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One began the first installment in this series of articles examining the mysterious saga of a man named Michael Rockefeller. Not much is publicly known about Michael, other than alleged claims of his disappearance in the jungles of New Guinea in 1961. Depending upon the particular source one consults, some accounts claim Michael Rockefeller drowned after the capsize of his canoe. Still others claim Rockefeller managed to survive the frantic current of the river rapids and swam to shore, but once there, was attacked by a tribe of cannibals and eaten alive.

Yet another account attempts to spin the tragic yarn in another bizarre direction, claiming Rockefeller somehow fell over the gunnels of the canoe and was summarily attacked by sharks. Whichever account one chooses to believe, it is clear the alleged death of Michael Rockefeller, son of the late Nelson A. Rockefeller, amounts to one fantastical fish story.

So far, one has demonstrated there may exist circumstantial, forensic ear bio-metric, and empirical evidence that not only is Michael Rockefeller still conspicuously alive, but that he has performed in the role of host actor for some of history’s most prominent figures, among them Hollywood icon James Dean, Superman’s Christopher Reeve, and music legend Elvis Presley. Turns out however, Michael Rockefeller may have portrayed more prominent characters recognized as household names. Adding to the intrigue of this truly mysterious man, one shall reveal that not only has Michael Rockefeller portrayed a gold medal winning decathlete, but also played the role of US president – not once, but twice.

But first folks, to continue the examination of Michael Rockefeller’s fascinating saga, we shall now return to the Olympic summer games competition of 1976 held in the historic city of Montreal. 

Are the Olympics fixed?

The Olympics are a celebrated quadrennial tradition, a grand dramatic spectacle often capturing the attention of millions around the globe. Olympic champions are sometimes elevated to the level of symbolic myth, and in the case of US athlete Bruce Jenner, his heroic gold medal triumph in the decathlon at the 1976 Olympic summer games was almost immediately mythologized by the American mainstream media. There was only one problem with this inspiring story, Jenner may not have been who the mainstream media claimed.

Sound crazy, folks?

Well, perhaps not when analyzed from the larger perspective of vast commercial considerations.

Could it also be that sporting events and entertainment spectacles are commissioned and created by the ruling elites not just to keep the masses occupied with living vicarious lives through manufactured heroes, and not for the sole purpose of creating heroic and even mythical images for historical posterity, but rather for the more paramount exercise of producing a profit for the ruling elite Jesuit families?

For those not familiar with Olympic competition, the decathlon consists of ten track and field events testing the limits of athletic strength, stamina, speed, and agility. The gold medal winner is ultimately determined by the athlete that compiles the most overall total points. Per most documentary accounts of the ’76 Olympic games, by the arrival of the 1500 meters, the decathlon’s final event, Jenner’s victory was all but a foregone conclusion, in that he had already compiled enough overall points over his top competitors despite having hardly eclipsed victory in any of the ten events he competed. In essence, by the time of the penultimate event, all Jenner had to do to secure the gold medal was to finish the race and break the tape.

In retrospect, this hardly seems surprising, since both prior to and during the televised broadcast of the Olympic summer games, Jenner had been heavily promoted by the mainstream media as if he were some sort of demigod, when oddly, Jenner himself candidly admitted to the press he hadn’t even been considered the best decathlete fielded by that year’s US Olympic team, and going into the competition had not been considered the odds on favorite to win the gold medal.

Many loyal readers know the NFL in America represents a tightly scripted sporting spectacle, dependent on television ratings and the colossal investments made by corporate television networks for its sustenance, and the Olympic games are no exception. Like the NFL, the creation of human interest stories accompanied by narratives featuring intriguing and even heroic characters escalate television ratings and keep the advertising dollars rolling in.

With North America and the US in particular representing such lucrative television markets, the creation of Bruce Jenner as a mythical athletic superhero made for pure ratings gold. And of course, the Rockefeller family happens to be one of the largest shareholders of the corporate television networks broadcasting the Olympic games. Since the inception of the modern Olympic games, the Rockefeller family has had key representatives placed on the US Olympic committee. Family patriarch John Davidson Rockefeller served as a key member of not only the US Olympic committee’s California chapter in 1912, but was a major financier of many of the early modern games.

With the Rockefeller clan retaining the kind of controlling interest clout in not only the corporate television networks but the US Olympic committee, one can easily imagine there would be no obstacles to favorably influencing the proceedings of any particular event at the Olympic games, including the Decathlon. As many no doubt know, the modern Olympiad has experienced more than its share of controversy, from numerous allegations of financial corruption, the illegal use of prohibited performance enhancing drugs by countless athletes, and even event fixing (the US vs. Soviet Union basketball final during the summer Olympics of 1972 represents perhaps one the most infamous examples).

Most recently, the USOC threatened to dismiss the entire US gymnastics governing body over allegations of sexual abuse. One’s intuition indicates however, this most recent Olympic related controversy may be tied in with all the other such dubious sexual allegations recently promoted by the mainstream media sorcerers.

