Is Christchurch’s “Abdul Aziz” A Familiar “Hero”?

Have you ever observed a familiar face, and though perhaps at first it may have been difficult to accurately place, further examination of the facial geometry proved fruitful?

Such became the case with the identity of the latest “hero” heralded by the MSM – “Abdul Aziz”.

Turns out folks, you’ve seen “Abdul” in action before, and posed in the role of another heroic figure.

Does the following image appear familiar?

That’s right, folks, the image displayed above is from a mass casualty event back on April 15, 2013 (a total of 2,160 days between the event in Christchurch/9/6 occult mirrored reversal/33/high-degree Scottish Rite Freemasonry) that came to be known as the “Boston Bombing”, and the man observed in the foregournd of the image, Carlos Arrendondo – the man donned in the ten gallon cowboy hat – was heralded by the MSM as the “hero” of the day.

Would it surprise one’s loyal readers to learn that “Carlos” AKA “Abdul” was also heralded as the “hero” by the MSM after the latest mass casualty event staged in Christchurch, New Zealand?

What shall soon be revealed is the genuine identity of “Carlos” or “Abdul”, the host actor behind the mask of the character, an actor and entertainer well-known to fans of 1970’s classic rock and pop music the world over.

Referring back to the iconic image from 2013’s “Boston Bombing” displayed in the introduction, did anyone notice the man with the mustache, beard, and donned in the lemon neon yellow vest walking behind the MSM’s designated “hero”, Carlos Arrendondo?

Once again, does the performance and the actor observed in the following video also appear familiar?

Yes folks, you’ve seen him before, and he is one of Hollywood’s most recognizable and famous actors.

And on a related note, ear biometrics and facial recognition clearly confirm that Tom Cruise is also the host actor behind the mask of this “late” actor:

Christian Bale (Christ consciousness/Baal or Baphomet/sums to 86 in English Ordinal Full Reduction/8X6=48/12/21/777/joker code/Batman):


Before delving into the specifics of the recent mass casualty event on March 15 in Christchurch, New Zealand, it is instructive to understand that the alleged location of this event is also home to the largest US military base in New Zealand at Harewood airport, where under the cover of US Antarctic Research Program, the US military maintains not only a general purpose Naval depot, but an Air Force Military Airlift Command Base, and a Naval communications Unit (part of which is located at RNZAF base, Weedons).

Located at nearby Mount John, the US Air Force’s Satellite Tracking Station ostensibly pinpoints the positions of enemy satellites so that, according to official military sources, “in the event of nuclear war the US Aerospace Defense Command can shoot them down.”

This information is pertinent, in so far as it relates to the methods of possible execution of the mass casualty event(s) at Christchurch on March 15.

Therefore, could it not have been the case, that with such a preponderance of US military presence, their communications were an integral part of not only helping to organize and execute the mass casualty event so that it appeared to have been actual, but that the US military in Christchurch, on the date in question, served as the main liaison with MSM outlets in the US, the West, and around the globe, in ensuring the subsequent release of any information or propagandized talking points would be properly and uniformly promulgated?

As an aside, and though this may serve to become a point of contention among skeptics, military Tracking Stations have never been utilized for the purpose of tracking satellites, but rather for the purpose of tracking the movements of populations and for specifically targeted and mass surveillance of population centers.

The official line of nuclear installations relating to the orbiting positions of satellites is what could be termed as a cover story, and it is probable therefore, that over the decades this “official” explanation – particularly during the “cold war” era – was distributed solely for public consumption.

If so, given the large financial sums likely necessary in maintaining such a behemoth and militarily controlled communications infrastructure, could this mean the public has been financing its own surveillance with the tax expenditures routinely siphoned from it?

How can the claim of ground based communications be verified, one may choose to ask?

Because folks, according to the military’s own information straight from their online manuals, a great percentage of military and civilian communications are not routed via orbiting satellites, but instead utilize primarily telephone/RF mast navigation augmented by ground/ship/plane and UAV based communications, as well undersea cables and ground based radar.

Bear this information in mind when considering that in the past, it has been well established that corporate governments – which are all controlled from the top down by the Crown Temple and the Vatican on behalf of the thirteen ruling elite families – along with the entertainment industry, MSM, and the military, are all interrelated and work in close quarters through the International Brotherhood of Freemasonry and its related sects and networks at the highest levels.

In addition to Harewood Airport, Christchurch is also home to the campuses of Mount John and Canterbury Universities, the latter of which has a very pertinent and interesting history. Established in 1873, Canterbury University is New Zealand’s second oldest such institution. The university’s founding professors prove to be of key interest, Charles Cook, John MacMillan Brown, and Alexander Bickerton, the latter of whom held not only an academic fellowship, but a personal relationship with renowned scientist, globalist and Fabian socialist, Thomas Henry Huxley.

To those unfamiliar, Thomas Huxley was a disciple of Charles Darwin and grandfather of Aldous Huxley, the author of the dystopian novel and globalist/Fabian socialist blueprint, Brave New World.


Another fascinating aspect of Bickerton’s academic career was that he is credited with beginning a socialist community in Christchurch, which he later set up as a theme park. In addition to Huxley, another of Bickerton’s academic mentors was John Tyndall, a prominent 19th century physicist who was credited with making discoveries in the field of infrared radiation as well with the physical properties of air.

Like Huxley, Tyndall was a Fellow of the Royal Society, and although esteemed for his scientific contributions by his contemporaries and peers, diverged with a majority of them when it came to his views on the philosophical convergence of science and religion, believing they were concepts that were best left mutually exclusive.

