The world is never what it seems. Everything you may think is real is glimpsed through Wonderland’s looking glass. What seems straight may in fact be bent, things appearing clear, may in fact be opaque. And, so, it is with the story of one of the most enduring myths foisted upon the world’s masses, a grand and enchanting fairy tale echoing into history’s remote  posterity. Bedazzled by spangled illusion, the masses remain spectators forever amused before history’s glittering spectacles. The story of Diana, the people’s princess, is no exception, though one may balk at what may be construed as fanciful speculation. The elites ruling over the masses, utilize this sinister method of operation again and again, creating larger than life mythical figures, meticulously conducting the life and memory of actors portraying characters like Hollywood script writers plotting a movie. Nearly always, the denouement is tragic, the better to direct mass emotional energies towards politically expedient ends. The names of these tragic mythical figures litter history’s pages like sorrowful tombstones: John F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Abraham Lincoln, and yes, Princess Diana. Myths are the focal points created to distract the masses away from thinking too deeply about the actual nature of reality. Until, now.


Before one proceeds with the following theoretical premise, some historical background shall be necessary. In this first installment, one shall briefly outline the recent history of one of the world’s most influential and powerful banking dynasties, the Rothschild’s. Before the details of the myth of Princess Diana can be told, and how and why this myth was created for mass public consumption, it will be necessary to ascertain the methods of operation, the subtle nuances behind the concept of creating order out of chaos, which is what elite families like the Rothschild’s have utilized time and again in maintaining their control, over not only the common masses, but the royal houses of Britain and Europe. Those encountering the content presented previously, are perhaps familiar with my series of posts concerning the subject of the Crown Temple Bank, headquartered within the one square mile of London. Not only, does this one mile acreage represent the epicenter of global financial power, it is also an important component of the three pronged trident of the hidden system of global governance, along with the Vatican (specifically the Jesuit order), and Washington D.C… One of the most visible dynastic banking families, and major stockholders of the Crown Temple bank, the history of the Rothschild’s as a prominent merchant banking family is deeply intertwined with the history of Europe going back before the Enlightenment, and perhaps even further. For the purposes of brevity, we shall center on the Rothschild’s involvement with the royal family of Britain starting in the 19th century, and their specific entanglements with the current ruling house, the family of the reigning Queen, Saxe-Coburg-Gotha.


The Rothschild’s prime method of control over the masses, and their control over the governments of nations, is in fomenting war, or order out of chaos. War represents the central organizing principle of societies. However, war means one thing to elite dynastic families like the Rothschild’s-to the masses of common people, it is something else entirely. To the elites, war is a controlled demolition, mass relocation, and debt consolidation exercise, used to keep nations and governments in thrall with interest bearing loans. Ironically, it is the victor of these wars that must pay the debts of the vanquished. Has one never considered why the US seemed to never find a way to ultimately prevail in Vietnam, why a pitiful giant seemed to be so easily humbled by comparatively poorly trained and armed communist North Vietnamese forces?

Wars are planned well in advance, then managed like a chess match, with the high command of each adversary secretly well aware of what the other is planning.

The longer wars go on, the more profitable the venture becomes.

Has one never wondered what is used as collateral on these interest bearing loans issued by banking dynasties such as the Rothschild’s? The answer: the lives of the men in uniform, who are not fighting for freedom as the common man is erroneously led to believe, but are instead fighting and dying to pay off the exorbitant interest on the loans made to the nations they have taken an oath to defend. By the time of the emergence of the Federal Reserve act in America in 1913, the Rothschild’s, along with the Rockefeller’s, Vanderbilt’s and DuPont’s, had consolidated almost complete economic control over the Anglo-American empire, as well as Europe. The grand coup was signaled with the the two major global conflicts taking place in the early and mid-twentieth century, and with the tightly engineered American economic depression of the 1930’s. With the collusion of American presidents’, who represented nothing more than puppets of the bankers, the Rothschild’s managed to remove America’s gold standard, ensuring the prime currency would be the worthless paper dollars issued by the Crown Temple bank, and by proxy the Federal Reserve, of which they, and other prominent Wall Street banking families, remain major stock holders.


The communist revolution in Russia and Beer Hall Putsch of Adolph Hitler and his National Socialists were funded by the Rothschild banking dynasty. Trotsky, Lenin, Stalin, and Hitler, were all Rothschild agents, trained at Britain’s Tavistock institute. These revolutions dovetailed nicely into the two major world conflagrations, with the purpose in mind of establishing the United Nations, and the state of Israel, which, like Switzerland, represents a private banking haven for the Rothschild’s and their related minions of international bankers, including BIS (Bank of international settlements), and the IMF (International monetary fund).

It has been established by previously documented research, the Rothschild’s began intermarrying with the British royal family before the reign of Victoria in the 19th century. In fact, Prince Albert was never the Queen’s consort, he was merely placed in proximity to cover for the fact that all of Victoria’s thirteen children were seeded by Rothschild surrogates. When Albert outlived his usefulness, he was deliberately murdered, bedridden with pneumonia, and locked up in a castle with the windows wide open in the middle of winter, thus hastening his demise. This deviously concocted scenario ensured that Rothschild agents would be in line to succeed to the throne of England and other European nations for generations to come. In truth, the current royal family of Britain are not Windsors, as is commonly believed, rather, they are Rothschild proxies, and by virtue of intermarriage, family relatives.


In order to understand why Princess Diana was hoisted to her lofty and mythical position, it must be noted the current royal family is not British. In fact, their true heritage is German, and their actual family moniker is Saxe-Coburg-Gotha. Although Burke’s peerage indicates all royal families of Europe are in fact interrelated, the British media ignores this fact, even when presenting a more in depth historical expose on the current family inhabiting the royal throne. To keep this fact clandestine, British double agents, under the control of the Rothschild’s during the second world war, allowed Hitler’s forces to escape the allied insurgence at Dunkirk. Not only did this serve the purpose of prolonging the war, and maximizing profit for the Rothschild’s and their banking minions, but served another ulterior purpose. In delaying the pursuit of Hitlers retreating forces, this allowed the recovery and destruction of the royal almanac plates housed in Gotha, thus forever erasing the true origin of the house of Windsor from history and, more importantly, the Rothschild’s infiltration through intermarriage. Frustrated by the continuing delays in being able to pursue Hitlers forces, Allied commanding General Patton raised stern objections to the Allied high command. When Patton was able to discover British agents had in fact cleverly engineered the escape of Hitlers forces, he was summarily disgraced and eventually assassinated.

In the next installment of this long running series of blog posts, we shall continue to examine the exact identity of Princess Diana, and why she was placed into such a prominent position within the royal family of Britain.

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