How Crown Temple rules America (part III)

How Crown Temple rules America      (part III)

One lives through the hectic nature of their individual life never considering how the past, even the distant past, has such an indelible effect upon the present. But, in this case, the past represents tragic, even fatal prologue. Truly, what one has been taught regarding US history represents academic presentation of mere surface, leaving layers of great depth beneath shockingly untouched. Most, academics and the masses alike, imagine the history of this country begins in 1776. But, that it is a falsehood, designed to pacify the masses with what amounts to the subjective creation of folklore and myth.


In truth, the recording of history, particularly US history, represents the making of myths, not the assiduous recording of objective facts. Furthermore, the foundation for the history of this country goes all the way back  beyond 1776, to 1066. Students of European and even Medieval British history will recognize that date as significant-the year William the Conqueror invaded England, and claimed the throne for himself after emerging victorious at the Battle of Hastings. Although many historical accounts chronicle William’s ascent to the English throne as a rather smooth transition, unencumbered by any notions of dissent, this was hardly so. Although it has been widely written the catalyst behind William’s violent seizure of the throne came upon encouragement from his predecessor William the Confessor, this is merely speculation. What is certain, was that this was a turbulent time in the history of England, an era which set the country on a long path of civil strife, of various factions fighting to claim the throne for themselves.

During this turbulent era, there were several claimants to the throne of England, among them Harold Godwinson and a royal Norwegian invader named Harald Hardrada. Godwinson managed to emerge as Edward’s successor and even managed to defeat the invader Hardrada at the battle of Stamford Bridge on the 25th of September in 1066.

But, his reign turned out to be quite short lived.

For, on the 14th of October, 1066, William took up arms and crossed the channel with a significant armed force. Alarmed, Harold hastily endeavored to meet this invading force at Hastings.

However, hastiness and a key strategic blunder, cost Harold dearly.

With most of his forces left behind in the north of England, what little defending force he fielded was easily dispensed by William’s invading mercenary forces. Not only did this strategic mistake cost Harold the battle, but his own life as well-shot through the eye with the lethal blow of a single arrow.

After coronation of the new reigning monarch, civil strife did not abate.  William’s subsequent reign was marked by incessant internal turmoil. In those short years soon after taking the throne, there existed constant threats of violent struggle, between the usurping monarch and a number of aggrieved nobles. In fact, not until around 1072, was William able to secure some semblance of viable security for his kingdom. After securing some measure of fragile peace, William’s rule saw visible changes, to not only English culture, but to the prevailing structure of governance. For one, the Norman dialect altered the continuing development of the English language. In addition, both the judicial system and the role of the nobles were significantly altered. Through royal decree, the king now held sole ownership over the land, with the nobility obliged to pay annual tribute. Prior to this, the people held what was termed ‘Allodial’ title to the land. By sheer force of superior arms, William appropriated the king’s title and confiscated the land, levying heavy taxes upon the nobles. Needless to say, this royal maneuver was not popular and did not bode well.  Because most of the rebelling nobles refused to pay the heavy taxes levied, this led to financial dire straits throughout the kingdom. England, in effect, fell into bankruptcy.


In attempting to formulate a solution, William’s successor, John, invoked the law of Mortmain. This was known as ‘the dead man’s hand’. In essence, this meant the people could not pass on the title of their lands to ancestors without express permission from the reigning monarch-a concept later developing into what we know today as legal ‘probate’.


It is important to point out the establishment of the Crown Temple was closely related to the hegemony of the Vatican, in that Crown Temple represents the supporting bureaucratic banking and legal infrastructures of the Papal See. This is how men donned in mere robes, with only the perceived power over spiritual beauty and ecclesiastical truth, could maintain such tight control over Europe’s monarchs possessing the allegiance of powerful armies equipped with swords and armor. They achieved absolute hegemony through tight control over the land and even tighter control over the royal purse strings through constant maintenance and issue of interest bearing loans. It is also important to understand, without the law of Mortmain, the king would forfeit the ability to levy taxes on the lands he controlled. Since England was bankrupt, the wealthy Vatican bankers of the Crown Temple saw this as an opportunity to establish hegemony over the monarch with the imposition of their money lending schemes. Observing that King John owed tens of thousands of pound sterling to the Vatican and refused to pay, Pope Innocent saw fit to excommunicate the king, attempting to install his very own governing representative, Stephen Langton.

