In the last installment concerning the subject of NASA, we left off examining the occult origins of this hallowed ‘space agency’. It is continually amazing, how many news pundits, and the general pubic included, never seem to question any ‘scientific’ findings coming from the spokespersons hired to seed and spread what amounts to political and quasi-religious propaganda. For example, the latest announcement from NASA ‘scientists’ claiming to have discovered far away planets, of which they admit only ‘cosmic shadows’ can be seen, where there may exist traces of the building blocks of ‘intelligent life’, seems to have been generally accepted without question.

And yet, the pictures of such ‘discoveries’ resemble nothing more than what appears to be badly photo shopped and artistically rendered representations.

How does this square with the idea NASA freely admits the Hubble Space telescope was launched into improper and insufficient orbit to begin with, that in fact, with ongoing technical difficulties, NASA officials have repeatedly admitted the multi-billion dollar equipment does not, or has never, amidst an environment filled with space debris, destructive meteorites, lethal sun cycles, worked properly?

conspiracy-stephen perkins-thriller-fiction-sandy hook-9/11-Boston bombing--black magic
Raging Falcon is it conspiracy or fiction?

Is all this merely a product of grandest imagination, does this represent some sort of occult alchemy, or black magic spell involved here?

Could it be, NASA has, all this time, merely been launching rockets that go on to fly on a trajectory out of camera view in a faraway arc, crashing into the ocean, the wreckage later to be recovered by Navy salvage teams sworn to top secrecy?

Could it be, that it is only through the magic of colorful, but concocted television images, accompanied by assiduously placed propaganda from the mouths of those perceived to be scientific authority figures, the public, for several generations now, has been psychologically seduced into believing the grand ideas of moon missions and interstellar space travel?

Now, I know, the initial reactions of those reading this may amount to a spate of scoffing: “Come off it pal! Now, you’re just going too far with your conspiracy theories!”

But, please reconsider.  Is this really beyond the realm of mere speculation?

Just consider, could these announcements made by ‘scientists’, in fact amount to nothing more than political and social propaganda, representing the programming of the masses through the performances of what amount to nothing more than high degree masonic rituals?

The following story, delving into NASA’s dubious inception, may just serve to change your mind as to the accuracy and credibility of NASA’s so-called scientific announcements and space missions.


Many are familiar with Alistair Crowley’s reputation as a leading occultist, but many more may not be familiar with his intimate relationship with some of the leading founders of NASA, including rocket scientists Werner Von Braun and Jack Parsons. In truth, Crowley was an agent of MI6, Her Majesty’s Secret Service.

Though one will never encounter this information in American public school history books, Crowley was hired by the agency, before the first world war, to concoct media propaganda later seeded into American newspapers owned by William Randolph Hearst, in order to persuade the American public to forego it’s geopolitical isolationist policies and support US involvement in European entanglements.

In other words, Crowley began his intelligence career as a war propagandist.

Conspiracy theorists center on Crowley’s reputation as the ‘Great Beast’, or the wickedest man alive during the twentieth century. In truth, given that international bankers and industrialists fund and control all Western intelligence agencies, and the composition of all historical materials, all this fantastical occult mumbo-jumbo surrounding the story of Alistair Crowley, merely exists as a cover story for the masses, historically and easily seduced by romantic notions and sheer emotionalism, to consume like so much tasty ice cream.

Before the beginning of his career as an MI6 counter-intelligence agent, Crowley’s family had powerful connections with such notable figures in British pre-war history as Lord Salisbury and Robert Cecil, whose own family had been head of British intelligence for over four-hundred years.

Fast forward to the 1940’s, and one will observe the Rothschild and Rockefeller international bankers and their major industrialist cohorts exhorting the need for an American intelligence agency, styled upon the premise of its British predecessor.

Thus, was born CIA.

supernatural-alien invasion-homicidal madness-politics-
humid Hollywood night. Beltane, the witches holiday was breaking, and death was the only escape from danger.

It was then, Crowley became involved with a young rocket scientist named Jack Parsons. Through documents procured through FOIA (Freedom of Information), it is readily observable, the germ of the idea for an American ‘space program’ and the establishment of NASA, and its accompanying agency JPL (Jet propulsion labs), had been seeded long before its inception, and long before presidential puppet JFK made his historic ‘moon’ speech in the early 1960’s.

In order to induce a sense of awe and wonder at the possibility of interstellar space travel in the minds of not only the American public, but the world at large, the services of science fiction writers like Arthur C. Clarke and L. Ron Hubbard, himself a trained agent of ONI, or American naval intelligence, were robustly recruited, to amplify the respective counter-intelligence and rocketry expertise of Crowley and Parsons. It is no happenstance, the alien crash psychological operation known as Roswell, and the inception of the American intelligence agency known as CIA coincided in 1947.

Think about it folks, what better way to seduce the slumbering propensities of pubic imagination into considering the fantastical idea of interstellar space travel, than to stage an alien crash landing in Rosewell, New Mexico?

It is also no coincidence, subsequent to this operation, that all of the aforementioned individuals greatly benefited from their involvement in the Roswell operation. Hubbard went on to found the infamous and financially successful front for international freemasonry known as the Church of Scientology; while Clarke, previously working in literary obscurity, was granted prestigious awards and best seller status for his science fiction novels. Parsons efforts would echo into posterity with the establishment of the multi-billion dollar industry that now bears the initials of his name-JPL.

In summary, NASA is nothing more than a public relations agency staging psychological operations to shape public perceptions regarding the reality of the universe and mankind’s place in it, perceptions convenient to the ongoing hegemony of NASA’s banking and industrial masters.

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The Neutral Buoyancy Laboratory is an astronaut training facility operated by NASA and located at Sonny Carter Training Facility, in Houston, Texas. The NBL consists of a large indoor pool of water, in which astronauts may perform simulated EVA tasks in preparation for upcoming missions. Turns out, those missions never leave the ground, folks! Trainees wear suits designed to simulate the microgravity experienced during spaceflight. Per NASA’s own statistics, the NBL contains over 62 gallons of water, into which is submerged full-scale mock-ups of international space station modules and payloads, as well as visiting vehicles such as the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency HTV, and European Space Agency ATV, the Space X dragon, and the Orbital Sciences Corporation Cygnus.

There was a mock-up of the Shuttle, but due to that programs recent demise, it has since been removed.

Now, I ask you, folks, would it not be cheaper, efficient, and more profitable, for NASA to photograph and film fake space walks and missions, rather than taking significant risk attempting the real thing?

Would it not be possible, a relatively simple matter, to film against a green screen or blacked out pool wall? Given consideration of all the facts, one could conceivably conclude, it is not only entirely possible, but probable.



    1. Writers like Crowley, Hubbard, Clarke, and even E. Howard Hunt, are always sought out by intelligence agencies to create counter-intelligence propaganda. The public history of NASA is exactly that, well crafted propaganda.

      1. Lately, I have been seeing a lot of videos pop up on Youtube about NASA faking footage. It’s a very popular subject now. Goodness, I don’t where this is going but in 5 years time, it won’t be where NASA intended. What are your thoughts on this?
        I wish my brother was a blogger also he would definitely follow this blog.

      2. NASA admits all of their pictures of earth from space are composites, data strings, and CGI. A NASA administrator even admitted past missions have not proceeded past the very dangerous Van Allen radiation belts. Additionally, none of their spokespersons has adequately explained how a rocket propulsion system is able to work efficiently within the perfect vacuum of outer space.

  1. “A NASA administrator even admitted past missions have not proceeded past the very dangerous Van Allen radiation belts”. -OMG! That’s basically saying they never went to the moon.

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