In this installment, I shall delve into the concept of ‘predictive programming’. Predictive programming is the true purpose of concocted network  news stories, representing public psychological operations, bent on noting other than controlling public perception through emotional manipulation. The Stevie Stevens story is prime evidence of this prevailing method of operation on the part of the media sorcerers. Many, through social and public school conditioning, desperately want to believe what they see and hear on the network televised news. The psychological dependence one has built up over the course of a lifetime, to implicitly trust messages coming from those perceived to be in positions of so-called authority, is indeed, a hard habit to break. But, as the following information shall attempt to demonstrate, the devil is indeed, to be found within the details.

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In the previous installment outlining the results of investigation into the true nature of the nationally broadcast Stevie Stevens story, it was reported the man behind the character mask, playing out his role in this public charade, was identified as rapper/actor Rochmond Dunbar. Dunbar also records as a music artist, working under the alias Kendrick Lamar.

With regard to Lamar, a most curious fact has been discovered.

Approximately two years prior to the event, Lamar recorded a duet with pop star Rihanna, entitled ‘Loyalty’.

Exactly two minutes into the track, one can clearly hear a reference to ‘Kung Fu Kenny’, which breaks down into symbolic numerology, representing a masonic master builder (K, K= 11+11=22). Proceeding from that point, both artists sing the lyrics, seemingly apropos of nothing in particular: 90, 90, 90, 10-4!, or 999=666(masonic law of reversal or reflection/number of man) and 10-4=14, or 77(masonic hoax code/G centered within the masonic square and compass logo).

Though these lyrics don’t make sense within the entire context of the track, the following lyrics rapped by Kendrick put the preceding reference into clearer focus when one considers the concept of predictive programming as related to the future details to be reported in the aftermath of the Stevie Stevens homicide/suicide story:

“All we ask for is Loyalty”, meaning loyalty to the masonic oath of silence, upon pain of death, or at the very least, social embarrassment.

Kendrick, then again, proceeds in blatant reference to the future event that would take place two years later:

“I  pull up, hop out, air out, make it look sexy!”

Now, many of you, I’m certain, will dismiss this demonstrative interpretation of what may be construed as a seemingly benign pop song, to be complete rubbish.

Well, so be it. Willful blindness of the masses is what the ruling elites rely on in maintaining their hegemonic stranglehold.

However, this is key in understanding the revelation of the method; the subtle methodology utilized in maintaining subconscious control over the masses.

While one is thinking ‘Loyalty’ is perhaps a benign pop ditty one can sing along to while doing the laundry, you are meanwhile being secretly and subconsciously programmed.

One may choose to dismiss what has been described out of hand, to go ahead and kill the messenger, rather than bothering to penetrate the message. You may go on allowing the likes of Anderson Cooper to spoon feed the elites preferred version of programmed reality straight to your cerebral cortex on a nightly basis.

Go ahead, by all means, knock yourselves completely out!

Raging Falcon - 3D[1343692]But, it is important to realize, the world, and especially the media, is filled with lies and liars.

However, just consider this.

Maybe for once, rather than trusting experts, or authority figures, whether in the media, law enforcement, or public office, in telling you what to think, perhaps one should instead become accustomed to trusting themselves, trusting one’s own inherent sense of intuition. Nonetheless, the clandestine details of the Stevie Stevens story shall assuredly remain hidden to most. And yet, the identity of the true perpetrators is well known, as well as their carefully coded messages.

But, only to those with the eyes to see and the ears to hear.

Daring to delve into such sordid details, armed with penetrating insight, enables one to glimpse the very elements of a grand conspiracy, intent on enacting order out of chaos.

Yes, folks, I said it, conspiracy-dreaded word-where between the dark spaces of scorned syllables lurks a hideous monster, lying in wait, poised to devour the most carefully laid vessels of comfortable illusion.Escape to Death - 3D

In the previous installment concerning this subject, I identified the agenda behind these concocted news stories, as well as pointing out the placement of not so well disguised celebrities (Oprah, NFL star Colin Kaepernick), to agitate and induce the public into a specified emotionally invested negative reaction. Unlike most in the conspiracy community however, I took the analysis a step further, pointing out that within the scripted nature of these televised crisis events, lie encoded messages, threads woven into what appears to be a much larger, panoramic quilt.

Could it be that within every news story, every headline, one can observe connecting messages? Taking it even further, could it be these messages are the result of some quantum calculations beyond the comprehensive devising of the actors, public officials, law enforcement and politicians involved?

Could it be, future events are scripted, in order to control mankind’s perception of the past?

With one’s senses properly attuned, it may become increasingly clear mankind is being led down the yellow brick road, towards a predetermined future, away from a past both scripted and reinterpreted, to appease the dictates and timetable of a prevailing elite agenda.siren-011971937

Religious and ideological philosophies aside, could it be, there is some non-human intelligence, or at the very least, some sort of quantum computation source responsible for the creation of this agenda intent on shattering the unity of mankind’s collective soul?

While the expression of these ideas may seem outlandish, or in the parlance of common masses, ‘crazy’, the presence of palpable codes within not only the news media, but pop music, and literature, both high and low brow, admittedly fall beyond the scope of mere coincidence.

But, could it be, the kernel of this idea is purposely distorted by paid conspiracy shills in the alternative media?

Cognizant the devil is in the details, could it be, the real messages being conveyed are not within the numerology, not within the translation of numbers into letters, but within the letters themselves, in the form of cross-referencing anagrams?

Could it be this is why human history seems to repeat itself?

Well folks, you decide!



Turning attentions to international geopolitics, the media sorcerers are once again winding up the propaganda machines. This time, rather than the manufactured threats of ISIS, or Syria, it is now North Korea providing the clear and present danger. Since the demise of the late Kim Jong Ill, the media sorcerers have done their best to build up his successor as some sort of missile wielding madman.

Assuredly, this cartoon character, as much of a puppet of the international Crown Temple banking establishment as his Western counterparts, both in the US and Europe, poses no more of a threat to global stability than Wile E. Coyote posed any semblance of danger to the Roadrunner.

All countries are corporations, owned and operated under terms and conditions set down in documents that history books call ‘treaties’, which detail nothing more than the results of negotiations between esquires, or attorneys, representing the Crown Temple bank in the city of London. War is merely a cover story, a manufactured myth composed by the hired scribes of the same elite banking families that have controlled this planet since the days of ancient Egypt and Rome.


