‘Mandela effect’ is intelligence psychological operation

‘Mandela effect’ is intelligence psychological operation

There is a legend concerning modern freemasonry’s most renowned forefather. It is written, that one day, as the sun rose in the east, Albert Pike discovered the secret to the ‘craft’ while ensconced in a remote log cabin. He then proceeded to place that secret inside a sacred temple, built brick by brick. The perception of reality one derives from mainstream television, the majority of ‘conspiracy’ videos uploaded to You Tube, and even some of the daily blog entries right here on WordPress, in many ways resembles General Pike’s brick by brick erection of a temple, a temple filled with lies, that shall one day, with careful and assiduous investigation, and maybe even personal sacrifice, soon transform into a house of fragile cards.

However, this is a result of humanity’s long night of oppression at the hands of a ruling oligarchy.

The Mandela effect targets a mass population accustomed to absorbing the perception of reality primarily through media, television, internet, popular magazines and periodicals as well popular music, rather than perceiving reality via direct experience derived from one’s own inherent intuitive senses, filtered through logical and rational contemplation.

Most are not accustomed to this, and the ruling elites know it.

This is how, century after century, age after sad age, they have kept the masses divided with competing religious and political ideologies, and maintained strife between sexes, races, creeds and conflicting social and economic status.

The ‘Mandela effect’ is merely the latest brand or product of globally divisive psychological operations.         Continue reading “‘Mandela effect’ is intelligence psychological operation”

Geoengineering is Climate Change says Harvard

Geoengineering is Climate Change says Harvard

Has one never bothered to look in the sky? Has one never bothered to investigate exactly why our skies may be sprayed with dangerous chemicals-strontium, barium, and aluminum?

Probably not, correct?

After all, one is too preoccupied staring zombie-like at the cell phone screen to notice. But, just consider this, on the odd chance you may crane your neck upwards to witness the high strangeness going on in the sky, one may find themselves inquiring about those odd and unnatural striations, gossamer-like filaments lingering at the atmosphere’s zenith. Are they indeed what is claimed by NASA and its minions of apologists, merely the residue left from jet contrails?

For those small percentage rousing the requisite curiosity to have investigated this ghastly phenomenon, the conclusions are overwhelmingly negative. Turns out geoengineering has been going on for quite some time, decades in fact. Only now, so-called scientists at Harvard University are not only admitting our skies have been sprayed with dangerous chemicals, but they have tied it in with the alleged ‘climate change’ agenda. In essence, the very environmental disasters climate change advocates have been warning about, scientists and bureaucrats are deliberately bringing about to fulfill a global agenda with social, economic, and political ramifications for the future of the human race.

And, this agenda no longer remains covert. It is the vast geoengineering industry has caused the degradation of the planet, only, they will lay the blame with what is regarded as the common masses, who shall pay for it, on the one hand with a globally legislated carbon tax, and on the other, with their very lives.   Continue reading “Geoengineering is Climate Change says Harvard”

Grenfell tower inferno hoax: controlled demolition (part II)

Grenfell tower inferno hoax: controlled demolition (part II)

Yet again, a major mainstream crisis event has been successfully manufactured.


This time, however, for the purposes of satisfying multiple agendas. Blinded by emotionalism over the mainstream news narrative, critical analysis largely escapes the general public. The premise of the free masonic order is deception, and with the Grenfell tower inferno hoax, the shepherd is herding the sheep once again. While the masses quibble and remain divided over mundane ideological, gender, social and economic differences, the ruling elites, through their favorite tactic of pantomime theater, are trying their best to incite reactionary violence. For, they know that psychological weapons are far deadlier than bullets.   Continue reading “Grenfell tower inferno hoax: controlled demolition (part II)”

Wikileaks: CIA and MI6 ‘controlled opposition’

This world is filled with lies, liars and illusions.

For those still thinking Wikileaks is a legitimate source of truth, they have fallen under the spell of mainstream media sorcery. Julian Assange is neither a hero, nor does his character represent a source of anything resembling the truth. Assange is nothing more than a government paid actor, yet another controlled opposition agent presented to the public as some sort of public avenger.

Assuredly, he is nothing of the kind.

By some providential miracle, if the global intelligence matrix would cease and desist with their sordid business tomorrow, Wikileaks wold disappear right down the same filthy rabbit hole along with them.

And, the better for humanity if they did. Continue reading “Wikileaks: CIA and MI6 ‘controlled opposition’”

Grenfell Tower inferno hoax: controlled demolition

It can now be reported the Grenfell tower inferno was a controlled demolition. Like Sandy Hook elementary, the structure had been long shuddered, abandoned and slated for demolition long before the mainstream crisis was reported by mainstream television sources.

In truth, there were no casualties, and no victims.

