Kubrick’s legacy of smoke and mirrors (Part II)

One doesn’t wish to give loyal readers the impression the author especially delights in slaughtering sacred cows. Nevertheless, research indicates the legendary artist of Hollywood cinema, Stanley Kubrick, is yet another actor in history’s grand stage play.

The artistic legacy created under his name, however, is comparable or perhaps even surpasses those established by Spielberg, Scorsese or Orson Wells. In that sense, one should never be mistaken, the celebrated body of artistic works created by the mysterious figure known to posterity as Stanley Kubrick well-deserves its legendary status in the pantheon of great modern cinema.

Be that as it may, research has also demonstrated Kubrick’s biography and personal details may have been born out of nothing more than smoke and mirrors.

Now, in attempting to smash through the hall of mirrors and clear away the plumes of smoke, one hopes to erect new understandings from the rubble of what may appear to be the wanton destruction of a legend. Continue reading “Kubrick’s legacy of smoke and mirrors (Part II)”