Out of death’s darkness a star is born

This installment shall concern an intriguing yet no less transparent story most recently featured by mainstream news sources.

One shall endeavor to examine the recent alleged “death” of rapper XXXTentacion, the twenty-year-old late rapper allegedly slain outside of a motorcycle dealership in Deerfield, Florida on June 18.

Many – to whom this blog has become a sanctuary of not only free and alternative thought, as well representing an oasis of psychological, sociological, and historical examination of both contemporary and events belonging to a distant antiquity – shall no doubt have considered that the alleged death of “rapper” XXXTentacion was indeed a hoax perpetrated by the corporate owned, mainstream and alternative media controlled via proxy through the global intelligence octopus (specifically CIA), featuring a character portrayed by yet another Hollywood connected host actor.

The genuine question remains – who was the target of this particular psychological operation? But, perhaps there are other considerations which loom more paramount – why, and to what benefit or profit? Continue reading “Out of death’s darkness a star is born”