The Biggest Secret of the Bible (Part III)

Now, finally, is delivered the final installment of the long promised series of blog posts on the biggest secret hidden in perhaps what is the most fascinating, if not popular books, ever published in the history of mankind.

In the previous posts, we revealed that the secret of human immortality is hidden in the bible under an avalanche of allegory, metaphor, and fable.

To review, I described the biological process promoting the elongation of human life hidden in the New Testament stories of Jesus life, crucifixion, and resurrection. This mythological story has been retold again and again, in not only the ageless children’s tales of Hansel and Gretel, Beauty and the Beast, The Lion King, but is also alluded to in some of the most heralded literary works of the last century, including James Joyce Ulysses.

This enduring myth has also been the creative basis of many of the twentieth century’s comic book heroes, and their mystical powers, legendary characters such as Superman, Captain America, Wonder woman, etc. etc.. In truth, the creation of such characters is merely a reworking of the ancient Greek myths, tales of Zeus, Apollo and Athena.

This hidden, esoteric secret of human immortality is the essence of one of the most enduring myths ever created. The concept of myths, it must be remembered, are recreated in exoteric stories disseminated to the masses. And yet, the esoteric kernel of the myth is always hidden, buried deep beneath the superficial narrative. In other words, what’s meant to be hidden is revealed in plain sight, but is visible only to those with the eyes to see, and the ears to hear. The ultimate understanding of this hidden myth within the bible, and these modern allegories, is within reach of everyone.

But unfortunately, due to public schooling, most minds are not adequately prepared to divine the truth hidden beneath the lies, through no fault of their own.  Followers of this blog will have learned that control of America does not lie with it’s elected representatives, rather, it lies with the bankers owning and operating the Federal Reserve, who in turn, answer to the board of directors housed in the city of London, known as the Crown Temple.

To digress for just a moment, for the benefit of those still harboring deep questions about the Crown Temple, and how is it they came to own and operate the corporation of the United States of America, my next major series of posts will deal in describing the origin, machinery, and methods of operation of this shadowy group, known in medieval times as the Knights Templar.


Before delving into where in the bible this secret is hidden, we shall examine some of the historical figures responsible for the original text. One of those is the family of Levi, one of the most powerful and richest houses of the original twelve tribes of Israel.

The origin of the name of Israel is a combination of three words together: Is, or Isis, (the ancient goddess represented by the statue of Liberty in New York harbor), Ra, (Egyptian sun god from which the bloodlines of the earliest Egyptian Pharaohs are claimed to be descended), and El, or Elohim, (a reference to the god Saturn, twelve cycles of the zodiac, fullness of Time).

Two descendants of Levi described in the old Testament, Jacob, and his brother Aaron, led the tribe away from Israel to settle in the land of Caanan. Ironically, despite owning cities, in addition to being rich and politically influential, they were not land owners. It was decreed by the high priests of the temple, that the Lord God of Israel should be the tribes only true inheritance. This in and of itself is a powerful statement. If one endeavors to deeply research, it shall be discovered that these two bloodlines still rule over us, merely in different guises. The old Testament, when studied in depth, reveals the entire canon to be a recounting of the political and financial ascendance of the Levi family. It is they who in ancient times, much like the Rothschild’s of today, were the real power behind the thrones of many of the biblical monarchs. Being wealthy beyond all imagination, this bloodline had the wherewithal to employ vast numbers of scribes in order that their family legacy could be recorded for remote posterity. What later became known as the old Testament in the King James version of the modern bible, is nothing more than the biographical account of this powerful dynastic family. In ancient times, nobility such as this were indeed regarded as gods, since with vast political and financial influence, they had power of life and death at their disposal.

Notable descendants of Levi were Miriam, Samuel, Ezekiel, Ezra, and Malachi. Four of these, Samuel, Ezekiel, and Ezra, and Malachi, have chapters in the biblical text named for them. The old Testament, re-fashioned centuries later due to political expediency by King James forty-seven hand picked scholars, including Francis Bacon, were derived from the original texts and legends of these twelve families, the original twelve tribes of Israel. But the story of Levi is itself symbolic, the twelve tribes representing once again the number of signs and cycles of the Sun Zodiac. Whether contemporary Christians want to believe it or not, their faith is merely an exoteric reworking of the ancient pagan philosophies, which held sun worship as part of it’s creed. Jesus himself is merely a mythological representation of the sun, as were all the ancient gods preceding him. Worship of the sun is still secretly carried out in the Vatican, a closely guarded secret by the Order of the Jesuits, just one of the many esoteric secrets kept hidden from the flock of the Catholic faithful. If one looks closely, beyond the pomp and ceremony of the Vatican, the overt display of esoteric symbols shall become immediately noticeable. Around the identifying symbol of the Jesuit Order; IHS, is clustered a plethora of sun rays, points of light which are astrological representations of the Zodiac, or the cycle of Time, i.e. Saturn.

The Roman aristocratic family of Piso is an interesting study, for they represented the very political and financial power supporting the imperial throne. They were a prominent branch of the gens Calpurnia, which began it’s hegemony of Rome in the 2nd century AD. They were prominent land owners, as well as money lenders, and often were the paymasters of the imperial Praetorian Guard, the group of elite legionnaires who protected the Emperor from physical harm, much in the way the Secret Service serve the same purpose for the American President.