The concept of war is nothing more than controlled demolition and strategic population relocation. The world has been governed under the auspices of global governance for several decades, if not significantly longer.

Kim Jong-un, is a well-paid actor playing out his scripted role of saber rattler on the world stage.

Global conflicts, or the threat of global scale conflagrations, are merely exercises in staged theater. This is continually done to justify the existence of the UN governing body established in 1948, simultaneous with the establishment of the nation of Israel, which exists as a subsidiary banking haven of the Crown Temple in London, much like the ‘nation of Switzerland’.

All major media publications, including Time Magazine, have written ridiculously speculative exposes on how the leader of the new regime in the Far East, derives pleasure from watching missile launches from the comfort of his palace terrace.

escape-to-death_banner107121st CENTURY PEARL HARBOR

You heard it here, first.

Expect a false flag, 9/11-like event, to occur off the West coast, somewhere either near Puget Sound, or performed near the Hawaiian islands, involving some rogue submarine missile attack.

North Korea will be blamed.

This will begin what will be billed by the Western media sorcerers as Word War Three.

But, don’t believe it.

Because, just like Sandy Hook, the Boston bombing, 9/11,  it will be just another grandly produced, Hollywood styled manufactured HOAX!

Like all world leaders, Jong-un is merely an actor, playing out his role on the world stage. Really folks, do you actually believe the international banking community, owning the corporation known as North Korea, would entrust some Crispy Cream devouring clown in making any executive decisions? Or, is it more likely, he is nothing more than some Hollywood styled boogeyman, purposely designed to scare and stir the West into froth mouthed, war-like bluster? Unless, one still swallows the CIA inspired CNN promulgated propaganda whole, then the latter is the most likely conclusion arrived at by anyone in the West with a modicum of brain cells still functioning properly.

In order to more greatly illuminate comprehension of the aforementioned concepts, perhaps the following explanation will aid in elucidating the grand global scenario.

Since countries are nothing more than corporate structures, it is logical to assume these corporate entities have stockholders. These stockholders also have vested interests in multi-national contractors searching to maximize quarterly profits in new markets, in this case, the Far East, where both human and natural resources can be exploited. In the case of North Korea specifically, it is human resources these stockholders are looking to take advantage. The concept of war, facilitated by Western media propaganda, acts as merely a grand cover for their hostile takeover of new and emerging industrial markets. What better method of operation to achieve such goals than to install a CIA trained puppet who will allow Western bankers and their corporate minions free reign?

conspiracy-stephen perkins-thriller-fiction-sandy hook-9/11-Boston bombing--black magic
Raging Falcon is it conspiracy or fiction?

Enter Kim Jong-un, a man interested only in the petty egotistical satisfaction from being hailed as a demigod, adored and worshiped by the masses of North Korean people.

In order to facilitate this grand agenda of global industrial and economic monopoly, decrepit infrastructures in the Far East and North Korea, must be demolished in lieu of more modern structures capable of supporting the needs of 21st century industrial production. This formula has been repeatedly utilized, in Cuba, South America, Africa, and now the Far East, the latter a hotbed of both human and natural resources, ripe for profitable exploitation.

However, bankers know, that in order to best maximize profits in any fresh business venture, one must never invest their own assets or capital. Meaning, it is the citizens of the West, both in America and Europe, who will be fleeced for their hard earned tax dollars, not only for the building of the new infrastructures in Asia, but also the maintenance of those infrastructures, long after they’ve been erected.

In order for this financial coup to be justified in the minds of the people, a systematic program of ‘war’ propaganda must be employed, building up a portly young actor complete with outlandish coif, to appear as ruthless, bloodthirsty, nuclear missile wielding dictator. Push the American people’s fear button, with tall tales of nuclear missiles in the hands of yet another CIA handled stooge, and sure enough, military intervention in yet another country most Americans cant’t find on a world Rand McNally is not only imminent, but heartily cheered.

Sound familiar?


Didn’t CNN, and other major American networks, promulgate bald face lies of Saddam Hussein’s ‘weapons of mass destruction’, that at any time, madman Saddam could push the nuclear button and America would disappear into a ‘mushroom cloud’?

Will you fall for it again, folks?

Well, I’ve never been known as a gambling man, but I’d put favorite odds on a majority of the American populace falling for the same shopworn gambit once again, and again, and again…..

All in the Game: NFL Fixed or Legit? (Part V)

All in the Game: NFL Fixed or Legit? (Part V)

Many who happen to visit this blog may be uncomfortable with the occult concepts discussed.

But Shakespeare was correct, the world is indeed, a stage.

The major news stories presented to the public are nothing more than staged theater, the result of media sorcerers casting spells, modern technology representing their magic wand. Believe it or not, the NFL, as America’s most popular sports entertainment, falls under this peculiar rubric. Beyond the entertainment factor and the acquisition of billions in profits, America’s game exists for a distinct social purpose. This however, may escape the notice, or consideration of the average sports fan. In previous installments of this series of blog posts, I outlined the NFL’s dubious history, its myriad connections with not only organized crime, but it’s ongoing clandestine relationship with the Las Vegas gaming industry.

Some of it’s most renowned players have become household names, some even hoisted to the level of mythological and providential status, cults of personality transcending the parameters of the game itself. Here, one shall attempt to delve into the latter concept in order to examine it’s societal significance. Out of all the thousands of world class athletes donning NFL uniforms, why are some illuminated by the limelight, while others, just as arguably talented, pass into almost total obscurity? The answers one shall attempt to provide, shall not be expected, and as usual, considered to be unconventional, and even, by most, assuredly outlandish.

It turns out, the numbers stitched on your favorite players jersey, have more than an identifying purpose. As one shall soon observe, the elites who own the media, the banks, the US government, and yes, even the NFL, script your reality by the numbers, utilizing numerology codes.

Be that as it may, one must recognize the very man credited as the founding father of professional football, Alonzo Stagg, was himself a high degree mason. Professional football as a mass spectator sport, ostensibly represents not just a popular entertainment vehicle, but a well defined social purpose, in providing heroes to be held up as models of accepted social behavior, and in addition, a segregating microcosm of tribal warfare. The latter concept is part and parcel of how the elites maintain their hegemony over a divided, distracted, and ultimately conquered mass populace.