When John refused to recognize the Pope’s representative, England was placed under Papal interdict (prohibition). Trade and business greatly suffered, which meant the nobles were once more on the verge of rebellion. When finally, Pope Innocent excommunicated John, he was forced to turn over the land of his kingdom to the Vatican and the Crown Temple. In essence, England was a vassal of the Pope, its loyalty and fealty to the Vatican regime assured-with the caveat the Pope’s excommunication would only be lifted, when John accepted Stephen Langton as Archbishop of Canterbury.


John’s capitulation to Crown Temple and the Holy See was made official in 1213, when under duress, he was forced to accept the Pope as Vicar of Christ, claiming ownership over the land and all its inhabitants. This arrangement did not endear the nobles, who further forced King John to sign the Magna Carta, which was subsequently declared unlawful by the Vatican lawyers. The important part to understand, is that the Papal See represented heirs to both sides of the declared contract. If the Magna Carta had been declared lawful, this would have severely compromised the Vatican’s hegemonic land ownership. In effect, the nobles would have gained the upper hand in terms of future negotiations. This the Crown Temple and the Holy See could not afford to allow, for it would have meant surrendering legal and financial hegemony.

While the legal concepts described here may seem convoluted and even turgid to the uninitiated, the series of events taking place in this time period, were to be repeated in the conquest of the new world, across the sea, centuries later in America. Clearly, this is Crown Temple’s method of operation time and again-to first gain control over the land, then ensure hegemonic control with interests bearing loans, titles, liens and taxation, all supported by legal and lawful contracts.

This is integral to one’s understanding as to why, legally, the US corporation does not represent an independent nation. Rather, it is still a colony, operating under trust and contract with Crown Temple and the Holy See.

Thus, the treaty of 1213, signed by King John, was still in effect until the eighteenth century, when the so-called founding fathers, all Esquires affiliated with Crown Temple, decided to renegotiate the terms and conditions of the contract, but not for the sole benefit or independence of the people, but rather in their own interests. The results of that negotiation are the Declaration of Independence, and the Bill of Rights, the preamble to what became known as the US constitution. These documents, held in such reverent esteem by American public school history books, were merely the result of a renegotiation of terms and conditions put down in the treaty of 1213, which is still in effect today!

Though many of you may dispute this, perhaps even wishing to heap scorn upon the messenger, one is encouraged to research this topic and arrive at one’s own educated conclusions.

In the meantime, it is important for one to remember all new ideas travel through three stages in the public mind: First, they are ridiculed. Second, they are violently opposed and third, they are finally accepted as self-evident.

How Crown Temple rules America (part II)

How Crown Temple rules America (part II)

Our so-called founding fathers were not who you’ve been taught. In fact, there is quite a gulf  between reality and perception. America is drowning in an ocean of cognitive dissonance, when it comes to the truth of America’s historical founding.

What precisely do I mean by that?  What one has learned in public schools regarding the history of the country you’ve lived in all your life is, in fact, a false representation of reality. The truth is something else entirely. The men who founded this country were not men of the people, neither were they men for the people! They were aristocrats, with connections to other men possessing royal titles-men of wealth, rank and privilege.

And, these connections can all be traced back to royal bloodlines in Britain, and France.

The ‘founding fathers’ were solely interested, not in the timeless virtues of liberty and freedom, but rather in preserving their vast land holdings. They were also intent on establishing a central banking concern, later developing into the Federal Reserve. As I’ve outlined in other posts, the Federal Reserve is not affiliated with the American government, but exists as a privately owned franchise of Crown Temple in London. In essence, it is a private concern, not connected to any  of the three branches of government.


