind the famous masks of Walter Cronkite, Walter Elias Disney, Adolf Hitler, and Kermit Roosevelt (genealogical relative of Winston Churchill AKA Alistair Crowley), turns out to have been an abdicated European royal; a talented voice artist who also became one of the most popular and revered popular entertainers of the American twentieth century’s music and movie industries.

SEE: Actors in history’s grand stage play (Part XII)


During his address, Senator “Mitch McConnell” goes on to mention “conspiracy theories” in the pejorative, a deliberate attempt to dismiss the fact both he and his political colleagues, whether positioned on either side of the imaginary left/right political paradigm, have – through mutual self-interest- agreed to conspire in the covert execution of a well-coordinated psychological operation.

Further ear biometric, facial recognition, and extensive image comparison analysis confirm, FOX news anchor/personality Chris Wallace is, in fact, the host actor in portrayal of Senator “Mitch McConnell” (MM=33/highest degree of Scottish Rite freemasonry).

As for the well-publicized and slain martyr now known to the public as “Ashli Babbitt”, she, too, has been confirmed as a fabricated character scheme.

That’s right, folks, the hallowed halls of the Capitol building, also known as the Capitol Rotunda, were utilized as a movie set on the day of January 6, 2021.


An investigation into “Ashli Babbitt” led to the edge of a virtual rabbit hole stuffed with a treasure trove of connections to both Hollywood and to Jesuit-controlled Silicon Valley. Turns out, the fabricated character scheme – the revolutionary but sacrificial martyr – known to the public as “Ashli Babbitt” has many pseudonyms. So many, in fact, it is possible to surmise her character fabrication may have been designed as a multi-purpose intelligence asset. One of Babbitt’s pseudonyms is Ashley Nylen, who, according to, is a “Connected and Autonomous Technologies Program Manager for the Colorado Department of Transportation.”

The latter title – verbose as it appears – nevertheless, reads like a typical intelligence-created front.


After clicking the link to the web page, displayed immediately above, everyone will notice, under Babbitt’s image, there are a pair of pyramidal symbols depicted, images which, when vertically aligned, appear as the Iron Cross of the Templars. This pyramidal alignment is also very similar to the aforementioned freemasonic gesture of the rhombus.

Is everyone beginning to ascertain, the Jesuits and their global perpetrators are in the midst of executing a grand occult ritual?

Take note also, the event where “Ashley Nylen” was scheduled to speak was held in Santa Clara, the location of Santa Clara University, a Jesuit institution with close ties to Silicon Valley. In fact, the link to the following article confirms, “Silicon Valley is partly overseen by Santa Clara University which is a Jesuit college and California’s Jesuit Provincial who is SJ Michael F Weller.”


America Magazine, “The Jesuit Review”, in their September issue published in 2019, also confirms this notion, with an article entitled, “Why Silicon Valley needs Jesuit values.”

Moreover, given Babbitt’s confirmed connections to Hollywood and Silicon Valley, and Hollywood’s close and intimate relationship with the military/industrial complex, these sorts of discoveries are not exactly surprising.

“Ashli Babbitt” has an IMBD page, where one discovered the following trailer to a short drama piece, “The Storyteller”, in which, back in 2010, she was apparently cast.

In the video trailer, posted above, Babbitt appears at precisely 1:09.

Further investigation revealed “Ashli” harbors a connection to Grant Babbitt, a Hollywood cinematographer and producer who is best known, according to his IDMB page (SEE:, “for his work on Ready Player One”, a movie released in 2018 and directed by, none other than, the award-winning and legendary Steven Spielberg.

However, Spielberg is no stranger when it comes to considering the concept of Post-Modern Reality Simulation and to the efficient execution of psychological operations.

After all, as everyone will witness in the following video clip, Spielberg also directed the Boston Marathon Bombing hoax, back in 2013.

After hours plowing and sifting through the array of virtually numberless pseudonyms listed for the fabricated character scheme known to the public as “Ashli Babbitt” – those which, there can be no doubt, were strategically composed to confuse, frustrate, and deplete the considerable energies of those wishing to investigate further – one also happened to notice, she possessed a rather inconspicuous, but, nonetheless, defining epidermal landmark, one which was also found to be in common with the host actor in portrayal of a number of famous Hollywood characters whom, in the past, one has also investigated.

Spielberg, as co-founder of DreamWorks Pictures – one of Hollywood’s largest cinema production and animation studios – has a firm connection to – wait for it, folks – Hollywood music/movie executive David Geffen (AKA “Doctor Anthony Fauci”/Sonny Bono/Charles Manson), who is also one of the co-founders of DreamWorks Pictures.

SEE: Meet the Actor Playing Television Doctor

Geffen has also served as the company’s CEO and chairman of its Board of Directors.

