This installment concerns a mysterious man of many famous faces.

Many of you would know him, but not by his actual birth name.

Even now, some of you would regard the high level public character he now portrays as a figure of scalding hatred.

Though over the decades this actor has played several award wining roles on both stage and screen, his millions of adoring fans may be shocked to learn his best roles have been mythologized for posterity in American history books.

However, if you shall allow one a short digression, it has become more than clear, that after a little more than one year writing on this blog, one feels the time may have come to clear the proverbial air.

Folks, there exists no so-called ‘truth community on the internet’.

That particular nomenclature was created by the same group of intelligence clowns concocted the pejoratively utilized ‘conspiracy theory’. Both terms represent a short cut to thinking, and are typical of those all too willing to think vicariously, if they are capable of thinking at all.

Yes folks, there exists no truth community, and there appears, with perhaps minor exceptions, to be only government sponsored propaganda agents and lowly trolls posing as grass roots investigators. Despite opinions to the contrary, yours truly is surely not, nor ever has been numbered among the former.

Nevertheless, one proceeds onward with the matter at hand.

Hollywood is the land of illusion. Though it is often a crucible of salacious and titillating scandal, it is also the creator of mankind’s greatest dreams and also some of its most garish nightmares. As the centrifugal force behind some of America’s most memorable heroes and villains, Hollywood also represents the wholesale producer of America’s prime export to the rest of the world – the greatest and grandest of entertainment.

But beneath this clever facade, Hollywood truly represents a prime purveyor of social and political propaganda on behalf of the thirteen elite ruling families.

Many of the technological tools utilized to create such grand illusions have transcended the boundaries of Hollywood and become an integral element of the public’s everyday life, acutely compromising the masses ability to discern between that of fantasy and reality.

But, this is the prevailing post-modern paradigm that allowed one man, over the span of his acting career, to play the roles of Superman, a gold medal winning Olympic champion, and most recently, a fake transgender character. Though one may have already intuited who is being referenced, what one may not know, is the true identity of the host actor playing the roles.

Many more are even less aware of the identity of the host actor’s father kept hidden from the American public. Stay tuned folks. 

Though it has been said many times, it bears reiteration. The world is a stage and one man in his time can play many parts. And in the case of the particular host actor one shall be examining, he has played some of the most prominent roles known to the public throughout the decades. No doubt, one shall experience a backlash from naysayers and the aforementioned trolls. One can only say in preemptive response, be heavily armed and ready if you are one of those charged by your government handlers in launching feeble or ill-prepared attacks upon

Bring it on, for one shall not suffer fools gladly.

The man of steel

Superman has become one of America’s most recognizable and treasured archetypal myths, embodying characteristics comparable to the ancient gods. Throughout the twentieth century this larger than life character spawned a virtual cottage industry of profitable comic books, movies, and even television series. Myths not only define the very fiber of a nation’s culture, but in a world steeped in the concept of commercial interests, they also represent lucrative commodities. The character sketch of Superman was allegedly created in 1933 (33, there’s that masonic marker again folks, preceded by 19, the number of the sun, or light of lucifer) by a pair of high school students from Cleveland, Ohio, Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster.

The rights to the Superman character were later sold to Detective Comics – which became known as DC comics – in 1938. Soon after, the character’s popularity grew to nationwide acclaim through appearances in radio serials. Though there has been some debate among not only figures of literary letters but scholars of popular culture concerning speculative theories as to the exact derivation of the Superman character, the prevailing theoretical consensus among sociological and cultural scholars points towards the Ubermensch of nineteenth century philosopher Fredrick Nietzsche.

In his seminal philosophical work, Thus spake Zarathustra, Nietzsche poses the Ubermensch, or super being, as a philosophical allegory, a symbolic representation of a higher biological type derived through artificial selection, a figure capable of mastering the entire spectrum of human endeavor. Although the creators of Superman may not have truly derived the idea from Nietzsche, it is quite apparent endless attempts by everyone from philosophical scholars to university graduate students have attempted to interpret Nietzsche’s work – to varying degrees of success.

Be that as it may, one believes Nietzsche’s concept of the Ubermensch, and the idea of mankind’s inherent ‘will to power’, point directly to the heart of the philosophical mechanics, as it were, as to how the historical myth making process is often carried out, and may even provide insights into the dark psyche of the ruling elite families ultimately creating history.

For, there is ample evidence history’s mythical characters, and their accompanying heroic exploits recorded over the centuries in the historical annals, may be idealized archetypal sketches drawn from flesh and blood genealogical templates of the ruling elite Jesuit families.