In previous posts, I discussed the economic structure of the NFL business model, of how the NFL’s 32 franchises, due to revenue sharing and collective bargaining, are not individual businesses, but represent a collective and monolithic entity. Player contracts explicitly stipulate the terms and conditions are not guaranteed. Therefore, no matter the stature in terms of fan popularity, these men are essentially performing slaves of their ownership masters, albeit well paid slaves.

Whether Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, Tim Tebow, all must adhere to the strict terms and conditions stipulated in their contracts, or risk the unceremonious end to their lucrative careers. In essence, rebellion risks forfeiting material wealth, applause, and worshipful mass acclaim.

Human nature being what it is, odds are that most, if not all, choose to toe the line set forth by the owners, most of whom are high degree masons, powerful men dialed in with even more powerful political connections. The players are merely their puppets, business assets managed as a side amusement, much like the impresario’s lording over the gladiator’s during the era of ancient Rome.

conspiracy-stephen perkins-thriller-fiction-sandy hook-9/11-Boston bombing--black magic
Raging Falcon is it conspiracy or fiction?


This topic is bound to be controversial. And yet, one must set aside inherent emotionalism, and observe anew with both eyes and mind wide open. All owners of NFL franchises, belong to high degree masonic orders, attend the same lodges, hob nob at the same exclusive country clubs and restaurants, and can be found traveling in the same glittering social circles along with politicians, television executives, and high level government officials. Politics and professional sports, specifically the NFL, have always shared mutual self-interests, making for the best of conspiratorial bedfellows. So it is with the case of Aaron Hernandez, the former New England Patriots star tight end, indicted, and summarily convicted and sentenced to life imprisonment for murder. However, it is unlikely Hernandez ever spent one day in any state penitentiary.

Why, you may ask? Because, like the O. J. Simpson media circus, this was a staged media hoax, of the tabloid sort the media sorcerers can always rely in garnering maximum advertising revenue and to generate political distraction, with a dash of prurient interest thrown in for good measure. In a perverse fashion, stories such as this also serve as a marketing vehicle for the NFL, in that sports talk radio becomes deluged with clueless sports fans yammering over whatever nonsense talking points happen to be thrown out by the talk hosts, brain dead ex-jock ESPN analysts, and their respective media television executives. Rest assured, so long as millions have attentions centered on the juiciest and sexiest details of some concocted tale involving one suicidal NFL gladiator, no attention whatsoever will be paid to the clandestine shenanigans of the ruling elites and their sock puppet politicians. One must realize; therefore, professional sports is merely scripted theater.


One may be familiar with the concept heralded by the media known as the ’27 club’. This description has normally been applied to dead pop stars such as Jim Morrison, Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, and most recently, Curt Cobain and British pop warbler Amy Winehouse. The number 27 is masonic code for double seven, or the ‘G’ set in the middle of the masonic square and compass. In the case of 27 year old Aaron Hernandez, we have the double 7 in combination with the manner of his reported suicide, which was death by hanging, or the masonic hang man, which also represents the number 7, equaling triple 7, or 777= ‘black jack’. The death by hanging is a reference to a story of masonic lore going back to early nineteenth century Europe. In Spain, during the inquisition, Ferdinand VII rounded up and executed several accepted and free masons, one of whom, Riego, the Hampden of Spain, was jeered by the royal hangman before he was fatally strangled: “I got you, you Freemason, you shall pay for all you have done!”

That’s right folks, the elite high degree masons in control of your scripted media reality are letting you know you’ve been hoaxed again! In addition, we have the number stitched on Hernandez New England Patriot’s jersey, 81, the reverse of which is 18 (masonic law of reversal or reflection) = 666, or the biblical number of man. Six added to seven and we get 13, which represents the capstone attached to the masonic pyramid pictured on your one dollar bill. One of the most renowned of all Freemasons, responsible for the composition of several noted Freemason texts, Manly Hall, said this about the masonic use of numerology (specifically 11/7/or 777):  “The creation myths of the world are ‘acroamatic cryptograms’, and the deities of the various pantheons are only cryptic characters which, if properly understood, become the constituents of a divine alphabet and number system.”

In other words, our scripted reality is a geometric construct, based upon the divine alphabet, or PI, the system of mathematics used to build the great pyramid at Giza.

The masons who own and operate the NFL are all about making myths, myths which they hope you will wholeheartedly believe. But, folks, don’t waste your time believing them for one moment!


In the last installment concerning the subject of NASA, we left off examining the occult origins of this hallowed ‘space agency’. It is continually amazing, how many news pundits, and the general pubic included, never seem to question any ‘scientific’ findings coming from the spokespersons hired to seed and spread what amounts to political and quasi-religious propaganda. For example, the latest announcement from NASA ‘scientists’ claiming to have discovered far away planets, of which they admit only ‘cosmic shadows’ can be seen, where there may exist traces of the building blocks of ‘intelligent life’, seems to have been generally accepted without question.

And yet, the pictures of such ‘discoveries’ resemble nothing more than what appears to be badly photo shopped and artistically rendered representations.

How does this square with the idea NASA freely admits the Hubble Space telescope was launched into improper and insufficient orbit to begin with, that in fact, with ongoing technical difficulties, NASA officials have repeatedly admitted the multi-billion dollar equipment does not, or has never, amidst an environment filled with space debris, destructive meteorites, lethal sun cycles, worked properly?

conspiracy-stephen perkins-thriller-fiction-sandy hook-9/11-Boston bombing--black magic
Raging Falcon is it conspiracy or fiction?

Is all this merely a product of grandest imagination, does this represent some sort of occult alchemy, or black magic spell involved here?

Could it be, NASA has, all this time, merely been launching rockets that go on to fly on a trajectory out of camera view in a faraway arc, crashing into the ocean, the wreckage later to be recovered by Navy salvage teams sworn to top secrecy?

Could it be, that it is only through the magic of colorful, but concocted television images, accompanied by assiduously placed propaganda from the mouths of those perceived to be scientific authority figures, the public, for several generations now, has been psychologically seduced into believing the grand ideas of moon missions and interstellar space travel?

Now, I know, the initial reactions of those reading this may amount to a spate of scoffing: “Come off it pal! Now, you’re just going too far with your conspiracy theories!”

But, please reconsider.  Is this really beyond the realm of mere speculation?

Just consider, could these announcements made by ‘scientists’, in fact amount to nothing more than political and social propaganda, representing the programming of the masses through the performances of what amount to nothing more than high degree masonic rituals?

