America’s war for independence: revolution or hoax? (part II)

America’s war for independence: revolution or hoax? (part II)

In the last installment, I indicated more information would be provided concerning Benjamin Franklin, one of America’s so-called founding fathers. Like everything else proffered by mainstream historical scholars, the information withheld or omitted is often the most pertinent.

Turns out, old Benny Franklin was not who you thought he was. As suspected, his official biography is filled with more than curious anomalies. Franklin was neither a patriot nor a founding father, but an aristocrat with direct genealogical relations to King George III. There also exists empirical evidence Franklin may have been a British spy.

Yes, you read that right, folks.

Old Benny was an intelligence agent. Not only that, Franklin was a high degree Scottish Rite Freemason. These two historical omissions alone indicate the official narrative popularly proffered by mainstream texts should be held to question.

Alas, they are not. That is, until now! Continue reading “America’s war for independence: revolution or hoax? (part II)”

Has America been tricked by ‘Delphi’ consensus?

Have you never wondered how political decisions are really made? Is the voice of the people being manipulated towards a predetermined outcome-is public opinion manufactured?

Apparently, in not only town hall meetings across the nation and in the nation’s capital of Washington D.C., this appears to be the overwhelming reality.

In other words, the American decision making process with regard to political policy, whether on a local, statutory, or federal level, only appears to be democratic, when in truth, it is something else entirely.

Though regular visitors and even some loyal followers may find the following topic comparatively unexciting, please allow one to introduce what is known as the ‘Delphi technique’.

The grander implications of what is, upon deeper examination, a sinister psychological technique, transcends national boundaries, in that the standard utilization of this scientifically created method also serves the emerging presence of global governance. Incrementally, UN global hegemony is emerging from behind the curtain of national security. And, Americans are being tricked into accepting, perhaps even desiring the idea of surrendering their perceptions of national sovereignty to an all encompassing global governance. But, this is part of the scam that is perhaps the most sinister, if not pernicious. It must be understood, global governance is not a concept that is arriving at some time in the future-it is already here.

In fact, there is every indication, global governance was consolidated by the thirteen ruling Jesuit Papal bloodlines in 1776.

Yes, folks, you read that correctly, contrary to what American history books inform all pubic school students, 1776 did not mean freedom from the chains of tyrannical bondage.

How can this be so, one may ask?

Remember, that to the ruling elites, the true meaning of concepts has been inverted from everything the common man has been conditioned to believe.

For, they believe truth is lies, and freedom, slavery.  Continue reading “Has America been tricked by ‘Delphi’ consensus?”

America’s war for independence: Revolution or hoax? (Part I)

One is very well cognizant of the fact the above headline shall be perceived as controversial. Perhaps better to say, heretical bordering on insane. But, an objective and studious analysis of American history does not take such irrelevant emotional considerations into account.

The following may offend some, if not all.

If that be the case, then leave the page now and proceed to interest oneself in more inconsequential and ephemeral subject matter found featured on other blogs. Before falling into emotional hysteria, merely consider the merit of the arguments marshaled forth, and then utilize, if possible, some measure of dispassionate discernment.

A wise man of American letters, Samuel Clemens, once rightly proclaimed this concerning popularly accepted interpretations of American history as mythical folklore, that “one should not believe everything one hears, and even less of what one reads.”

On it’s face, the popularly accepted historical notion that an ill-clad, undernourished, ill-supplied, and poorly armed band of farmers and colonists untested by previous battle could field any sort of viable threat to what was, at that time during the 18th century, the most mighty and battle tested army in the history of organized warfare, much less defeat them in any sort of protracted military campaign is patently and utterly absurd.

But, that is not all folks.

For, as shall be documented in this next series of articles examining what could be construed as the true history of America’s founding, the commander in chief of this rag tag band of colonists armed with pitchforks and broken down muskets, George Washington, was not at all who history claims him to be. This revelation, shall be perhaps the most shocking of all! Continue reading “America’s war for independence: Revolution or hoax? (Part I)”

Hollywood Black Dahlia murder finally solved

Hollywood Black Dahlia murder finally solved

The year was 1947, and a morbid specter lingered over the neon sparkled boulevards of Hollywood, California.

1947 turned out to be a seminal year, not only for staged media hoaxes, but because it represented the birth pangs of a new government agency-CIA.

It was claimed an unknown actress, Elizabeth Short, was found dismembered in the wastelands just outside the environs of Los Angeles, California. Per official history, though a long and protracted investigation was conducted by the LAPD, and even suspects questioned, the murder was never officially solved. The publicized coverage of the case aroused a nationwide furor, and would later, not surprisingly, spur the publication of books and the production of Hollywood movies and television productions for decades to come.

In essence, the ruling elite Jesuit families that own Hollywood know that murder mysteries sell.

In many ways, what came to be known in American urban mythological lore as the Black Dahlia murder, represented the creation of a profitable vehicle for mainstream media distraction, a piece of intriguing theater that would not only appeal to the dormant morbidity hiding in the mass collective subconsciousness, but would serve to well draw the American public’s attention away from much more significant issues that somehow never got reported on the six and eleven o’clock newscasts, or appeared on the front pages of the major news periodicals of the day.

The answer as to why the LAPD was never able to collar any suspects in the case of the Black Dahlia murder will soon become self-evident. Continue reading “Hollywood Black Dahlia murder finally solved”

Actors in history’s grand stage play (part XIV)

Actors in history’s grand stage play (part XIV)

Many may still recall the era of America’s polio scare. Before the AIDS hoax was foisted on the American masses, complete with celebrity victim spokespersons, the hearts of the American masses were stricken with fear over the manufactured threat of a polio pandemic.