In that sense, the concept of the Ubermensch embodies the philosophical blueprint for the early twentieth century eugenics movement and socialist revolutions, and represents the centuries long goal of the ruling elite Jesuit families to incrementally replace – through the manufacturing of historical and social forces – mankind’s pursuit of the higher mind of spirituality with the prevailing globalist philosophy of humanist materialism.

One can observe this phenomenon and the spirit of Nietzsche’s Ubermensch coming to fruition with the American government’s manufactured ‘war on terror’, in so far as it positions Christianity and Islam – religious systems Nietzsche reasoned were steeped in the inherent weakness of asceticism – in extreme dialectical and destructive opposition, so that from the ashes of both religious systems may rise the synthesizing and mythological Phoenix of a new one world religion based on tenets of humanist reason rather than classical mysticism, and the arrival onto the world stage of the supreme head of a new global church.

Superman comes to American television

When the character of Superman finally arrived on television screens in 1951 with George Reeves in the starring role, America was in the midst of a similar historical dialectic, in that its capitalist economic system was geo-strategically positioned against that of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics in a ‘cold war’ struggle. Turns out, Reeves was a pseudonym shielding a fraud – connected to Moor Hall studios. (See: Actors in history’s grand stage play Part XV). Moor Hall studios was home to some of the twentieth century’s most esteemed actors and directors, many of whom posed as crisis actors in some of the era’s most publicized news hoaxes. Not surprisingly, Reeves was a pseudonym for Moor Hall animation artist and actor Nicholas Spargo, and his spouse was Hollywood actress Heady Lamar.

Although the original run of the Superman television series ended in 1958, the Superman character would be revived several times during the subsequent decades of the twentieth century, and finally achieved a maximum presence in the public mind when Hollywood reworked the character and narrative meme for the big silver screen. One of the most prominent actors cast in the role of the caped crusader was Christopher Reeve (Christopher = risen Christ consciousness, born Christopher D’Oleir Reeve on September, 25, 1952, or 42=24 (mirrors reflection) = the full astrological cycle).

Other than the Superman role, for which Reeve was given a prestigious BAFTA award, Reeve is most noted for his appearance in the heralded screen adaptation of ‘Remains of the Day’, starring renowned British actor (and high level Jesuit agent) Anthony Hopkins. Before accepting the leading role in the film adaption of Superman, and considering both Gene Hackman and Marlon Brando had already been slated to play supporting roles, Reeve reportedly remarked he thought he didn’t have much of a chance at being cast. However, shortly after being informed he had landed the role, Reeve went on to remark:

“By the 1970’s, the masculine image had changed…Now it was acceptable for a man to show gentleness and vulnerability. I felt that the new Superman ought to reflect that contemporary male image.”

This remark of Reeve’s would come to possess a great deal of significance, given the very public and somewhat controversial public role he would be charged to play much later.

Regarding Reeve’s birth name, D’Olier, genealogical investigation on sites such as Burke’s Peerage suggests the name may have some connection to Irish peerage and nobility, but details are curiously sketchy, as most information regarding both Reeve’s grandparents, Franklin D’Olier and Mahlon Pitney, appear to have been scrubbed. Such obfuscation always represents a red flag, and increasingly seems to be the sinister method of deliberate omission practiced by most of the more prominent genealogical sites. This could also mean Christopher Reeve is an alias or straw person used to shield the genuine birth name of a host actor.

Perhaps too, those born of wealth and privilege are well cognizant those they may regard as mere peasants are becoming too curious and suddenly interested in uncovering their lies?

Crisis actor and death faker

Given that empirical and bio-metric forensic evidence has led one to conclude all major celebrities throughout the decades, whether in television, the Broadway stage, Hollywood, or even the arena of professional sports have been connected or genealogically related to wealthy and prominent or in many cases, royal families, one’s investigation began zeroing in once again upon what is considered America’s most preeminent merchant banking clan – the Rockefeller family.

Although this fact is barely accentuated by the history books, and for reasons that shall soon become clear, the wife of former American vice president Nelson A. Rockefeller had six children, and two of them were twins, Michael and Mary.

Michael Rockefeller allegedly either died or disappeared under mysterious circumstances in 1961, while gathering indigenous art in New Guinea. Here’s where the story of Michael Rockefeller becomes what can only be described as utterly surreal. However, one supposes this is to be expected from a wealthy and prominent family owning major shares in the American media. Official mainstream accounts have claimed Michael was canoeing down a river when his boat capsized, and although the story further alleges he may have managed to survive and swam to shore, it is reportedly and widely believed he may have been – wait for this folks – attacked and eaten by cannibals.