Alexander Hamilton, perhaps more than anyone, did everything in his individual power to sell the colonies down the river to the bankers of the Crown Temple in London. In fact, research bears out, this was a role Hamilton was groomed to play. The constitution, drawn up at the conclusion of the American revolution, represented a legal document, establishing rights and privileges for those that lived on the land. It was a living document of legal terms and conditions negotiated between Crown Temple esquires, or attorneys, stipulating that while those that lived on the land would be required to pay taxes and tributes, the Crown Temple bank and its stockholders would retain ownership in perpetuity.

But first, to provide historical perspective, we must digress for a moment, to 1604.

In that year, the Virginia company was issued a charter to establish land settlements along the Eastern seaboard of America. Not only were the stockholders of this company given royal charter affiliated with the Crown Temple bank, King James was among them. The Virginia Company charter stipulated that not only was the land on which the colonies established owned by Crown Temple and royal interests, but the natural resources beneath the land as well. Gold and silver mines, as well as other precious natural resources, by virtue of legal charter, were essentially hoarded.

This is why property taxes are levied still, to this day, on those granted land titles. A title, legally speaking, is a lease, which entails one is not the legal owner. Rather, one has been contracted to pay tribute to the Crown Temple bank, and to the royal bloodlines, representing the major stockholders. A person holding a land deed is merely renting, not owning. The land is still legally held in trust by the Crown Temple bank!

From here, be prepared for things to get even more convoluted.

The Virginia Company essentially represented two corporate entities, one centered in London, the other in Plymouth. Although both were owned and operated by the Crown Temple bank, both territories had separate charters. The latter territory in Plymouth, by virtue of never having ratified its charter, was officially dissolved in 1620. Through legal restructuring, it is known today as the region of New England!  Later, in 1773, the US government made a contract with the Crown Temple. This stipulated that loans were legally owed to the Crown Temple bank, and would be paid in full, plus interest, at some future date. To fully grasp the significance of this legal agreement, this meant the Crown Temple bank, was essentially funding both sides of the American revolutionary war! This is how the Crown Temple does business, maintaining hegemony through charters, patents, loans, liens, and contracts. In 1790, the Crown Temple chartered America’s first central bank. When some in the American government refused to renew the charter, the Crown Temple did what they always do in offering the perfect solution in such matters-they started a war, the war of 1812!

One might think this is implausible. And yet, it is true!

Every American since then, is contracted to honor this agreement, but does so unwittingly. One is never told the specifics regarding this monumental arrangement, and for good reason. For, if this were generally known, the debt based financial system would collapse.       

But back, for a moment, to our friend Alexander Hamilton. Hamilton is perhaps most notorious, not for his nefarious banking ventures, but for another incident in American history reaching legendary and even mythical status-that of his armed duel with Thomas Jefferson’s future Vice President, Aaron Burr. Reportedly, Burr had made some disparaging remarks about Hamilton’s true ancestry-in that Hamilton hailed from a prominent Jewish banking family. In fact, Hamilton’s mother was from the West Indies, while his father was named Levine, and connected to the prominent Rothschild banking dynasty in Europe. While the true nature of the dispute causing both gentlemen to take up arms isn’t clear, Hamilton agreed to meet Burr at a waterside location now familiar to most residents of New Jersey, known as the boardwalk. Before both combatants paced off with their pistols, Hamilton made a fatal mistake that ultimately cost him his life. When Hamilton paced off and turned to fire his weapon, he was facing east towards the rising run. Blinded by the rays, and unable to fire an accurate volley, Burr came away the victor.

Hamilton’s education was curious, in that he attended Kings college in New York, completing a law degree in 1774. It reportedly took him less than three years to complete a curriculum would normally take eight. The clue as to why Hamilton may have been favored goes back to his father’s Rothschild connection. King’s college was founded by the London Kings Inn, and later became Columbia University. Soon after being admitted to the prestigious New York bar, providing him the official title of Esquire, Hamilton became personal secretary to George Washington. It was here that Hamilton entrenched his influence regarding financial policy.

That influence can still be felt today.

