One of the primary functions of the media sorcerers is to sell you myths. They are constantly satisfied  to sell you on the idea of the need for government security, and further still, selling the concept of representative democracy. It is important to remember too, that the idea of achieving the so-called “American Dream” is itself an illusion. This is created precisely to keep you focused on material acquisition, to keep you believing in the absurd notion that one can “succeed” and come out a winner when the game is hopelessly rigged. And yet, this is the false notion that keeps the debt based economic house of cards from falling right before our very eyes.

From time immemorial, humans have been tricked into believing in the notion they have to be “governed,” that they are not discerning enough, or intelligent enough to manage their own affairs, economic or social, that we must be subject to the whim and caprices of a ruling class filled with psychopathic control freaks, intent on controlling every minute aspect of one’s life while here on earth.

Tens of millions and more, despite evidence to the contrary, continue to believe if they vote for the right candidate, things just might transform somehow in their favor, that somehow they might acquire prospects for a better job, that their mundane lives might somehow become magically transformed. But why work for someone else and be defined by artificial parameters, when if only the masses would start believing in themselves, rather than looking to gods, gurus, or politicians to solve problems, it is only then the world could have a chance at true spiritual transformation.

Indeed, the revolution will not be televised, the transformation of society is not in the form of “electing” yet another puppet of the crown temple bankers, but rather exists in the process of internal introspection. And yet, many continue to keep expecting the voting process and the selected candidates to somehow deliver on hollow democratic promises.


The truth of the matter, for over 200 years or more, this country and other countries have existed as corporations, owned and operated by Crown Temple bankers based in the city of London. The so-called political process viewed on television is pure theatrics, yet another magical spell engineered to bolster the appearance of free and democratic choice.

In truth, politics isn’t free, and you have no choice in the matter! You are only granted the privilege of electing that which the ruling banking cabal has already selected. Whether democrat or republican, the game is rigged, and no matter which you choose, they win and you lose. Once again, mass perceptions and human consciousness have been manipulated in the name of profits, the very essence of the media sorcerers magic spells. While the media sorcerers have the masses arguing and divided as to whether or not Hillary Clinton is evil or Donald Trump is a racist buffoon, the real issue goes unaddressed.

That is, no one bothers to ask if any of this is real or not. It isn’t, for it is merely another scripted movie, starring characters, actors and actresses placed into roles, mythical heroes and loathsome villains. Since the bankers have owned and operated the US corporation for over two centuries, the politicians represent mere salesman proffering a predetermined agenda not to the masses advantage or benefit, laws and policies merely instruments enacted to derive massive profits from tax farmed human resources.


And just who are these bankers of the elite Crown Temple, you may wonder?  They are the owners and operators of the US corporation. By virtue of the fact you were given a fictional name and a social security identity, you are in fact an employee of that corporation, subject to the terms and conditions set down by the Crown Temple. Forget what you’ve heard about global governance arriving some time in the future, for it was long established by the time of this country’s founding. It is only that you have been conditioned by public schooling into believing in the concept of individual nations.

In truth, the masses have been conditioned since the dawn of the 20th century to incrementally accept the idea of global governance as it eventually emerges from behind the veil of “national security.” The Crown Temple, centered within the one square mile of the city of London proper, is at the hub of the globes economic and legal structures, and controls the Federal Reserve system in America, as well as having dominion over the International Bank of Settlements, and IMF. Well, you say, doesn’t the President get to appoint whom he wants to the post of Federal Reserve chairman? Yes, but it is only a mere formality, the choice having been made by the Crown Temple board of directors.

The Crown Temple is divided into four branches; the inner and middle temple, and Grey’s and Lincoln Court. All attorneys called to the bar, both in America and Britain, are sworn to take an oath to the Crown Temple, whether they realize it or not. Both the royal family of Great Britain and Parliament are subject to their edicts. Many think the Queen is merely a figurehead, but this is not quite so. In addition to vast wealth and land holdings, she has power over Parliament itself, through a secret society known as the “Order of the Garter.” Both the Declaration of Independence and the American Constitution, are merely internal memos of terms and conditions settled between Esquires, or attorneys, subject to the Crown Temple. All presidential candidates are chosen well in advance by members of the Crown Temple, which is connected to the Vatican, or more specifically, the Jesuit order, which secretly controls the selection of each new pope.

In essence, the real architecture of government is not with the public officials you think you’ve ‘elected’, but lies within three city states; The Vatican in Rome, The Crown Temple in London, and finally Washington D.C., which in truth serves as the enforcing military arm of this three pronged trident.