The following story, delving into NASA’s dubious inception, may just serve to change your mind as to the accuracy and credibility of NASA’s so-called scientific announcements and space missions.


Many are familiar with Alistair Crowley’s reputation as a leading occultist, but many more may not be familiar with his intimate relationship with some of the leading founders of NASA, including rocket scientists Werner Von Braun and Jack Parsons. In truth, Crowley was an agent of MI6, Her Majesty’s Secret Service.

Though one will never encounter this information in American public school history books, Crowley was hired by the agency, before the first world war, to concoct media propaganda later seeded into American newspapers owned by William Randolph Hearst, in order to persuade the American public to forego it’s geopolitical isolationist policies and support US involvement in European entanglements.

In other words, Crowley began his intelligence career as a war propagandist.

Conspiracy theorists center on Crowley’s reputation as the ‘Great Beast’, or the wickedest man alive during the twentieth century. In truth, given that international bankers and industrialists fund and control all Western intelligence agencies, and the composition of all historical materials, all this fantastical occult mumbo-jumbo surrounding the story of Alistair Crowley, merely exists as a cover story for the masses, historically and easily seduced by romantic notions and sheer emotionalism, to consume like so much tasty ice cream.

Before the beginning of his career as an MI6 counter-intelligence agent, Crowley’s family had powerful connections with such notable figures in British pre-war history as Lord Salisbury and Robert Cecil, whose own family had been head of British intelligence for over four-hundred years.

Fast forward to the 1940’s, and one will observe the Rothschild and Rockefeller international bankers and their major industrialist cohorts exhorting the need for an American intelligence agency, styled upon the premise of its British predecessor.

Thus, was born CIA.

supernatural-alien invasion-homicidal madness-politics-
humid Hollywood night. Beltane, the witches holiday was breaking, and death was the only escape from danger.

It was then, Crowley became involved with a young rocket scientist named Jack Parsons. Through documents procured through FOIA (Freedom of Information), it is readily observable, the germ of the idea for an American ‘space program’ and the establishment of NASA, and its accompanying agency JPL (Jet propulsion labs), had been seeded long before its inception, and long before presidential puppet JFK made his historic ‘moon’ speech in the early 1960’s.

In order to induce a sense of awe and wonder at the possibility of interstellar space travel in the minds of not only the American public, but the world at large, the services of science fiction writers like Arthur C. Clarke and L. Ron Hubbard, himself a trained agent of ONI, or American naval intelligence, were robustly recruited, to amplify the respective counter-intelligence and rocketry expertise of Crowley and Parsons. It is no happenstance, the alien crash psychological operation known as Roswell, and the inception of the American intelligence agency known as CIA coincided in 1947.

Think about it folks, what better way to seduce the slumbering propensities of pubic imagination into considering the fantastical idea of interstellar space travel, than to stage an alien crash landing in Rosewell, New Mexico?

It is also no coincidence, subsequent to this operation, that all of the aforementioned individuals greatly benefited from their involvement in the Roswell operation. Hubbard went on to found the infamous and financially successful front for international freemasonry known as the Church of Scientology; while Clarke, previously working in literary obscurity, was granted prestigious awards and best seller status for his science fiction novels. Parsons efforts would echo into posterity with the establishment of the multi-billion dollar industry that now bears the initials of his name-JPL.

In summary, NASA is nothing more than a public relations agency staging psychological operations to shape public perceptions regarding the reality of the universe and mankind’s place in it, perceptions convenient to the ongoing hegemony of NASA’s banking and industrial masters.

Featured Image -- 5555Featured Image -- 5316


The Neutral Buoyancy Laboratory is an astronaut training facility operated by NASA and located at Sonny Carter Training Facility, in Houston, Texas. The NBL consists of a large indoor pool of water, in which astronauts may perform simulated EVA tasks in preparation for upcoming missions. Turns out, those missions never leave the ground, folks! Trainees wear suits designed to simulate the microgravity experienced during spaceflight. Per NASA’s own statistics, the NBL contains over 62 gallons of water, into which is submerged full-scale mock-ups of international space station modules and payloads, as well as visiting vehicles such as the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency HTV, and European Space Agency ATV, the Space X dragon, and the Orbital Sciences Corporation Cygnus.

There was a mock-up of the Shuttle, but due to that programs recent demise, it has since been removed.

Now, I ask you, folks, would it not be cheaper, efficient, and more profitable, for NASA to photograph and film fake space walks and missions, rather than taking significant risk attempting the real thing?

Would it not be possible, a relatively simple matter, to film against a green screen or blacked out pool wall? Given consideration of all the facts, one could conceivably conclude, it is not only entirely possible, but probable.



When encountering the information supplied from this blog, one must, at times, learn to bear with me. In the last installments, I discussed concepts perhaps unfamiliar, even alien to the consideration of most.

Here, one shall be asked to consider yet another.

What if, the truth of our political reality, apart from conditioned, accepted conventions and ideologies, were readily visible, and yet remained hidden, locked just beyond the door’s of human perception, hidden in the most unexpected places?


Yes, but, because everything is perceived within the confines of an established duality; good vs. evil, Democrat vs. Republican, Communism vs. Democracy, Coke vs. Pepsi, human perceptions are often lead in either of those two directions.

And yet, those perceptions are not always what they appear.


Well, look at it this way. Most are familiar with the often repeated adage: “Truth is stranger than fiction.”

In the last few installments offered from this blog, I proposed the concept of coded news stories, esoteric numerology codes woven together to create an ongoing mythological narrative transmitted to the human subconscious.

Now, as they say, for something completely different.



The meaning of the word occult, admittedly, carries it with it a rather sinister connotation. To many, particularly to those followers of the world’s major established religions, the word may imply an allegiance to an evil anthropomorphic deity of one kind or another. In truth, occult means nothing other than something that has been hidden from plain view. Many of the conspiracy theorists operating on You Tube, or elsewhere on the internet, namely, Alex Jones, David Icke, will tell you there is a new world order being brought about, to be realized at some undefined, future date.

But, what if, that idea were found to be misguided disinformation, or even erroneous? What if, as discussed in my previous blog series, How Crown Temple rules America (parts I-III), this heralded new world order has always existed, and has been hidden from view?

What if this fact has been hidden all along, and yet broadcast in plain view, but broadcast from sources one would normally consider frivolous entertainment; banal cinematic trifles with a built in obsolescence, to be consumed along with boxes of popcorn, then soon discarded? Although the idea may seem absurd, what if the elites, who own all media, were broadcasting the truth of global governance, not through the televised nightly news or daily newspapers, where one has been conditioned to expect the ‘truth’ delivered prepackaged, but through sources a lot less obvious-Hollywood movies, for example?