Perhaps more than any other ‘founding father’, Hamilton is responsible for the creation of the charter that established the First Central bank of New York, which later developed into the Federal Reserve. These events were no accident of history, for the Temple Inn of the Crown sought to establish, above all, central banking in the newly formed colonies. This ensured their control over the American government, control that has never been relinquished.

Regarding Hamilton, there remains a glaring irony. While extolling the virtues of American freedom and liberty, he was also involved in helping the Rothschild and Crown Temple bankers establish their foothold with the distribution of interest bearing loans and paper dollars. That is the ultimate reason why, American public school history books should publish the truth and begin to regard Alexander Hamilton and the so-called founding fathers as infamous.

My next installment in this series of blog posts will deal with the year 1066 and how what happened then greatly influenced the events of 1776 in America, and beyond!

Stay tuned for part III, How Crown Temple rules over America.

Why pop music is sorcerer’s magic!

handsome-wizard-fireball-showing-black-background-49846858The following shall no doubt qualify, like most of the content found on this blog, to be very unusual. You may choose to believe the following, or not. But, don’t click off this page yet, because you’re certain to find the details intriguing, if not entertaining.  When I was younger, and much more foolish, I endeavored to start a career in the music industry. Just as an aside, in keeping with my inherent rebellious nature, before endeavoring to begin my unusual foray, I matriculated at four colleges in the Northeast of America, some of them even prestigious-and proceeded to soon drop out of all of them! While most were still treading across college campuses, spending countless hours in lecture halls listening to tenured professors tediously hold forth, I was spending a lot of time indulging quixotic notions. This was the mid-eighties, MTV was at it’s very summit in terms of popularity. One could almost feel magic swirling in the air.

One spent the glittering decade basking in the eternal power, beauty, and glory of sparkling youth. For, I felt, seizing this golden moment in time, shall be the closest any mortal being comes, to grasping the essence of immortality.

At first, being twenty-two and greener than fresh cut grass, I had no idea how to start a band, or even, for that matter, how to find fellow musicians sharing my intense desire for the rock and roll spotlight. As luck would have it, I soon met Adam through a mutual friend. At twenty-three, Adam was one of the most highly skilled drummers in the New England area. Not only did this guy look like a rock star, but, he happened to be an already accomplished professional musician. Adam worked as a session player at Brunswick studios in Revere. Needless to say, things soon fast developed. Though Brunswick recording studio appeared humble judging from the plain facade, the volume and scale of sessions booked were grand. Mostly, these were radio jingles, music beds, and vocal overdubs used in television commercials. Witnessing the recording process for the first time, proved endlessly fascinating. The head engineer, an older gentlemen named Roger, who seemed to be a permanent fixture, told me something about popular music I shall never forget. Roger told me the most important part of a piece of broadcast music is the first SIX to NINE seconds-THE HOOK!handsome-wizard-fireball-showing-black-background-49846858

“If you can’t grab them right away,” I distinctly recall hearing the wise old recording engineer kindly advise, “you’ll risk losing the audience forever!”

That sage piece of advice turned out to be monumental. Soon enough, I became a permanent fixture around the studio, learning every facet of the ‘jingle’ writing business. Learning at the feet of this brilliant old sound engineer, I was soon taking my turn at the sound board as well, helping to mix and master the jingles before they became what are called ‘media buys’. Having studied piano as a child, along with music theory in high school, I soon became involved with arranging the jingles themselves. When it was learned I could more than competently carry a tune, and sing harmonies, Adam and I became the house musicians, hired to perform on the majority of projects booked into the studio. Ironically enough, I was soon making more money than most of the kids who’d remained in college. Many of whom, despite sporting an undergraduate degree, struggled to find jobs in their chosen fields. In fact, most had to scrape together their living waiting tables in the local restaurants! While all this was exciting, an even more thrilling experience lie in wait. Adam, was becoming tired of the jingle business, and like me, harbored a hunger for bigger and better things- like MTV rock stardom! Quickly recruiting a guitarist and bass player, and after just one month of solid rehearsal, we put together a tight set of rock cover classics, along with a few catchy originals. We booked every club in and around Boston, and after one solid year of gigs, gained an appreciative, loyal, and even rabid following. All this, while Adam and I were still being called to sit in on sessions at Brunswick.