First off, our presidential elections are tantamount to ‘American Idol.” That is, they are merely spectacles put on by the ruling elite to distract the masses away from where the real architecture of governance lies. Have you never wondered why the polling numbers seem to swing wildly day to day, even hour to hour? Well, that is because they are manipulated or outright fabricated. As has been well documented, the media sorcerers so-called exit polls reported the night of the November elections are pure bunk, mere extrapolations taken from small samplings of data in turn taken from an even tinier subset of demographically derived numbers.The effects of this are purely psychological, in that tweaking public perception concerning one candidates poll numbers will make them seem more popular than they are in reality. But then again, the entire process is as far removed from reality as Alice and Wonderland!

What if it were revealed Hillary Clinton isn’t real, that she is in fact, a character played by a host actress whose true identity is well disguised by well crafted digital illusion. In fact, once one recognizes the illusion of the media sorcerers and the creative methods utilized, it is readily observable several actors and actresses may easily slip into one or more public roles without slightest detection. In the case of Hilary Clinton, one can readily observe the same actress cast in the role of Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren.

Whenever one views the news sorcerers performing on television, what is being witnessed is a broadcast news production shot exclusively on broadcast pixel cameras. In essence, computer generated models are routinely altered utilizing three dimensional modeling solutions. From a technical standpoint, this is entirely different from a real broadcast production, which is normally shot utilizing a silver pixel frame to frame base. From time to time however, if scrutinized closely, one can witness computer generated glitches in these broadcast productions, both in voice synthesis to hide the host actors identity, and in the visual frame to frame composite, which is primarily performed in post production. In order to hide these glaring glitches, disinformation agents in the growing alternative media, owned by the same elite families, are employed to lead the public away from the truth of the media sorcerers deep deceptions. They would have one believe that what you’re looking at when it comes to these glitches is some sort of supernatural transformation, of humans degenerating into reptilian form. Which of course, is utter nonsense!


How is it this illusion is maintained you might ask? Once again, the media sorcerers have a full satchel of magical tools on hand; three-dimensional computer generated images, voice synthesis, and an array of sophisticated video morphing and editing software, to name just a few. All or some of these tools were applied to create the illusion of 911, which was nothing more than an altered broadcast featuring the controlled demolition of some New York buildings and the Pentagon, sold to the public as some ridiculously conceived international terror plot, engineered by some mythical bogeyman holed up in an Afghan cave. The illusion is not just relegated to television wizardry. When the so-called candidates appear “live,” their true identities are further concealed by Hollywood makeup artists and artificially applied disguises. Conditioned and blinded by Madison Avenue image marketing, the hypnotic trance of the public is maintained and assured, and none are the wiser, until now!

Ever since the advent of photography in the 19th century, the media sorcerers have manipulated history and mass perception at will, creating myths and selling pure fiction as unadulterated fact. The business of selling lies has been profitable in maintaining the hegemony of the privileged few over the clueless and pacified many.

Television is the land of Oz, the manipulation of computer generated block matrices and sub-matrices, a virtual Strawberry Fields of make-believe created through geometric and vector color distributions, where truly nothing is real. Induced into an alpha state, over time one is transformed to a zombie-like automaton, less likely to question the edicts of those that rule over them from the shadows. Even with limited viewing, one is subjecting themselves to psychic and spiritual torture, becoming weak and ultimately vulnerable to the spells of the media sorcerers.

But a population of mindless consumers is collectively much easier to control than one that is truly well informed and well educated to the gross manipulations shaping their lives. But that is a scenario the media sorcerers and their crown temple banking masters fear the most. And so the psychological manipulation and traumatizing mind control matrix stays intact.

It becomes necessary to realize true freedom and genuine independence can never be realized until this illusion is unmasked. Ask yourself if continuing to participate in presidential elections, or any elections for that matter, has yielded anything truly beneficial or induced real and meaningful change? Have you never wondered why every twenty years the crown temple bankers create financial crisis as an excuse to commit massive corporate embezzlement?

As for Donald Trump, he too is nothing more than a host actor deceptively hidden behind computer generated wizardry. The public at large meanwhile, is brainwashed by media sorcerers into believing this is a legitimate political contest, when in fact it is nothing more than vacuous ritual, the outcome scripted and predetermined. Everything you experience through the medium of television is fake, including not just politics, but sporting events as well, the sell-out and soulless participants burgeoned to mythical proportions by the media sorcerers. Bedazzled by such digital wizardry, the public invests both its emotional and financial energy, energy that is then used against public interest to weaken, and perpetually divide between republican and democrat, warring tribes who if united and more importantly awakened, could easily smash the spells of the media sorcerers.


When finished scoffing at any of the aforementioned information, please feel free to investigate for yourself, and remember to maintain an objective, dispassionate, and above all, open mind. Once the spell of the media sorcerers wears off, you too will readily see the blinders melt away, until all that remains, is the truth!




So you think network news is legitimate? Do you really think your favorite news anchor reports what’s really happening in the world, or are the majority of all major news stories completely contrived? And, if the majority of news stories are in fact contrived, for what ultimate purpose(s)? The question most often posed is: Why would they fake it?