The key to understanding the elite maintenance of human mass perception through channels of the modern media, lies in the comprehension of the concept of duality; that lies are presented as truth, and vice versa-reality presented as mirror reflections.

This is the secret in understanding elite methods of operation, and the magic sleight of hand utilized by their media sorcerers. While one has been conditioned to believe magic represents some Harry Potter-like notion of spells, wands, and incantations, the true sorcerers tools exist right in your own homes, and in your own neighborhoods at the local movie cinemas.

Not to belabor the point, but put yet another way, the truth is purposely placed, not in academic or respected journals, not spoken by professors, priests, politicians, or pundits, but obscured in plain ocular view, where it’s discovery is least expected.

escape-to-death_banner1071HOLLYWOOD: SORCERER’S LAIR

Hollywood, the world’s entertainment capital, appropriately enough, is named after the wood of the Holly tree. Historic lore, recorded from the medieval period of human history, documents the bark of the Holly tree was fashioned to make magic wands later used in the casting of spells. Suppose for a moment, what is observed on the silver screen, though perceived as wholly fictional, may in fact be delivering the truth, truth the elites know will be dismissed as fiction?


Science fiction movies, particularly those of the dystopian variety, have always represented a popular public entertainment staple. Most recently, such examples as Divergent, Hunger Games, and others, have come to represent cautionary tales of an impending future of dreary doom and gloom for mankind, suffering under the boot of oppressive or tyrannical governments. Such stories always feature a hero, or heroine, who not only manages to survive the prevailing oppression, but somehow manages to transcend it, through the act of some heroic deed or other.

While many would consider such latter day films as the best examples of their particular genre, I would suggest one better, or perhaps more prescient.

Going all the way back to 1975’s Rollerball, starring James Caan cast as the avenging hero, along with John Houseman, cast as his villainous foil, one observes a most revealing scene right at the beginning of the film. The premise for the setting of the film takes place in a dystopian society in the year 2018. This dystopian world, where problems of poverty, sickness, racial and national strife have been eliminated, is overseen by a handful of corporate bureaucrats, governing a global population that has, for all intents and purposes, chosen to sacrifice old ideas of individual liberty and even personal decision making, in lieu of possessing the privileges of opulent material comforts.

The game of Rollerball, serving as the main global entertainment, has been created for purposes of mass social conditioning, to convey the idea that individual initiative, or decision making, is in fact futile. When the ruling corporation becomes fearful ‘Jonathan E’, Caan’s character, has become too popular with the people and represents a possible threat to their global hegemony, he is asked to retire:

“You must understand, Jonathon, the game serves a social purpose,” Houseman’s character convey’s. “Nations are bankrupt-gone-there is no longer any tribal warfare, even corporate wars are a thing of the past. Now, we have the majors, executives responsible for the distribution of transport, food, communication, housing, few of us, making decisions on a global level.”


Another pertinent example from the world of cinema, although not presented in the guise of science fiction, is no less prescient. In 2000’s academy award winning spectacle Gladiator, starring Russel Crowe as the gladiatorial hero who defied an emperor, there is this scene, with two senators sitting in the Roman forum, commenting on the imperial games: “I think the emperor knows what Rome is-Rome is the mob. Fear and wonder are a powerful combination,” says Senator Graccus, played by British actor Derek Jacobi. “Conjure magic for them, and you can take away their freedom. The beating heart of Rome is not in the Senate, but it is the sand of the Coliseum-he will bring them death-and they will love him for it!”

Now, forgetting for a moment these words have come from mere actors, read these words from former President Jimmy Carter, then square it with the above quotes:

“In a nation once proud of hard work, strong families, close-knit communities, and our faith in God, too many of us now tend to worship self-indulgence and consumption. Human identity is no longer defined by what one does, but by what one owns. Perhaps it is time for a selfless global society to emerge, in order to restore purpose to empty lives who’ve learned piling up material goods cannot make up for that which lacks enterprise or purpose.”

To some, the comparisons may seem to be a stretch and cannot be reconciled. But, just take a moment, and try and think about it.

Tell me folks, what do you think?



If you’ve been following this blog lately, one may get the sense all things connect.

News stories proffered by the media sorcerers, are not only coded with masonic numerology and iconography, but represent a metaphysical quilt woven within the human mass subconscious.

The purpose of the media goes well beyond concepts of entertainment, distraction, and a source of advertising revenue.

The masses are being programmed, mass perceptions and behaviors conditioned towards an agenda, the ultimate significance of which, may seem inscrutable to prevailing pale reason.

Every news story in your local periodical, televised news cast, magazine, including popular music broadcast on the radio airwaves, or even stories told from the pages of popular supermarket paperback publications, each represent a minute stitch, one lone thread, when examined closely, reveal a collective and vast panorama.

escape-to-death_banner1071DIVIDE AND CONQUER

As a paramount method of ultimate control, the elites have always sought to divide the masses along social, economic, class, and in the case of the engineered news story of random homicide involving the fictional character Stevie Stevens, racial lines.

The agenda on display is this: to divide America by publicizing the possible violent confrontations of a contrived scenario between alternative right wing Trump supporters and the phony CIA sponsored Black Lives Matter. This, I believe, was also behind the impetus for the psychological operation performed here, in my hometown, three years ago, with the Colleen Ritzer hoax, the young teacher allegedly murdered by a young African-American student (see The terrorists are here at home parts I-III).

What is so significant about this particular story, it is unusually loaded, with not only numerology codes, but deeply symbolic gestures. Though such details may entirely escape recognition in the public’s conscious mind, the message nonetheless burrows deep in the subconscious, awaiting the right trigger to bring the desired programmed emotional response forward. In this way, the elites are able to transform human consciousness and social behavior patterns.

In other words, the public is being trained like Pavlov’s drooling dogs.

Most alternative media ‘truthers’ will only point out the superficial nature of the numerology inherent in these stories, pointing out only the translations of letters into numbers. But, here, we shall take the concept much further, and dare to point out the esoteric messages subconsciously purveyed. This encoding, represents musical stanzas, measures of notes, movements in a grand symphony composed long ago, and is still being written today, the composers of which, may be non-human entities. Due to the nature of recognizable numerology codes, it is possible to speculate, all major hoax events, Sandy Hook, Boston bombing, 9/11, etc, etc, are in fact linked.

