The Final Words of Walt Disney

Disney has become a brand name synonymous with the perception of family friendly and wholesome entertainment.

But does this wholesome image conceal a darker reality?

Is it merely coincidental the brand name of Disney reached public prominence during the identical era when social scientists like the renowned Edward Bernays were perfecting the post-modern concepts of marketing, advertising and branding that have grown to become so familiar to common vernacular?

During his lifetime, the founder of Disney corporation was a man not unfamiliar with the concept of deception; a man not unfamiliar with the concept of the actor-based-reality.

Though he may have become renowned for steering the development of groundbreaking innovations in the artistic field of animation and the construction of an iconic American theme park, Disney was also a man of many faces; an actor who portrayed the role of not just one historically influential character, but a man who played out the well-documented adventures of many lives during the span of merely one.

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But many are unaware there exists a fascinating anecdote concerning the man known as Walt Disney.

At the time of his death in 1966, it is said Walt Disney scrawled two words on a single piece of paper that, to this day, are counted as the final words of one of the twentieth century’s most influential and famous men: “Kurt Russell.” Continue reading “The Final Words of Walt Disney”

Freemasons Sell Nipsey’s Hustle To America

Freemasons Sell Nipsey’s Hustle To America

Once again, I would like to express my genuine gratitude to all the most recent followers and to all loyal readers who continue to visit Newsspell from around the globe.

By now, everyone has weighed in on the latest psychological operation sold to the public by the MSM involving the “late” music and entertainment figure “Nipsey Hussle.”

Perhaps it is more accurate to say, one has recently noticed a newly arrived batch of earnest YouTubers belonging to the targeted racial and socio-economic demographic of the “Nipsey Hussle” psychological operation who, while gaslighting the public with varying degrees of conspiratorial disinformation, demonstrate a single- minded capacity to indulge in outright emotionally driven absurdities.

The most prevalent disinformation being peddled – mirroring the sort of hackneyed conspiracies of “multiple shooters” that cropped up in the wake of the “JFK assassination” hoax – appears to seed the impression in the targeted audience’s collective consciousness the victim’s death came about as the direct result of a conspiratorial murder plot orchestrated and executed under the direction and with the tacit consent of the US government.

The latter part is at least correct, just not in the manner so expressed.

But every disinformation campaign must be centered by a locus of truth.

The former idea however – that there were actual deaths – is verifiably false.

Nevertheless, such media spinning is necessary and essential for the official narrative promulgated by the MSM and those carefully selected hosts of YouTubers posing as alternative news researchers to retain any semblance of psychologically destructive potency.

Surely, those who frequently visit have noticed the obvious masonic coding and symbolism associated with this event. What seemingly no one has addressed is the “late” artist’s association with two other famous entertainers/Freemasons, Snoop Dogg, Jay-Z and Roc Nation Productions.

These represent overlooked connections which, when explored further, reaped immediate and rather unexpected revelations.

Perhaps just as remarkably, there may be evidence there are those among the general public, who, while normally predisposed to unquestioningly regurgitating as “fact” any widely disseminated narrative fed to them through the corporately-owned conduits of the MSM are now, perhaps for the first time, beginning to demonstrate doubts as to the validity of the MSM’s widely promoted “news” narratives.

While that may be encouraging, there is also evidence many well-intentioned alternative news researchers have missed the true symbolic/occult gist of this event.

Many more – disappointingly – seem intent on simply spinning their own embellishments of the prevailing MSM narrative.

All of this disinformation and narrative spinning on the part of both the MSM and most alternative media researchers is designed to keep public perceptions within the firm parameters of only entertaining there were actual deaths when, in fact, what occurred was yet another theatrically designed psychological operation, performed and coordinated by the cooperative efforts of the masonic police guilds, the MSM, Hollywood, and the music entertainment industry, all of whom were aided and abetted by high-ranking freemason intelligence agents.

In truth folks, the exoteric superficialities of the mainstream narrative were once again used to conceal deeply occulted symbolism. But those among the highest ranks of the freemasonic order are prone to arrogantly assume the general public will always interpret the public display of their symbolic death rituals as genuine news events.

As for Nipsey Hussle’s alleged assailant, 29 year-old (2=9=11/masonic pillars/2X9=18/666/2 9’s/2 6’s occult mirrored reversal/12/21/777 intelligence joker code) “Eric Holder” (sums in English Ordinal gematria to 97 and reduces to 7/Kabbalah Zayin, the mind weapon/9X7=/63/6=3=9/6/33/high-degree Scottish Rite Freemasonry/6X3=18/666//97 sums to 173 in Reverse Ordinal and 56 Reverse Full Reduction/11/twin masonic pillars of Boaz and Jachin/7X11=77/twin lightning charges of Lucifer/angelic transformation), his suicided 13 year-old brother (13/summit of the masonic pyramid) and two cousins (twin masonic pillars of Boaz and Jachin) allegedly murdered by vengeful “gang” associates of the deceased, it turns out, all of them were active and willing participants in a masonic death charade and are closely related to rap music superstar Snoop Dogg.

