Eddie Haskell slings mud at President Chump

Can there still exist any doubts concerning the fact corporate, mainstream television news is brought to the general public by teleprompter reading Hollywood actors?

After perusing the content of this latest expose, one fervently hopes whatever naysayers remain will then cease to exist.

In the last installment, one demonstrated that ABC news correspondent, commentator and pundit, George Stephanopoulos, is a fictional character portrayed by host actor Michael J. Fox.

Turns out, in a recent segment speculating on the likelihood of presidential impeachment proceedings following in the wake of the latest allegations swirling around the Trump administration, one was able to identify yet another actor joining Mister Fox on the set of ABC news, posed as a legal analyst.

That’s right folks, ABC’s “legal analyst” Dan Abrams is a fraud whose knowledge of the law is about as deep as a backyard bird bath.

Admittedly, this actor was difficult to identify, until through the course of one’s research, one came upon several online video segments featuring cast members of an inauspiciously entitled, vintage television show entitled, “Leave it to Beaver.”

Somehow, the ruling elites that own Hollywood and the entertainment industry simply cannot resist making lewd references to male reproductive organs or on this occasion, to female genitalia.

This actor also starred along with our old friend, Hollywood mogul Barry Diller and his spouse Barbara Walters AKA Diane von Furstenberg, in the hoaxed melodrama of the Jean Benet Ramsey television production.

As always, stay tuned folks; because one shall once again expose yet another actor hidden behind the colorful curtain of Oz.

Hollywood is filled with those who met with fortune and fame at an unusually tender age, those who in the traditional sense, have been labeled as “child actors.”

Like their adult counterparts, however, their success wasn’t due solely to the fact they were identified as prodigies or due to the prevailing notion they may have even possessed especial talent. Rather, their perceived success in show business was, most likely, due to the concept of rampant nepotism.

Some time ago, the identity of a once famous child actor, Corey Feldman, was exposed as a fictional character portrayed by host actor, Charlie Sheen (See: A tale of two American impostors)

Many of those so-called “stars”, both in Hollywood and in the music and entertainment industries, not only have genealogical relations to the ruling elite families, but were trained virtually from the cradle in all phases of the performing arts and, throughout their careers, have portrayed a slew of fictional and even mythical characters.

Some of these, as previously documented, have even portrayed and are portraying the roles of public officials in the arena of politics.


How many have ever heard of actor, Ken Osmond? Well, neither had I, until research for this installment was well underway. You may however, not surprisingly, know this particular actor by the many character names he has performed under.

Some, may know him better as ABC’s Dan Abrams:

The very first indication the persona of “Dan Abrams” is a fictional mainstream media character resulted from the initial numerological evaluation of his fabricated moniker. In English Ordinal gematria, Dan Abrams sums to 73 or 3 7’s (intelligence joker code).

A cursory examination of Abrams’ official biography didn’t fare any better when measured by one’s own personal truth meter.

Abrams’ first job in front of the television cameras allegedly came when he was still matriculating at Duke University on their student operated, on-campus network, Channel 13 (13/summit of masonic pyramid).

What is perhaps the strangest detail of Abrams’ biography is his alleged birth date, which varies from source to source. Wikipedia lists Abrams’ birthdate as having occurred in either 1965 or ’66, but stranger still, there is no specific day or month listed.

Is there no one who is certain of this?

After all, determining the birth date of anyone should be a rather simple matter in this digital age, with seemingly any tidbit of information available at one’s fingertips.

The one detail reaching consensus among all official biographical accounts concerning the television and legal career of Dan Abrams is that he has compiled quite an impressive resume working for several mainstream news networks, including A&E, Sirius XM, MSNBC, and most recently, ABC.

Perhaps, the fact Mister Abrams’ host actor is a high-degree freemason, has everything to do with his stellar resume in the television industry, as well the plumb assignment he presently enjoys working for his masonic masters at the ABC network.

Continuing on with the biographical analysis and, one noticed that Abrams, while employed as a “court reporter” for Court TV, covered the phony OJ Simpson trial from May 1994 (5/2 3’s=33/9+4+1+9=23/2 3’s=33+33=66/12/21/777/intelligence joker code) until June 1997 (6/33/1+9+9+7=26/2X6=12/21/777).