Why dubious, one may ask?

The answer: Why has not one of these male celebrities so accused of sexual harassment, and in some cases brazen assault, been arrested or indicted, judiciously tried and summarily sentenced to prison rather than merely publicly shamed? Could it be these stories in sum total add up to an enormous manufactured social agenda promoted and funded by the same family of prominent merchant bankers financed the feminist movement – the Rockefeller family? This however, in no way indicates all cases of sexual harassment brought about by distaff victims are in fact bogus, its just that the Rockefeller controlled mainstream media isn’t promoting those particular cases.

Speaking from a strict legal sense, such genuine cases brought forth by real women and genuine victims – as opposed to actors portraying characters operating under pseudonyms – can’t be turned into distracting media circuses and exploited for the purposes of television ratings and an accompanying social agenda due to the prevailing circumstances of attorney/client privilege and the due diligence of maintaining legal integrity from undue pubic influence while the ongoing case is being heard.

Regarding the Rockefellers, family patriarch David was not the only member of the ruling elite banking clan to have recently shuffled off this mortal coil. In 2004, James Stillman Rockefeller, reportedly one of the Yale crew’s greatest oarsman and oldest living US Olympic gold medal recipient, passed away in his sleep in his Greenwich estate at – wait for it folks – 3:30 (33, highest Scottish Rite masonic degree).

The Olympics are unlawful but legal tax dollar thievery

An article published by UPI in October 1, 1980, details the legal snafu building contractor Regis Trudeau and high-ranking Montreal city official Gerard Niding found themselves embroiled in when faced with charges of bribery, corruption and breach of trust charges stemming from construction work on Montreal’s Olympic stadium prior to the opening of the games in 1976 (https://www.upi.com/Archives/1980/10/01/Former-high-ranking-city-official-Gerard-Niding-and-buidling-contractor/8027913090832/.

Although the contractor entered no plea to the charges, nearly forty years subsequent to the closing of the 1976 summer Olympic games Montreal was still feeling the after effects of the dire and deliberate betrayal of the public’s trust, not to mention the ongoing exorbitant costs still being borne by the city tax payer. But wouldn’t you know it folks, there is circumstantial evidence the Rockefeller family had it’s sordid  hand stuck right in the midst of the entire financial quagmire. However, one must point out debt slavery has for centuries been the stock in trade of the ruling elite families. The methodology employed is rather simple: Get the people mired in a huge financial principal that can never be paid back, and all the while greater sums must be borrowed from the elite merchant banks in what is tantamount to an evermore feeble attempt by governments to merely shed points off the escalating interest. In this fashion, the debt is passed on, and generation after generation of human commercial units birthed into debt become pathetic hosts for the ruling elite parasites taking delight in constantly preying on them.

It becomes clear the character of Bruce Jenner portrayed by the host actor Michael Rockefeller was created as an integral piece of a conspiratorial plan to increase profits for the Rockefeller family firm, and Montreal’s summer Olympics served as an enormously lucrative profit making vehicle.

But wait folks, our mysterious man of many famous faces would still later go on to play another iconic television character known to millions.

The West Wing

For several seasons on the NBC network, the popular serial political drama West Wing created by television producer/writer Aaron Sorkin ran from September 22, 1999 to May 14, 2006. Loyal readers shall notice the numerology inherent in those dates. It featured as main protagonist US president Josiah Bartlet (portrayed by Martin Sheen, another Hollywood persona portrayed by our man of mystery Michael Rockefeller).

Television programs such as West Wing are often created and utilized for the express purpose of mass behavioral modification through precise application of predictive programming. As Rockefeller puppet Richard Nixon once said, “The American people don’t believe anything until they see it on television.”

Ironic really, how that particular quote most likely marked the only truth uttered by the character of fake reality television president Tricky Dick for the entire time he inhabited the white house, that is if he truly lived there at all. After all, knowing what we do now folks, the white house is nothing more than a movie set.

In the West Wing, one can observe this phenomenon quite clearly, in that most of the political and social themes explored in the plots of the individual episodes served as actual psychological training manuals preparing the American public for the era of the post-911 milieu. Here, in this video example seen above, Martin Sheen aka Michael Rockefeller is in the midst of applying a severe tongue lashing to a group of lobbyists summoned to the white house for an audience with His American Highness Josiah Bartlet.

Here, the lobbyists in question are clearly being characterized as extreme religious right wing zealots. Obviously, this particular episode was solely designed to demonstrate the divide and conquer technique so often used by the ruling elite Jesuit families. After all, they are the ones who own the American media and television networks, and the Rockefeller family, no doubt on their behalf, possesses controlling interest.

To summarize, it can now be reported that by the early portion of the 21st century our mysterious man of many famous faces Michael Rockefeller had compiled quite an impressive resume, having served as the host actor for James Dean, Elvis Presley, Bruce Jenner, and popular television and Hollywood actor Martin Sheen cast in the role of television president Josiah Bartlet. Indeed, quite an impressive resume for a man allegedly eaten long ago by cannibals in New Guinea.