All tenants and leaseholders had packed up and moved out to other area properties long before June 13, 2017. A Building Control Document filed with the royal bureau of Kensington and Chelsea on May 22, 2014, application reference number DEM/14/02401, has now been discovered. Once again, the masonic numerology markers are present: 24=cipher for 33(highest degree in Scottish rite freemasonry) 11+22=33 flipped in the mirrors reflection=99(666). The ownership of the building (KCTMO) has also been traced back to a holding company headquartered in Monaco.

Stay tuned folks.

This rabbit hole goes deep indeed. Continue reading “Grenfell Tower inferno hoax: controlled demolition”


And now folks, for the coup de gras. In this installment, one shall reveal how NASA has really been spending America’s precious tax dollars. Throughout the decades, since its inception, NASA has sold itself as an agency dedicated to the exploration of space and all related astronomical scientific inquiry. While claiming to be preoccupied with the study and pursuit of scientific truth, the true purpose of the historically hallowed space agency has been positioned just beyond the general public’s purview and perception.

That is, until now.

In truth, NASA represents a PR firm for the department of defense, and a social engineering laboratory for London’s Tavistock Insititute.

Lately, in fact, NASA seems to be preoccupied more with social engineering rather than the engineering of space rockets. Be that as it may, there is yet another highly touted NASA project: CERN. Technologically intricate and massive in scale, CERN has swallowed up billions for an ultimate purpose perhaps even more fantastical than the agency’s alleged deep space missions. Although NASA’s description of the true purpose of such a behemoth project remains rather obscure, educated speculation leads one in curious, if not startling directions. From what one has been able to glean thus far, the main component of CERN is a supercomputer called D-Wave, with which NASA scientists claim they can predict the behaviors of various particles of matter. One believes this ‘supercomputer’ may be tied in with the NSA’s Total information Awareness’ surveillance grid. The D-wave supercomputer may be dialed in with government agencies responsible for assisting Homeland Security with executing HSLEEP drills. Working in conjunction with CERN’s D-wave supercomputer may facilitate coordination between various government agencies, private contractors, and local and state law enforcement in flawlessly executing emergency preparedness drills, which are later sold to the public via the corporate owned media as real world crisis. But, that subject shall be dealt with in yet another installment, coming soon. For now, we shall primarily deal with the issue of the latest anomalies discovered in the most recently released set of NASA’s official photographs, claiming to represent objects on the surface of Mars.

One promises, the following evidence presented in demonstrating NASA’s epic fraudulence is inarguable and positively shill proof, as well comical.

Bring it on NASA fan boys and girls, and internet trolls, prove one wrong!  Continue reading “NASA SCAM IS TAXPAYER BLACK HOLE (part VI)”


Granted, this is a bit of a departure from the subject matter normally found here at NEWSSPELLCOM.org. Nonetheless, the significance of pop culture in shaping the mindset of Americans cannot be underestimated. Other than stimulating commerce for the international bankers owning all major media, pop stars do serve a significant social function, if only to provide a vicarious and fantastical escape valve for those slogging through mundane lives. The significant cultural imprint stars such as Katy Perry leave branded on the minds of Americas youth can never be dismissed out of hand. The question is, what occurred to the pop princess during a live performance in Nashville? Was it from exhaustion? Is there any credence to the legions of conspiracy theorists claiming Perry may have been under the sinister influence of ‘MK Ultra’ mind control programming? Or, is there perhaps a supernatural force at work?

https://youtu.be/w16Gl1TFOXc    Continue reading “POP TART PERRY TAKES A FALL”



More than any other task in the arduous search for ultimate truth, deconstructing the ‘sacred cow’ of NASA space exploration has proven the most painful. As a child, no one was more inspired by the epic tales of brave astronauts blasting off to explore the wondrous dangers of the last frontier. But, there comes a time, when one must put away childish notions and observe the world from the perspective of greater wisdom and maturity. It is time humanity learn to construct and deconstruct reality for itself, rather than willingly surrendering that inspiring power to those in positions of so-called authority. The time has come, for the masses to unite and lead themselves, to no longer allow priests, politicians, and world leaders to usurp the great responsibility of charting the path of mankind’s destiny Continue reading “NASA SCAM IS TAXPAYER BLACK HOLE (Part V)”


The masses love television.

They love it even more when it is provided free of charge. Has one never considered television may represent the most addictive of drugs, and perhaps the most destructive?

No one questions the ubiquity of high definition screens in hotels, bars, restaurants, even public spaces. Has one never wondered why Hulu is absolutely free? Does one honestly think it is because the ruling elites using this technology against the best interests of mankind harbor an altruistic spirit? Addictions are difficult to abscond from. Once behaviors become hard wired, it becomes difficult for one to imagine altering propensities seemingly as common as involuntary breathing. The following will no doubt be dismissed as science fiction. However, the paper trail of patents and their intended nefarious utilization shall serve to belie that knee-jerk assessment.  Continue reading “HULU AND TELEVISION ARE MURDERING HUMANITY”