The answer may shock you!

Modern news anchors and so-called journalists are not reporters, rather they are the witches, warlocks, and sorcerers of old, handmaidens to the rich and powerful. The idea of actual journalism is a crock, because if the media sorcerers are manufacturing their own content, then there is nothing to investigate, no real facts to collate and collect, other than the ones fabricated. Rather than boiling cauldrons, wielding wands or reciting ancient incantations, theirs are the tools of psychological operations, bolstered by modern digital technology, and judicious use of numerology, primary color coding, and Neural-linguistic programming.


Now in the 21st century, the dissemination of mass media through television is the news sorcerers delivery system of choice to cast spells upon unsuspecting mass audiences.

The 20th century adept Dion Fortune defined magic as the ability to transform consciousness at will. In a modern context, what is meant by the term magic, as it relates to the television news?  What one sees broadcast on the screen is not for purposes of entertainment or to inform, but rather to transform minds through artificial stimuli into perceiving the world in certain ways over others, and above all generating profits for the stockholders through the selling of advertising. Social change starts off as an idea that is later manifested into material reality, and only through force of will can mass consciousness be molded into passive obedience and profit generating behaviors.

Television news is the most effective tool yet devised for molding public perceptions. Examining television news stories as prime examples, both old and new, major and minor, we shall demonstrate now and in future posts how and why each particular story featured on network news or heavily featured by the media, in fact represents carefully constructed psychological operations; a magic spell created for the express purpose of transforming mass consciousness in ways favorable to profiteering elites, and to those in positions of powerful governance.

The idea of televised mainstream news reporting anything ‘real’ is in fact bunk.

Have you never wondered how it is all mainstream sources regurgitate identical details simultaneously and seemingly instantaneously? This is because each story is scripted like Hollywood movies, who employ their own brand of sorcery. Not only do the news sorcerers seek to win hearts and minds, they covet to possess wallets and purses as well. Have you never considered the time and emotional investment in consuming mainstream television media may be detrimental in promoting a healthy perception of reality, drawing vital mental energies better applied elsewhere? Further still, have you never considered mainstream news stories may be manufactured out of whole cloth, that your favorite news anchors, both local and national, might perhaps lie on to you on a daily and nightly basis?

Have you also never considered the success of mainstream news relies entirely on maximum emotional investment, and that through this, immense advertising revenues are generated. Once wholeheartedly believed on a mass scale, and repeated verbally around water coolers in the workplace, news stories starting off as imaginative figments become integral elements of perceived reality. All major news stories are prepackaged and manufactured for maximum dramatic impact, to grab your attention long enough to sell you the products advertised.


Millions of dollars are invested in maximizing profitability for television advertising real estate worth billions. Is it so far fetched to think media conglomerates would not manufacture dramatic news stories and publicly present them as genuine events,  generating consistently high ratings, in turn stuffing stockholders portfolios with maximized profits? The biggest secret the media sorcerers manage to keep hidden from the public at large is that the elite families owning controlling interest create their own content and then feature their own family members in the manufactured events. Many times the question is asked: Well, if events are faked, how would they manage to keep it a secret, wouldn’t someone talk? They manage to keep their method of operation under wraps, simply because the pool of participants is small compared to the size of the overall population, and remains compartmentalized. Conspiracies arise out of mutual self-interest, and if the media sorcerers can all benefit from producing an event that will generate millions of dollars over a period of months, or even years, then why not decide to work together, ensuring a profitable win-win for everyone involved? Governments and their various agencies such as Homeland Security, CIA, FBI, NSA,  and the media sorcerers work hand in hand, based solely on this philosophy, the world of business linked by common economic bonds.

On the public consumer end, fickle attention is cleverly fixated, false perceptions and unquestioning consent manufactured, through the imposition of new ideas transformed from formerly held beliefs. Behaving accordingly, the public purchases and happily consumes, all to impress complete strangers with material goods they probably didn’t genuinely need, complying with new ideas and new laws to which they have been conditioned through gross manipulation and external social pressures.

With this new public perception set into place, laws are enacted, school and college textbooks rewritten, workplace cultures reshaped, all without anyone asking how or why this came about in the first place, and for what ultimate benefit. News stories are often tailored to a particular target audience they hope to effect. This demographic selection is an important part of the news sorcerers bag of tricks. The more they know about chosen target audiences, the easier it is to cement images, sound and message into a cohesive meme. Through repetition the spell is magnified into mythical proportions, becoming a permanent fixture in terms of cultural identity. Shortly, in future posts, we shall, through close examination and analysis, expose the essence of the news sorcerers spells in manufacturing dramatic news stories that capture mass attentions, enliven imaginations, thus demanding mass emotional investment. Immediately following in separate posts, we shall delve into and provide examples of the three major elements regularly utilized to sell fabricated news narratives; numerology codes, spacial color coding, and Neural-linguistic  programming .