In fact folks, Abrams’ entire career has been associated with several other media-driven psychological operations, including not only OJ Simpson’s staged three-ringed legal farce but the low-brow soap opera of the Jean Benet Ramsey hoax (See: Hoax factor: the real Bill O’Reilly)

Once again, referring to Abrams’ mainstream-derived biographies, one learns Abrams is also credited with covering the assisted-suicide trials of Doctor Jack Kevorkian (Jack=25/7/Kabbalah Zayin, the mind weapon/Kevorkian=106/7/sums to 131 in English Ordinal gematria=5/2+3/2 3’s/33/high-degree Scottish Rite Freemasonry).

During the interview featured in the video, “Doctor Kevorkian” makes a reference to “witchcraft.”

Could this be, because “Doctor Kevorkian” and the entire assisted-suicide narrative are both part and parcel of a psychological operation, perpetrated upon the general public by the professional sorcerers employed by the MSM?

The answer, supported by the following empirical analysis, would seem to result in a resounding affirmative.

In the video featured above, Kevorkian’s host actor is well-concealed behind strategically placed layers of latex and stippling. Take note as well that, the video “talent”, Kevorkian, is being shot from a vertically positioned camera lens, and from a perpendicular angle which distorts the ocular perception of the facial and auricle features. These are techniques which, in this case, appear to have been effective in concealing the identity of Kevorkian’s host actor.

But, the author knows his loyal readers aren’t distracted – as the good doctor himself put it – by any such deceptive television “witchcraft.”

Yes folks, not only did Abrams cover the Kevorkian “case” for Court TV, ear biometric and facial recognition analysis affirmatively demonstrate, he starred in the leading role.

Jack Kevorkian:



Dan Abrams:



The question remaining: Now that it is relatively certain who is starring as the host actor for the character of Dan Abrams, could Abrams have had any past connections with those proved to be significant cogs in the perpetual wheel of the phenomenon known as the actor based realty?


Designed to demonstrate the idyllic notion of the idealized suburban nuclear family, “Leave it to Beaver” was the first situation comedy to feature its weekly narratives almost solely from the viewpoint of an inquisitive child character. The child character in question, Theodore “Beaver” Cleaver, portrayed by actor, Jerry Mathers, had previously worked with Hollywood directorial icon Alfred Hitchcock in the feature length film, “The Trouble With Harry”, which starred Shirley MacLaine, the sister of Warren Beatty AKA former US president, “Dick” Nixon. (See: Hitchcock: a view through truth’s rear window)

The discovery of this particular factoid led to a virtual gold mine of epiphany regarding the genuine identities of two of Mathers’ fellow cast members, Barbara Billingsley and Hugh Beaumont. Leave it to Beaver, which aired on prime time network television for six (33) years between 1957 and 1964, went on to syndication in the following decades and on to even greater popularity among generations of the American public.

The cast of Leave it to Beaver also featured another iconic character, an obsequious and duplicitous twerp named Eddie Haskell, portrayed by Kenneth Charles “Ken” Osmund, yet another actor whose career began on Hollywood’s child star treadmill.

Ken Osmond (Born June 7,1943/13/summit of masonic pyramid/777/intelligence joker code):


Born in Glendale, California to a carpenter and “a typical movie mother”, Osmond began his career very early at the age of four (Kabbalah door of perception) working in television commercials.

By the way, the description of Osmond’s father as a “carpenter” exists as a masonic code for one who has entered as a “builder” into the craft of the International Brotherhood of Freemasons.

A short time later, at the age of nine (9=6 in the occult mirror of reflection/33) he had his first speaking role in a Hollywood feature film. After several more film roles during his pubescence, in 1957, Osmond answered a casting call for extras in a new television series slated to appear on the ABC network.

It is claimed that only after a long audition process, the 14 year-old (77/angelic transformation) Osmond was finally tapped to portray what would become the iconic television character of Eddie Haskell.

Most of Osmond’s biographies also claim that, although his role was scripted to be a cameo in the pilot episode, Leave it to Beaver’s directors nevertheless decided to write Haskell in to the weekly narrative of the show as a regular character. After the show’s six year run on the NBC network, his biographies further claim that due to Hollywood typecasting, he found it difficult to find additional work in the television medium.