The lifeblood of the ruling elite families is commerce, and the pharmaceutical and medical industrial complex is one of their largest revenue generating businesses. With the colossal media machine representing the voice of authority at their disposal, it is possible to create the threatening specter of viruses, pandemics, and disease seemingly at will.

Unlike perhaps today, America during the mid-twentieth century was more completely in thrall to the media sorcerer’s spells, and thus more vulnerable to the inherently ominous emotional effects of corporate driven media. During the era of the mid-twentieth century, the information put forth from the mouthpieces of the medical and pharmaceutical cartels was certainly taken as largely gospel.

After all, the American masses too often ponder with ill-reason, why would a doctor like Jonas Salk and others, benign men in lab coats sworn to the tenets of the Hippocratic oath lie to us?

Well, no surprise, they in fact did.

And, as usual, the chief motivation hidden behind the manufacture of such lies was driven by the pursuit of profits. As for the celebrated Jonas Salk, he was but another actor in history’s grand stage play.

Facebook Banner Stephen Perkins[1781]  Continue reading “Actors in history’s grand stage play (part XIV)”

America goes completely blind in Texas

America goes completely blind in Texas

This installment shall be divided into two parts, the first of which shall briefly examine the recent government sponsored emergency crisis drill in Sutherland Springs, Texas. Yes folks, once again, despite whatever spell the media sorcerers have attempted to weave, what happened was only a drill. One needn’t belabor the obvious; what occurred in Sutherland Springs was merely yet another example of a staged piece of television theater and profit driven content created to emotionally incite the American masses. A quick examination shall be proffered, then one shall move on with another story that is perhaps even more pertinent.

The second part shall proceed with a brief analysis of what can only be described as truly surreal, although not, as it turns out, without precedent on American shores. Apparently, former crisis actor Chris Hurst has been ‘elected’, or rather selected as it were, to the United States Congress as representative.

This however, as shall be explained, is not completely, incredible as it may seem, unprecedented.

Now, it appears the manipulations of the ruling elites and their handmaidens the media sorcerers have decided to push the psychological envelope. Perhaps they realize the American masses have eclipsed such a level of hapless apathy, that any degree of nonsensical rubbish peddled on any major mainstream news network will be believed.

Beyond the obvious contradictions and psychological manipulations of the alleged church shooting massacre in Sutherland Springs, Texas, the media sorcerers have been instructed to undermine the authority and accuracy of their own reports, accentuating the psychological component of the predetermined crisis event. Beyond shadow of doubt, the mad scientists of Tavistock Institute of Human Relations, on behalf of their ruling elite Jesuit masters, have engineered a psychological program designed to turn the American masses into a week herd of cynically divided and bewildered victims of emotional manipulation. If history has taught anything, it is that a population mass weakened by division, is far easier to manage and ultimately control. Continue reading “America goes completely blind in Texas”

CGI victim simulations used in NYC hoax

CGI victim simulations used in NYC hoax

Now that a growing percentage of the American population have caught on to the mainstream media’s actor based reality, the elites have decided to wisely change up their game. Sites such as have performed the yeoman duty of informing the public of the simulated nature of mainstream media promoted terror hoaxes.

But the ruling elites, using Google, social media platforms, law enforcement fusion centers, and armies of internet trolls, continue to perform their best in attempting to silence those loudly sounding the alarm of truth.

In a cowardly effort to expunge freedom of speech, these treacherous and pusillanimous puppets of the ruling elite families, while hiding behind their computer monitors under ridiculously transparent pseudonyms, have now stooped to labeling any alternative narrative to mainstream propaganda as ‘fake news’.

Surely, the irony is lost on them.

For, such Orwellian tactics only serve to underscore the deceptively weak political and philosophical position of their elite masters. However, the prevalent nature of CGI in the public presentation of these government sponsored crisis management emergency drills is also indicative of the direction the ruling elites wish for humanity to travel, in that reality is quickly merging with virtual reality, such that soon, the general public will be unable to discern the difference. The implications of this are truly staggering, and stand to distort human perception to unprecedented degrees.  Continue reading “CGI victim simulations used in NYC hoax”

Unholy Trinity: Sex, drugs, rock and roll (Part II)

Unholy Trinity: Sex, drugs, rock and roll (Part II)

Assuredly, this installment will offend most classic rock fans everywhere.

So be it.

Behind the beguiling melodies and glittering and romantic image, lurks a destructive social agenda. After all, a population under the influence of sex, drugs, and rock and roll becomes a vulnerable mass ripe for further political and social manipulations. Many, if not all of the superstar pop and rock stars one worships and adores are merely vessels and puppets of the ruling elite Jesuit bloodlines, soldiers enlisted in a globally coordinated scheme of psychological and perhaps even spiritual warfare.

Be that as it may, the sphere of the commercial music industry, perhaps just as much if not more so than any field of human endeavor, one shall find propped up with the illusion of smoke and mirrors. Nostalgia is a powerful myth making elixir, and is therefore heavily utilized as a prime weapon of psychological warfare upon the masses.

One doesn’t have to be a music industry aficionado to observe many classic rock bands have chosen to persist, some rather pathetically, in attempting to reclaim the superstar status of their youthful glory days. All too often, the generations that came of age during the acts glory years, are willing to pay the overly inflated price of admission to once again travel back in time to relive the gilded memories of forgotten prom dances.

This installment will include a rather damning story involving a superstar classic rock band and a dedicated albeit disgruntled fan, as well detail the hoax that rocked the music industry.  Continue reading “Unholy Trinity: Sex, drugs, rock and roll (Part II)”