If one pays close attention to the details of the initial CNN reports concerning Stevie Stevens, the typical numerology codes become readily visible.

Since this has been well covered before in other posts, one will not belabor that aspect here.

There are, however, deeper components of this story of greater, and more intriguing interest.

Warning: You may find the following revelations stunning!

On the replay of Steven’s phone conversation, immediately proceeding the murder of seventy-four-year old Robert Godwin, he claims to have disgraced ‘Zeta Omega’.


This is a direct reference to a chapter of an international, masonic based fraternity, Omega Psi Phi, established on the campus of Howard University on November, 23, 1911, by Amos Love, James Cooper, and Frank Coleman. All were high degree masons, members of the order of the mystic shrine, or Shriner’s. Howard University has, since its inception, been a hot bed for CIA and intelligence activities, and is also linked to the phony intelligence created controlled opposition group Black Lives Matter. The date of the organization’s inception is coded: 23, or two three’s=33 (highest degree of Scottish Rite Freemasonry).

conspiracy-stephen perkins-thriller-fiction-sandy hook-9/11-Boston bombing--black magic
Raging Falcon is it conspiracy or fiction?

Rockmond Dunbar

All participants in these televised hoaxes are actors. In this particular case, the media sorcerers used an actor with a verifiable, professional resume.

Stevie Stevens has been identified as actor/rapper Rockmond Dunbar. Dunbar has starred in, and produced, such films as Soul Food (2000), Prison Break and Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (both released in 2005). One will discover when investigating Dunbar’s resume, the 8X10 still photographs appear older than the Stevie Stevens character (committed suicide at 37, or three 7’s=black jack, you’ve been hoaxed!). This is the key method of deception used in these televised hoaxes broadcast by mainstream media; backdated photos of older people to produce the fictional character simulations.

The footage of the murder broadcast by CNN is actually a composite mixture of CGI and outtakes from one of the movies listed on Dunbar’s resume, Prison Break.

Dunbar has most recently been recording as rapper Chris LeDay.

One shall recall, LeDay appeared in an interview subsequent to the event with known media sorceress Amy Goodman, claiming he had received the video of Godwin’s murder, deciding to upload it online, in the hopes that it would ‘go viral’.

Another interesting tidbit is when Stevens makes mention of Jim Jones, who coincidentally enough, is a fellow rapper signed to the same label as his alter ego, Chris LeDay.

Oh, what a web of deception has been weaved here, folks!

But, wait, the rabbit hole, as they say, goes far deeper.

handsome-wizard-fireball-showing-black-background-49846858Featured Image -- 5549

Colin Kaepernick and Oprah Winfrey

Also subsequent to the Godwin murder, an interview took place with three of Stevens ‘former neighbors’, conducted by CNN’s Anderson Cooper. One is certain, whenever Cooper is involved, there are plenty of lies and deception on display.

In this case, we have more actors involved in the contrived hoax of Stevie Stevens. Turns out, two of these, though disguised, are famous, and, unlike Chris LeDay, possess household names.

Escape to Death - 3DHelped by a friend, expert with various types of computer software wishing to remain publicly anonymous, the still screen shots of this interview have come up with some stunning revelations.

Ear bio-metrics, facial recognition, and video voice print analysis, have revealed two of Stevens three ‘neighbors’ participating in the CNN interview, to be none other than daytime television superstar Oprah Winfrey, accompanied by NFL San Francisco 49er’s star QB Colin Kaepernick.

Take a deep breath after reading that piece of information.

Most of you will no doubt dismiss such seemingly outlandish information out of hand. But, it is clear, the elites and their media sorcerers, have chosen to use celebrity African-Americans, in order to sow the demise of America along racial lines.

The irony here, is so thick, one couldn’t cut it with a sharp saber.

Believe it, folks!


I have a question, America. How much longer are you going to allow armed security thugs to lock down your neighborhoods and continue to terrorize your children?

Maybe, it doesn’t concern you, because you’ve been brainwashed into thinking this is all for the good of the community. One thing is certain, these hoaxes broadcast by the media sorcerers are becoming increasingly more transparent. Those that perused my last post about the American public school system, now know, just how much the elites care about America’s most precious resource. That is to say, they care about molding your children like clay, from the hands of an assiduously applied social regimen. Once again, the American public is presented with an obvious hoax, a grand charade of fake parents and actors posing as public officials, faces alive with duping delight as they blubbered scripted pablum about deaths that never happened.

escape-to-death_banner1071Once again, folks, there was neither death nor terror, only Hollywood style ‘reality’ television spectacle.

The only deaths here are the expiration of brain cells, those millions still believing the government propaganda. Expanding upon the idea expressed in a recent blog post (CIA: Fake terrorists recycled into truthers), there can be no doubt, this plane of existence we have come to know as reality, is not only manipulated, but coded in esoteric, numerical algorithms. The culmination of these scripted and coded events repeatedly broadcast on your television screens, represents the manipulation and transformation of human consciousness and human perception, trapped within this holographic simulation known as ‘reality’.

Now, I know many of you, may consider this idea completely absurd.

“But, how can reality be scripted like a movie,” one might protest. “Don’t I have free will,”  I hear you inquire.

Yes, but if you still believe, whatever is presented to you by the media sorcerers from their scripted twenty-four hour news cycle, then it is fair to say, that power has been greatly compromised, if not completely surrendered.

“Well then, alright there, smart guy,” you may sneer in response. “Can you identify the codes in these new stories, and what they might mean?”

My answer: “Indeed, I can!”


If one observes closely, certain numbers are always utilized by the media sorcerers in scripting these events. This is tantamount to a criminal who always feels compelled to leave behind a signature-some sort of trace, indicating a message from those behind the curtain, recognizable to those with eyes wide open and ears attentively attuned.

Looking at the so-called statistics and timeline of this particular event in San Bernardino, it is possible to decode the signifying numerology. This number system, or code, is based on geometric progressions, progressions that calculate and induce human emotional investment. Every news story, particularly stories like 9/11, Sandy Hook, Boston bombing, and this story, are marked with these numerical codes.

conspiracy-stephen perkins-thriller-fiction-sandy hook-9/11-Boston bombing--black magic
Raging Falcon is it conspiracy or fiction?