Are your heads spinning yet, folks?

Not to worry, because in part III of this installment, one shall reveal the discovery that our man Michael Rockefeller got a shot at playing president for real – well, real only to those who’ve not yet discovered the information available at Newsspellcom.org.

By the time of his death in 1979, one wonders if good old Nelson Rockefeller ever once demonstrated any shred of moral conscience concerning the fact that for over twenty years he had willingly chosen to prostitute his own dear son in the public eye to schlep whatever social or political agenda he happened to see fit.

Though not a gambling man, one wouldn’t bet their life savings on it, folks.

Stay tuned for the exciting conclusion in part III coming very soon!



19 thoughts on “The mysterious man of many famous faces (part II)

  1. i know about rockefellers who are sucessful in oil banking econony and many corporations but i never know that rockefellers are players in sports

    1. Rather than sniping at the messenger, it is rather at the ruling elite families such as the Rockefeller’s to whom one should chose to vent their ire. For it is they, the major stockholders of the Federal Reserve bank and the major media networks, who with their tax free foundations funding the careers of the professors teaching your children matriculating at the prestigious universities, it is they who have been indulging in the grand storytelling which has conditioned your perception of American history and your very perception of reality.

      1. And one harbors an intuition, at least in this case, there exists no body of empirical proof, now matter how well corroborated in contradicting the established political or social paradigm that can or will serve to persuade the incorrigible to turn away from the well entrenched perceptions with which they’ve been programmed and through assiduous research on one’s own dare to question over the course of an entire life. And yet, no doubt one shall continue to turn to mainstream sources of so-called news and swallow the absolute lies peddled as truth backed by nothing other than the dubious power of suggestion proffered by actors disguised as journalists. And at any rate, if one doesn’t like the program found here at Newsspellcom.org., one may merely feel compelled in changing the channel.

      2. How ironic you would antagonistically label the author a liar, when it is the ruling elite families owning the corporate networks most rely on for their sources of information have been lying to you for decades. As for the bio-metric information you seek, it does indeed exist, and one would encourage you to corroborate any such findings with your own analysis and research efforts. For, that is the true goal of this blog – to stimulate penetrative dialogue and to encourage individual thought and investigation. In that sense, the burden of proof lies with those that rule over you to prove they are indeed who they claim to be, and one can assure, in most if not all instances it is their sworn claims remaining most suspect.

      3. Again you don’t answer my questions. Where is the biometric proof you talk so much about. Show the methods you used to make your claims. Show the proof or stop making wild claims you can’t support. It’s that simple. Stop with your straw man arguments and show the proof. If you can’t do that than you are indeed a liar. Now, why do I get the feeling your response will have no verifiable proof and lots of reasons why you are being treating unfairly and called names? Show some proof or start labeling you articles what they really are, insane ramblings of a bored bad disinformation dude. Show some proof.

      4. (Avoiding answering the question + using uncommon vocabulary to appear authoritative as well as intelligent ) X Never offering Proof of their claims = DisInfo Agent or Storyteller or Liar. You can pick which one suits you best.

      5. Since you failed to get the message the first time, one shall attempt to spell it out for you. It is not the author’s responsibility to spoon feed anyone conclusions, merely through the raising of reasonable doubt to provoke vigorous discussion. On the other hand, your insistence on hoisting juvenile ad hominems one finds not only most distasteful but anathema. The sole purpose of Newsspellcom.org is to ultimately convey the idea one should never rely on any perceived authority, whether derived from an alternative or mainstream source to glean objective truth. The tools one needs to corroborate or discredit any claims discovered here are readily available, and one would encourage you to seek out those tools to conduct your own investigations and arrive at your own conclusions. Nevertheless, it should be stressed, should you discover through the course of your own investigation merely one instance or identification found here that can be affirmatively corroborated, then surely the authenticity of the history one finds written in the history books can be rendered inaccurate and ultimately held open to question.

  2. Fair play to the man, he’s a talented actor.

    They say actors sometimes channel spirits for a particular performance, would someone who acts multiple roles channel multiple spirits? Perhaps one for each character?

    1. The media sorcery involved has less to do with the metaphysical and more to do with manipulation of the legal system, pseudonyms, semantics and Hollywood production trickery to achieve the desired illusion. These are just some of the concepts utilized in perpetuating the actor based reality. It is most likely persons such as Michael Rockefeller are trained from the earliest age at the world’s finest performing arts schools in preparation for the roles he would be assigned to play.

      1. Christopher Reeves was also played by the British prime minister John Major.

      2. Considering the study of “history” and of the characters populating the pages of scholarly historical texts, the concept of what I’ve identified to be reality simulation, or the actor-based-reality, looms apparent.

  3. The fact that his height changes about 10cm for different characters is interesting. I had a feeling Donald Trump could be played by a much shorter actor and this shows that it is possible…

    1. The differences in height are most likely the result of camera lens distortion and other post-production compression effects. More details of how the various character illusions are pulled off will be examined in part III.

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