One night, finishing work on yet another long and grueling session, we discovered out stomachs rumbling in terminal hunger. Jeff, our guitar player, graduate of a very prestigious music college in Boston, and a well-sought after music teacher, suggested we adjourn to a very popular Chinese eatery. Not only were Jeff’s musical skills stellar, but the story he had to impart was even more so, perhaps even shocking.

“So,” he inquired, voice hampered with inexplicable dread. “You guys want to be rock stars, huh?”

Adam and I merely stared back, uncertain of where Jeff was going with this. The indelible tale he went on to regale, will stick with me as long as I live. But, it didn’t turn out to be easy for Jeff. For it seemed, he was quite reluctant at first, to divulge anything, in any great detail.

Now, recalling the story told to me that evening, I don’t wonder why.

After ordering, and the meals and drinks were delivered, a slew of strong cocktails seemed to  loosen up Jeff’s tongue. Apparently, before joining our group, Jeff had come very close to grabbing the brass ring of rock stardom out in LA, closer than one could have ever imagined!

“Believe me,” he remarked, steam from the plate of fresh food circling around his aquiline nose. “You guys should be careful what you wish for. I’ve been out to the music capital of the world, and seen its dark side. And, believe me, when I say, it’s so dark, night vision goggles wouldn’t help you see the light!”

“What happened next,” I asked, coaxing, hazel eyes sparkling with intrigue.

“If you repeat this,” he went on to reply, seemingly now willing to proceed. ‘I’ll deny all of it, every word!”

Both Adam and I halted our twirling forks filled with steaming Chinese noddles, trading curious and furtive glances.

“Yeah, sure Jeff,” Adam agreed, pushing back a tangle of tousled long red hair behind his pale ear. “I promise not to breathe a word!”

Noticing his cocktail glass was empty, Jeff quickly summoned the waiter for a refill. Gulping the drink like a man who had just found the only oasis while stranded for days in the Sahara, he plunged ahead, sparing us no details. And what chilling details they turned out to be!

“A few years ago, before I joined up with you guys, I got a call from an A and R (artist and repertoire) guy from Columbia on behalf of one of their subsidiaries, Jet records, to audition for Ozzy Osborne. With an American tour already booked to promote his third solo record, Ozzy’s management was caught out in a desperate situation!”

Adam and I gazed incredulously for a moment, not sure of how to initially respond. However, judging from Jeff’s rather sincere expression, we simultaneously nodded in astounded affirmation.

“Of course,” he went on to add, “I didn’t find that out until later!”

Waving frantically at the waiter, Jeff hurriedly ordered another drink. Cocktail promptly delivered, he went on in the starkest and most frank of terms- ‘telling it the way it was’, as Walter Cronkite, the old newscaster, used to say.

“This was right after the death of Randy Roads,” Jeff said. “Soon after I got the call, I flew out to LAX, and was met there by some label people. They looked pretty excited to see me,” he went on. “So, being naturally excited, the whole thing seemed like a foregone conclusion. That is, until later on!”

The entire time Jeff regaled us with his tale, we continued to tear through our noodles, wondering where this story would go next. Needless to say, the path of the story soon transitioned into surreal territory.

“I was taken all the way to Bel-Air. The house looked like something out of Citizen Kane,” Jeff described with requisite awe. “I was told it belonged to the president of Jet records who was also Sharon Osborne’s father, Ozzy’s label, a subsidiary of Columbia.”

Idly, I picked at some sauteed shrimp with my fork, taking it all in, Jeff’s voice growing increasingly sinister.

“It was overwhelming at first,” he said, ice tinkling against the glass in foreboding shimmers. “Everybody pumping my hand, as if I’d already won the gig. At any rate, they had this rig already set up. My gear had been sent ahead, and they had it all set up in this spacious foyer, filled with vases of orchids!”