This story – no doubt concocted – is but another fairy tale emanating from a prominent American family that has helped control the American media since the early twentieth century. One has observed these sorts of media shenanigans before from the Rockefeller family when newspapers of the era under their control reported the alleged plane crash of Quentin Roosevelt during the first world war (after faking his death, Quentin went on to portray the host actor for the character of Joseph P. Kennedy). And then, there is the story of Quentin’s relative, Kermit, who went on to serve as the host actor for a plethora of historically heralded characters – Adolph Hitler, Walt Disney, and American news broadcaster Walter Kronkite (See: American Camelot: the Kennedy’s mythical dynasty part I).

Repeatedly, it has been demonstrated to loyal readers that prominent members of ruling elite families have long served in the role of straw persons/host actors for historically mythical characters. For those still having difficulty conceiving of such a seemingly outlandish idea, then consider the fact these prominent ruling elite families are also the parties responsible for not only writing the American history books, but that they also own the tax exempt foundations making substantial grants to America’s prestigious universities, and have monopolized controlling interest over the major publishing companies, corporate distributed media, Hollywood, and the American entertainment industry.

Think for one moment of the power over the perception of prevailing reality one could wield with the sort of colossal commercial capital commanded by families such as the Rockefellers. Taking into account, the powerful financial clout of the Rockefeller clan and their undeniable hegemonic influence upon perhaps every major sphere of American industry, could it be that Michael Rockefeller – the alleged missing son of Nelson A. Rockefeller – did in fact possess the means, motive and opportunity to have become a man of many famous faces- perhaps the character of Christopher Reeve as Superman, a short lived 1950’s Hollywood teen icon or even the legendary king of rock and roll?

Ear bio-metric examination and photo comparison analysis would appear to indicate this is in fact the case.

It is also noteworthy that two major news events involving celebrities book ended the time period or number of years Michael was allegedly busy travelling around in the jungle wilds of New Guinea canoeing on perilous rivers and getting consumed by cannibals. One was the death of Hollywood icon James Dean, and the other was the reemergence of Elvis Presley from his stint in the US armed forces. In the video featured above, one shall take note of the predictive programming. The interviewer does nothing other than discuss Dean’s love for racing cars and the possible lethal consequences derived from careless driving. Near the conclusion of the interview, Dean remarks he wishes for kids to drive safely on the highway because “the life you might save may be mine.” After which the interviewer adds, “This glimpse behind the camera of how a story was born will help you enjoy the picture more.”

Yeah, you got that right, pal!

One shall recall not only that Dean was alleged to have perished in a car crash, but recall the overall strangeness documented concerning the death of Dean and the involvement of heralded British actor Alec Guinness.

*See: Hollywood Black Dahlia murder finally solved.

And, oddly enough folks, biographical details document that Presley also had a twin who allegedly died at birth.

This is the standard method of operation to create media sorcery, in that lies are concocted to hide the truth.

Operating on the premise the biggest secrets are often hidden in plain sight, one was able to quickly proceed due to a lightning charge of fervent intuition. Involvement of Rockefeller family members in the Kennedy assassination hoax has been documented, and there is every indication Michael Rockefeller’s death or disappearance, comparable to the manufacture of Quentin Roosevelt’s tragic plane crash, was indeed created and promoted widely through the media for the purposes of assuming other straw identities that went on to be prominently featured in the American history books. In this case however, investigation into the numerous straw identities of Michael Rockefeller, spanning several decades, seemed akin to navigating an elaborate maze. Nevertheless, one managed to navigate such a complex labyrinth until eventually encountering the monstrous and mythical Minotaur.

Regarding the ‘king of rock and roll,’ Elvis Presley, one found it more than curious the short span of years he spent in the armed forces stationed in Germany (1958-1961) ran almost exactly parallel with the block of time Micheal Rockefeller was skulking around in the jungles of New Guinea. Coincidence, folks? As one shall soon observe, the answer to that hypothetical question is an absolute negative. The positive affirmation Michael Rockefeller may have served as the host actor of Elvis Presley came when one began a photographic comparison analysis between images of Nelson Rockefeller’s wife, ‘Happy’, and Presley’s mother Gladys.

Not only is there a probable ear bio-metric match between Happy Rockefeller and Gladys Presley, but the trail grows hotter and even more intriguing when one looked into the history of Sam Phillips and Sun Records, Elvis Presley’s first recording label. Could one have stumbled upon yet another connection to Phillips Electronics and the global intelligence octopus?

Though on the surface this would seem a rather dubious leap, one believes in this case there can be no doubt the Rockefeller family, CIA and multi-national corporations such as Phillips Electronics, which represents a major component of the military industrial complex, have been historically and tightly connected. Agencies such as CIA were created, not as protection for the American people against foreign enemies, but rather as a Praetorian guard in helping to protect the vast commercial monopoly of the ruling elites.

