The media’s house of horrific hoaxes


The media sorcerers are losing their magic mojo.

Or, perhaps they realize they no longer have to try that hard in working over their scripted hoodwinks.

Yes folks, in a recent media driven psychological operation that seemed to harbor an agenda equally sinister and transparent, the American public’s credulity was stretched to the breaking point in being asked to believe a young girl – along with her twelve brothers and sisters – were deprived of rescue or recourse while being subjected to malnourishment and hostage-like conditions while uploading videos to You Tube which received over thousands and even millions of views.

The sub-department worker bees at Langley must be falling out of their cubicles and writhing on the office carpets overcome with fits of laughter at just how easy their jobs have become.

Then again, is it so surprising the media gets away with such egregious criminality in an era featuring bloggers praising the dubious virtue of continuing to “dream” in lieu of engagement with critical thinking? But this plays right into the hands of the ruling elites. For, they would much prefer for the masses to keep wishing on the star of a fantastical “dream” rather than thinking their way into definitively discovering how to break through the shackles of soul destroying lies enslaving them.

With prevalent mentalities such as this dominating the increasingly blunted consciousness of one’s fellow bloggers, and mankind in general, is it any wonder the general public is pathetically fooled time and again with such transparent psychological operations?

No, indeed it is not, folks.

Nevertheless, one shall proceed with an analysis of what was no doubt yet another blatant hoax perpetrated on the masses.  Continue reading “The media’s house of horrific hoaxes”

All Along the Black Magic Clocktower


Facebook Banner Stephen Perkins[1781]What possible connection could the NFL have with mass school shootings, one may respectfully ask? Although one would never normally connect the two, it turns out there is indeed a connection. Long ago, before Columbine, Sandy Hook, David Hogg and Parkland there was Charles Whitman – by now virtually forgotten –  who with a rifle allegedly gunned down fourteen students at the University of Texas in 1966.

In a moment of what appeared to be a stream of consciousness, one’s memory was triggered by a clip from Stanley Kubrick’s Vietnam War epic “Full Metal Jacket.” One recalled that mid-way through the film, Lee Harvey Oswald and Charles Whitman were referenced as having been former United States Marines.

This immediately struck one as rather ironic, because although both men were referenced as genuine historical figures within the fictional context of a movie about a so-called ‘authentic’ historical event, Oswald and Whitman were no more real than the characters portrayed in Kubrick’s movie. But this is precisely how the ruling elites in control of Hollywood’s dream factory blur the perceptive lines between fact and fiction to perpetually confuse the minds of the masses.

And, this is precisely how the ruling elite Jesuit families prefer the masses they rule over to remain – confused, distracted, drunk, drugged, passive, obedient, and ultimately stupid.

And what exactly may this have to do with the NFL, I hear one impatiently inquire?

Well, it turns out folks the host actor portrayed mass murderer Charles Whitman once played professional football for the Detroit Lions while donning an official NFL jersey that sported the number 77! Continue reading “All Along the Black Magic Clocktower”

LA riots: Violent revolution or staged operation? (Part III)

LA riots: Violent revolution or staged operation? (Part III)


The LA riots were nothing more than a Hollywood produced spectacle recorded and directed on a movie set – a psychological operation designed to entice enmity between the races and bring new order out of manufactured chaos.

As one shall soon observe, the event known as the LA riots were no different than Sandy Hook, Boston bombing, Columbine, and the latest government sponsored psychological operation in Florida – all designed to destabilize, reshape and subsequently reprogram human perception – oh and let’s not forget something just as paramount – to the ruling elite Jesuit families at least – television ratings and advertising revenues.

The usual elements were also present – Hollywood set pieces, scripted melodrama, and host actors portraying characters directed to credibly deliver scripted lines designed to emplace a cohesive narrative in the mind of the masses while they remained glued to their television screens to see what happened next.  Continue reading “LA riots: Violent revolution or staged operation? (Part III)”

“Entebbe raid” made in Hollywood, USA

One apologizes to those loyal visitors perhaps anticipating the third and final installment concerning the LA riots. Don’t despair, that is coming very soon, but in the meantime another topic of interest happened to suddenly capture one’s attentions.

The studio executive puppets in control of Hollywood on behalf of the ruling Jesuit royal families recently decided to memorialize and sear into the public’s memory yet another mythical tale – that of the alleged Israeli hostage crisis on the Ugandan coastal city of Entebbe during the mid 1970’s.

Though younger readers may certainly not be familiar with this event or its alleged details, the so-called ‘raid on Entebbe’ represented a bit of Tavistock composed psychological branding that helped introduce the terrorist meme to America and the world at large.

