Actors in history’s grand stage play (Part XIII)

Facebook Banner Stephen Perkins[1781]The celebrities and pop stars you know and love also happen to be among the royal families that rule over you. After all, the royal families, born with the luck of primogeniture, are also the largest shareholders in terms of controlling ownership in all the movie studios, record labels, and television networks. Considering these auspicious circumstances, does one really think these royals would be content sitting around in their palaces all day? No, they would want to ensure every effort was made to increase the profitability of their shareholdings, and to increase the economic value of their family portfolios. And, would they be content to scour the globe to look for talent to star on stage and screen? Most likely, they would promote from within, choosing to position themselves as celebrities, movie stars, and popular singers.

Vanity dictates they want to be worshiped, adored, and admired.

Of course, this formula would not be feasible if they did not present themselves to the public without hiding behind a clever facade.

Therefore, they choose to operate under pseudonyms.

The pseudonyms these royals create and utilize help to conceal not only their true identity, but so that Hollywood’s prevailing royal nepotism remains clandestine. In the last installment, one began to outline and discuss the ruling Jesuit bloodlines. Among the more prominent of those bloodlines is the House of Orsini. While the Jesuit House of Farnese presides over the Rothschild’s also known as the Saxe-Coburg-Gotha royal line in Britain, the House of Orsini presides over the Spanish royal throne, and over the span of many centuries has produced a vast array of Cardinals, Popes, merchant bankers, prominent nobility, and high-level Vatican clerics.

One should not believe the historical chronology of the official accounts claiming the Jesuits were established by Ignatius Loyola in the sixteenth century. That is merely another cover story created for mass consumption, and to hide the ultimate truth. The truth is, the Jesuit order, thirteen ruling bloodline families collectively operating under many names throughout history, going back to the days of the fall of the Roman republic, represent the Zoroastrian priesthood that has dominated not just the religious and philosophical sphere, but all areas of human endeavor, including science, politics, art, and most importantly world governance.

In addition to this, these ruling elite families have produced some of Hollywood’s most renowned and award winning performers, beloved by public and critic alike. This installment shall examine the Jesuit ruling bloodline known as the Jesuit Houses of Orsini and Farnese. Though their formal and royal names may seem unrecognizable, one shall be most surprised to discover their faces and their Hollywood names to be more than familiar.  Continue reading “Actors in history’s grand stage play (Part XIII)”

Jesuit bloodlines behind gunpowder plot hoax

Jesuit bloodlines behind gunpowder plot hoax

History is but a veil of lies to conceal the truth.

Although the headline may indicate this article will concern the London Parliament gunpowder plot of November 5, 1605, admittedly, that is somewhat misleading.

While most of the alternative media may point to the ‘illuminati’, the masonic orders or the Zionist merchant banking families of the Rockefellers and Rothschilds as the world’s visible ruling elites – the latter currently masked as the British royal family –  one can rest assured they are but merely puppets. The actual ruling families, over a period of centuries long intermarried and consolidated, have been hidden behind the cloak of an ecclesiastical religious order known as the Jesuits, or the Society of Jesus.

Through research recently completed into the ‘gunpowder plot’ of 1605, it can now be reported the prime culprits behind the conspirators involved with the infamous “Gunpowder Plot – Guy Fawkes and four other conspirators – were those holding the real power behind the Jesuit order and currently in control of the Vatican, the UN, the Crown Temple bank, and the Anglo-American empire.

Throughout the ages, scribes and scholars have concocted historical tales replete with mythical characters to hide the true identity of their masters.

Creating mythical hoaxes to fill the pages of the history books-as one shall soon observe-is not a new phenomenon. When it comes to approaching recorded history, it is often necessary for one to read between the lines, or perhaps, more accurate to say, read the message concealed behind the dates. Pythagoras, the ancient Greek mathematician and father of the numerology system that bears his very name, was once quoted as saying, “All is number.” Indeed, for anyone who has followed for any duration, one is cognizant of the fact, when it comes to the ultimate interpretation of mankind’s history, the mystery of the message is indeed hidden in the numbers, accompanied by the names and symbols.

Recognizing, identifying, and then interpreting  the occult significance of numbers, names, and even symbols are the keys to identifying the true makers of history and unmasking the true identity of the producers of history’s grand stage play.

In every major historical event reaching mythical proportions, one shall always find these unique markers of masonry and the Kabbalah. Indeed, as one reads on, one shall discover that when it comes to the subject of history, though the characters, set pieces, and costumes may change, the numbers always remain the same. Continue reading “Jesuit bloodlines behind gunpowder plot hoax”

Vegas shooting hoax: The real story

Vegas shooting hoax: The real story

When considering stories promoted by mainstream media outlets, whether online, magazine, periodical, newspaper, or television, the real story is always concealed behind the headlined facade. As is the case with all simulated crisis drills, there is usually an ulterior agenda. And, that agenda, usually has to do with monetary profiteering.

Of course, the looming question for any prospective investigator is, who ultimately benefits? The thorough investigator, however, will take it a step further once that initial question has been satisfied, and then ask, exactly how?

In the case of the staged crisis shooting drill in Vegas, the obvious answer to the first question as to who ultimately benefits is, of course, the elite ruling families holding the monopoly umbrella under which all major revenue generating corporations are placed. For the independent investigator, finding out the true end game can prove a bit more difficult. But, after more than a bit of perseverance, patience, and exhaustive research, one thinks they just may have the answer. Continue reading “Vegas shooting hoax: The real story”

Weather weapons unleash war on America (Part II)

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There can be no doubt, weather is modified, and climate can be altered.