Jeff proceeded to tell us some guys with long hair came straggling in the room and mixed in with the representatives from the label, just as he picked up his guitar, magic fingers at once a blur over the frets, quicksilver notes flying at light speed out of the Marshall amplifier.

“So I’m wailing out some killer riffs,” Jeff now excitedly related, placing the half-drained cocktail back down on the table. “And out of the corner of my eye, I notice this old man-looked like some kind of warlock from a horror movie- peeking out from behind these giant vases filled with orchids, like he was studying me, or something!”

The dining room clamor seemed to suddenly ebb into a soft hush.

“They all just stood there, watching me, and I swore I could see their mouth’s dropping  open. I went into some classical stuff, ‘Flight of the bumblebee’, even some Segovia and Django Reinhardt, just to complete the impression I was no joke!”

“Sounds like your audition was a resounding success,” Adam commented.

“So who was the weird guy behind the flowers,” I wondered, still shoveling heaps of noodles into my hungry mouth.

“Well,” Jeff said, draining the cocktail. “Like I said, I didn’t find out until after, after they took me upstairs to what they called the ‘temple room’.”

Again, Adam and I exchanged incredulous glances, wondering just where the talented guitar player was going with his tale.

“They were all standing around, just watching me shred, when finally I hit a big power chord. Let me tell you, the Marshall stack I was hooked into made the walls shake. The fancy paintings shook, and almost fell off. Everyone took a couple steps away when the feedback bled out! Then, the label guy puts his arm around me, tells me there are ‘important people’ waiting to see me upstairs.”

An invisible cloud of apprehension seemed to circle our table. It was getting late, and some of the guests were grabbing their coats and shuffling towards the lobby. The lights in the far corners of the dining room were just now beginning to dim. Sinister shadows began to creep along the outlines of the dining room’s red colored carpet. Music wafting from the overhead speakers began to ebb in soft whispers.

“So, this guy with a British accent, with his arm around me, turned out to be the president of Jet records. Let me tell you,” Jeff said as the hustling waiter delivered yet another cocktail. “This guy was sort of a creep, I could tell he was real shady, despite the fact he was wearing a custom black pinstriped suit. So, he takes me up these long winding stairs. But, as I’m going up,” Jeff detailed, removing the miniature pink umbrella from the fresh cocktail. “I happened to turn around, and there’s the creepy old guy who was peeking from behind the row of orchids, now standing at the foot of the long stairs-like something out of Gone with the Wind. The guy had mascara caked around his eyes. He looked like some kind of sad clown, almost!”

Needless, to say, our attentions by now were riveted-wondering, what could possibly happen next?

“We are very exited to have you aboard,” the sinister manager said. “But, in order to solidify your contractual arrangement, and become the sort of star I’m sure you’ve dreamed of,” he adamantly added. “You must join our coven, the O.T.O.!”

“It was then,” Jeff said, hint of terror rimming the eyes. “I stopped cold at the top of the long winding stairs, and looking back down, I knew if I took another step towards the black door at the end of this long hall, there was no turning back. I also noticed, the strange old guy had mysteriously disappeared.”

“What was in this…temple room?” I innocently inquired.

Jeff gazed at us both, hungrily gulping the cocktail, ice cubes banging against the tumbler glass, as if signalling doom.

“Don’t worry lad,” the sinister manager said, dark eyes boring right through the soul. “You will soon be part of something larger than yourself. The spirits shall be summoned in order that they might do your bidding. But, you must accept the spirits into your heart, and receive their love!”

We watched as Jeff slammed his eyes shut, profuse sweat beading his dark brows. Tilting back his head, he drenched his throat with the remainder of the drink, ice cubes tumbling down his esophagus.

“So, I’m standing before the door,” Jeff said, seemingly startled as if reliving the experience all over again. “And the damned thing opens all on it’s own. Weird thing is though, the space of the room seemed limitless, like I had just walked into another dimension.”

Adam and I stared, transfixed, and I felt the fork slipping from my fingers, clanking on the plate as it fell.