All police departments, nationwide, are held in solidarity by membership to an organization called the masons. The often repeated phrase, ‘thin blue line’, is in reference to the solidarity police chiefs and rank and file are sworn upon oath into the local masonic ‘blue’ lodges. These particular lodges are not for the higher degrees, but chiefly contain members belonging to only the first three degrees of the order.

In the grand scheme of global freemasonry, this really doesn’t have much significance, other than those initiated into the third degree, or ‘master masons’, must swear an oath of silence in the presence of fellow accepted initiates. Those sworn into the third degree are made privy to the mythical story of Hiram Abiff, an esoteric tale harboring profound significance. Per masonic lore, Hiram was a master mason, in possession of the keys to the secrets of the order.

When approached by three ruffians, Jubelo, Jubela, and Jubelum, demanding Hiram hand over these secrets upon pain of death, Hiram resolutely refused, thus forfeiting his life, in the form of a savage beating about the head.

The master mason ceremony is a theatrical production, depicting the mythical story of Hiram Abiff.

This ceremony is played out in every masonic blue lodge across the nation, several times per year, every time a new member becomes initiated.


The number thirteen, in terms of freemasonry, is symbolic of this mythical story, the three ruffians and the ‘one’ with the secrets, Hiram Abiff.

Hiram is symbolic of the divine energy,  or providential knowledge, inherent to the collective soul of mankind. The tale is also symbolic of the metaphysical transformation of life, death and rebirth, the transformation of human consciousness.

One shall find all major television executives belonging to high masonic orders.

Essentially, televised Homeland Security drills, sold to the general public as actual crisis events, like the Hiram Abiff ceremony, are designed to transform human consciousness, representing the death of old world perceptions, to be replaced by others symbolic of the arrival of a new age, those more desirable to the ruling elites; order out of chaos.

Featured Image -- 5549Featured Image -- 5992


Numerology has a sacred place in the creed of the high masonic orders. The ancient Greek philosopher and mathematician, Pythagoras, once wrote the true nature of material reality is found in numbers and accompanying symbols. In truth, when it comes to these hoax events, if one knows what to look for, identical numerology codes can always be found within the scripted details of the subsequent news reports. For example, one shall always find certain numbers scattered throughout the reported details.

The story of what allegedly occurred at North Park elementary is no exception.

First off, CNN reported two adults killed by a lone murderer/suicide shooter (which is 1+2, or 21 flipped in the mirror’s refection=3 7’s, or 777: black jack, you’ve been fooled!).

In addition to the two adults, it was reported there were two child casualties, which is 2+2=4, or 22 = master masonic builder, a very exalted position or title within the higher masonic degrees.

And finally, there is the date of the event, 4/10, or 4+10=14, or double 7, representing the G placed in the middle of the masonic square and compass, or the new idea placed in the mind, intended to change human consciousness or perception.

I realize, most of you are probably new to this, and probably consider all of this utter psychobabble.

However, it is important to remember, I am merely the messenger, no different than the news caster on television attempting to bring  you the truth of news of the day.

The only difference is, the ‘truth’ the media sorcerers deliver, is filled with nothing more than a cesspool of rancid lies.

Believe it, folks!



Straight from the mouths of some of America’s most renowned founders of American pubic education, one shall soon observe your children are not being educated, but indoctrinated. The purpose of public school is not to produce the leaders of tomorrow in science, literature, law, the arts, or in any field of human endeavor. Rather, it is a system of social reconstruction, producing obedient workers and middle managers, willing and dedicated tax payers. In essence, public school churns out slaves to the prevailing economic  and social system, designed and maintained by the multi-national bankers, the true owners and operators of the American corporation.

conspiracy-stephen perkins-thriller-fiction-sandy hook-9/11-Boston bombing--black magic
Raging Falcon is it conspiracy or fiction?

Normally, one has to perform difficult research to dig out the truth.

In this case, it is gratifying indeed, to discover proving one’s premise a relatively simple matter, especially considering there exist numerous public accounts, published sources articulating the elite’s general game plan in establishing the American public school system.

Let us begin, with a quotation recorded in 1910 from John D. Rockefeller, chairman of the first foundation to establish America’s public schools, made during his address to a delegation of American educators, gathered in New York City.

Yes, there they are again folks, the ubiquitous Rockefeller’s, shaping the minds of future generations to their molding hands.

“The task we set before ourselves is a simple one…we shall organize our children…and teach them to do in a perfect way what their fathers and mothers our doing in an imperfect way. We don’t want our schools to produce statesmen, preachers, artists or painters, of which we already have an ample supply!”

escape-to-death_banner1071JOHN DEWEY

One Rockefeller cohort was John Dewey, a psychologist and Fabian socialist, who came to be known as the ‘father of American progressive education’. As one shall observe, nothing about Dewey’s philosophy reflected anything resembling a progressive mindset. Dewey was a student of William Wundt, who believed a new social order could be fashioned through an educational system based upon a stimulus-response approach, much like what took place during Pavlov’s experiments with laboratory animals.

“I believe,” Dewey once said, “that education is a regulation of the process of coming to share in the social consciousness and that the adjustment of the individual activity on the basis of this social consciousness is the only sure method of social reconstruction.” Dewey’s sentiments were further underscored by H.H. Cadard, chairman of the psychology department at Princeton University.

“Plans are underway,” stated Cadard, ” to replace church, community, and family with an educational system based on mass media propaganda…people of the proletariat are merely little plastic pieces of dough.”

Well, folks, that about spells it out, doesn’t it?

Perhaps, this is why children are more apt to become enamored with Miley Cyrus and Jay-Z, rather than Mozart and J.S. Bach.

Cadard was further quoted in John Taylor Gatto’s ‘A short angry history of American forced schooling’: “Standardized testing would cause the lower classes to confront their biological inferiority, sort of like wearing a dunce cap, in that this would discourage reproduction of ants working on the ant hill.”


How about that folks, one of the founding fathers of American pubic schools referring to your children as insects-nice, huh?

Have pubic schools failed? On the contrary, they have succeeded in their mission, beyond even the grand visions of its heralded founders.

Latest statistics cited by major American periodicals, such as the New York and Los Angeles Times, have estimated over fifty percent of American adults cannot read and comprehend beyond a fifth grade level. More tragically, Fortune Five Hundred companies have discovered many entry level job candidates, carrying University degrees are, in fact, functionally illiterate.

