NASA scam is taxpayer black hole (Part IX)

NASA scam is taxpayer black hole (Part IX)

Did one enjoy the recent eclipse?

Most likely, no one thought to question why suddenly this event was hyped by the media sorcerers. Neither did most seem to notice, this celestial event differed from those in the past in significant ways. For one, the greater frequency of chemical trails blanketing the skies prior to the event. For another, the sudden exponential explosion of atmospheric testing performed prior to the event at a secret NASA facility in Mississippi. In addition, all of the water evaporation towers running from West to Southeast United States were activated working in conjunction with a NASA WSAC (wet surface air cooler, or cloud making technology) facility hidden in the remote hinterlands of Mississippi. These events, corresponding with the coming eclipse so heralded and hyped by the media sorcerers were not, one believes, a mere coincidence.

Could it be, as usual, the historic space agency had something to hide?

The following empirical evidence seems to indicate this is not surprisingly so. Continue reading “NASA scam is taxpayer black hole (Part IX)”

Actors in history’s grand stage play (Part VII)

Actors in history’s grand stage play (Part VII)

The tragic Charles Manson family murders came to signify a cultural signpost that ultimately defined the American 1960’s. It has been both written and said the gruesome murders marked the end of an historical era best remembered as one of peace, love, and revolutionary social and cultural change.

But, what if the historians are wrong? Does that which is recorded in the history books even reflect an accurate portrayal?

Or, as such in depth examinations performed here at have revealed, were the Manson Family murders merely a theatrical stage play presented to the public in the form of an actual historical event?

The answers to those pertinent queries may both shock and dismay. For, it turns out a former US president present in the White House during 9/11 and the infamous character known as Charles Manson may have more in common than one ever realized! Continue reading “Actors in history’s grand stage play (Part VII)”

American Camelot: The Kennedy’s mythical dynasty (part II)

The illusion created by the media sorcerers is unraveling.

In previous installments the subject of Rothschild corporate monopoly interests creating fictitious off-shoot family bloodlines to increase family profits was outlined.

That theme shall prove prominent once again.

Right now, actors are operating under pseudonyms posed as ‘elected’ politicians in American federal, state, and local governments. So it is with the mythical characters one recalls encountering in the American public school history books. American history, as seen in historical news reels does not reflect reality but exists as a cinematic production, created just like a Hollywood movie, complete with scripts, actors, and producers.

One would never think to entertain the idea an historical figure like Ted Edward Kennedy was merely a character created for the purposes of mythical posterity.

And yet, one finds that is precisely so.

Therefore, one’s deconstruction of perhaps America’s most legendary family dynasty continues.

Warning: The following may cause one to alter their perceptions of reality.  Continue reading “American Camelot: The Kennedy’s mythical dynasty (part II)”

9/11: Terror’s symbolic black magic ritual (part II)

September 11, 2001 still looms large in the American memory.

The mainstream media sorcerers shall continue to do everything possible to make certain that memory is not only reinforced, but that the official government and mainstream conspiracy theory of what happened on that fateful day remain permanently seared into America’s collective consciousness. Many may be wondering, how it is the subject of black magic relates to what is still perceived by a majority of the American public to have been a terrorist attack.

If one can, one must learn to reject the social conditioning of Hollywood’s Harry Potter styled populist mysticism.

In truth, black magic is the psychological manipulation and social and political management of collective human energies. On 9/11, the American public was spellbound through media repetition and the grand power of suggestion.

By all indications, the spell has still not yet worn off.

That is why, still to this day, millions cannot entertain the notion what was demonstrated via the mainstream media sorcerers on September 11, 2001, represented not a ‘terror’ attack but in truth the combined controlled demolitions of New York’s Twin Towers and Building number seven.

Or, was it?   Continue reading “9/11: Terror’s symbolic black magic ritual (part II)”

American Camelot: the Kennedy’s mythical dynasty (part 1)

The Kennedy myth still looms large in the American psyche.

Images of Camelot, seeded from the Technicolor and black and white cinematic mists of the past, have since manifested into mythical and yet indelible panoramas in the American memory. In the case of establishing the Kennedy myth, the American media sorcerers wove an intricate and captive web of mythical magic that has held America spellbound for well over half a century.

Now, here at, one attempts to break the spell.

Although, the media sorcerers did their work well, there was little room for failure. It has often been said, the more colossal the lie, the more prone people are to believe it.

In the case of the Kennedy Camelot myth, the monstrous lie has managed to conceal an even greater truth, a truth that may shock one to the very core.

