Do you believe ISIS is real? What if I were to tell you, that very moniker, is in fact an anagram for Israeli intelligence services. Would you believe that?

I can envision, most of you reading this, shaking your heads at this very moment.

But, that’s okay.

The elites, the Crown Temple bankers in London, owners and operators of not only the Federal Reserve, makers of financial policy in the Western world, but the corporation known as the US, want you to be afraid.

Fear, not only causes the people to run to Big Daddy government for more protection, but in order to alleviate that palpable fear, most folks decide to go shopping! And that, serves a dual purpose for the ruling elites’ objectives, to keep you fearful and obedient, and to stimulate the flow of commerce, whenever possible.

It’s a win-win for them.

The elite bankers running your government get more of your tax dollars, in payment for their massive protection racket. Those very same elite bankers, owning and operating the globe’s commercial trade, collect the windfall from the people’s pursuit of instant material gratification.

These psychological operations are really such a deal!

And keep in mind, since ‘Mr. Change we can all believe in’ repealed the congressional act prohibiting CIA, and other government intelligence based agencies, from performing psychological operations on American soil, this is all completely legal!

The problem is, most of you subconsciously acknowledge this salient fact to be true. However, your conscious mind, the one telling you to keep up appearances for the sake of your own sense of perceived sanity, adamantly signals you should deny such facts. But, that goes to the very heart of the matter doesn’t it? If the masses of people, millions of regular folks, were to reject the government you are being asked to seek protection and goods and services from, those systematically divided and conquered, would be forced to come together to govern their own affairs. An idea, most, have been conditioned to reject, as utter nonsense.

But, is it? Isn’t that the true definition of democracy?

Has it never occurred, maybe the government, the media, may be lying to you?

Is that such a stretch?

escape-to-death_banner1071It never ceases to amaze, most folks will acknowledge politicians and their penchant for deception. However, those same folks, across America, still dutifully vote for candidates of choice, expecting something to change in their favor.

And yet, it never quite does.

In light of that, let’s open our minds, and dare to entertain something out of the box. Could it be, those protecting you, may in fact be, your captors? Could this qualify as Stockholm syndrome, writ large? Well, if you’re honest with yourself, maybe, just maybe?


The common denominator here is Homeland Security, which is nothing more than a conduit, a shell company for the bankers, handing out federal grant money to towns and cities willing to take part in what is officially entitled HSLEEP drills (Homeland Security emergency preparedness exercise).

This is what folks saw taking place, when they tuned in to CNN, to hear liar extraordinaire Anderson Cooper talk about the Aurora and Sandy Hook massacres, the Boston bombing, or even the recent Pulse night club shooting. In truth, these were Homeland Security crisis preparedness drills, sold to the public as actual events. Most folks, however, emotionally manipulated by the manufactured melodrama, believed what they they saw on television to be real.

But, it wasn’t. It was merely a simulation.

conspiracy-stephen perkins-thriller-fiction-sandy hook-9/11-Boston bombing--black magic
Raging Falcon is it conspiracy or fiction?


The following shall serve as demonstration of what we’re talking about here:

Three years ago, CNN reported the murder of young high school math teacher, Colleen Ritzer, at the hands of one of her ‘mentally disturbed’ freshman students. Upon hearing about this story, some immediate anomalies were readily observable. The published photographs of the victim, ‘Colleen Ritzer’, appeared to have been photo shopped.

This piqued curiosity.

Not only was there no record of any teacher by that name ever having worked at the high school in question, but there was no record of the accused student, the alleged assailant, ever having attended classes. The local newspapers claimed ‘Ritzer’ had previously taught at Hale Middle school. Alas, no such record exists.

However, further examination revealed more glaring curiosities.

The names of both the victim, and assailant, when ran through all major search engines, turned out to be aliases. But, this is what sealed the deal, in ultimately determining this event as a hoax. A photo of victim ‘Colleen Ritzer’,  days later, published in the UK Daily Mirror. Analysis revealed, the photo in question, featured a woman named Cindy Stone, appropriated from an over twenty year old New Hampshire college yearbook. This is how the simulated victims are created; backdated photographs of drill participants combined with appropriated identities. Searching online further, the actual Colleen Ritzer, proved to be very much alive, residing in, wait for it: Newtown, New Jersey.

Not only that, but shrink wrap from the alleged murder scene, the type used to pack anatomical models used for CPR exercises, was found in the nearby woods, adjacent to the school, near the murder scene. Despite published claims ‘Ritzer’ was garroted about the neck, severing major arteries, there weren’t any traces of blood on the victims body in any of the published photographs. There wasn’t any blood, because the body recovered from the murder scene was not a real victim, but a plastic dummy.

Last I checked, folks, plastic breaks, but doesn’t bleed!

Further investigation revealed the high school in question had received, prior to the event, a sizable government grant from Homeland Security to rebuild an old wing of the school. Upon checking this out, in order for school districts to receive the money, each is contracted to participate in at least one HSLEEP drill during that fiscal year. Lo and behold, the high school in question, was in fact scheduled, a year prior, to participate in such a drill.

Beyond shadow of doubt, this was an HSLEEP drill, carried out with explicit cooperation of multi-jurisdictional law enforcement, local and school officials, and subsequently reported to the American public as an actual crisis event.

So, there you have it folks, hundreds of high school children and an entire community emotionally traumatized, and it was all about the money, which, with considerable interest, shall have to be paid back by future generations of taxpayers.

Nice, huh?

Tell me now, folks, do you still believe CNN, when they report about those terrorists overseas?

Or, are they right here, in our very midst, at home?