The mysterious man of many famous faces (part III)

In America, belief in the concept of individual freedom is an act of cruel self-deception, and Americans have a propensity for shrinking from dissent as if it were an odious cancer.

But, as Samuel Clemens once wrote, it is invariably easier to dupe the masses than it is to convince them they have been duped. Indeed, tell an American they aren’t free, and watch for the daggers drawn at one’s back.

How comical then, in a country owned by London’s Crown Temple, Chase Manhattan and truly governed by names and faces with which the masses shall never become familiar belonging to global decision makers never broadcast on television, Americans have a hard time conceiving of the idea the politicians for whom they cast votes are nothing more than well trained actors operating under pseudonyms.

For some, in fact for many, cognitive dissonance is a terrifying concept to contemplate.

The ability to discover, discern, and digest paradigm altering new information or ideas contradicting the philosophies, ideals, and what is believed to be one’s settled conception of reality, even in a digital age where information is readily accessible, remains paradoxically difficult for many to obtain and assimilate. Indeed, it is never easy to comprehend, and can be a most harrowing prospect to even consider but for a moment that for one’s entire life they’ve been systematically betrayed –  lied to by those in whom they’ve placed their complete and implicit trust.

Be that as it may folks, there can be no doubt one’s so-called political leaders have sold the masses defective goods and charged a kings ransom in retail price (taxes) to finance the prevailing system of commercial and unlawful but legal slavery. No doubt the ruling elites shall continue to shovel their pathological lies and will continue to do so for as long as they remain successful, and all to keep the masses invested in their criminal commercial monopoly. The actors for whom you’ve cast votes don’t care about you, much less about the death of republican democracy – assuming such a concept ever truly existed.

However, when one dares endeavor to deliver such a dire message to the public at large, and when one finds they are taking flack because of it, it implies the bombs of truth have indeed inflicted damage upon the intended target. One has most recently been accused of indulging in the art of disinformation, and that there exists no proof for one’s published findings. Within this baseless assertion exists the implication one is dispensing truth mixed with poisoned grains of prevarication. While the former is certainly factual, one has provided no cause or proof in demonstrating any tangible evidence of dispensing the latter.

But, only the truly desperate and pathetic liar determined to discredit those attempting to discern the absolute truth will be found grasping at such proverbial straws.

On the other hand, such an accusation is understandable, in that no one wants to contemplate everything they’ve been conditioned to believe may be an illusion. It has become self-evident that for the masses of acutely fearful, the effort necessary in determining those tenets which have been established as gospel truths, those sacred pillars upon which are based the guiding principles of their very lives and national identity could ever possibly be revealed for what they truly are – an elaborate canard – is truly too arduous or even perilous an endeavor to undertake.

Nevertheless, one shall proceed despite having to suffer the petty slings and arrows wielded by those pusillanimous few lacking genuine names and conspicuous faces, who shall never, regardless of the verifiable facts presented, summon the requisite fortitude in sacrificing the comforting sweetness of lies for the bitterness of truth.

To perhaps better understand the true nature of our mysterious man of many famous faces, Michael Rockefeller, one must first examine his famous father, Nelson.

Consulting various biographical and written accounts of Nelson A. Rockefeller – some of them composed as obvious hagiographies – one was immediately struck with this man’s seemingly monomaniacal yearning to not only dominate the public spotlight, but to one day obtain, by seemingly any means necessary, the presidency of the United States.

Although Nelson had erected a political beachhead at the governor’s mansion in New York from which to launch a conquering assault on the white house, his nationwide image among the voting public was not viewed with estimable esteem.

In examining Nelson’s various biographies, it is fair to say, despite whatever shortcomings befell his political image, that early on during his Napoleonic campaign to dominate the American electoral system, Nelson’s quixotic quest met with good fortune, in that he became acutely aware there existed no constitutional tenet regarding electoral American politics the vast financial sums bequeathed to him through family heritage couldn’t circumvent. In essence, by dipping into his family’s bottomless pit of funds, Nelson was prepared to perform an end run around the American political system.

Despite possessing obvious financial advantages and entitlements, Nelson knew this wasn’t going to be easy, unless he was able to skillfully utilize others loyal to his cause. Nelson knew he was going to need help, and those recruited into Rockefeller’s inner circle were used as key political chess pieces.

Since Nelson was not a stupid man, and well aware of his negative perception outside of conservative east coast elite political circles dominated by the interests of merchant bankers and industrial titans during the beginning of the post-war era, he opted to create and finance two such chess pieces operating as Rockefeller family proxies out in California.

In the grand scheme of American political history for Nelson, this proved to be a stroke of political genius.

