One must remember the truth movement is filled with controlled opposition, that is, they are there to disseminate disinformation, to keep human consciousness, much like the mainstream media sorcerers, locked within the barriers of excepted perceptions.

They are not offering anything to liberate, but to subjugate.

They are not offering anything that will inform, but to dis-inform, to keep humanity locked permanently within very narrow gates.

One will generally find, any serious inquiry with regard to the following subject herein examined, will automatically be turned aside, and perhaps even scoffed at. But the elites, in charge of the worlds major religions, are well aware of this long hidden information, and will go to any links to make certain it remains out of the hands of the common man.


Meaningful change, whether it be social, political, or economic, will not come in the form of the proletarian marching or protesting in the street against some perceived government trespass, nor will it arrive through the election of some puppet of the Crown Temple bank to the office of presidency. Rather, it will come through a concerted effort of knowledge seeking, of keen introspection, and in the forsaking of all major media operated by modern day sorcerers, only interested in selling more of their commercial trade through the manipulation of public behavior.

The literal interpretation of the bible, propagated for so long, will continue to remain prevalent, as long as the high priests in the major churches remain perched in their ivory towers, and as long as the masses of the world continue to worship at their altars. It could be constructively argued, that all major religions were formulated as a blinding veil to hide this one truth, to keep the secret of occult knowledge from ever being handed down to those construed as ‘commoners’.

As was outlined in the last post concerning this very subject, the true revelation in the bible is kept well hidden, beneath an avalanche of figures of speech, beneath transparent allegory’s, and concocted fables.

What is not generally known, is that the biggest secret hidden in the holy bible is quite evident in all mythological stories, from Little Red Riding Hood, the Grim Brothers tales of Hansel and Gretel, in all the Disney movies such as Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast, and it is even to be found hidden in the retelling of the Santa Klaus myth every year at Christmas, which by the way, is traditionally a pagan celebration honoring the god Saturn.

The exoteric version of the holy bible, taught by modern day evangelists, and catholic clerics, is evident in the literal interpretation of the rapture, where it is claimed an anthropological figure will descend form heaven to the earth, rescuing all those who have been ‘saved’. But heaven and hell, as referred in the bible, and other holy books, do not represent nether dimensions one reaches upon physical death by dint of good or sinful works while living here on this physical plane.

In truth, the transformation will not take place in the form of a savior coming down from some nether dimension to deliver humanity from its long night of oppression, but will rather take place within your very own anatomy.

In other words, the spiritual transformation, whereby humanity finds everlasting transcendence, is not metaphysical, but biological.

The revolution will indeed not be televised.

In biological terms, this is a process the ancients were well aware, information kept secret for centuries hence. All the stories in the bible are allegorical in nature, describing a transforming process that if understood, can lead one to live an elongated life, well past the average life expectancy.

Have you never wondered how it is some of the major figures told about in the old testament lived for several hundreds, if not thousands of years?

This special transforming process starts with the Christ oil secreted by a part of the brain called the claustrum, which is found centralized in the cerebrum. From this part of the cerebral anatomy, the oil descends by way of the spinal chord or column, to the five fused bones in the bottom of the sacral plexus, which are located at the very bottom of the vertebrae region. This is what is being described by the retelling of Christ’s crucifixion.

It is interesting to note, that the Christ oil remains in the solar plexus for a period of three days, or as is stated in the bible, laid to rest in the tomb. The story of the resurrection is in fact describing the ascension of the Christ oil at the conclusion of the three day period, returning to the cerebellum, where it’s power is increased thousands fold. In ancient Greece, and it is important to remember the original biblical texts were written in Greek, this was termed ‘the light of the world’.

In the bible, the story of Jesus being born in a manger, in the city of Bethlehem, also represents an allegorical reference to this process. But there is also an astral-theological component to the story, in that the sacred oil cannot rise until the moon enters ones sun sign once per month. When the Christ oil is allowed to ascend back up through the spinal column, travelling all the way to the cerebellum, activating all the human chakra centers on the way, the optical thalamus is once again activated, igniting and regenerating long dormant brain cells.

It is then one has experienced what is known as illumination.

Unfortunately, many of the worlds masses never experience this.

Because of unhealthy diet, and over consumption of toxic foods, and due to over indulgence in alcoholic beverages or chemically derived pharmaceuticals, the Christ oil will not ascend, remaining in the solar plexus.


If one researches this information closely, they will find that all anatomical elements, from the spinal column to the cranial region are allegorically represented in the Holy bible, purposefully hidden by the forty-seven scholars employed by King James I, charged with rewriting the biblical texts centuries ago, during the age of enlightenment.

Each anatomical element involved in this very special process, directly corresponds with  an astrological sign. However, one is rightfully justified in articulating the fact this knowledge will never be disseminated by your local rabbi, priest, or reverend. In fact, whether they realize it or not, their sole function is to maintain a veil of obfuscation, to prevent their respective congregations from ever encountering this particular information, at all costs.

The age of enlightenment may be touted by historians as having been the era when the largely illiterate serfs had an opportunity for the first time to become truly educated, but more than cursory examination does not bear that claim out. To a very large, if not complete degree, this was an age where the general populations were excluded from ever gaining meaningful interaction with this sacred knowledge. For this transforming knowledge has always been suppressed by the established religions, whether by the Muslim brotherhood, any conservative christian sect, or the Vatican, specifically the Jesuits, they being the most likely and  overt gate keepers.

In part three of this blog series, we shall briefly examine those verses in the bible that most directly describe or overtly refer to this special process, the long hidden secret of human immortality!