The Unmasking Of Yet Another Monkey Part II

The Unmasking Of Yet Another Monkey Part II

The sports network of ESPN has some explaining to do.

And why?

Because Dan Patrick, one of their biggest, if not most popular radio stars is a key participant in the actor based reality, and he is most likely, a sworn member of the Jesuit order of the Knights Templar.

As a form of cruel mockery, the minion scribes of the ruling elites enjoy placing the secrets of their masters completely in plain sight, leaving them thoroughly unveiled. Once again, such is the case here, to the degree that one can almost detect the blatant calculation. There can also be little doubt, they are delighted no one has bothered to notice.

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The Unmasking Of Yet Another Monkey

It seems one of pop music’s most iconic groups has been responsible for spawning a number of actors who went on to portray the roles of some of the entertainment industry’s most renowned stars.

This installment shall offer a detailed analysis of the career of yet another child actor born in to a show business family, and who from the earliest age, was swept up and became accustomed to the lifestyle of the Hollywood milieu.

Turns out, the former Monkey, Mickey Dolenz, has performed as the host actor behind more than one recognizable star throughout his long and award-winning career in the entertainment industry.
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The Champ Who Transitioned Into A Congresswoman

The ideological thrust of the UN’s Agenda 21 into the West has now become readily transparent.

Both the media exploitation of the trans-gender community and the psychotic propaganda of “toxic masculinity” constitute a massive veil thrown up by the high-level criminals belonging to the thirteen, ruling elite Jesuit families, who while hiding in the shadows behind the publicly displayed government reported to have been recently ‘shut down’, remain in firm control of the US corporation.

Clearly, the ruling elites have targeted groups perceived to have been historically exploited such as women, LGBTQ, and African-Americans, and through strategically planned psychological operations augmented by repetitive propaganda campaigns, have united these groups and posed them in hostile opposition in helping to psychologically subdue the one group capable of strategically organizing some measure of resistance against the prevailing tyranny: middle and working class white males, a certain percentage of whom possess licensed and perhaps even unlicensed weaponry.

These agendas constitute gaslighting conversion schemes to blindfold the masses, to keep them from ever discovering the post-modern phenomenon of the actor based reality and, of course, to prevent those the thirteen families collectively rule over from ever coming to the conclusion the presence of their tax farm/global protection/extortion rackets called governments are criminal pyramid operations and ultimately unnecessary and thoroughly superfluous.

Utilizing a full array of puppet celebrities, media personalities, politicians, and those merely famous for being famous, the thirteen families have successfully, via proxy, been able to direct and manipulate the economic, political, and socio-cultural energy of the US corporation.

However, the ruling elites do have a funny penchant of placing truth in the mouths of their chosen puppets:

“Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I’m not sure about the former.” (Albert Einstein)

Agitating divisiveness between races, genders, and social and economic demographics not only keep the masses fighting against each other rather than their true enemies, but significantly bolsters the profitability of the ruling elite’s globally organized commercial trade markets.

This installment shall feature one such puppet who, in the 1960’s, began his career as a heavyweight boxing champion by defeating the same opponent who was instructed to take a dive to the canvas – twice.

A few years later though, this same “champion” of the boxing ring transitioned into a congresswoman who testified at the absurd clown circus known as the Watergate hearings in the early 1970’s.  Continue reading “The Champ Who Transitioned Into A Congresswoman”

A Trip Down Memory Lane: Lorena Bobbit

A Trip Down Memory Lane: Lorena Bobbit

This news story is an excellent example of the actor based reality used to propel what in retrospect, represented a not so subtle attempt at public denigration of the male sex.

On it’s face, the Lorena Bobbit story was beyond ridiculous in the extreme.

Nonetheless, the manufactured human drama of the Lorena Bobbit story managed to capture the attention of the masses, and sucked them headlong into yet another manufactured vortex of psychological warfare perpetrated by the MSM.

Once again though, and after much arduous examination, yet another legend of the music and Hollywood entertainment industries was discovered to have portrayed the starring role.

Her name is known to millions and shall very soon be revealed.

Though well-disguised in the role of Lorena Bobbit with dark hair dye, a doe-eyed stare and an Hispanic accent, the character’s host actor was eventually spotted without much difficulty. Continue reading “A Trip Down Memory Lane: Lorena Bobbit”

George Lucas and his Death Star Deception

George Lucas and his Death Star Deception

It just so happens, that a prominent actor examined in a recent installment, shall now figure prominently once again. There is ample evidence to adequately demonstrate, this particular actor not only portrays an iconic music legend, but he is also the host actor behind the mask of one of Hollywood’s most revered and respected movie directors.

Don’t be so shocked though, folks.

As many loyal readers have discovered by now, the major players participating in the post-modern phenomenon of the actor based reality are concentrated among a handful of families, many of whom are also genealogically related to the thirteen, ruling elite Jesuit families.

Heralded as one of Hollywood’s most esteemed film directors and producers, George Lucas certainly shall not require any extensive introduction. The devil however, as it were, is always found in the details, and in the case of the sparkling resume and biography of George Lucas, numerological and symbolic markers abound.

Turns out, the father of the actor posed to the general public as Hollywood director George Lucas, was also a movie director, producer, and a former US vice president (See: The Voice of a Misled Generation). Continue reading “George Lucas and his Death Star Deception”

When Hollywood Halle became Michelle

When Hollywood Halle became Michelle

The actor based reality is indeed, all-pervasive. The character narrative of Michelle Obama continues to be a well-scripted screen play. But once again, the American public has been bamboozled into emotionally investing into yet another mythical, holographic construct they’ve mistaken for a flesh and blood icon.

With this installment, beyond merely identifying the host actor behind the myth, one shall endeavor to examine and speculate upon the grand implications of the phenomenon of the actor based reality, and what meaning its continued perpetuation may hold for the future of humanity.

The dawn of the new millennium brought with it the explosion of the commercial availability of digital technology.

The ensuing assault upon mankind’s cognitive perceptions has debilitated and distorted his ability to accurately discern objective reality and forced him – both collectively and individually – to go kicking and screaming into the dark maw of post-modern perceptual and cognitive relativism, and even dissonance.

One would submit, the existence of the character of Michelle Obama, stands as not only case in point, but a prime outcome of the philosophical solipsism underlying the forward thrust of this newly arrived post-modern era. Continue reading “When Hollywood Halle became Michelle”