It has become rather amusing to note that recently, some of those historical characters identified here at Newsspell as actors in history’s grand stage play (George H.W. Bush AKA Brian Williams and Burt Reynolds AKA Marlon Brando/Vladimir Putin, for example) have been summarily shuffled off the scene.

Spawning still greater amusement, is the observation that those employed by the corporate MSM are giving themselves hernias while attempting to hoist Poppy’s phony edifice into the pantheon of historical and presidential greatness.

Try as they might, however, they seem to be failing miserably.

Which presently, brings us to yet another pair of media created presidential thespians.

Former US president Bill Clinton may have been known as “Slick Willy”, but it turns out folks, his VP, Al Gore, should have been fixed with the nickname of “Meathead”.

Although one has exposed the true identities of some of America’s oval office occupants before, the Clinton administration featured not just one actor, but two.

This installment shall serve as yet another critical indictment of America’s democratic façade. The so-called “freely elected” government of the US corporation consists of nothing more than a charade of pseudonyms and theatrical gestures. It is a grand masquerade, designed to superficially appear as democratic governance, when from the perspective of practical truth, as one shall soon effectively demonstrate, the genuine nature of the executive branch of the US corporate government is ceremonially theatrical in practice.

Oh, and as an especial added bonus for one’s loyal readers and  visitors, one has discovered yet another member of the classic pop/rock group the Monkeys who not only performed as a lead vocalist with another classic rock band perceived to have a greater degree of “street credibility”, but was discovered to have participated in the Trevon Martin psychological operation back in 2012 while posing as the accused perpetrator’s legal council.

Former US senator, vice president, presidential candidate, and “climate change” guru, Al Gore, is not who you think he is. In fact folks, he is yet another imposter designed to serve as a useful component in that phenomenon loyal readers of Newsspell have come to know as the actor based reality.

One shall also briefly examine the biography of “Tipper”, Mister Gore’s spouse, who not only was involved with a well-publicized controversy involving the music industry in the mid-1980’s, but she too, for a time, starred as the lead vocalist in a classic rock band that decades ago, rose to popularity during America’s “counter-culture” era.

Of course, these sorts of controversial, media-driven events are drummed up for the sole purpose of commercial interests and, benefit every aspect of the corporate media complex, both television and print. The creation of such theatrically inspired, dramatic pantomime is designed precisely to draw the public’s attentions toward the fabricated narratives of the corporate “news” cycles and, to pump up television advertising rates and revenues, overall television ratings, as well newspaper and magazine subscriptions.

The ruling elites always take care to create their historical characters with a built-in fame index ensured to reliably draw the attentions and time-consuming energy of the general public. Moreover, creating theatrical dramas involving their scripted characters draws revenues from the sale of ancillary merchandise cross-marketed through various media formats to the general public.

However, before examining the nature of the PRMC controversy involving our Mister Gore, his spouse, and certain execrable music industry personalities, it certainly bears mentioning that Gore’s biography is not only laced with numerological codes, but reveals other noteworthy, if not strange and amusing anecdotes. Of primary note, is Gore’s birthdate, which official biographies claim to have been March 31, 1948 (13/summit of masonic pyramid/31/occult mirror reflection/March=3/33/High-Degree Scottish Rite Freemasonry).

This alone indicates, that Gore’s host actor belongs to an elevated rank within the International Brotherhood of Freemasons.

Added together, Gore’s number of years in public life as an “elected” official are 24 years (6/33). One of the more amusing of Gore’s biographical anecdotes, involves his 2000 (dual masonic pillars of Boaz and Jachin) presidential election campaign against George W. Bush.

As many no doubt recall, though on the night of the election the MSM confirmed Gore had captured the majority of the nationwide popular vote, the victor in the election was subsequently determined by the Supreme Court, which upheld the results of the Florida “recount” with a 5 to 4 vote in favor of Republican candidate, George W. Bush (5+4=9/6/33).

Well, loyal readers now know what a bogus sham the Supreme Court is, right? (See: Ginsburg’s court is a supreme hoax)

Yes folks, once again, and on the dawn of the new millennium, the International Brotherhood of Freemasons decided to gang stalk and gaslight the entire American population with another grand psychological operation, designed to yet again bring about a prefabricated order from manufactured chaos.