One must always be cognizant of the fact what is sold to the masses as “reality” is nothing more than a reflection of geometrically constructed illusions of sight, sound, colors, numerology, and neural linguistic programming.

As masters of these tools, the spell casting sorcerers of both the Hollywood cinema and television medium are the purveyors of grand illusions. Productions such as 2018’s “7 days in Entebbe” represent but one foundational brick applied to bolster and reinforce the pyramid of illusion perceived as reality in the callow and pliable minds of future generations now coming of age.

And judging from the results, a majority of the masses still choose to emotionally invest in whatever is sold to them – whether through Hollywood cinema or the television medium. Continue reading ““Entebbe raid” made in Hollywood, USA”

LA Riots: Violent revolution or staged operation? (Part II)

Shills happen to think they are so clever. One supposes any two-bit coward hidden by the protective shield of anonymity can attack with impunity then abscond behind the backs of their equally pusillanimous handlers. Should the target become provoked into retaliation however, they are accused of “bullying.”

Ironic, huh folks?

So it is with cowards hiding behind their thinly veiled facades of perceived respectability.

One knows who you are, and so do you.

Nevertheless – one shall proceed with the subject at hand.

When analyzed from a segmented perspective, it becomes readily apparent the LA Riots were planned to erupt after a crescendo of prior and linking events – of which the Rodney King incident played a significant part – had been successfully staged, performed and psychologically settled in the public mind. The music industry – as it so often does in the case of these psychological operations either through providing crisis acting talent or as a bolstering operational element – played a major role in fanning the incipient flames with its incessant marketing of what came to be known as “gangster rap.”

The next and final instalment of this series of posts will further examine the role of the music industry element in building racial tensions to an inevitable apex of apprehension that appeared to explode into violent revolution on the urban streets of Los Angeles in the Spring of 1991. For now, one shall begin an analysis of yet another staged event leading up to the grand televised denouement – the alleged murder of “Latasha Harlins.” Continue reading “LA Riots: Violent revolution or staged operation? (Part II)”

LA Riots: Violent revolution or staged operation? (Part I)

At the outset of this installment, one would like to express a sincere appreciation for not only the continued loyalty of regular readers but to those new arrivals having recently decided to become followers of Surely, it is one’s hope your newfound interest in the material discovered here shall be duly rewarded.

Before commencing with this new installment however, one feels a warning is appropriate, for the following analysis and subsequent questions raised will no doubt stir up considerable controversy.

So be it.

But one has found it is always better to bring that which is considered largely taboo out into the light and confront it than to leave such issues festering into lethal viruses while concealed in complete darkness.

Oddly, seemingly no one has bothered to examine the validity of this widely heralded event in American history. And many, even in the so-called “truth community” seem to accept its authenticity as reported.

This installment shall examine the reported details provided by mainstream sources for a rather significant event in recent American history known as the “LA riots.”

The LA riots exploded into the consciousness of Americans in 1992, and it all began with a colossally hyped catalyst in the form of an alleged confrontation between Rodney King and Los Angeles law enforcement. Not surprisingly, the purported details of this event  proffered by the mainstream media sorcerers readily fall apart under the slightest scrutiny. And yet again folks, there appear to have been host actors cast in the roles of some of the major players, including those from the professions of law enforcement and the legal system.  Continue reading “LA Riots: Violent revolution or staged operation? (Part I)”

“Parkland Massacre”: The truth marches on


Facebook Banner Stephen Perkins[1781]There is no greater indication of cowardice and weakness than when one’s enemy refuses to fight on the battlefield of ideas but instead hides with a silent dagger clenched within a white gloved fist from the shadows while concealed behind a mask.

While there are many with You Tube accounts complaining  their channels were shut down prior to and during the incessant mainstream media coverage of the Parkland school massacre, one can honestly testify to the fact the author’s desktop internet connection was completely shut down and has only returned (after several and unrewarding attempts dealing with one’s service provider over the phone) until very recently.

In fact, the last two posts appearing here on had to be composed on and uploaded to from one’s cell phone. But even in that case, one found significant problems hampering research efforts. For example, when one would attempt to access pertinent information, one discovered the internet connection either dropping out, redirected, or in some cases there was even inexplicable and severe battery drain.

In essence, something is clearly amiss here folks.

But wait, as if these weren’t anomalous indicators of foul play, there is every indication the US government, in league with their state sponsored media sorcerers and corporate partners, conspiratorially decided to plot an obvious and yet sinister trap for those they perceived to be a part of the ‘”truth community.”

What is the significance of all of this, one may ask?

It means the government surveillance program has run amok, and it is not only targeting certain individuals perceived to be government dissenters, but it is actively compiling psychological profiles.  Continue reading ““Parkland Massacre”: The truth marches on”