Featured Image -- 5555Featured Image -- 5549Featured Image -- 5316

If one was wondering why public schools are appearing to fail, it is because they were designed to do so. The federalized and compulsory public school indoctrination system is not designed to enhance children’s inherent cognitive and intuitive abilities, but destroy them, in lieu of a standardized and regimented mentality. A diploma from public school, not only ensures it’s graduates will not question the edicts of an intransigent public school staff, but will also not feel compelled to challenge pubic officials or politicians, promulgating absurd notions of bomb and gun wielding terrorists, ‘rogue states’ in possession of ‘weapons of mass destruction’, or steel girders of tall buildings magically melted by the insufficient heat generated from ignited jet fuel on 9/11/2001.

The choice is yours.

If, one truly still believes children are America’s most precious resource, it may not be too late in standing tall against the scourge of oppressive tyranny.

Perhaps, you will choose to act.

Maybe, concerned parents, will no longer feel content to sit idly by while the American public system they have entrusted with their children’s futures, remains intent on squandering it. Will you fight, to ensure your children are no longer systematically transformed into the followers of today, rather than the leaders of tomorrow?



For many, the following will represent a journey into the twilight zone.

Far be it for me, to spoil the serene enjoyments of the Easter holiday.

But, one thought, recently occurred to me.


What if, this three dimensional reality humanity perceives as solid, is nothing more than a holographic and artificial construct made of light? Certainly, I am not the first to conceive or consider such an idea. Far greater minds, the cutting edge scientist Nicola Tesla, for one, have previously delved into this as a possibility in explaining the complexities of human existence on this material plane.

I’m certain, rather than taking the time to genuinely consider what may seem a fantastic notion, many shall dismiss out of hand. What I’m suggesting, goes far beyond a critique of the corruption of governments, or the passive nature of the masses merely existing on a survival basis from day to day.

It goes right to the very heart of how humans perceive reality itself.

With the creation of the Sandy Hook, Boston bombing, and other hoax events sold to the public as real crisis, the word is in the midst of observing, within a post-modern context, the alteration of human consciousness itself. CIA’s formulated ‘War on Terror’ does not consist of physical terrorists creating actual mayhem in the physical word. Rather, the nature of this war, is not physical, but psychological; the purpose of which is to effect profound change upon the human mind. Further research indicates there may exist corroboration for such a seemingly outlandish idea.

escape-to-death_banner1071THE NAG HAMMADI (Gnostic texts)

What if, the grand purpose of these hoaxed events, as written in the Nag Hammadi, is ‘to shatter the vessels of human consciousness’, only to be transformed, or reordered? This is the essence of how ideas are implanted and filtered through the subconscious to the conscious mind; ideas which, when triggered by events perceived to be actual in the material world, are capable of perceptibly altering human social behaviors and interactions.

If, through the media, the elites can manipulate subconscious fears, and cause the world’s masses to believe the problem of ‘terrorism’ is too large of a burden for sovereign, national governments to stanch the tide of violent mayhem, the idea, or necessity, for the emergence of a global governing structure, becomes all the more palpable in the conscious mind of the public.

More controversial still, would it be prudent at this juncture, to consider the agenda of the elites, is not of their own devising?

Could it be, they are carrying out the bidding of non-human entities?

The aforementioned text, Nag Hammadi, suggests the existence of Archons, non-human entities attempting to manipulate and misdirect both the collective consciousness and soul of mankind, for their own ends. The text explains how these beings, in order to better manipulate and gain complete dominion over the free will of the human collective soul, created this artificial, three dimensional prison; a holographic reality, if you will. While trapped here, what was once collective spirit, shattered into individual units, enclosed within carbon based flesh, mankind now exists as perpetually divided, and thus more easily conquered. From this state of divisive affairs, the human collective soul can be easily reshaped, back into whatever formulation so desired by the Archons.

In essence, order out of chaos!

Featured Image -- 7438I speculate, this is what the culmination of the trans-humanism movement is all about; a merging of human consciousness with that of artificial intelligence.

Though this explains one level of the media manipulation, there may be yet another escaping public cognizance. However, is it possible, some of those physical characters, or actors, sold to the public as ‘terrorists’, are being re-branded as leaders of the internet ‘truth’ movement? Improbable though it may seem, it is nonetheless important to remember, the so-called alternative media, is no more legitimate in purveying the truth than the sorcerers of the mainstream media. In truth, they are selling the same product. The differences are only in the packaging.


Some years ago, a popular figure emerged on You Tube, known to many in the truth movement as Zachary K. Hubbard. Hubbard proffers to his followers the science or art of numerology (number codes implanted into news stories), as an alternative method of interpreting current events presented through the media. Intriguingly, Hubbard’s video productions claim the nature of reality as presented by the media is ‘scripted by the numbers’. Indeed, by now, anyone seeking the truth as to what is occurring all around us, recognizes the repeated use of certain numbers into major news stories as verifiable fact, leading well beyond the bounds of mere coincidence.

However, this is all part of the grand game.

While presenting a kernel of truth in his presentations, Hubbard surrounds that truth with reams of disinformation. Much like Alex Jones, David Icke, and Jordan Maxwell, they assiduously guide one down the primrose path of truth, leading only to a diverting fork in the road.

In addition, there is this rather curious, if not stunning discovery.

In perusing pictures of Dhozar Tsnaraev, the alleged Boston bomber, one noticed similar facial similarities with this eminent figure in the ‘truth community’. Upon further analysis, both with facial recognition and ear bio-metrics, this hypothetical notion became increasingly evident.

Not only did each software analysis of copious photographs (performed by a friend expert in such matters), reveal the internet ‘truther’ Zachary K. Hubbard’s identity to be fraudulent, but more than conclusively revealed, alleged Boston Bomber Dhozar Tsnaraev, and Hubbard, are in fact, one and the same.

This conclusively demonstrates the accuracy of the hypothetical notion I have expressed with great consistency.

CIA, in order for the integrity of their psychological operations to remain air tight, utilize and repeatedly recycle the same actors. Beyond shadow of doubt, backdated photos of Zachary K. Hubbard were used to convincingly create the character known as Dhozar Tsnaraev. Keep in mind, the emergence of Hubbard as a full blown star of the internet truth movement, coincides with the 2012 time period subsequent to the Boston bombing event.

Scoff if you must, but the manipulations presented by the sorcerers composing the six and eleven o’clock news casts, may go a great deal deeper than initially realized.siren-011971937