After all, the thirteen, ruling elite Jesuit families have had centuries of practice tweaking their historical myths. But now, with the widespread utilization of digital technology developed in the post-modern era of the late 20th century and into the new millennium, their grand game has now been facilitated to an exponentially greater degree.


Anecdotally, Mister Gore’s matriculation as a young man at Saint Alban’s, an introductory preparatory day and boarding school for boys located in Washington D. C., a school historically noteworthy for having served as a feeder school for Ivy League institutions, stands as particularly pertinent.

More intriguing, is the mythical figure the school is named for, Saint Alban, considered to have been the first cultic British proto-martyr, said to have been beheaded by Roman authorities in the city of Verulamium during the summer equinox of either the 3rd or 4th centuries, also an historical fabrication?

As seems to be the case with the alleged documented accounts of the biblical Christ, historians widely dispute the historical accuracy of the accounts of Saint Alban, citing that many of the major sources documenting Alban’s life were, in fact, chronicled several centuries after he was purported to have lived.

Upon further examination of the myth of Saint Alban, it is quite remarkable to note how closely most historical accounts of Alban’s ultimate fate at the hands of the Roman authorities during an era of Christian persecution mirrors that of the legend of the biblical Christ. In some accounts, it is even reported that, like Christ, Saint Alban returned from the dead after being scourged and beheaded to spread the legend of his martyrdom.

There is however, one aspect of the story of Saint Alban that sharply differs from the legend of Christ. It is said, in order to protect the life of a persecuted Christian priest from the Roman authorities, Alban disguised himself as the priest and offered himself up for trial in his stead. Intriguingly, this aspect of the Saint Alban’s legend seems most pertinent to Al Gore, in that both are in essence, fictitious characters.


The Parents Music Resource Center or PMRC as it came to be more popularly known, represented an ostensible effort to increase parental control over the access of music marketed to children deemed to have violent, drug-related or sexual themes via labeling commercially available popular music recordings with a Parental Advisory sticker.

But closer scrutiny reveals that in the wake of the PMRC’s creation, beneath the MSM’s manufactured public debate between those advocated for First Amendment constitutional rights regarding artistic expression versus those on the opposing side argued for greater government policing of commercial content deemed “offensive”, existed the ulterior and cynically motivated ploy to increase commercial profits for the ruling elite families owning and operating the music and entertainment industries.

In truth, applying a Parental Advisory sticker to popular music recordings deemed “offensive” often served as a reverse psychological marketing ploy. Rather than repel prospective buyers, such labels often attracted a greater and more profitable share of the music’s targeted consumer demographic.

The widespread publicity afforded to the “PMRC” was also cynically designed to establish the political cache and visibility of Al Gore, for whom in retrospect the ruling elites clearly had greater plans in using as a political chess piece.

Has one never wondered, however, why Al Gore’s alleged long-time spouse was often referred to as “Tipper”?

Recall, that in the aftermath of the JFK assassination hoax, the American public was told the alleged president’s assassin, Lee Harvey Oswald, had shot and killed a Dallas Police patrol officer named J.D. Tippit. That concocted surname was, of course, an inside reference to the photographic method utilized to create the character who likely, never existed at all.

In the case of Al Gore’s spouse, “Tipper”, the character exists, but was portrayed by a host actor disguised with the usual tricks of the trade: hair styling and copious use of dye, along with lighting angles and lens distortions to disguise the more recognizable geometry of the face. And, loyal readers have come to learn just how reverently the Freemasons love to employ the concept of geometry as it relates to the perpetuation of the actor based reality and the ultimate  manipulation of public perceptions.

But, what if one’s loyal readers were to learn, that though “Tipper” was once posed in the role of a prominent politician’s wife seemingly opposed to the depiction of violence, sex and drugs related to popular music recordings, she too, was once the singer of controversial popular songs?

One song in particular, a rock classic entitled “White Rabbit”, made popular during the counter-culture era of the late 1960’s and performed by San Francisco based band, Jefferson Airplane, was discovered not only to have extolled the questionable virtues of drug abuse, it featured many blatant lyrical examples that described drug induced, hallucinatory imagery.

Grace Slick:

“Tipper” Gore:


One pill makes you larger, and one pill makes you small

And the ones that mother gives you, don’t do anything at all.

And if you go chasing rabbits, and you know you’re going to fall

Tell ’em a hookah-smoking caterpillar has given you the call.