After garnering bit parts in several more Hollywood films, Osmond’s career took a severe left turn into – wait for it folks – law enforcement. But this is not surprising, for the ruling elite families that own Hollywood seem to have always utilized those stationed at the lower ranks of the masonic brotherhood in helping to conceal the phenomenon of the actor based reality.

Oddly enough, there are connections between some of the cast members of Leave it to Beaver and the Jean Benet Ramsey psychological operation referred to earlier.

While examining images of Barbara Billingsley, one not only noticed similarities between the respective facial geometries of Billingsley and iconic television personality Barbara Walters, but the name Barbara served as an obvious clue the latter may have served as the host actor for the former. In fact, upon further examination of scores of images, such proved to be the case. In fact, it appears the identity of Walters is a modification of the Billingsley character.

Barbara Billingsley:



Barbara Walters:



With the positive identification of Barbara Walters as the host actor for Leave it to Beaver’s Barbara Billingsley, one immediately discovered similarities between images of Billingsley’s co-star, Hugh Beaumont, and Walters’ husband, Hollywood mogul, Barry Diller.

Barry Diller:


Hugh Beaumont:


In every image of Beaumont, it appears a hair piece was applied to better shield the identity of the host actor, Barry Diller.

In 1970 (26/2X6=12/21/777/) Osmund joined the LAPD and according to biographies, it is claimed he thought growing a moustache would help bolster his sense of anonymity.

But Osmund’s story gets better folks, meaning, it seems to become increasingly fantastical.

On a date laced with numerological significance, September 20, 1980 (33/high-degree Scottish Rite Freemasonry), it is alleged that while on duty and in foot pursuit of a suspected car thief, Osmond was hit by three bullets (3/EE=33). However, in true Hollywood hero-making style, Wikipedia claims Osmond’s bullet proof vest protected him from two of the volleys, while the third (2 out of three/2 3’s=33) ricocheted off of his belt buckle. Subsequent to this dramatic incident, Osmond was placed on disability and in 1988, officially retired from the force.

The shooting was later dramatized in 1992 for an episode of CBS television’s ‘reality’ show, Top Cops, thus confirming Osmond’s story and its dubious details are nothing more than a Hollywood styled fabrication.

In fact, it would appear the entire biographical sketch of Osmond’s alleged tenure with the LAPD is also a gross fabrication, solely intended, like Osmond’s aforementioned moustache, to secure the anonymous identity of his other public persona, Dan Abrams.

Most recently, ABC’s so-called legal expert was chatting on-air with George Stephanopoulos concerning allegations of financial malfeasance within US president Trump’s administration.

After briefly observing Abrams performance, one thinks it is fair to say, that paying hard-earned money for his legal advice might be tantamount to flushing it down the bathroom commode. For a man allegedly educated at prestigious Columbia University, he seems unable to ascertain that the entire MSM narrative involving Trump and “Stormy Daniels” is a controlled psychological operation perpetrated by Twitter, which like Facebook, is a government funded mechanism to control, monitor and manipulate the social behavioral patterns of its millions of users.

Well, one’s loyal readers can judge for themselves in the video clip, provided below:

And Abrams can be seen here again, in the next video clip featured below, talking about his role in the farcical Jean Benet Ramsey melodrama, which starred two of his former cast mates from Leave it to Beaver. Take note of the black and white patterned dress donned by the interview correspondent in the video’s opening frames, which is code for the freemasonic concept of duality.

Of course, one of the most prominent roles in the Jon Benet psychological operation was portrayed by the former host actor of Hugh Beaumont in the role of Jean Benet’s accused father, while yet another was dramatically portrayed by Barbara Walters AKA Billingsley, who during a prime time televised expose enquired of her own husband, Barry Diller AKA John Ramsey, if he had “killed his daughter.”

Such a moment qualifies as rather ironic, if not, in some perverse fashion, wholly satirical. But one supposes – and given what has been recently discovered concerning her colossal role in the ongoing actor based reality – the career of Barbara Walters AKA Diane von Furstenberg has experienced many such moments.












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