Indeed, delving deeper into the history of Sun Records, one was able to discover Sam Phillips began a subsidiary label called Phillips international records shortly after Presley’s initial chart successes in the mid to late 1950’s. In 1963 (3 6’s=666), Wikipedia and other sources claim Phillips Records – which is indeed owned by Phillips Electronics – complained about the similarity of the moniker, after which Sam Phillips decided to dissolve the label.

Really now folks?

Hadn’t old Sam thought to trademark the name to avoid such problems? Does one expect such a successful entrepreneur would not have hired competent legal council to inform him of such things?

Although Sun Records was allegedly purchased by Mercury Records in 1969, it is claimed the company still remains in business as Sun Entertainment Corporation. Has one noticed all of these companies connected with Phillips have monikers with astrological significance? Could it be they are in fact owned under one corporate umbrella, and that these publicly documented business transactions are just fodder for the masses and also designed to hide the Rockefeller’s American corporate business and banking monopolies, in conjunction with the other ruling elite Jesuit families?

Another detail of Sam Phillips’ biography claims that before he became involved in the music business and founded Sun Records, he was one of the first investors in the Holiday Inn chain of hotels. Just where, pray tell, did old Sammy get the funds to invest in the expansion of a hotel chain? The present ownership and stockholders list may provide a clue. Holiday Inn, reportedly taken from the title of the movie musical starring Bing Crosby, is now a subsidiary of Intercontinental Hotels Group, a British owned company, based in Denham, Buckinghamshire.

The first hotels were built in America along Highway’s 51 and 61 (6+7=13, summit of the masonic pyramid). In 1963=3 6’s/666), the same year as the Kennedy assassination hoax, Holiday Inn reportedly signed a long-term deal with Gulf Oil Corporation, wherein the hotel chain agreed to accept Gulf credit cards to charge food and lodging, in return for Gulf building service stations on many of the hotel properties.

Further research into Gulf Oil has revealed a connection with Standard Oil, a commercial monopoly established by John D. Rockefeller. One’s intuition indicates that Sam Phillips was not merely some independent entrepreneur, but either genealogically connected to the Rockefellers, or perhaps directly to the royal bloodlines of Britain or Europe. It should also be noted that Gulf Oil’s logo is bright orange (33, highest degree of Scottish Rite freemasonry), and the logo for Sun Records symbolically represents the biblical star of the morning, or Lucifer, the hidden object of high degree Freemason adoration. Could it be that Michael Rockefeller not only served as host actor for numerous Hollywood and historical characters, but was established from birth as a franchise corporate entity for the express purpose of bolstering profits for the Rockefeller’s American commercial monopoly?

Stay tuned for the next installment coming soon folks, you won’t want to miss what’s coming next!













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  1. i am curious to know what really represent spiderman, hollywood have made many heroes in their movies like batman terminator etc, something interesting who i like to read everyday is about usa if full masonic sings masonic cities, i have been years ago in st louis this city have a masonich arch like scottish rite.

    1. That is an intriguing question. One believes comic book heroes represent modern upgrades on the pagan gods of old. It is also interesting to note in the case of Spiderman, his heroic character is steeped in the concept of physical and spiritual transformation. This could represent predictive programming tied in with both the eugenics and transgender movements. It would seem the ruling elites are preparing the public through Hollywood cinema and other forms of media the direction they envision for humanity in accordance with their prevailing philosophy of materialist humanism.

      1. jesuit hollywood have bringing many signals in their movies, who representing the past years, and the future, are many interesting movies with hidden signals, like the da vinci code 2006. prince of darkness 1987. and many more. in usa have happen many ritual sacrifices who have ties masonic numeric codes and kabbalah, usa is made new atlantis, new world power, and represent old civilizations images, the usa cities have indian egyptian names. if am not wrong america have the name of amaruku amaruki serpent. washington capitol hill is the same like vatican, pentagon is the same like villa caparola farnese the founders of jesuit orders washington is full of agyptian masonic sings and las vegas, us dollars is full of hidden thinks. for my opinion america is constructed perfect nation and is the first in science economy military in all aspect.

  2. Everyones favourite source of trustworthy information, Dallasgoldbug claims that Reeve also played former British Prime Minister John Major. It looks quite possible to me, what do you think?

    1. Could very well be possible, since is has been demonstrated beyond shadow of doubt most politicians in Washington are merely actors operating under pseudonyms. Such is no doubt the case in the UK. This merely underscores one’s premise that world government already exists. Political policies and social agendas derive from centralized control and the corporate sponsored puppets/cults of personality operating under pseudonyms serve as mere spokespersons put before the public to sell them.

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