This was a key element in the continued maintenance of political power for the Piso family, in that if any particular emperor from the 2nd century on fell out of favor, the Piso patriarch could merely summon the head of the Praetorian Guard to carry out assassination. It is generally claimed by historians, mistakenly, that Piso rose from the ranks of the plebian, but this is not so. Right from the fall of the Roman republic with the victory of Julius Caesar over Pompey Magnus, this powerful patrician family had complete control over the ship of state, even with the power to appoint Senators and governors in charge of various Roman provinces.

As the Roman imperial throne cemented it’s hold over what became known as the Empire, the central organizing pagan religion began to loose it’s former hold over the people, mainly due to mass immigration from Rome’s far flung provinces into the capital city. Those seeking fame, fortune, or political influence, brought with them monotheistic philosophies, Christianity emerging as the most influential. With this mass influx grew the influence of non-pagan cults, much to the alarm of the imperial college of Pontiffs.

Observing  change had to be made, due to political expediency, the influence of the Piso family mobilized Roman scholars and intellectuals, fostering eventual religious transformation. By the fourth century AD, the mobs of plebes were growing tired of observing the worship of so many pagan gods. Incrementally, this change was brought to bear, culminating with the council of Nicaea, first organized by Piso and other powerful aristocratic families in the 4th century, 325 AD. This first ecumenical council represented the emergence of what became known as the Catholic faith. In truth, this merely represented a superficial placation for the mob, while underneath official state recognition, the foundation of the old pagan faiths remained. This pagan foundation is still prominent, yet well-hidden, secretly observed by the Jesuit Order, the true power behind the Pope.

In fact, the Roman empire never vanished as historians claim, it merely transformed itself, from an empire overtly deriving its power and influence from military and political strength, to that of religious or philosophical hegemony. Like the bloodline of Levi, Piso had the resources to employ their own band of highly educated scribes, and the new testament represents the rich  biographical tapestry of the power and wealth wielded via proxy through the imperial Roman thrones. Both the Levi and Piso royal houses are still with us, and their story, immortalized in the two major books known collectively as the Holy Bible, hides the secret of their longevity. Many may find this controversial, but it is believed that some of these biblical characters in fact never perished, that they are in fact still physically with us. It is within the allegorical text of the bible, that their great secret to biological longevity remains clandestine, until now!

These powerful dynastic bloodlines have since no doubt intermarried, the genealogy of such a union witnessed in the vast historical gallery of medieval royal history, right up to the present day. Burke’s peerage, a meticulously collected compendium of genealogical history, demonstrates how all the royal houses of Europe are in fact related, their lineage traced back to the source of these two bloodlines still ruling over the earth to the present day.


The council of Nicaea of the 4th century AD was ordered to take special care in coming to consensus about what would be ultimately demonstrated as the creed of the new faith.

Upon royal decree from Emperor Constantine, they were ordered to hide any reference to the potential of human immortality in the new holy book. This consensus was again reached in the 17th century by King James and his forty-seven royal scholars, hired to rework the Holy Bible for a new popular audience emerging into the age of enlightenment. Scholars such as Francis Bacon, were charged with burying the secret of the ages under inscrutable language that was sure to be indecipherable to the masses. This also meant that the masses of people would have to hereafter rely upon an educated priesthood for indirect interpretation. However, looking through the Bible with a fresh set of modern eyes, it is clear they did not hide it well enough. The first example cited is in the new testament, where it states in John Chapter three, verse thirteen: “And no man hath ascended up to heaven, but he that came down from heaven, even the son of man which is in heaven.”

The word heaven exhibited here is not a reference to an actual place one travels to upon physical death. Rather, it is symbolic of the process of biological regeneration, of the Christ oil traveling up and down the spinal column once per month, in alignment with astrological signs. Referring to part II of this blog series, this magical biological process occurs once per month, during the time when, in astrological terms, the moon enters one’s sun sign, or on the particular day one was born. Heaven is a symbolic representation of the cerebellum, hell, the solar plexus.  During the right time of month, per astrological observances,  the Christ oil rises from hell, from the solar plexus depths, up through the spinal column, and thence into heaven, or the cerebellum, eventually residing in the pineal gland, forever transforming the human biology. Dormant brain cells become activated, those long dead rejuvenated, DNA transformed.

Another pertinent excerpt of scripture is Romans 6:23, which states: “For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ.” The Christ is the magic elixir residing dormant in each and every human on this planet. God, is the brain that resides in heaven, or the head, the source of all human ingenuity, creativity, and intellectual ability, unique attributes separating the human species from the lower animals.

These are the biblical interpretations that one will never hear issued from the priests pulpit, for it is the job of the major religions to keep this information forever hidden from the masses. In an addendum to this post, we will speculate on just how this knowledge, should it become generally known, would utterly transform society. One thing is certain, the bankers of the Crown Temple, and their media sorcerers, would do everything in their considerable power to make certain that never occurs!