Stay tuned, for the revelation of the truth, though never comfortable, just may liberate one from that monstrous web of unconscionable lies known as American history.

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9/11: terror’s symbolic black magic ritual (Part 1)

9/11: terror’s symbolic black magic ritual (Part 1)

When one chooses to entitle the substance of an article with the rather esoteric description of ‘black magic’, one risks fostering perceptions other than what may have been intended. What one may find conjured in the minds of the general public, at least in America, when confronted with the terms black magic, is most likely an image of the fictional Harry Potter, waving a wand accompanied by the reciting of some indecipherable incantation. However, given that everything in this world one perceives through the prism of television represents not solid reality but an illusion, or tricks of light and sound, the terms ‘black magic’ seem therefore appropriate.

Though one may not find fault with the majority of those unfamiliar with contemplating the esoteric, what was witnessed on September 11, 2001, was neither a terrorist attack, nor merely the controlled demolition of three or more buildings.

Rather, what occurred on that fateful day was something of much deeper significance, a message sent to the masses as to just what it was their elite bettors were doing to them and what it was they planned to do in future.

Stay tuned folks, for, what follows is nothing short of an attempt at explaining the true esoteric significance of September 11, 2001. Continue reading “9/11: terror’s symbolic black magic ritual (Part 1)”



It wasn’t so long ago, HIV, the alleged cause of AIDS, or auto-immune deficiency syndrome, threatened to become mankind’s most lethal scourge since the black plague of the medieval historical period. In truth, the only virus being spread, was one of fear and hysteria.

But, as has so often been detailed here, fear is the elites most lethal weapon, and its most profitable.

HIV did not cause AIDS.

Like Sandy Hook, the Boston bombing, Aurora and Columbine, HIV was a psychological operation, a boogeyman created to scare the masses, a concocted fraud bent on public manipulation.  Continue reading “HIV HOAX: HYSTERIA’S TRILLION DOLLAR VIRUS”

NASA scam is taxpayer black hole (Part VIII)

If NASA is faking space missions, how could they get away with such a colossal lie? And, if they are not spending it on space missions and science, where does all their money go?

Those are the questions one often hears posed here at

Presently, one shall attempt to address them.

In beginning to address the first, one should ask oneself: In the final analysis, which party is more culpable in terms of moral depravity? Is it NASA, casting spells through the television’s dream machine, using the power of suggestion to invert fantasy and objective reality? Or, is it the hundreds of millions who were told in public school a man landed on the moon, and with imaginations thoroughly stimulated, having bought and emotionally invested in the lie, propagated it through repetition? Knowing the masses are largely spelled by and in thrall to their considerable powers of magic suggestion, NASA doesn’t feel it necessary to hide away their lies under lock and key in some top secret underground vault.

And why?

Because, their lies are kept safe by the masses who believe them-and shall undoubtedly continue to do so. Until, that is, someone in a position of authority provides a social cue that it is okay to question NASA’s dubious scientific validity. Perhaps, the masses at large are waiting for the return of Jesus from heaven, or Superman from Krypton to magically expunge the lies from their infantile minds and finally spoon feed them the truth.

That is how NASA gets away propagating such a colossal lie with impunity-because the emotionally invested masses believe it and shall summarily attack anyone with vicious fury who fails to believe it, or even worse, identifies the lie and dares to destroy the illusion with the truth.

Face it folks, the masses don’t like the truth, because lies are simply more sexy.

As for addressing the second question, involving NASA’s money, one believes NASA is nothing more than a low end movie production house, through which is laundered billions in windfall profits collected from the global narcotics trade. For those who may scoff or perhaps may not understand the nature of how such a massive criminal enterprise would function in plain sight-please, read on!   Continue reading “NASA scam is taxpayer black hole (Part VIII)”

Actors in history’s grand stage play (part VI)

In the wake of the JFK assassination, would soon arrive the seemingly perfect anecdote for America’s malaise. In 1964, four charismatic lads allegedly hailing from a dank and gray overcast port called Liverpool, appeared on the popular Ed Sullivan show and proceeded, armed with rough hewed guitars and sunny melodies, to pluck euphoria from the oak strong grip of sorrow, holding captive America’s hearts as well as their imaginations.

However, after more than sixty years since that eventful night on American television, cracks are starting to appear in the media sorcerer’s wall of spells.

And now, it is time to tear the wall completely down.  Continue reading “Actors in history’s grand stage play (part VI)”