Steeped within the milieu of fantastical flight of fancy, Aldous Huxley’s seminal work of dystopian literature ‘Brave New World’ was nonetheless revolutionary. It presented a nightmare future, where humans aren’t so much born, as they are cloned, hatched and then programmed to fit rigid social roles ruled over by a global, corporate governing structure. Within this global societal structure, exists a rigidly maintained social order, spanning predetermined social roles, from the leadership and administrative class of the Alpha’s, down to the mindless drones called Epsilons, who perform repetitive, grunt-like manual labor.

In the world of high brow literature, Huxley was hailed as a visionary. In the realm of speculative geopolitics, the book was held up as a warning, much like President Eisenhower’s farewell address to the American people, in which he warned of guarding against the unwarranted influence, “whether sought or unsought, of a growing military industrial complex.” While it may have seemed Huxley and the former US president were somewhat heroic, in broadcasting warnings of covert dark forces threatening the tranquility of a peaceful and democratically minded society, seemingly no one has entertained the idea these men may have represented not visionaries of literature or politics, but rather monsters in the guise of benevolent seers.

This is the ruling elites method of operation on clear display.

What appears to the public as a guru, or benevolent leader, leading one down the primrose path to individual freedom and liberation, is in actuality, to those adept and armed with the lucidity of critical thinking, a charlatan guiding one along a sorrowful path, towards the barbed wired gates of slavery’s imprisoning gulag.

For, as it turns out, Huxley nor Eisenhower represented social commentators set at arms length, but conspirators, elemental actors deployed to play out their roles on the world stage, at the behest of a well oiled propaganda machine, funded by global banking elites.Featured Image -- 5555Featured Image -- 5549

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Raging Falcon is it conspiracy or fiction?

If one has perused a good cross section of information available here, one is able to readily connect the dots of a vast movement to control human mass consciousness, a monolithic program molding human behaviors with systematic application of negative and positive stimuli, delivered through avenues of modern media; television, publishing, and Hollywood movies.

This, in combination with standardized public school education, and the rigid dogmatism of the world’s established religious and political ideologies, collectively represent an effective weapon with which to fight a war, fought not on a physical battlefield, but a psychological one. In other words, the world’s masses are trapped in an open air ‘Skinner box’, victims of an ongoing psychological and experimental program, intent on assiduous application of  social human conditioning and indoctrination.Raging Falcon - 3D[1343692]


In truth, Huxley’s own politics belonged to an ideology known as Fabian socialism. The Fabians were a group of elite British intellectuals who believed that in order to change human consciousness to accept the development of a global governing structure, such acceptance must be incrementally induced over a period of decades or generations, rather than relying on the immediate social rupture of a single violent revolution.

Unknown to many, at the same time Huxley’s ‘visionary’ book was being hailed as a work of fantastical fiction by those in literary circles, Huxley himself, while touring on the American lecture circuit, conceded that the book was in fact, not a flight of fancy, or the product of pure imagination, but a blueprint. During a speech made at Berkeley University, before his death in 1962, Huxley told an enthralled audience that the narrative of the book actually outlined genuine scientific developments that would reshape the world into a scientific dictatorship:

“It seems to me, that the nature of the ultimate revolution with which we are now faced-is precisely this, that we are now in process of developing a whole series of techniques which will enable the ruling oligarchy, which has existed and will presumably always exist, to get people to love their servitude. And this is the ultimate benevolent revolution.”

Although, at first glance, it may seem Huxley was observing these ‘series of techniques’ from a far flung, objective remove, he in fact, was a member of the elite inner circle, quite privy to the technological and social developments of which he was speaking.

Huxley’s family had stood at the forefront of scientific and technological development for several decades going back to the turn of the twentieth century. Huxley’s grandfather,  T.H., was known as ‘Darwin’s bulldog’, for his strident defense of the theory of evolution. In fact, the Huxley’s were but one thread of a very deceptive interrelated web of prominent British families, including the Galton’s, Wedgwood’s, and Darwin’s.  Escape to Death - 3D

These famed and elite British families became obsessed with eugenics, a pseudo-scientific philosophy developed by Francis Galton, a human genetic theory running concurrent with the theory of evolution, predicated on the idea that ‘inferior’ strains of genetic humans must be either eliminated or somehow reprogrammed.

Huxley’s brother Julian, was a founder of the Word Wildlife Fund, and also became president of UNESCO (United Nations educational, scientific, and cultural organization). In the organizations founding document, Julian Huxley writes:

“It is however, essential, that the theory of eugenics be brought entirely within the borders of science. For, as already indicated, in the not too distant future, the problem of improving the average quality of human beings is likely to become urgent and this can only be accomplished by applying the findings of a truly scientific eugenics.”

Preceding Julian’s stewardship of UNESCO was Sir Charles Galton Darwin. In his book, ‘The Next Million Years’, he writes:

We would have to put up with human nature for one million years, or the time it takes for a new species to gain prominence. Unless, we can have an internal revolution. This would come about if means were discovered of deliberately altering human nature itself.”

As a possible solution to what Darwin observed as the common man’s genetic difficulties, Darwin went on to reflect:

“Life in the crowded conditions of cities has many unpleasant features. However, if human nature could be significantly altered, these problems could be overcome, not so much by improving these conditions, but by getting the lower classes to actually liking them.”

Darwin was even more explicit about his desire to bring about a world governing order: “If then, there is ever to be a world government, it will have to coerce a minority-and indeed it may often be a majority-into doing things they don’t want to do.”

Steeped in this Machiavellian milieu, is it surprising Aldous Huxley composed such a stirringly nightmarish vision of a future dystopian existence for mankind?

It is clear, given the tight knit and incestuous family relationships detailed, that Huxley’s visionary tone was merely tongue in cheek, not a warning, but the expression of a covert blueprint, that of a world governance, cloaked in the guise of fantastical literary fiction.

Yes, folks, truth is indeed, stranger than the strangest of fictions.



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