Squirrel Hill shooting: a security state infomercial?

Loyal readers and regular visitors have by now no doubt recognized, that the MSM, when reporting on the latest government sponsored crisis simulation drill at Squirrel Hill synagogue, attempted to connect the event to other such prominent “live” exercises performed in the recent past.

No doubt too, everyone has noticed the prevalent social and political narratives that were sewn together into a neatly wrapped and smoothly distributed all-purpose propaganda package.

There was one characteristic which differentiated Squirrel Hill from other so-called “live” crisis drills, however.

More than anything, and rather than making even the most vague attempt to solemnly prove a violent shooting had taken place at Pittsburgh’s Squirrel Hill Synagogue, the MSM’s coverage seemed to resemble a corporate infomercial, advertising the virtues of the continued establishment of the US corporate security state.

And although it was merely implied by the various crisis actors contracted by Homeland Security, this infomercial stressed the need for specific and greater security measures, despite the fact a spokesperson for Homeland Security stated Squirrel Hill had been visited in March of 2018 by agents from her department to perform various “security assessments” and also to instruct the local participants for a scheduled “live” crisis drill simulation.

Meaning folks, Homeland Security is actually telling the public that this recently reported “live” shooting at Squirrel Hill Synagogue, like the alleged Kennedy assassination, was performed and filmed months before and only presented to the public as a current events news story when deemed expediently necessary by the official principals and perpetrators.

Upon perusing CNN’s on-scene coverage of this event, one happened to have noticed that one of the most renowned and award-winning Hollywood actors had been a participant, an actor who the author positively identified as having formerly portrayed the 36th (3 6’s/666) US president.
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What really happened to JFK assassin Oswald? (Part II)

What really happened to JFK assassin Oswald? (Part II)

Upon making yet more startling discoveries having to do with the JFK assassination, one felt perhaps additional installments were necessary.

These new discoveries shall fully demonstrate, beyond shadow of doubt, the event known to American history as the JFK assassination was nothing more than a grand psychological operation executed in joint cooperation and on behalf of the ruling elite families by a major branch of the international intelligence octopus, CIA, army intelligence, and selected high-level masonic initiates of the American entertainment and music industries with royal European lineage.

Though it may seem inexplicable, perhaps even contradictory to what most have been conditioned to believe, sometimes the truth can be discovered from the most unlikely and unexpected of sources.

Oftentimes folks, Hollywood’s fantasy and fiction are utilized to conceal objective truth.

One only has to remain observant and attuned to what would have ordinarily remained hidden behind the veil of social and psychological programming and conditioning.

To break through to the other side, one must learn to read between the lines, as it were.

A reexamination of key scenes from Oliver Stone’s 1991 blockbuster Hollywood film production, JFK, has revealed fresh, significant discoveries, clues which most incredibly, were conspicuously left right out in the open but went unnoticed by the America public – until now, that is.

In fact, it has become abundantly clear Oliver Stone AKA Barry Diller AKA Prince Eduard von Furstenberg, in his efforts to produce a piece of epic cinema – though presented to the public in the guise of speculative fiction and rife with sinuous paths leading only to dead ends of misdirection, disinformation and melodramatic sensationalism – has perhaps wittingly provided the general public with a direct road map to the truth.

Considering director Stone’s (play on words through created pseudonym=masonic cornerstone) genuine identity, it is clear the criminal ruling elite’s, either out of arrogance or as a method of mocking the conditioned naivete of the general public, cannot help but leave their signatures or fingerprints behind as clues.

Also, while recently reexamining the characters of John F. Kennedy’s First Lady Jaclyn Onassis and, Oswald’s alleged Russian mistress Marina with fresh eyes, one has managed to unearth yet more stunning discoveries and the presence of host actors whose names will appear most familiar to loyal readers and regular visitors.

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What really happened to JFK assassin Oswald?

What really happened to JFK assassin Oswald?

Most would think the answer to the question posed in this installment’s headline would be obvious.

“Well like duh, Mr. Newsspell,” one can hear skeptics collectively howl, “everyone in America saw Oswald get shot on TV by that Ruby feller from the nightclub!”

And indeed, so you may have thought that was the case.

But Jack Ruby’s brutal murder of Oswald, as one shall soon attempt to explain, was a masonic ritual, performed no less, on live television, symbolically signifying the metaphorical process of death and rebirth. And, as loyal readers are well-cognizant, those characters participating in the phenomenon known as the actor based reality have a penchant for such seemingly miraculous transformations.

Indeed, the whole of recorded history consists of such magical transformations, of host actors portraying the roles of historical characters who, though they may die, are resurrected to live out another life under yet another fabricated pseudonym.

