It’s true, America.

Your so-called politicians are nothing more than actors, poor players following their scripts while performing in the glare of history’s theatrical footlights.

American high politics – local and statutory too – are nothing more than grand masonic pantomime, and the so-called politicians are only Marcel Marceau-like characters cast to star in the pale farce of a “reality” television series.

But, lo and behold, when examining former American Vice President, Joe Biden, one discovered a familiar host actor yet again hiding behind a not so cleverly conceived façade.

Then again, this is not surprising, given that simultaneous with Biden’s portrayal of an American VP, his commander in chief proved to be nothing more than a famous comedian (and not a very funny one) covered in CGI black face.

One should admit, that when one began Newsspell a mere two years ago, one did not expect the nationally renowned newscaster mentioned in its maiden installment would prove to play such a prominent role in the actor based reality presented to the world through the vehicle of the digitally based mainstream media complex.

Then again, one should think there is indeed nothing more surprising than to have discovered and finally confirmed that the rabbit hole of one’s post-modern “reality” represents one very deep but rancid cesspit of deception.

However, this time, one is not so much concerned with the host actor behind the mask of the political character, but exploring the possibilities of the host actor’s actual identity.

And believe it folks, this installment and its sequel shall prove to be one wild, but informative experience.

Certainly, there are many who may find the information divulged here at Newsspell to be most disconcerting, perhaps even absurd.

Believe it or not, one fully empathizes.

For, after all, the notion that the reality in which one has psychologically invested and finds comfort with may in fact be fraudulent, can serve as quite a traumatizing shock to one’s delicate sensibilities. To imagine, that for one’s entire life, one has been manipulated, and even deceived by those in positions of authority, those in whom one has invested great trust and confidence may secretly work against one’s interests while claiming to perform the opposite, may seem inconceivable, perhaps even implausible. When even minutely contemplated, such psychological quandaries can and will induce an overwhelming state of cognitive dissonance, a phobia greater than the sum of all other fears.

To many, the thought of having their puerile illusions shattered is tantamount to being left alone amid a bleak, frozen tundra without food, clothing, or shelter. Yes folks, in an era when individually derived critical thought too often bows to the social pressures of political correctness, many prefer the comfort of puerile affirmation to the mature willingness necessary in facing the hardship of objective exploration.

In this post-modern age, ideological, brand, and partisan affiliations have become comparable to the comfort of adult playthings; those artificially manufactured and superficial identities one has adopted through the pressures of social conditioning. Bolstered by the self-deception of petty, psychological affirmations, these all too easily become protective armor for one’s deep seated insecurities. Those shimmering and insatiable illusions that through the magic spell of corporate advertising so easily transform to tactile and even treasured keepsakes which become welded to one’s tight and uncompromising clutches, retard not only one’s spiritual growth, but benefit only the divisive nature of the prevailing, global commercial system.

Allow one to suggest, that with this installment, one should attempt to sever such ties with childish inanities, and perhaps acquire – if one at all can – the requisite cold and objective remove necessary to see beyond the manufactured veil of perceived reality.

If one acquires the necessary intellectual fortitude, one will, but perhaps not immediately, observe that those in which they have blindly placed such trust and admiration do not in fact deserve such recognition.

Rather, they deserve only scornful rebuke.

Joe Biden:

Brian Williams:

Once again, one shall invite loyal readers and newcomers alike to make their own determinations as to whether or not similarities can be made between the characters posed in the photographs found at the links displayed above in terms of facial and ear landmarks. Notice, too, there has been copious facial stippling applied to the Biden character, and that the background of the photograph appears to have been tipped in with photoshop. One can assure, there are not only similarities, but both characters are indeed portrayed by the same host actor. Truly, the implications of this analytical comparison are stunning.