Funny, how Tipper’s PMRC missed this one. Oddly enough, this glaring omission exposes both Tipper and her PMRC for what they were, hypocritical frauds.


The integrity of this grand concept known as the actor based reality is successfully perpetuated chiefly because its participants are related by genealogy. Let’s face it folks, there’s perhaps more wisdom in the cliched adage of “keeping it in the family” than previously realized.

In a previous installment, one exposed “Slick Willie” Bill Clinton as award-winning Hollywood actor, Michael Douglas, while his father, Kirk, has portrayed the host actor behind the fake astronaut, Buzz Aldrin, for over five decades (See: A tale of two American impostors)

What the public has not realized, until now, is that ear biometrics and facial recognition analysis have identified yet another member of the Douglas family who has also dutifully played his role while participating in the actor based reality.

Meet Joel Douglas, better known to millions of rock and pop fans as “Meatloaf”:


In examining the official biographies of Mr. Meat – and as loyal readers have discovered on so many previous occasions – one discovered yet another biographical connection between a major figure in the entertainment and music industries and either the military or law enforcement.

On this occasion, there happens to be a documented connection between Marvin Lee Aday (which sums to 130/13/summit of Freemason pyramid in English Ordinal gematria and 77/5 in Reserve Full Reduction gematria/angelic transformation/5=2 3’s/33) and law enforcement, an institution which, along with the military, is dialed-in with the International Brotherhood of Freemasons.

In fact, it is claimed our man Meat was born in Dallas, Texas, the son of a police officer. The fact that Dallas was chosen by biographers as Aday’s official place of birth is not wholly surprising, since research into the JFK assassination hoax revealed the city of Dallas is a hot bed of Freemasonry and the location of a Freemasonic Grand Lodge.

Meatloaf’s official birth date of September 27, 1947 (777/joker code) appears suspect as well.

But, the most fascinating detail of Meatloaf’s mainstream biography is an anecdotal tale of his visit to Dallas’s Love Field on – you’re not going to believe this folks – November 22, 1963 and, at the very hour when Air Force One landed with President Kennedy and his First Lady, Jaqueline, on board.

Not only that, but subsequent to allegedly witnessing Kennedy debark from Air Force One, it is claimed that while on the way to Dallas’s Market Square, which was to be a scheduled stop of Kennedy’s parade route, Aday received word that President Kennedy had been shot. When he and his father, the alleged Dallas police officer, headed to Parkland Hospital, it is further claimed that Aday witnessed Jackie Kennedy and Governor Connolly pulled from the bloodied presidential motorcade, although he did not, curiously enough, see the president taken out. Obviously, young Mister Meat was recruited very early on into the Freemasonic grand game of the actor based reality. More telling still, are the pointed lyrics to one of Meatloaf’s songs, recorded for his album, Bat out of Hell Part II, entitled “Life is a Lemon”:

It’s a never ending attack

Everything’s a lie and that’s a fact

Life is a lemon and I want my money back

All the morons and the stooges with their coins

They’re the ones who make the rules, it’s not a game it’s just a rout.

It would seem, if there were anyone privy to the true source of such bleak sentiments, who better than the hidden son of Michael Douglas AKA Bill Clinton and the grandson of Kirk Douglas AKA fake Apollo NASA astronaut, “Buzz” Aldrin, the keeper of the biggest lie perhaps ever told in the history of mankind, right folks?

Before endeavoring to fully address the subject of Mister Al Gore, one would like to make brief mention of yet another revelation, this time regarding another star in the world of music and entertainment, Roger Daltrey, former lead vocalist for the classic rock act, The Who.

Daltrey, through the gift of song, once posed the following pair of hypothetical inquiries to his rabid audience:


Well, it turns out Roger, the author here at Newsspell and his loyal readers are indeed capable of ascertaining the truth.

But believe it or not, folks, facial recognition and ear biometrics indicate the same man who dared to pose these rather provocative questions is also former Monkey, Davy Jones.

Davy Jones/Daydream Believer:

During examination of Jones’ biographies, one discovered the usual gematria present, starting with the birth date: 30 December 1945 (33/6X4=24/6/33). Turns out, Mister Jones’ date of character expiration at the age of 66 (12/21/777 joker code) is suspect as well: 29 February 2012 (2 9’s=2 6’s/occult mirrored reflection/12/21/777/joker code/February the 2nd month/masonic pillars of Boaz and Jachin/2012=5/2 3’s/33).