But first, let us examine concrete evidence that all mainstream news stories are indeed prepackaged and fabricated.

Mainstream news has, for longer than television executives care to admit, utilized ‘video news releases.’ Some of the more discerning among the public may recall the controversy raised in 2004, when it was discovered major broadcast networks regularly aired video news releases produced by the government to promote good publicity for America’s unilateral invasion of Iraq. Of course when confronted, both Pentagon officials and even the president expressed staunch denials. When further pressured to label such prefabricated reports with a disclaimer, government officials offered only facile explanations in passing off accountability to mainstream affiliates, in essence claiming it was up to the individual stations to inform the public and identify proper news sources.

But of course, objective truth is anathema to propagandists.

One should also become acutely aware there in fact exists no true market competition between media markets and news networks. Among those with the largest market share is Disney, and their holdings are vast, including ABC, A&E, and even the popular sports network ESPN. Truly, the idea of competitive markets functioning within a free market system is in fact a carefully tailored illusion, created to induce belief that the American dream of prosperity is available to the masses, when in fact any profitable business market one cares to cite, has long been locked up by monopoly capitalists, bent on destroying anyone deemed a threat to their assiduously maintained hegemony.

Economists would call this market efficiency, but this is merely a euphemism for naked greed.

Video news releases and ‘satellite market tours’ are often routinely aired and falsely represented as investigative reporting, when in truth they are merely prepackaged propaganda pieces produced by corporate PR flacks and hacks. Media studies by Center for Media and Democracy have revealed many market affiliates entire broadcasts filled with such prepackaged content, and the news consuming public remains largely uninformed. If that weren’t egregious enough, there is the example of NBC head news sorcerer Brian Williams, and his bogus Iraq war story, the same Brain Williams who wants you to believe in the manufactured ‘Pulse nightclub tragedy.’ Williams ridiculous yarn, even after it was proven to be gross prevarication, continued to be sincerely flogged as gospel on all major network talk circuits as late as 2013. Williams claimed he had been aboard a military helicopter hit by rocket propelled grenade fire, and downed. This story was told with great emotional heft repeatedly, until Williams admitted he had perhaps falsified certain details of the event. In Williams case, as in the case of the famous Jessica Lynch hoax, the dramatic story of an army private rescued from insurgent captors, the story turned out to be grossly manufactured.

On that basis alone, even a regular consumer of mainstream news has to wonder; what else are the news sorcerers lying about?

But even a major league news sorcerer like Williams cannot afford to admit his spells perhaps no longer work! Finally, after years of prevarication, Williams was suspended from the air, and even condescended to offering the public pale apologies.

If Brian Williams fabricates news stories, don’t think for one minute CNN’s Anderson Cooper or his network magic masters are wholly pristine. CNN has long been the network notorious for delivering particularly transparent propaganda, especially during “war time.”

But of course, as has been well documented, the concept of war is nothing more than a profit generating racket. Entire global economies subsist on the concept of war’s perpetually systematic waste of human and other valuable natural resources in maintaining global order. As far back as 1990, Ted Turner’s network has been caught red handed spewing bogus news narratives and utilizing repeated deceptive journalistic shenanigans, employing ‘green screen’ in Atlanta studios while claiming to be somewhere else reporting a live event, as well as repeated misrepresentations of prerecorded video sold as real time.

There is significant evidence CNN employed deceptive use of prerecorded footage during coverage for what came to be known as the Sandy Hook massacre, even going so far as to utilize prerecorded audio for the aired 911 calls. It is also important to remember that with regard to television news markets, and their predominant reliance on video news releases and satellite market tours, there is not one shred of evidence any pertinent fact checking is performed regarding material content. In addition, PR flacks representing the firms distributing such materials to news affiliates are disguised as network journalists, presenting what appears to be a genuine and legitimate news report.

Now, do you still believe the mainstream news sorcerers aren’t casting spells?

Do you honestly believe the ‘alternative’ media is any different, think again!

Alternative media kingpin Alex Jones, who is merely a teleprompter reading actor pretending to present a non-mainstream version of world events, has been caught utilizing other actors posed as alternative media figures. Characters such as Jones are perhaps even more perfidious than mainstream news sorcerers, ostensibly  promising to lead impressionable viewers to the truth, while in reality  leading them down a primrose path, straight onward to more vacuous commercialism and CIA sponsored disinformation. Many in this so-called alternative media category, are merely sorcerers of another stripe, utilizing less transparent and perhaps more sophisticated spells on those turned away from the mainstream brand.

Nothing ever worth having comes easy, and so it is when discerning objective and unvarnished truth. Utilizing keen discernment, one must be ever vigilant, for the media, whether of the alternative or mainstream brand, is filled with nothing but lies and the liars that promulgate them.