A few favorite Amazon reviews: 




“This is my second novel by Stephen Perkins, and so far the best I’ve read from him. His vocabulary is unique and untraditional. He writes in a style that really makes the reader understand a whole different existence. He has done it in his novel; American Siren, and he has once again done it in Raging Falcon.
If you like science fiction, or stories with unusual settings, then you should definitely read books from this author. He has a very articulate way of coming up with fascinating stories. His novels are gripping and exciting. Raging Falcon is a must read, right along with American Siren. I’m looking forward to reading more captivating novels from this author.”  Dream 16 – Amazon


“When writing sci-fi, it’s so difficult to capture the reader in the world you have created within the pages. I don’t think Mr. Parkins has any problems grabbing the attention of the reader, and enveloping them in the world he has built. I am definitely giving this a 5/5 and checking out the other books written by Stephen Parkins.”  Elizabeth Barbarick (Stuffed Shelves) – Amazon



“American Siren is an incredibly story. There is so much I want to say about this book but can’t without giving spoilers.  The stories plot is extremely intriguing. There are so many characters and things going on it may feel overwhelming for some. Personally it was not to much for me, I thought although there is a ton going on at times in the book, it was done really well. To me it all just kind of flowed together. It just all fit. I give this book a 5 star rating. A recommended read!”   Kendra Ellis – Amazon


“American Siren” is another great novel by Stephen Perkins. If you missed “Raging Falcon” you should go back and read it as well. This book packs so much into its pages it sometimes requires more than one read. As with Perkins’ other novels, this book covers many points of American Culture, making it both very engrossing and compelling in nature. This narrative has a lot of adult themes, which does add to its quality and suspense, but is definitely not for children.”  Alexia1776 – Amazon





“Prepare yourself, there’s much supernatural and controversial topics discussed throughout this book; as fair warning have been given by the author. But deep down, who doesn’t like a bit of debatable topics to read, let alone experience? Without much of a smooth introduction, you’re thrown into a detailed story that locks your attention from the initial pages, difficult to set the book down. Rae – Amazon


“I enjoyed this book, if you like supernatural and paranormal type of literature then this book is for you! The author combines a creepy and crawly setting with a girl named Clover who is now missing. A lot of people who go missing are usually thought to never be seen or heard of again. That’s the same thing here, is Clover alive? Is she safe and waiting for the right time to emerge? Or is it something else? That is where the author takes you, on a mind bending twist and turn of a tale.” One Up – Amazon