So, you think the mainstream news is legitimately telling you the truth?

Do you really think your favorite news anchor is reporting what’s really happening in the real world, or are the majority of all major news stories completely contrived?

The answer may shock you!

The corporate news exists for two primary reasons.

One – to make a profit and sell advertising time. Thus, the corporate television board of directors and their CEO have a fiduciary responsibility to create content that generates ratings and most importantly, generates a profit for the stockholders.

Two – the corporate mainstream news exists not to inform you of the truth. Rather, their created content is a theatrical charade designed to not only keep the public watching by securing their emotional investment, but to also shape mass perceptions and modify the public’s behavioral reactions and emotional responses.

In the latter sense, modern news anchors in the post-modern age are not reporters or journalists, rather they are the witches, warlocks and sorcerers of old, handmaidens to the rich and powerful. Rather than boiling cauldrons, wands, and medieval incantations, theirs are the tools of psychological operations, utilizing the ancient art of numerology, in effective combination with primary color codes, and sinister neural-linguistic programming. In essence, when one endeavors to consume the mainstream news in televised form, they become susceptible to a spell, the spell of black magic!