The prevalence of geoengineering is becoming more apparent. Worse yet, the media sorcerers are faking weather satellite images of hurricanes to engineer storm crisis psychological operations. Though that information is not exactly top secret to those who frequent, there may be another reason why the ruling elites are hyping their ‘climate change’ agenda.

Indeed, one has always wondered, is there an ulterior agenda behind all of this? And, is there a connection between the chemical trail spraying and the heralded technological colossus known as CERN, or the Hadron particle accelerator?

In this installment, one shall explore the phenomenon of geoengineering from a different perspective, with the reasoning that perhaps there is an ulterior reason the ruling elites and their puppet scientists are belching chemicals such as strontium, barium, and aluminum into our skies, other than to manipulate the world’s climate. Maybe, there is a connection to CERN, which may not have been built for the purpose the public is being told.

Then again, knowing the true nature of the mainstream media, perhaps that isn’t such a surprise.

The following information one may find surprising, perhaps even outlandish.

Needless to say, however, was there a single soul in America, or perhaps the entire world prior to September 11, 2001, thinking the scenario presented to the public on that fateful day would have been even remotely conceivable? Continue reading “Weather weapons unleash war on America (Part II)”

American Camelot: The Kennedy’s mythical dynasty (Part IV)

Facebook Banner Stephen Perkins[1781]John F. Kennedy Jr., at least for a time, was known as America’s golden boy. Such is the mystique of the mythical Kennedy name. Before his tragic demise, there were even whispers Kennedy Jr. may have been a viable candidate for American president. But, these are the sort of fantastical narratives, the very sort of spells the media sorcerers love to inflict upon a gullible American public.

Would it interest one to know, John F. Kennedy Jr. never existed?

Oh sure, the character, as so often in American history, was portrayed by a flesh and blood host actor. As one shall soon learn, however, American history and the characters that populate it’s hallowed texts are but images fixed in the public mind. Without images and the mythical narratives that accompany them, there is no history.

In truth, John F, Kennedy Jr. was merely but another mystical spirit wandering through the pages of history. For, here was both a character, and a story, tailor made to be enshrined in American history’s grand pantheon of great myths.

What follows, happens to tie in with the recent media driven crisis event in Las Vegas.

Then again, all things have a way of connecting, don’t they folks? Continue reading “American Camelot: The Kennedy’s mythical dynasty (Part IV)”

Excerpt: from the novel Sorcerers’ Dynasty

Excerpt: from the novel Sorcerers’ Dynasty

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September, 2001, D.A.R.C. facility (Center for advanced research and development) deep beneath the Arctic ice rim


The new age of darkness was about to fall. It was the epoch of nightmares, demons, and hateful spirits, hatched out from the foul womb of mankind’s subconscious. And yet, there was nothing new except what had been forgotten. Since time immemorial, the world had always been merely a theater of illusion, albeit a very persistent one, ruled by a sorcerers’ dynasty. Continue reading “Excerpt: from the novel Sorcerers’ Dynasty”

Clooney stars in Vegas shooting hoax

Though, those that rule over the masses may wish for you to be fearful, you have nothing to fear. The world is not a dangerous place, though that is what the ruling elite family of the Rothschild’s wish for you to think.

Remember, these televised crisis events are psychological in nature-black magic spells to direct the flow of mass human consciousness.

Don’t be suckered into the vortex of their elaborately and geometrically concocted spell, or as the Sandy Hook character Doctor Wayne Carver said at his infamously comical post-event press conference, ‘magnificent thing’.

In this installment, one shall learn the origins of these theatrically displayed crisis events. The concept of public theater to advance political and social agendas is not novel nor a recent development in the twenty-first century, but has existed for five-hundred years.

Rather than respond with fear, the only way to break the spell is to respond with love. Turn to those around you-friends, family, co-workers, even strangers in your communities-and tell them, in whatever manner you wish, that you both love, and cherish their presence in your life. Remember, those ruling over you only do so because you surrender your inherent power and energy to them in the form of work, taxes, and the reception, investment, and surrender of their debt paper dollars. Those sitting on the thrones of the mighty only continue to retain their lofty positions because you let them. Now, more than ever, we must not succumb to fear and mistrust among ourselves, for that is precisely what they want. Rather, now is the time to remember, that it is they who are fearful, undisciplined, deceptively weak, and believe in nothing, save retaining their own vast wealth and power, at any and all costs. Now is the time for all of us, to start believing in ourselves, to start believing we can live in a world, without them ruling over us. Continue reading “Clooney stars in Vegas shooting hoax”

All in the Game: NFL fixed or legit? Part VII

Facebook Banner Stephen Perkins[1781]Many former NFL stars, after starring on the professional gridiron, have gone on to star in Hollywood films.

If one has been following this particular series of blog posts, one has learned the art of acting and the world of sports are indeed synonymous. In order to become rich and famous in America, one must either have the good fortune of being born into a prominent family bloodline, or be willing to bargain what is perhaps the most precious commodity a human being possesses-their soul.

The following, one hopes, shall serve as a cautionary tale-of sorts. More likely, it shall serve as testament to the utter decadence and moral bankruptcy of those rich and powerful the masses allow to rule over them.  Continue reading “All in the Game: NFL fixed or legit? Part VII”