Consider, if one will, the following logical and reasonable deductions:

1.) If the so-called freely elected American commander in chief, George H. W. Bush (See: The Bush family legacy of CGI lies) was merely a symbolic and mythical character posed before the masses to satisfy superficial public perceptions of democratic choice and constitutional due process, then what of the validity of the alleged “Gulf war” as reported by the mainstream media complex? 2.) If the commander in chief was fraudulent, could not the legitimacy of the “war” over which he allegedly presided be called into account? 3.) What if the “war” was prosecuted in ways which contradicted not only the claims of the American mainstream media, but those made by the United States government? 4.) If so, should this not give the general public, which has been psychologically conditioned to believe the concept of “war” implies two or more combatants posed in mortal and strategic combat, pause to reconsider that the concept and legal parameters of “war” may exist under terms and conditions to which it has never been made privy?

“Sarah, if the American people ever find out what we have done, they would chase us down the street and lynch us.” George H.W. Bush in 1992, in response to White House Press correspondent, Sarah McLendon, who asked, “What will the people do if they ever find out the truth about Iraq-gate and Iran contra?” (For the truth concerning Iran contra see: Actor’s in history’s grand stage play part XI)

Indeed so, Mr. Bush, or is it Mr. Williams – or another name entirely?

Within the world of the actor based reality, a host actor may assume not just one role, but several throughout a single lifetime. With CGI, green and blue screen, voice synthesis, prosthetics, makeup, camera and lens distortions, the world of the actor based reality has been able to flourish for decades unabated and undetected – that is, until now.

The only question that remains regarding the characters of George H. W. Bush, Joe Biden, and Brian Williams – what is the true identity of the host actor? Taking a different tack, let’s discover this together, utilizing the tools and clues available to us as intrepid and inquisitive investigators.

Pertinent details culled from the official biography of Brian Williams

Renowned mainstream news anchor, Brian Williams, per Wikipedia and other mainstream sources, now resides in New Canaan, Connecticut. New Canaan, in addition to its significant biblical reference, happens to be a geographical location rich with historical significance. New Canaan, per census and other confirming data, is also the most affluent community per capita not only in all of Connecticut, but in the entire nation. Beginning as a farming community before the American revolutionary conflict, and noted for its shoe making industry in the 19th century, the town of Canaan became incorporated in 1801, and after the advent of vast railroad systems in the American Northeast, its quiet and pastoral setting began to attract the keen interest of many of New York City’s wealthy and prominent.

Among those of the wealthy and prominent who began to settle in and around the town of New Canaan were the Rockefellers, who eventually built an enormous homestead in Greenwich, which sits not more than twelve miles to the northeast outside of the town’s environs. As for the biblical significance of the town’s name, there is the legend of the “Curse of Ham”, which subsequently befell Canaan. Per the biblical book of Genesis composed by King James forty-seven hand-picked scholars, including the renowned Rosicrucian and Freemason, Sir Francis Bacon, Canaan was the son of Ham and grandson of Noah, and the father of the Canaanites. Biblical scholars view what came to be subsequently known as the “Curse of Canaan”, found in Genesis 9:20-27 as an early Hebrew rationalization for Israel’s conquest of Canaan, or the promised land.

Needless to say, many of New York City’s most prominent and wealthy, including the Rockefellers, saw New Canaan and its surrounding environs as a promised land of peace and serenity on which to first establish summer vacation homes. Later, as the 19th century progressed, most of these families made New Canaan and nearby Greenwich their permanent residence.

If that isn’t intriguing enough, per William’s established, mainstream biographies, he attended several prestigious Roman Catholic private schools, the first of which was Mater Dei (Latin for Mother of God) high school, and later Georgetown University ( A Jesuit institution) and the Catholic University of America. Despite not receiving a degree for his matriculation at either institution of higher learning, various biographical sources -Wikipedia included – claim that as a young man, Williams was strangely employed at General Electric and Comcast. One imagines, that if one attempted to stroll into either of these company’s corporate offices for an interview sans college degree, and lacking the requisite social background, one would not have been as fortunate as Mr. Williams in securing employment.

