Was Kent State shooting ‘Hippy’ Sandy Hook?

The times haven’t changed, for those that rule over us will stop at nothing in expanding profit margins, and ultimately, their base of control. The concept of history one was taught from the lying pages of the public school history books, represents a diabolical mind weapon, a spell of massive proportions.

It is important to remember, the media sorcerers create their own content, and this content, when built up to mythological levels, becomes what one generally recognizes as “history.” With all the recent Homeland Security drills broadcast and sold to the public as real events, it is also important to remember, though advertising profit may be the main motive in broadcasting these “events,” there is also a very recognizable political component as well, should one bother to investigate.


The Sandy Hook event galvanized the American political dialectic, between those in favor of maintaining “gun rights,” while on the other side of the spectrum, there were those advocating that in order to eliminate “gun violence,” all access to automatic weaponry must be eliminated. It can be easily submitted that both sides have been manipulated, that indeed, they are blind to the fact this is how mass populations are perception managed into passive obedience. In the case of Sandy Hook, the political impetus can easily be surmised. In spreading the propaganda of gun violence, a majority of the public, concerned about keeping their public school children safe, will petition the government to ban or confiscate certain weapons from public access. What they do not realize is that the very same elements who own and operate the government, are the very same who own and operate the gun companies. The impetus is not in banning all guns, merely in limiting public access to certain weapons, in that the government, when mass martial law is finally declared, will maintain a decisive strategic advantage over a subdued American population. One will notice that every time one of these events is sold to the public, gun sales for conventional weaponry skyrocket, which is exactly what the gun companies want. In the end, there is more profit for the gun companies, more consolidated control for the government, and while the masses are glued to their televisions, enraptured in vicarious fear, advertising profits for the media sorcerers are greatly increased. Essentially a win-win for everyone, except the people, who remain confused, bewildered with fear, and divided and conquered over a hot button issue.

Looking back in retrospect to the by now long forgotten Kent State event, in which it is claimed four students were gunned down by National Guardsman, and still five more fatally injured (5+4= 9, a number of occult significance), one can easily observe the same sort of political dialectic being exploited. Although this time, the dominating public struggle existed between nascent revolutionary elements on college campuses opposing the so-called Vietnam war, and those die hard taxpayers supporting the government. But as now, both opposing sides were manipulated, and the exploitation of natural resources an entire hemisphere away, coveted by the Crown Temple bankers, continued unabated.

Before we begun in depth analysis of this particular event, perhaps a bit of historical perspective is necessary, in order to understand its overall political purpose.


Before Homeland Security was created, there was an FBI  program called COINTELPRO. This was a program utilizing tactics familiar to those of the historical Pinkerton’s, who would infiltrate various fringe political groups suspected of anti-government revolutionary tendencies, and in doing so would assume the role of those in the organization, essentially working undercover. The Pinkerton’s were created by industrialists and bankers like the Rockefeller’s, for the sole purpose of combating and eliminating upstart union movements. Unions gave the proletarian workers an advantage in negotiating better working conditions, but more importantly, cut into profits, and banking cabals like the Rockefeller’s don’t like anything or anyone impinging on their ghastly profit margins.

The FBI program was merely an updated version of these sort of subversive tactics. During the beginning of the 1960’s, there developed a burgeoning movement among university students in opposition to what they perceived to be an unjust war carried out by the US government in Vietnam. The powers that be, sensing this may become a future problem, in tandem with the civil rights movement, moved to infiltrate the college campuses with their agents. When the movement first appeared, it was composed of clean cut and well-scrubbed youth, genuinely concerned with the social conditions generally, and the illegal war in Vietnam specifically. What transpired was an endless parade of fake revolutionary leaders and their unkempt hippy followers.

Suddenly, the likes of Abby Hoffman and Timothy Leary, an openly devout adherent to the tenets of fake occultist Alistair Crowley, were hoisted to positions of prominence within the revolutionary movement. With their radical demeanor and purposefully tailored moral relativity, the protesting college students genuinely interested in social justice became marginalized, suddenly unacceptable to the average middle american. The emergence of the Black Panthers was another example of this COINTELPRO effort to make the civil rights movement appear equally unacceptable. In essence, what started as a genuine effort of articulate protest, was deliberately transformed into a grotesque freak show, with the result of demonstrating to the masses that protest against official government policy was hopelessly futile. What was genuine turned virtually overnight into nothing more than a superficial fashion cat walk of flowers, beads and LSD soaked love-in’s. The Kent State shooting, along with the Charles Mansion psychological operation, both represented the final nails in the proverbial coffin for the thoroughly misdirected revolutionary movement.