If anything has resulted from one’s research, it is this: history is merely a grand stage play, transforming the illusion of the magical into the mass consciousness of material reality.

The story of the historical character known as Lee Harvey Oswald is instructive if not, in its own way, begrudgingly enchanting. For it seems only in America could a man, cast as the lone gunman and accused of assassinating a president, proceed to become a celebrated host of perhaps the most popular prime time television show of its era! Continue reading “What really happened to JFK assassin Oswald?”

The “Man in Black” cashes in with Motorhead

The “Man in Black” cashes in with Motorhead

Fans of rock and roll have long indulged in guilty pleasures.

And for several decades, the blistering heavy rock mayhem of Motorhead entertained rock music fans the world over. To many of those same rabid fans, the band Motorhead’s legendary, charismatic but irascible front man, Lemmy Kilmister, remained a living and symbolic totem to sex, drugs, and the reckless abandon of rock and roll rebellion.

Inevitably, all good things must pass, and though he may have appeared to be immortal despite his destructive and debased penchants for Tennessee whiskey, yielding women and amphetamines, the roaring rock and roll freight train known as Motorhead came to a sudden stop when Kilmister reportedly died on the 28th of December, 2015 (3 8’s/aces and eights=24/6/33/high-degree Scottish Rite Freemasonry/December=12/21/777 joker code).

With that brief numerological analysis, loyal readers have no doubt already well- surmised in which direction this installment is travelling. Yes folks, yet another legendary rock star has been identified as an artificially fabricated character created by the music industry, a profitable industry both owned and controlled by the ruling elite, thirteen Jesuit families.

On this occasion however, the true identity of Lemmy KIlmister’s host actor turned out to be quite surprising.

The legendary Kilmister was, in fact, portrayed by another even more legendary Hollywood figure, a mammoth star of prime time network television and a Hall of Fame Country and Western music star whose illustrious career tracks back to the era of the 1950’s, to Sam Phillips and Sun Records, the very recording label that launched the career of the King of Rock himself, Elvis Presley. Continue reading “The “Man in Black” cashes in with Motorhead”

NASA scam is tax payer black hole (Part X)

NASA represents the gift that keeps on giving.

The latest debacle concerning the aborted joint US-Russian Soyuz mission to the orbital ISS exists as a prime case in point. The tortured explanations from so-called NASA officials, particularly from Canadian-NASA astronaut Chris Hadfield as to what specifically went wrong, exist as prime evidence to anyone with a pair of brain cells still functioning that something is indeed amiss.

Time and again, whenever one observes some of the numerous videos available from blatant apologists on You Tube concerning the general subject matter of NASA, one is struck with the rather distinct and overwhelming impression one has witnessed what can only be described as the most egregious brand of propaganda.

As for NASA’s vaunted high-level officials or celebrity mouthpieces, one cannot help but feel they’ve been confronted with evil hosts of the most shameless but well-trained professional prevaricators.

Of course folks, such persons belong to a very distinct personality type, those of the sort would stoop to any justification in maintaining the company line, no matter how ridiculous or implausible.

If what follows in this installment concerning America’s foremost space agency does not serve to give even the most hardcore apologists pause, then suffice to say, there exists no argument that could serve to cajole or convince, no matter how articulately expressed, that NASA is nothing more than a propaganda arm of the US corporation. Continue reading “NASA scam is tax payer black hole (Part X)”

Kavanaugh scandal: media sorcerers gaslight America (Part II)

Could it be, Christine Blasey-Ford is not who or what she appears to be?

Upon performing a secondary observation of the recent sexual imbroglio involving American supreme court justice nominee, Brett Kavanaugh, one has managed to have made an interesting discovery. It appears the deception perpetrated upon the American general public concerning this event is deeper and more extensive than one could have initially imagined.

Then again, what else is to be expected from the mainstream media sorcerers?

Time and again, deception has proved to be the MSM’s foremost trade.

In a world ultimately governed by the smooth and unimpeded transactions of global commerce, such grand deceptions have proved most profitable for the thirteen, ruling elite Jesuit families.

However, the public has been subjected to just this type of deception before.

Such was demonstrated to be the case with global boogeyman Osama bin-Laden (See: 9/11: terror’s symbolic black magic ritual (Part 1), a computer generated image portrayed by American comedian and television star Jerry Seinfeld. Soon thereafter, Seinfeld went on to portray America’s two-term, 44th president Barack Obama while disguised behind layers of CGI masking (44/destruction code).

While viewing additional footage culled from recent MSM coverage of the Kavanaugh SJC nomination hearings, one managed to identify yet another former renowned comedian portraying a high-profile public personality.