In addition to existing as cornerstones of the military and industrial complex, both General Electric and Comcast feature among their portfolio’s the majority stockholdings of Vanguard Group and Blackrock Incorporated. Loyal readers will immediately recognize those names as having been mentioned before at Newsspell as major stockholders of other notable and blue chip companies. And yet, despite this, the American general public has been educated, in fact indoctrinated, to believe in the existence of a “free market economy” when in truth, it exists as a monopoly owned and operated by the thirteen ruling elite Jesuit families.

In perusing the biographies of both the characters of Biden and Williams, one observed a synergy of details, in that both are alleged to have attended Jesuit institutions of so-called higher learning. Biden is alleged to have matriculated at the Jesuit institution of Syracuse University, where he was awarded a pair of distinctions, the Chancellor medal, and Syracuse’s highest and most prestigious alumni award, the George Arents Pioneer medal. It has also been alleged that Biden matriculated at Delaware University, a state presided over by the Rockefeller Trust Company.

Further investigation of this latter fact bore interesting revelations as to how the rich and the prominent conduct their commercial business. Per the IRS, assets legally held in such trusts are not only safe from the prying eyes of probate, but feature an important tax and legal classification allowing the taxpayer to hide the true ownership designated under common law as an “unincorporated business organization” or UBO.

This implies that the owner, or tax payer can shield his assets from legal liabilities and penalties, thus giving the appearance that he or she has given up fiduciary control, but in truth, still retains control of daily business activities and the business’s income stream. And, in the case of the Rockefellers, it is certainly no secret that the family revenue streams are most likely unimaginably profitable.

Although the IRS stipulates such arrangements have been deemed legally dubious and risky by the Supreme Court, one must consider the sheer financial heft available to the Rockefellers in affording legions of lawyers and to outright purchase whatever judge or judicial system necessary to rule in their considerable favor, any such risks would be rendered negligible, if not non-existent.

Although the biographies of both the Bush, Williams, and Biden characters have been no doubt partially or wholly concocted, one can still discover grains of veracity amid the layers of lies, that to the inquiring mind can nonetheless provide a revealing vista into the truth.

There are also other more noteworthy biographical details concerning the character known as Joe Biden. On January 12, 2017 (=32/2 3’s/33/highest degree Scottish Rite Freemasonry), Biden was a recipient of the Presidential Medal of Freedom, which features the masonic eagle symbolic of the mythical Phoenix, and the five pointed star, which when turned upside down represents the mythical Baphomet. More interestingly, he was also bestowed another prestigious award, that of the Nishan-e-Pakistan, which is the highest of civil awards and decorations given by the government of Pakistan for service to its country and nation.

Now, one wonders how has an American Vice President, a position of marginally significant political distinction, a position that even so-called American founding father Benjamin Franklin damned with faint praise in dubbing those who inhabited the office “His Superfluous Excellency”, been bestowed with so many prestigious titles and awards? Could it be, the true identity of the host actor hails from what is tantamount to American royalty, someone whose very name could also expectantly be discovered among the highest ranks of the Jesuit controlled Freemason Brotherhood?

Now that one has established the Jesuit connection between both the Biden and Williams characters from their concocted biographies, and cognizant that the devil often resides in the details, as it were, one harks back to the fact the location of Williams’ current residence of New Canaan, Connecticut, sits near an old and well established Rockefeller estate in Greenwich. Utilizing an intuitive hunch, could a genealogical connection with the Rockefeller family aid one in discovering the true identity of the host actor portrayed the characters of George H. W. Bush, Brian Williams, and Joe Biden?

Stay tuned for the next installment, folks, when the results of one’s investigation shall be revealed.






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    1. Indeed, the sort of prestigious superlatives bestowed upon “Biden” alluded to in the article are only parceled out to those occupying the highest degrees of the Freemason Brotherhood – which as I’m sure you and everyone knows by now is merely a front for the Jesuits.

    1. One must remember research into the true identities of these high political figures is rendered difficult chiefly because they are operating under pseudonyms. Nevertheless, it is most likely these characters who portrayed modern-day American presidents possess connections with either the Grand Lodge of New York or to the Grand Lodge of the Scottish Rite in London.

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