Now allow us to examine the utilization of one of the media sorcerers favorite weapons in action  as it relates to the Kent State event; numerology codes.

The date of the event: (May 4 = 9, a reference to Satan’s number, also a biblical reference to the length of the nails driven into Christ at his crucifixion). And the details of how many bullets were fired by the national guardsman: ( 67 rounds, 6+7=13, fired in thirteen seconds, 13+13=39, or 9+3=12, or 21 inverted=777, black jack mind weapon, the masonic G, or the idea fixed in the mind made material reality).


There is also the iconic photograph allegedly taken in the direct aftermath of the event, that of 14 year old Mary Ann Vecchio, kneeling over one of the four victims. Forgetting for a moment why no one asks what such a callow young teenager would be doing on a college campus to begin with, but the girls age represents an age old masonic signature of double 7, or the twin lightening charges of Lucifer expelled from heaven down to earth. It is also noteworthy, that no one bothers to wonder how it is, the photographer  Jim Filo, who later was awarded a Pulitzer Prize for photo journalism, was right there on scene at the right place, and the right time in order to perfectly position himself. But then again, many have been conditioned to accept the coincidence theory of history, when in truth, it is completely scripted like a Hollywood movie.

In addition, the media sorcerers tell us the student protesters (i.e. FBI agent provocateurs), began attacking the on campus ROTC building shortly after 8 pm, the number eight another coded reference to the elites control over the duality of man. According to official accounts, the student hostilities stretched for three days from May 1 until the 4th, which for the Wicca community marks Beltane, a traditional ceremony of sacrifice to the forces of nature. In the grainy footage rebroadcast by National Geographic, one can visibly observe and hear the on campus bell being rung nine times, another reference to the number of Satan, which is also six inverted, the number of man.

Total the number of 9’s featured in this psychological operation and that’s 999, or triple six, the number of the biblical anti-Christ.

It is also worth noting that Terry Norman, one of the alleged witnesses, denied when questioned under oath years later during a civil proceeding, that he was indeed an agent of the FBI, despite evidence clearly presented to the contrary.


Even the most cursory investigation into the details of Ohio governor Jim Rhodes political career reveals some more than interesting anomalies. Although several biographical accounts list Rhodes as an Ohio State alumnus, he in fact stopped matriculating shortly after his freshman year, only to somehow go on to establish a popular eatery known as “Jim’s Place.” This establishment according to written accounts was quite unique. Not only, was it claimed, one could purchase donuts and coffee, but several other diverse services as well, including stag films, and even “numbers games.” In case you are in doubt about what the numbers game entails, this means Rhodes’ establishment featured possible illegal activity, making one wonder why Jim’s Place wasn’t investigated or even raided by the proper authorities. Perhaps, and this is just speculation, he was protected by groups of individuals with last names ending in vowels, or by the cops themselves who were payed off with kickbacks from the proceeds!

Curious too, given Rhodes was a college dropout, that he went on to garner several important elected political offices, including state auditor, mayor, and even eventually becoming one of the only four term governor’s ever to serve in the history of the American union. Plainly, Rhodes was blessed, walking the political primrose path. As it turns out, Ohio’s governor at the time of the Kent State massacre was a high degree mason. Rhodes, oddly enough, resembles Nelson Rockefeller. It would not surprise one to learn that his political career represented nothing more than a Trojan Horse for the Rockefeller banking cabal, a sort of hoodwink played on the unwashed masses. It would also explain his unparalleled ease in climbing the political ladder in the state of Ohio, if in fact it could be proven Rhodes was a Rockefeller in disguise.

A quick perusal of his official birth date is a rather curious case study in numerology coding: 11/13/09, or 33, meaning master mason, the highest degree bestowed by the Scottish Rite lodge. Could it be that this entire psychological operation represented a mock human sacrifice, Rhodes initiation into the master ranks of the masonic lodge? In the aftermath of the event, Rhodes made predictably scathing comments concerning the student protesters themselves, going so far as to imply the students got what they deserved for their perceived egregious behavior. Several other townspeople subsequently interviewed by the media sorcerers, indicated similar negative sentiments, one going even so far as to comment “there weren’t enough students killed.”

To the practiced eye, it clearly seems the Kent State Massacre was merely a prequel to other latter day events like Sandy Hook, only the crisis actors in this Satanic charade were college student Hippies, rather than elementary aged school children.