Jones’ resume in the entertainment industry parallels Roger Daltrey’s in that, both of their biographies indicate vast experience in the theater and on Broadway. Daltrey, for example, has appeared in several stage productions, including The Beggars Opera, Mac the Knife, and The Comedy of Errors, while Jones has starred in stage productions of Dickens’ Oliver as the Artful Dodger, as well portrayed another classic Dickens character, Fagin.

Davy Jones:

Roger Daltrey:

What is most noteworthy concerning Daltrey is that, in most of the images taken from the latter part of his career before the Davy Jones character was shuffled off this moral coil in 2012, he can be observed with various brands of eye wear, which not only manipulates the geometry of the facial features, but when combined with makeup and facial stippling, can greatly aid in skewing the viewer’s ocular perceptions, thus better concealing any physical attributes which might connect the host actor with the identity of other character modifications. There exists an explanatory reasoning for this in that, though Roger Daltrey may have portrayed several characters in both movies and in the theater, he has also now been identified as having portrayed George Zimmerman’s lawyer in the Treyvon Martin case of 2012, Mark O’Mara (MM=33).

Mark O’Mara:

Though Daltrey oftentimes applied eye wear in his photographs to distance himself from the Jones character during the post-millennium era, it is noteworthy how various camera angles and lens distortions were cleverly utilized during O’Mara’s courtroom appearances to make the host actor look taller than his rather diminutive five feet, three inches.


If one has learned anything from an in-depth study of history, it is that every social or political movement needs two essential ingredients to succeed: a nearly bottomless supply of funds and a charismatic front or spokesperson acting as a focal point while appearing to lead it.

No such better example of this perhaps exists than with the so-called “climate change” movement, led by our man of the hour, Al Gore.

Think about it folks, what better figure to sell or popularize a social or political philosophy could possibly exist, other than that of a well-trained and seasoned theatrical performer, preferably one possessing an extensive resume in films and in television.

Historically speaking, this has served as the rule rather than the exception and, utilizing many such well-trained charismatic figures, the ruling elites have skillfully been able to sell to the masses whatever dubious bill of goods they desired.

Whether it be communism, feminism, fascism, or any number of interchangeably dubious social or political philosophies sporting identical suffixes, a charismatic leader has always been at the forefront, selling rotten lemons packaged as burnished diamonds.

The character of Al Gore merely represented the latest model of such salespersons, hoisted upon the world stage to pitch ponderous prevarications made to appear as sterling truths.


With few exceptions, perhaps no other actor in the history of television or Hollywood possessed the requisite pedigree and resume to have assumed the various fabricated roles he has brilliantly portrayed on the world stage.

Rob Reiner first came to public prominence decades ago in the award-winning role of Michael Stivic.

As alluded to in the headline, this was a character who was often sarcastically referred to by co-star Carrol O’Connor as “Meathead” during Reiner’s tenure starring on American television in the 1970’s situation comedy/drama, All in the Family.

By the way, folks, do you see a pattern developing here – Meathead and Meatloaf – will these ruling elites ever get over their childish affinity for crude references to the male anatomy?

Reiner has also worked as a director, both in television and in Hollywood, most notably, on the award-winning cinematic cult favorite that both skewered and satirized the absurdities of the music industry, Spinal Tap.

But, as has been documented previously, the price of fame and public acclaim is rather exorbitant and, like so many of Hollywood’s iconic figures, Reiner no doubt discovered that he had struck a perilous bargain with his ungrateful masters, the ruling elite families.

Like the popular television character portrayed by Michael J. Fox during the era of the 1980’s, Alex Keaton, who espoused a regressive, right-wing political mentality, Reiner’s real world characterization of Al Gore reflects the left-wing and progressively flavored political ideology the network script writers designed for the television character he portrayed during the 1970’s, Michael Stivic.

As evidenced by the following images, Reiner was required to deploy a hair piece and a clean-shaven appearance for the role of political icon, Al Gore, elements which served to reliably alter the geometric perception of facial contours, thus further concealing the identity of the host actor.

Rob Reiner:

Al Gore:

Oh, and before one forgets, here is yet another brilliant performance from Mister Reiner, this time as everyone’s favorite Sandy Hook character, Mister “Magnificent Thing”, Doctor Wayne Carver:



















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