Since Americans have been conditioned to look more favorably upon those political candidates for higher office accompanied by a heart tugging rags to riches backstory rather than those born into the world clutching the silver spoon of aristocratic heritage, Nelson found he had to resort to Machiavellian tactics in order to one day achieve his goal. He was also keenly aware, in the true tradition of high wire Machiavellian political maneuvering, that in order to synthesize complete control of the American political system, one had to first gain control of both sides of the American political dialectic of left and right, and wrest complete control of the mainstream corporate media without appearing to have done so. This was the ultimate purpose of the Rockefeller funded CIA, and Operation Mockingbird. Nelson was also keenly aware the success of such clandestine maneuvering required the patience of Job. While his son Michael was pretending to be dead and secretly posing behind famous pseudonyms and learning the art of becoming a famous public figure, Nelson was in the meantime content to possess two valuable assets in the characters of Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan, both of whom would prove most useful in helping him weave his Machiavellian plan.

Loyal readers have learned that these ruling elite families, in addition to planning decades ahead in bringing their grand schemes to fruition, often promote from within, as it were, and with major financial controlling interests not only in the American political system but Hollywood, it becomes clear Nelson foresaw the eventual emergence of his son Michael onto the American political stage.

In retrospect, it seems Nelson realized should his own personal and clandestine ambitions to capture the throne of the American presidency go awry, the continuing development of Michael operating in clever disguise as a popular entertainment figure while under the white hot glare of the American public would not only serve as a preparatory training ground, but would also provide the powerful merchant banking family additional sources of commercial profit and a clever political contingency in future.

In that sense, come what may, the house of Rockefeller would remain in control of the pinnacle of American power.

Though it may be difficult for the proletariat, preoccupied with the daily struggle for survival to ever conceive of the farseeing method of operation described, recognizing it’s grand utility in terms of the macro scale of financial, social and political world stage management proves nonetheless key in grasping a true understanding of the ruling elite psyche.

Operating under various famous pseudonyms amid the bright glare of the mass public eye while the host actor was publicized to have died in the jungle wastes of New Guinea would prove an effective trial by fire for one Michael Rockefeller, who perhaps while doing so remained hypothetically unaware of the grand plans the family patriarch had assiduously laid out for him.

When viewing these pair of videos, one will notice the facial similarities between father and son as well the similarities in mannerisms and tone of speech. In the second example featuring Michael Rockefeller AKA Martin Sheen, Sheen is asked about Elvis Presley. One is reminded of a similar ironic moment when after the ‘death’ of pop star David Bowie, Bowie’s host actor, in the guise of obscure music industry figure Jack Stevens, essentially delivers his own eulogy on live British television (See: Actors in history’s grand stage play part III).

In 1968, after Michael’s father Nelson maneuvered Richard Nixon into the white house, and with the Rockefeller’s ongoing efforts to open new profitable commercial markets in Southeast Asia under the guise of the ‘Vietnam war’ coming along splendidly, Nelson found himself favorably positioned to bring his grand plan to fruition. Before Nelson’s domestic ambition to ascend to the white house could finally be realized however, negotiations would have to be undertaken with his high level Freemason counterpart on the Chinese mainland, Chou en lai, concerning the terms and conditions of an iron clad agreement as to how the profits from corporate consolidation of the heroin, off shore oil, rubber and human labor resources should be unlawfully but legally divided among all parties. The so-called Paris peace talks starring jet set Heinz Kissinger served as a more than serviceable public smokescreen.

Shortly thereafter, a rather curious event causing a minor media splash occurred during Nixon’s first term in presidential office, just three years before the scripted Watergate scandal began to become heavily promoted by the Rockefeller and CIA/Mockingbird controlled American media – a white house visit by none other than the king of rock and roll AKA Michael Rockefeller. Predictably, the event was turned into a media circus, complete with details of Presley’s bizarre attire and appearance.


Through a letter delivered via his bodyguards to the president’s personal assistant Bud Krough on December 21, 1970 (date of the winter solstice and 777 angelic transformation), Nixon was told Presley was requesting to meet with him regarding what the entertainer had personally identified as negative social and political elements in America – the hippies, drug culture, and the Black Panthers. The letter further explained Presley was keenly interested in helping the US government as an official drug enforcement agent. It has also been documented Presley presented a loaded Colt 45 caliber pistol to Nixon as a ‘gift’.

Really folks?

Even considering Presley’s status as an iconic American entertainer, and even long before the establishment of America’s ‘war on terror’, it is doubtful Nixon’s secret service detail would have allowed such an egregious breach of white house security protocols.

The entire account smacks of Hollywood satire, but upon further examination, what may have been the true purpose of this highly irregular circumstance takes on a hidden meaning. Referring to earlier installments, all of those elements referred to by Presley in his letter to the president were psychological operations begun and managed by CIA, an organization funded by and closely related to Rockefeller commercial interests. Could it have been Michael Rockefeller, under the cover of his portrayal as entertainer Elvis Presley arrived to deliver an important message from his father, Nelson – perhaps to inform Nixon’s host actor Warren Beatty concerning his role in the upcoming Watergate scandal event?

Could it be folks, this is how history is scripted in plain sight of the public?