“Looking behind me, I noticed the manager was suddenly gone. The room went completely dark. All of a sudden, there were these pillars of fire, changing into five robed men. They just stood there. And then I heard this voice, like a low growl, broadcast from the depths of hell:

“Don’t be afraid, for we are your guardian angels.”

Jeff picked up a napkin and swept it across his sweat slicked forehead.

“Suddenly, these men moved closer, and closer…” Jeff related, leaning over the table. “I looked at them, but I couldn’t see their faces. They were obscured with these large white hoods. And then, I saw their hands…looked all scaly with long sharp nails…when they removed their hoods…those eyes…oh shit!”

Jeff’s expression grew frantic, and he snapped his fingers at the waiter to bring him another drink.

“Hey man, you don’t have to…” I tried to feebly intervene.

“No man,” Jeff replied, remaining adamant. “Those eyes were like spears of fire, like they were staring right through me…and they were coming closer, and closer…until…I started to run towards the door…but, I couldn’t shake them. No matter how fast I moved, they were right behind me!”

Jeff hoisted yet another cocktail, lips sloppily slurping.

“Sir,” the waiter suggested, standing table side. “I hope you aren’t driving, maybe you’ve had enough?”

“No, no,” Jeff insisted, taking another healthy gulp. “I’ll be okay!”

“Were you able to get out of there, or what,” Adam wondered, as the concerned waiter departed to the kitchen.

We both glanced at one another, held in utter suspense.

“Yeah, how did you escape?” I wondered too.

“I reached out for the door, but because it was so dark, I just kind of flailed around for a while. Until, finally, bright lights flashed on, and there it was. Only, when it swung open, the clownish looking man was standing there, like waiting! So, there I am, standing eye to eye with this weird looking clown faced old man. And, suddenly, I realized who he was.”

“I’m sorry mate,” Ozzy said. “But I can’t have you in the band, if you’re not ready to join our bloody coven!”

“I just brushed past the guy, down the long hall, back down the winding stairs and out of the house…I haven’t been back to LA since, and I never want to return.”

Adam and I sat mute, astonished.

“So,” Jeff exclaimed. “Both of you still want to be rock stars?”

Stay tuned for How Crown Temple Rules America part II, coming soon!

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handsome-wizard-fireball-showing-black-background-49846858First off, one has a confession to make, I have never qualified as an avid television watcher. Nor, have I ever qualified as a rabid consumer of all forms of media in general, whether television, radio, magazines, etc. etc. One generally finds it healthier to observe life first hand, rather than through the vicarious spectrum of modern mass media. And yet, this is generally from where most derive their homogenized world view.


Think about the true source of most of your valued opinions, do they truly derive from objective and empirical observation? Has one chosen to view the world and their place in it from the result of a truly objective and independent analysis? Or, has one been psychologically conditioned, either through public schooling, or perhaps the social pressures of an overriding desire to conform to some popular notion of political correctness?

Rare is the individual unencumbered by the strictures set by stultifying societal norms, for it is far easier to swim with the tide of popular opinion rather than dare rage against it, and risk drowning. Better to be numbered among the protected herd, than become a pariah existing on the fringes, bait for the wolves. One may consider they are well-informed in constantly remaining up to date on the latest television news broadcast by the media sorcerers at the major networks. But, you have been deceived. In turn, one deceives themselves into thinking the version of reality presented through mainstream media sources is a true representation of events as they’ve happened. Falling for this deception out of prevailing ignorance one might conceivably forgive, but willingly allowing for a constant diet of self-deception results in incurable neurosis.  And yet, the following will no doubt be considered the ravings of a misogynist. Allow me to say, I don’t think anyone should be denied advancement simply on the basis of gender, sexual preference, or for that matter race. However, one shouldn’t be advanced in life simply on the basis of political correctness either.


