As promised in part IV, one shall continue to examine connections between members of the classic pop act the Rolling Stones and British royalty. Many, will no doubt consider the ultimate conclusion as to the true identity behind the host actor portraying Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards as pure absurdity. One supposes, that outcome alone, is truly testament to the global media sorcerer’s mastery of hypnotic power of suggestion. And yet, it is that very spellbinding power of media hypnosis, chiefly prevents the general public from ever thinking too critically in attempting to examine celebrity biographies. In the case of Keith Richards, even the most cursory of analysis reveals gross biographical anomalies. Often, one doesn’t consider blindness until the blindfold has been removed and thoroughly discarded.

Now, one shall attempt to permanently remove the mask, that for over the star spangled course of a hit making career spanning fifty years, has so well managed to obscure the true identity of one of pop musics most charismatic, and in many ways, enigmatic characters.

One may be shocked to discover, the true identity of the rock legend known as Keith Richards, has been hiding in plain sight for decades.   Continue reading “ACTORS IN HISTORY’s GRAND STAGE PLAY (part V)”