Geffen, of course, has not only been identified as the host actor behind the masks of several fabricated character schemes – “Doctor Fauci”, counter-culture boogeyman “Charles Manson”, and the “late” entertainer/politician Sonny Bono, spouse of Cher Bono – he is also the son of Barry Diller (AKA Prince Eduard Egon von Furstenberg/former U.S president Dwight Eisenhower), a former top executive of the Coca-Cola corporation and the current spouse of Barbara Walters (AKA Diane von Furstenberg).

According to Wikipedia, Geffen and Spielberg’s DreamWorks also has a confirmed connection to Disney, as does the former Disney child-star identified in portrayal of the fabricated character scheme known as “Ashli Babbitt”.

It should also be noted, according to Wikipedia, DreamWorks Pictures was founded “with financial backing of $33 Million from Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen.”

At this point, everyone is now beginning to observe the web of connections which have conspired to direct and to execute – on behalf of their Jesuit masters – the Covid-19 and Capitol Building “Revolution” psychological operations.


After clicking the link to the following image, and after manually expanding the dimensions of the image to observe the details, everyone should focus their attentions – to the right-hand side of the image – on Babbitt’s left breast, the top portion of which, features a defining epidermal birthmark.

This defining epidermal landmark is also common to the host actor in portrayal of the fabricated character scheme known as “Ashli Babbitt” .

Everyone will also notice the identical epidermal landmark featured in the following images, and observed in the identical location, just above the left breast.

Meghan McCain:

Christina Aguilera:

Further and extensive facial recognition and image comparison analysis confirm Aguilera (AKA Meghan McCain/Kim Kardashian) – the hidden daughter of Hollywood executive David Geffen and Cher Bono – as the host actor in portrayal of the fabricated character scheme known as “Ashli Babbitt”.

SEE: Kim Kardashian: Behind The Hollywood Mask

Like her father, David Geffen, Aguilera is also no stranger to the concept of Post-Modern Reality Simulation. There are those whom may recall – along with her former Disney colleague, Britney Spears – Aguilera was also cast in the Jessica Lynch psychological operation.

SEE: More Than One Life to Live?

Though MSM sources – The Washington Post, for one – claimed “Babbitt” was an “air force veteran”, in the following image, everyone will notice she is donned in – what appears to be – a U.S. Army uniform, similar, in fact, to the uniform worn by Aguilera when she starred as PFC “Lori Piestewa” during the Jessica Lynch psychological operation.


Unfortunately, a majority of Americans still believe everything reported by MSM sources.

Assuredly, the informative content found in the following article, available at the link displayed immediately below, will, too, not only be left unreported but, given the current draconian social and political climate, ultimately censored and disappeared.

BREAKING: Gemma O’Doherty Reports that UK Dept of Health Concedes SARS-COV-2 Virus Not Isolated, “No Information,” Meaning, It’s Not a Real Pandemic

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  1. As usual, this was another massive Masonic political stageplay in order to incite fear and division in the population and to justify more draconian actions taken in the name of the “greater good” or “national security”.

    1. Yes, indeed. Though not included in the article, I happened to notice, there were private military contractors in connection to some of Babbitt’s pseudonyms. In particular, a British-based contractor – Sixtus Group – linked to the British royal family.

      1. I think it may be safe to conclude, Hollywood is a military psychological operations laboratory, while the entire American political structure represents a sort of sub-division.

  2. I saw close-up footage of Babbitt getting shot, and it looked fake. The cop fired a theater prop gun, and the actress fell down. No blood or any visible injuries. It reminded me of my middle school’s production of West Side Story. No joke, we did a scene just like that.

    Speaking of gangs, good footage of the rhombus hand sign.

    1. As a former thespian, perhaps, the perpetrators should have enquired about your services. Then, at least, the “event” would have had a chance at appearing more realistic.

    1. It is a pleasure to hear from you, once again. The documentation is very clear. Human resources (money/property) are collateral for debt (currency) and are farmed and taxed for the energy of their labor. Now, with the development of AI and robotics, the owners of the US corporation (the thirteen jesuit families) no longer require the reproduction of human resources to increase at current levels. In essence, a percentage of their stock must be liquidated and the “sustainable” reproduction rates and commercial transport of that which remains must be tracked, traced, and more efficiently inventoried.

      1. Absolutely, and as I pointed out in an article, published earlier, the U.S. constitution was invalidated by the Treaty of Verona in 1822, in favor of the Virginia Charter.

      2. More important information relating to Social Security and trusts:

      3. Thanks so much for providing additional and pertinent information. My next article will be live very soon, and it contains more information about Leopold III (AKA Bing Crosby/Adolf Hitler) and yet another famous character scheme he portrayed on a popular television series of the 1970’s. There will also be some shocking information revealed about his “late” son, Hugh.

  3. Speaking of things to come, the Great Reset, seems to be imminent, I believe it is already underway and the Silver short squeeze will form the public narrative.

    Have you come across the entrepreneur Peter Thiel before? He seems to be a big player in the move over to digital currencies and the current unfolding events. I noticed a resemblance to Lance Armstrong, but I am not totally sure. In some circles he is being hailed as a saviour for the common man, but I am reserving judgement at this point!