It appears, from all empirical evidence thus far gathered, the identical or similar deceptions utilized to create US president Obama and Frankenstein 9/11 terrorist Osama were also employed in the recent media scandal involving the accuser of SJC nominee Brett Kavanaugh, Christine Blasey-Ford.

Have they no shame, folks?
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A peek behind the curtain of OZ

From heavy metal pioneer to reality television star, rock’s “prince of darkness”, Ozzy Osbourne, has always been one of rock and pop music’s most legendary eccentrics.

Having enjoyed a stellar career’s notoriety spanning several decades, perhaps more than any other star in the history of the popular music recording industry, Osbourne’s exceedingly outlandish image has come to represent rebellion incarnate to his millions of adoring fans worldwide.

Though it is claimed Osbourne’s career has time and again been plagued by drug and alcohol abuse and other wild mishaps, he has not only managed to survive, but his unorthodox, platinum-selling career has managed to somehow flourish.

However, as with other stars of stage and screen, is there any credence still to be given to the wild stories one finds coloring Mr. Osbourne’s biographical history?

Despite the fact his millions of adoring fans are willing to adamantly testify to the truthfulness of the rock legend’s unprecedented exploits, can one still dare to question their veracity? Or, as loyal readers have so often observed concerning the biographies of other celebrity careers examined here at Newsspell, is there something truly awry with the man known as Ozzy?

Is Mr. Osbourne’s reputation as rock music’s celebrated “prince of darkness” well-deserved, or shall we proceed to yet discover another pathetic imposter concealed behind the curtain of Oz? Continue reading “A peek behind the curtain of OZ”

Howard Hughes: Man of mystery revealed (Part II)

It seems, the mainstream media sorcerers have begun to pay attention to what has been published here at Newsspell. Just moments ago, one happened to have noticed an article published very recently by the establishment mouthpieces at the Washington Post entitled “Junk Science used to undermine Ford.”

In this obliquely fashioned hit piece, undoubtedly aimed at independent researchers regarded as ‘conspiracy theorists’, the Post specifically referenced Doctor Ford’s undermining testimonial discrepancy that was pointed out in Newsspell’s previous installment. Unintentionally, in seeking to bolster the entire mainstream narrative concerning the concocted scandal that enveloped Supreme Court Justice nominee Brett Kavanaugh AKA McKenzie Astin, the Post has rather served to undermine it.

No doubt, too, this represents an example of reactionary damage control.

Furthermore, it is truly shameful the practice of genuine journalism is now practiced by independent researchers and not, as has been traditionally claimed, by the propaganda shoveling, teleprompter reading hacks employed by the corporately owned, mainstream media, those commonly referred to as “journalists”.

Nevertheless, the theme chosen by those at the Washington Post is quite telling, and their ruling elite masters are running scared. They are worried, that with every passing day, the tear in their veil of digitally generated illusions grows exponentially.

Nevertheless, please allow the author to once again, welcome those who’ve decided to become new followers.

Although Newsspell hasn’t put the mainstream news sorcerers out of business yet, one can still take solace in the fact, hope does spring eternal.

In the previous installment concerning the subject of the legendary Howard Hughes, one proffered the hypothesis Hughes was in fact a mere celluloid image, a mythical character created by the host actor’s rich and prominent family.

The author also hypothesized Hughes’ confirmed host actor, the equally legendary Hollywood film director Orson Welles had most likely hailed from royal genealogy and that, in his seminal film, Citizen Kane, Welles’ left behind the one clue that revealed his true genealogical origins – rosebud.

However, concerning Citizen Kane, there may be other clues Welles left behind as to his true family origins.

But, most shocking of all, folks, Welles portrayed a significant role in the long-running JFK assassination psychological operation hoax. Continue reading “Howard Hughes: Man of mystery revealed (Part II)”

The real purpose of social media (part VI)

Don’t believe social media is psychologically manipulating you?

Think again!

Indeed, social media was constructed for that very purpose.

The concept of social media is tantamount to a dopamine inspired, psychological feedback loop, and in this installment folks, one possesses the necessary empirical proof to definitively demonstrate, beyond shadow of doubt, the veracity of one’s assertions.

However, one shall also explain, though the 21st century digital platforms and technology that have become quite commonplace may still be considered somewhat of a novelty, the methodology of the psychological manipulations distributed by each social media platform isn’t.

In fact, the methods of psychological manipulation utilized by social media are the culmination of decades-long sociological studies conducted by both Stanford Research Center and London’s Tavistock Institute of Human Relations beginning during the pre and post-war American eras.

And, in fact, one shall effectively demonstrate how it is social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook are both dialed into the mainstream media complex to formulate mass psychological consensus and to also, cause division and ensuing order out of mass chaos. Continue reading “The real purpose of social media (part VI)”