It bears repeating – but when one endeavored to begin this blog for the purpose of focusing on the sinister deceptions of the mainstream and alternative media, it was not wholly anticipated, though not thoroughly unexpected, that a certain renowned personality in the mainstream news industry and featured in this blog’s maiden installment, would go on to figure so prominently in helping to perpetuate such blatant deceptions.

Such, however, are life’s never ending and unfolding discoveries.

In part one, concerning the identity of the host actor portrayed former American Vice President Joseph Biden, one left off with an intuitive speculation that the Rockefellers, perhaps the most renowned family of American merchant bankers of the last century, and our man of interest, news anchor Brian Williams, had colluded – perhaps facilitated through genealogical relations – to create the living myth of the political character known to American history as Joe Biden.

Turns out – one’s educated and intuitive speculation did, in fact, materialize into solid and corroborative hypothesis.

Mocking the masses is one of the most perverse pastimes of the International Brotherhood of Freemasonry. Smug and self-satisfied – those in the higher degrees still revel in perverse satisfaction that their well-kept secrets will never be discovered by the majority of the masses. Per Albert Pike’s seminal masonic tome, Morals and Dogma, even the lower, blue lodge degrees, filled with small-time businesspersons, municipal political figures and administrators of minor standing, police, firefighters, first responders and those populating the working class building and construction guilds, are looked upon with scorn, and are only made to imagine that they may begin to understand the occult significance of the order’s ludicrous array of jargon, signs and symbols.

To their chagrin, one is certain, there are a growing number of those who have bothered to tear back the rainbow colored fabric of their occult veil, those who may dare to peer at whatever grand intrigues await behind the façade of egregiously distractive deceptions. It has become clear, that the global network of Freemasonry, which is merely a veil for the Jesuit order in Rome, has entrenched itself within every community of significance in America, its grasping tentacles have reached into every field of human endeavor, its influence all-pervasive. This is the vast machinery that perpetuates the actor based reality featured on one’s television and computer screens, creating volumes of fabricated myths that are spread across every magazine cover and newspaper headline.

Only now – due to significant numbers of the population becoming increasingly aware of the depth of the grand deception that ensnares them – have conspicuous cracks and fissures begun to appear upon the brick laden surface of their monolithic wall of lies.

The man known as Brian Williams, the host actor who has portrayed the character of Joe Biden as well several others, represents a cornerstone in this conspicuous deception.

Beginning in the last installment, one hypothesized a possible connection between New Canaan, Connecticut, the current residence of Brain Williams, and America’s most widely heralded merchant banking family, the Rockefellers. Though the focus of this installment is primarily on a former American vice presidential impostor, the Rockefeller family shall figure prominently in this further examination of the true identity of Brain Williams. Foremost, however, one can rest assured, not only is there a genealogical connection between Williams and the Rockefellers, but one can also invest credulity in the fact the Rockefeller family, from the time of the snake oil shenanigans of its 19th century patriarch, have been deeply entrenched in a vast scheme to not only con America, but the entire world. And the man known today as Brain Williams AKA Joe Biden, in true Rockefeller tradition, was most likely trained from the cradle to become one first class con artist.

Johnny Avery., the snake oil specialist

John Avery Rockefeller, father of the historically touted John D. of Standard Oil fame, was a reputed thief, womanizer, scoundrel, and con man. His is the model upon which was built the image of the archetypical “snake oil” salesman, and though many during John Avery’s era attempted the same brand of con game he became reputed for, none was nearly as successful, or infamous.

Though the tales of John Avery’s blatant skulduggery may seem incredulous and even puerile to a post-modern audience of the 21st century, it is safe to say the con games of the merchant banking family that went on to bear his name merely grew in scope and sophistication, and perhaps even worse, became sanctioned by none other than the US government.

The story of John Avery Rockefeller is most instructive, in that it provides a more than revealing glimpse into the twisted sociopathy of America’s ruling class, and the moral bankruptcy of those that serve them from the lower ranks of the International Brotherhood of Freemasonry. It is also illustrative, with respect to the fact that the hegemony of America’s so-called ruling elite class relies and primarily subsists on secrecy, subversion, entrapment, blackmail, graft, and all manner of covert deception to achieve the coveted ends of their self-interests.

In essence folks, the blueprint of the ruling elite’s audacious con game was first drawn up by the patriarch of the Rockefeller family, John Avery.

Before detailing some of the more deliberately criminal activities of John Avery, perhaps the most interesting, and typically expectant element to this story, is the fact John Avery is alleged to have operated under a pseudonym, Doctor William Levingston, the very moniker that appears on his gravestone to this very day.

However, perhaps more interesting still, is the fact the name of Levingston has a direct correlation to royalty, specifically a family name adopted by a group of royal exiles from Ireland and Scotland. Intuitively, while compiling research for this installment, one grew to believe this to be a significant clue, and that this time, examining the adopted pseudonym could provide additional, and genuinely verifiable genealogical evidence.

Could it be, the very mainstream sources that draw attention to the name Levingston, originally derived, per Wikipedia, from a man named Levin, who appears in several 12th century charters – were designed to deliberately draw legitimate researchers astray? After all, one’s thinking went, Levingston is nearly synonymous with the more familiar name of Livingston, a name, as it turns out, with direct genealogical ties to not only America’s founders, but also Scottish and European royalty.

But, folks, this is how the ruling elites hide their secrets – in plain sight.