The man identified as “Nipsey Hussle,” the martyred music star, was also a symbolic but active participant; a character scripted for a masonic death and rebirth ritual portrayed by a host actor who, until as recently as 2016, was also known as a “highly controversial” professional athlete.

Yes folks, the story of “Nipsey Hussle” represents one very deep rabbit hole.   Continue reading “Freemasons Sell Nipsey’s Hustle To America”

The Hollywood “Duke” Goes To Washington

The Hollywood “Duke” Goes To Washington

Though the subject of this installment isn’t what loyal readers were expecting or hoping to see, rest assured, a Newsspell exclusive concerning the Nipsey Hussle event – with an angle no other alternative news source has explored – will be published very soon.

And while remembering patience is a virtue folks, you won’t want to miss this!

Meanwhile however, is there anyone out there who still doesn’t believe most of the politicians “elected” as either representatives, senators and even presidents aren’t actors?

Before addressing the definitive answer to that question, consider that the US government is a corporation; its primary business and fiduciary responsibility is to serve the commercial interests of its major stockholders, the thirteen, ruling elite Jesuit families. The government’s profit is drawn from the collection of taxes, and the employment of experienced actors has become the most surefire method to ensure the public is perpetually convinced greater tax expenditures are always necessary to solve “problems” that are routinely manufactured solely for the sake of monetary exploitation.

Most likely, a number of one’s loyal readers may not be familiar with the former American congressional Speaker of the House of Representatives from the state of Massachusetts, “Tip O’Neill”.

Nevertheless, the story of his long career as a political actor in the nation’s capitol is remarkable, because Mister O’Neill’s character is yet another pertinent example of the actor-based-reality.

Turns out, Mister “O’Neill” was portrayed by one of Hollywood’s most legendary screen actors.

Not only that folks, but the current governor of Massachusetts, Charlie Baker, is also a character fabrication, and portrayed by a former high-profile television late-night talk show host who is also a well-known and award-winning Hollywood movie director. Continue reading “The Hollywood “Duke” Goes To Washington”

Is CNN’s Brian Stelter A Royal Jester?

Is CNN’s Brian Stelter A Royal Jester?

Whether employed by ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC, RT or in this case CNN, corporate television’s teleprompter reading spell casters are often not who they claim to be.

Their genuine identities – like those of politicians, celebrities, and Hollywood personalities – are hidden behind carefully chosen pseudonyms.

CNN’s Brain Stelter happens to be no exception.

In truth, CNN’s popular news personality is not who he claims.

In fact, beneath Stelter’s layered disguises, consisting of CGI masking and latex stippling, lies a familiar host actor belonging to European royal genealogy.

In fact, the hidden family of CNN’s news personality Brain Stelter has figured prominently in past investigations, a clear indication that the royal families of Europe are not only heavily invested in fully consolidating their global order of corporate-feudalist affairs, but have actively employed the services of various family members posed as Hollywood celebrities, and entertainment and media personalities to ensure their ultimate success.

Regarding the host actor of CNN’s Stelter, not only does he have a genealogical connection to one of Western Europe’s most ancient royal family bloodlines, but to Space X and their CGI created space opera fantasies. Continue reading “Is CNN’s Brian Stelter A Royal Jester?”

An American Idol becomes Sandy Hook Hero?

An American Idol becomes Sandy Hook Hero?

Though the very title of this installment will no doubt raise the hackles of those numbered among the majority who have sacrificed their free will to think critically to the ghastly pandemic of political correctness, nevertheless, we shall once again dare to wander into that forbidden wilderness where very few still dare to tread.

Remember Sandy Hook’s Caitlyn Roig?

To remind everyone, she was the elementary school teacher who, upon hearing what sounded like gun shots, allegedly shepherded 15 (6/33/high-degree Scottish Rite Freemasonry) of her Sandy Hook elementary students into the classroom closet on December 14, 2012 (777 intelligence joker code/33/high-degree Scottish Rite Freemasonry).

But Caitlyn’s identity is a pseudonym, a pseudonym for a well-renowned country-music performer, who after appearing on American Idol, was inducted into the music industry’s prestigious “Grand Ole Opry”. But it turns out folks, even the name of that renowned star is a veil, concealing the genuine identity of her host actor.

Stay tuned, and you shall soon learn the actor who portrayed both characters was, likely without surprise, a fast-tracked and well-favored Hollywood child star whose famous sibling was also a child star and connected to Disney’s Mouseketeers.

But first, a recap and subsequent analysis of a recent article published by that bastion of fine mainstream journalism called the New York Post. Continue reading “An American Idol becomes Sandy Hook Hero?”