    1. With the advent of AI and robotics the ruling families do not require as many human resources. Therefore, in anticipation of this eventuality, they planned decades ahead to curb the population growth of human resources, particularly those population centers residing in the world’s industrialized regions. Concerning “Lance Armstrong”, I believe you’re correct. He has portrayed other characters in the public sphere. Perhaps, further examination of this Peter Thiel will reveal Armstrong as his host actor.

    1. Comparably, the theatrics demonstrated in the video are conducted in a very similar and contrived manner to what one observes in the black and white footage of the “attacks” on the Pentagon and “counter-culture” protests which took place near the Capitol during the 1960’s. In fact, if one reads Norman Mailer’s Armies of the Night, it can be intuited, from the tone of the book, that what the protagonist describes throughout is nothing more than the chronology of a staged event. Furthermore, the contrived MSM narrative concerning the most recent scenario – the car crash/”knife attack” – was very similar to an event which occurred – I believe, if memory serves, in 2013 – while Barack Obama (AKA Jerry Seinfeld) was “serving” as president. It also seems probable, similar staging methods and theatrics were utilized during the attack on the Bastille during the French “Revolution”. After all, the District of Columbia is home to a Grand Masonic lodge, complete with a bust of Albert Pike, author of Morals and Dogma, which outlines the masonic plans to stage the world wars.

    2. “It also seems probable, similar staging methods and theatrics were utilized during the attack on the Bastille during the French “Revolution”.”

      Most certainly that’s probably what happened to the last governor of the Bastille, the Marquis de Launay. He was allegedly killed by the mob just after he capitulated with the revolutionaries. His head was then severed from his body and stuck on a pike and paraded throughout Paris as celebration of his downfall. Before the Revolution, he oversaw the care of the Cardinal de Rohan and Jeanne de la Motte-Valois, key players in the Diamond Necklace Scandal.é_Jourdan_de_Launay

      His story reminds me of the alleged death of the Princesse de Lamballe, friend of Queen Marie-Antoinette. She was “killed” in the September Massacres during the French Revolution. Lamballe was also a high-ranking Freemason. I suspect her death was faked, too. Like Mozart, she wasn’t given a proper burial. There are many discrepancies in the accounts about how she died. Like de Launay, she was immediately beheaded shortly afterwards by the sanguinary mob.érèse_Louise_of_Savoy,_Princesse_de_Lamballe

      1. Thanks for sharing more of the fruits of your considerable research. I’ve discovered, when examined more closely, these simulated “death” scenarios are not only symbolic in nature but theatrical reenactments of freemasonic degree rituals. More significantly, the occult symbolism of these particular rituals seem obsessed with the concepts of death, rebirth, and even immortality.

      2. Jeanne de la Motte, the architect of the Diamond Necklace scam, was portrayed by Marie-Antoinette’s best friend, the Duchesse de Polignac (Polignac is the ancestor of today’s royal family of Monaco, btw. The Monagast royal family are one of the elite bloodlines that control the Flat Earth community, among other things). That means the entire scandal was an inside job, orchestrated to prepare public opinion for the manufactured downfall of the Ancien Regime and the rise of the French Revolution. Here’s a mashup of Gabrielle de Polignac and Jeanne de Valois:

        Here are the originals:

      3. This information, involving the Duchess and the Necklace affair in tandem with her royal family’s descendants involvement with the “Flat Earth” psychological operation, confirms my earlier findings concerning the royal family of Monaco and the source of that psychological operation’s funding and promotion. Yes, indeed, the “Flat Earth” was a deliberate program designed, with the objective-in-mind, to divide and fracture and, perhaps, even destroy those perceived to be active in the “Truth” community. One of the program’s most conspicuous agents, of course, was “Eric Dubay” (AKA Andrea Casiraghi), a member of the royal family of Monaco and the son of Stefano Casiraghi Grimaldi (AKA Brian Williams/Joe Biden/George W. Bush/Donald J. Trump).

      4. “Outside of her formal duties, however, she was often absent from court, attending to the bad health of both herself and her father-in-law. She engaged in her close friendship with her own favorite lady-in-waiting countess Étiennette d’Amblimont de Lâge de Volude, as well as her charity and her interest in the Freemasons. De Lamballe as well as her sister-in-law became inducted in the Freemasonic women’s Adoption Lodge of St. Jean de la Candeur in 1777, and was made Grand Mistress of the Scottish Lodge, the head of ail the Lodges of Adoption, in January 1781: though Marie Antoinette did not become a formal member, she was interested in Freemasonry and often asked Lamballe of the Adoption Lodge. During the famous Affair of the Diamond Necklace, Lamballe was seen in an unsuccessful attempt to visit the imprisoned Jeanne de la Motte at La Salpetriere; the purpose of this visit is unknown, but it created widespread rumors at the time.”érèse_Louise_of_Savoy,_Princesse_de_Lamballe#Lady-in-waiting

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