Per Burke’s peerage and other similar sources, the Livingston family emanated from Scotland and settled in the 17th century province of New York, the residence and location of Rockefeller Center, and the United Nations complex the family financed and built in the mid-twentieth century. The Livingstons are descended from Lord Livingston IV, also known as the Earl of Linlithgow. The proceeding Earl, the fifth, was reportedly served a letter of attainder for his participation in the Jacobite Rising of 1715, thereby forfeiting all peerages.

Speculatively, could this not represent an historical feint, in that by coming to the new world to set up shop – given that most of the continent of America in the 17th century was being set up under the direct sanction of royal charter issued by the sovereigns of Europe for the East India Tea and Virginia Companies – the Livingston’s, under the guise of the manufactured moniker Rockefeller, had to first divest themselves of all royally bestowed titles in order that posterity would not be able to discern the true origin of America’s founding?

One can see the utility of such a ruse, for the aristocracy undoubtedly realized it could not credibly sell the American people on the idea of establishing a democratic republic if they ever should be made to suspect the true purpose of America was merely to found yet another colonialist, commercial outpost sanctioned by royal charter.

More evident still, is the fact the Livingston’s, who later became known as the Rockefellers, settled along the Hudson river in New York and were exiled aristocrats emanating from Scotland – therefore, is it entirely coincidental the York Rite and Scottish Rites are prominent branches of Freemasonry? But, among the Livingston’s genealogical relations, including such prominent names as Stuyvesant, Schuyler, Van Courtland, and Van Rensselaer, and corroborated by most mainstream sources, is none other than the Bush family.

Loyal readers will recall that one has identified Brain Williams as the host actor portrayed American president George H. W. Bush (See: The Bush family legacy of CGI lies) , and has empirically established the Bush genealogical moniker as most likely just another pseudonym for the Rockefellers, which in turn is yet another manufactured moniker hiding the name of Livingston, which traces its origins back to European royalty and to signers of America’s founding documents, most of whom were barristers called by oath to the Crown Temple in London.

What lends final and empirical credibility to this hypothesis? The fact that it can now be reported, ear biometric and facial recognition analysis, conclusively demonstrates Brian Williams, AKA Joe Biden and George H.W. Bush, is also former West Virginia governor Jay Rockefeller:…Rockefeller…

There are also remarkable similarities regarding facial recognition between the spouses of Biden and Rockefeller, and it also appears the photos of Jill Biden and Sharon Percy Rockefeller have undergone post-production photoshop cropping and other pixel manipulation:

Sharon Percy Rockefeller:

Jill Biden:…

This is where the plot thickens, because Jay Rockefeller is also the host actor for this prominent actor/comedian:

And as indicated in a previous installment, Chevy Chase was the host actor portrayed the “late” Jim Morrison:

Curious too, regarding the Morrison character, that he was allegedly arrested in New Haven, Connecticut (location of Yale University and its Skull and Bones “tomb”), for “inciting a riot” while onstage “performing” in the late 1960’s, and decades later, in 2012, his host actor, Jay Rockefeller AKA Joe Biden, appears onstage in Newtown, Connecticut, to help in the execution of yet another psychological operation:

It should not strike one as surprising, of course, to find that Jay Rockefeller, like many of his family relations, was opted into the family business of acting on the world stage of fabricated history, because our old friend John Avery, the original family patriarch, word has it, was once a traveling salesman who advertised himself as “the celebrated cancer specialist,” hawking a ridiculous array of herbal remedies and other bottled medicines for twenty-five dollars, which in the 19th century would not have been considered a bargain price – especially given the ludicrously ineffective nature of the utter quackery old John was peddling.

Nevertheless, old John made a fortune selling his wares, and even began marketing what became known as Nujol, a petroleum based product manufactured by a subsidiary of Standard Oil and sold as a laxative. Still later, at the dawn of the 20th century, the family responsible for creating, directing, and acting in the Kennedy assassination hoax, and in an attempt at public relations for the sins of John Avery’s son John Davidson, who sold unstamped and rot gut Harkness liquor to Federal troops during the American Civil War at a ridiculously high markup , would embark upon the execution of what is perhaps the biggest con of them all – philanthropy.

While financing and founding such institutions as the Baptist church and YMCA, creating an endowment for the establishment of the University of Chicago, as well starting the Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research and General Education Board, the Rockefellers were also able to con America into never considering that enormous profits could be perpetually hidden from the prying eyes of probate or federal audit by applying a simple bit of semantic wrangling and legally labeling the aforementioned institutions “non-profit” organizations.

But that is the magic of the con, isn’t it folks – distract them with a warm and charming smile while one is reaching for the wallet in their back pocket?







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    1. Indeed – the Rockefellers, or Livingston’s, have historically served as one of the centrifugal hubs of the actor based reality in tandem with other royal, European lineages.

      1. It seems the Rockerfellers and Rothschilds dominate the west. Is it fair say they are the most powerful families?

      2. From all available evidence that would seem to be the case. However, I firmly believe they are merely proxies for the thirteen, ruling elite Jesuit families, who have a more grand, and ancient history

      3. I’m inclined to agree. Putting myself in their shoes, I would get other people to do this kind of work.

    1. The actor based reality – up until now, at least – has been foolproof, and has served paramount purposes. Foremost, to shield the accountability of the true perpetrators, and secondarily, to conceal the reality of their globally centralized control.

      1. Rest assured, any contingencies have been planned well in advance. However, implementation may not be necessary. The advent of digitized, social media platforms has facilitated psychological control of the mass populations, and has allowed for greater ease in monitoring the overall effectiveness of their programs which continually fortify the lines of division drawn between social, economic and racial classifications.

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