In an earlier post, I outlined the true sources of the feminist movement from decades ago, and why, from an objective standpoint, it was, and continues to be, an artificially designed social movement interested not in advancing the interests of the female gender, but in ironically enslaving them. The bankers, industrialists, and their media handmaidens are expert at promoting chaos, then establishing a new social order-a phoenix from the ashes-ready made solutions for the very problems they engineered. But, if we have learned anything about history, the masses of people fall into this trap, set time and again by those who secretly rule over us. The true purpose of the feminist movement was never emancipation, but exploitation. Divide and conquer is the Crown Temple overlords stock in trade, an effective method of operation inducing mass psychological neurosis. This sad state of affairs is meticulously kept intact, merely because it is profitable.

Unhappy people make for excellent consumers, consumers of overpriced material goods they don’t need, all to impress people they don’t even know. Only in the most neurotic of societies would artificial material acquisition become equated with elevated self-worth.

As for the relationship between the sexes, it seems to have deteriorated into a state of hopeless disrepair.Although this may represent over-generalization, both sexes seem to be terminally unhappy. Which is a welcomed state of affairs for the industrialists and the Crown Temple bankers ruling over the world. If the masses are stunned into a state of perpetual melancholy, the more time they will spend at the local mall, hoping in vain the investment in mindless material goods will compensate for their acute unhappiness. This also benefits the pharmaceutical companies and the psychiatrists who prescribe them to desperate patients thinking happiness can be found at the bottom of a medicine bottle.

In truth, unhappy people are easier and more malleable to overt government control.

The myth of the independent woman, bolstered by the non-stop promotion of the feminist movement, against the inclinations of biologically driven human nature, has almost totally compromised the integrity of society’s most enduring organizing principle- the nuclear family.

At last check, the divorce rate of newly married couples is well over fifty percent, an alarming state of affairs that has lead to a spate of social problems left unaddressed.

But this is by design.

As I outlined in my first blog post concerning this subject (Feminism all about profits not freedom), the financial catalyst for the feminist movement was the enormous largess provided by banking foundations, and lead by controlled opposition agents trained by CIA sub-departments. Unknown to the well-meaning followers of the movement, was that the bankers intentions to psychologically manipulate woman into the workplace and out of the kitchen were not socially progressive. While ostensibly the movement may have appeared progressively motivated, it was nothing of the sort. Banking families like the Rockefeller’s had figured out, that if there were more woman out in the workplace, the tax base would be exponentially expanded, from which enormous profits could be derived. This confused state of social affairs, has ironically wrought entire generations of ill-behaved woman worse than the male chauvinists they have traditionally decried.

The media sorcerers have fostered, and, to an alarming degree, promoted the dominance of the female gender at the expense of the traditional male role model. So much so, that the denigration of men has become a popular staple.

Seeking to manipulate the transformation of gender roles is but one part of a grand formula on the part of the Crown Temple bank in establishing a New World Order of affairs. One of the first steps in achieving this goal is to neutralize the American male, for they are the only ones capable of fighting back against this nefarious program of cultural tyranny, and, more importantly, most likely to be the majority of gun owners. Is it any wonder feminism and gun control continue to be the predominant social issues constantly and heavily promoted by the media sorcerers? This sort of activism is promoted as a purposeful attack on traditional notions of societal and cultural cohesion.

A nation divided on the basis of gender confusion and lack of united cohesion is much easier to control going forward, than a strong society with the integrity of the traditional nuclear family still intact.

Combined with the media sorcerers promotion of the LGBT community, this only serves to confuse traditional notions of gender even further, with the strength of the American male completely neutralized and feminized, and relegated to complete cultural insignificance.

Most, will assuredly disagree with the aforementioned opinions.

So be it!

Stay tuned for Part II of How the Crown Temple rules America!

How Crown Temple Rules America (part I)

How Crown Temple Rules America  (part I)

Those limited few following this blog since its inception, already suspect the information divulged, and the accompanying speculations, are not designed for a mass audience. Needless to say, the next series of blog posts are very controversial. Many believe, by virtue of living in America, that they are free. But the following information may cast doubts on that very cherished notion.

American citizens are not free.

America has never been free.

Your notions of liberty are a carefully tailored illusion.  Continue reading “How Crown Temple Rules America (part I)”