With Nixon’s landslide victory in ’72 all but assured by the Rockefeller political machine, it is clear in retrospect Nelson’s plan in scripting the Watergate scandal was so that he could easily step into the vice presidential slot vacated by the new sworn chief executive Gerry Ford. With his health by now in incremental but steady decline, it wasn’t long before Nelson would go for the jugular with yet another psychological operation in a bold move to bamboozle the public, circumvent the electoral process, and step into the presidential seat without suffering the indignity of a long campaign slog. So it was that would-be assassin(s) Sarah Jane Moore and Lynette Fromme (a character whose host actor also starred as one of the Manson girls) starred in back to back staged assassination attempts on the newly sworn president in Sacramento, California with – wait for it folks – a 45 caliber pistol. It should also be noted that the governor of California during the execution of these psychological operations was none other than Rockefeller puppet and former Hollywood B movie star Ronald Reagan.

By the time Nelson had maneuvered all the necessary pieces in place to pull off his presidential coup, the simultaneous convergence of declining health, accompanied by the consolation a succession of Rockefeller puppets (Carter, Reagan, Bush and Clinton) could serve in his stead, perhaps finally convinced him the ambitious dream of serving as symbolic American dictator could – although no doubt with some regret – willingly be sacrificed.

After more than two decades in the public spotlight, Nelson quickly succumbed to ill-health and passed away in 1979, right around the same time the plug was pulled on Michael’s iconic character Elvis Presley. With the Rockefeller family possessing controlling interest in Presley’s record label, RCA, those that served the family firm knew that nothing becomes more commercially profitable in the music industry than the tragic death of an iconic rock star. Sure enough folks, it has often been documented the lucrative commercial franchise springing up after Elvis’s ‘death’, has yielded more profits than for the entire span of years the legendary character was still ‘living’ and in the public eye.

The story of Nelson Rockefeller is instructive. For, here was a man who by virtue of fortunate primogeniture and the subversion of the economic and commercial system created by his genealogical forbears, was able not only through the will to power to craft his own destiny and create history, but control how it would be perceived by remote posterity.

The grand illusion

Surely, Nelson would be proud to have seen his contingency plan for the US presidency come to fruition. First however, one feels it is necessary to point out regarding many of the iconic historical characters, entertainers, high-level politicians, and Hollywood celebrities examined in the past, there oftentimes exists more than one, and in some cases several host actors cast in each role.

The switching out of host actors is part of the process in maintaining the character illusion, and also aids in keeping the identity of the primary host actor clandestine. This has been done with the character of Hillary Clinton, with host actors Shirley Jones and Annette Bening at various times switching out whenever expedience dictated.

With the rapid developments in digital technology, three dimensional real time and post-production computer graphics modeling, and great advancements in voice synthesis software, the art of maintaining the media sorcerer’s grand illusion of the actor based reality has greatly advanced by leaps and bounds since the era of Nelson Rockefeller, tools which have greatly facilitated the public success of various host actors in their dramatic portrayals of the character known to Americans as former reality show host, real estate mogul and current US president Donald Trump. It can now be reported that the latest host actor cast in this role is none other than the son of the late Nelson Rockefeller, Michael AKA Martin Sheen. It should also be noted that yet another Rockefeller sibling, Mark, son of the late David Rockefeller, is currently starring overseas, serving as host actor in his scripted portrayal of Syrian president Bashar Assad.

Yes folks, the perception of the world foisted upon you by the media sorcerers is in fact a stage filled with actors. But one should be duly advised before daring to point this fact out publicly to anyone on the blog sphere, because you just might find yourself gang stalked, both on the street and on the internet by Homeland Security and their robot minions populating the local masonic blue lodges.

As for me, I shall remain undaunted in revealing the truth.



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  1. Thanks for the good work you are doing. I’m sorry to hear you are being harassed but i trust things will work out okay soon

    1. The harassment doesn’t concern me, I merely wanted to warn others who may want to investigate these topics and publish their findings. Thanks for your continued interest and support.

    1. Yes, thanks for graciously taking the time in checking out the information. Despite my somewhat prejudicial distaste for the ruling elites, I found Nelson Rockefeller to be quite a fascinating man.

  2. After reading your fascinating 3 part article I was left considering something Gore Vidal once said… Vidal moved in many political circles, he was the grandson of Senator Gore, knew Kennedy, Eleanor Roseveldt and explored political movers and shakers like Tammany Hall… Vidal said… ‘You do not really know the rich of this world, because the truly rich are rich enough to make themselves invisible’. This is entirely in accordance with your article! Best Paul

    1. Indeed, although born into elite circles, Vidal was one of America’s foremost iconoclasts and made many such comments during the course of his life, Since his death, American political and intellectual discourse has never been the same, and certainly this fascinating man deserves an installment of his own.

      1. I am sure you will do him justice! He’s one of my favourite authors and thinkers! Best Paul

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