In truth, and particularly when considered in a post-modern sense, the concept and practice of science as well its practitioners are no less dogmatic than the synonymously exoteric philosophies and publicly visible proselytizers of the world’s major and established religions.

Nevertheless, in seeking out prominent men of like mind during his lifetime, Tyndall, along with Huxley, joined the X Club (X/Saturn/24th letter/2+4=6/33/4+4/the 4th or mental plane/88/the swastika or sun/source of all creation/mark of the Jesuit order), described as a “supper club” gathering of nine men (9/6 occult mirrored reversal/33) who were rabid supporters of the theories of Darwin and natural selection. Taking the aforementioned into summarizing consideration, is it so surprising that a simulated mass casualty event would be scheduled in Christchurch, a location featuring a University founded by prominent men who were not only ideologically linked to the philosophies of dialectical materialist humanism and socialism, but high-level occultists and most likely Freemasons?

The X Club is merely another example of the subversive and clandestine nature inherent with the promulgation of such destructive philosophies, in that not only are they clandestine forms of propaganda packaged in a sheen of scholarly respectability, but in reality are widely promoted simply to psychologically sever the masses from their inherent spiritual divinity in lieu of imprisoning them within the barricades of their lower and sensual natures, which of course, works to the advantage of the thirteen, ruling elite families in bolstering the perpetual profitability and unchallenged hegemony of their global system of commercial trade.

This is why evolution, which was first proposed two centuries before Darwin by John Locke, has in this latter day era become so universally prevalent in not only the public school systems, but at all higher institutions of scholarship. Indeed, this represents a subversive curriculum, designed not to educate, but to indoctrinate succeeding generations into a spiritually degrading exoteric and materialist philosophy that, lacking any traces of profound evidentiary empiricism, professes mankind is just another species of animal, with the result of preventing access to and knowledge of the divine nature of the higher mind.

Meanwhile, the “elected” high-level occultists and freemasons/Templars/Jesuits keep the knowledge of mankind’s collective divine nature and potential a secret, garrisoned away from those they consider the masses of the profane, at all costs.

This is also why the CIA and the international intelligence octopus, in control of the entertainment industries and the MSM on behalf of their ruling elite masters, promotes utterly cacophonous mayhem as modern popular music and retrograde finger paintings are observed to be prominently displayed in all metropolitan museums and subsequently heralded by high-society socialites as “art”.

More interesting and pertinent still, is Canterbury University’s coat of arms, which features the image of not only the Templar cross (pyramid/swastika/the sun) but the image of a slaughtered head of cattle:

Considering the occult significance of Canterbury’s logo, and considering the University was founded by adherents to the soul crushing materialist dogma of Darwinism and socialism, does it strike you as entirely surprising or perhaps even coincidental that Christchurch, the very location where Canterbury’s campus resides, would opt to host a mass casualty drill depicting the slaughter of innocent human beings the ruling elite socialist Darwinists consider to be merely animals or “cattle”, a mass distributed theatrical presentation with the ulterior purpose in mind of subconsciously preparing humanity for the sinister depopulation edicts of the UN’s globally mandated Agenda 21 and sustainable development programs?

Coincidence? One should positively think not.


The Christchurch mass casualty event of March 15 (6/33) featured the usual numerological markers and logistical anomalies, particularly with one aspect of the alleged video footage involving the vehicle driven by the alleged perpetrator, which will be addressed presently. When the initial reports of the mosque attacks in Christchurch were distributed by MSM, the details of the event, unsurprisingly, seemed confusing and contradictory. But as we have observed before in the wake of MSM’s reportage of all such similar events in the past, this methodology of confusion is programmed as part of the psychological operation, a meticulous methodology designed to create a new order of social and political affairs from deliberately sown chaos.

From cursory observation, what seemed to confuse most of those numbered among alternative researchers, is that although there was footage from the initial attack at Al-Noor mosque, there was none from the alleged second attack at Linwood location. Of course, most alternative researchers, in their haste, pointed out the personal testimony given by the alleged “hero”, Abdul Aziz – who confronted the gunman at the Linwood location three miles from al-Noor mosque (33) at 1:55 pm (11/twin masonic pillars of Boaz and Jachin) before law enforcement would arrive 36 minutes later (3 6’s/666) and not at the initial attack at Al-Noor at 1:40 pm (5/2+3/2 3’s=33/77/twin lighting charges of Lucifer/angelic transformation) – did not match what was detailed in the footage from the first attack released by MSM.

This was a deliberate ploy by MSM – employed on other such occasions before – to sow confusion with their reportage so as to facilitate the later discrediting of those dreaded to be “conspiracy theorists” among the alternative research community.

Nevertheless, we shall first examine the known details of the alleged shooter Brenton Harrison (SON/aces and eights/logo of the Jesuit order) Tarrant (RAN=33) provided by our “good friends” at MSM, which given his previous alleged employment as a “personal trainer” (SON/aces and eights/Jesuit order) are wildly contradictory.

According to CNN from information provided by “intelligence agencies”, “two to three years” (2 3’s/33) before endeavoring to plan his alleged “attack” and composing his “manifesto” (MAN/666) Tarrant had been an itinerant “traveler” (code for intelligence agent)., having reportedly visited locations in “Israel, Egypt, Greece, the Balkans, Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, and at least two trips to Turkey in 2016, one of them lasting up to 43 days” (4+16=20/11/twin pillars of Boaz and Jachin/16X2=32X2=64/6X4=24/6/33/43 days/7/Kabbalah Zayin/the hook or mind weapon).

Considering Tarrant was employed as a “personal trainer”, a line of work not generally considered to be among those of upper class socio-economic means, from exactly where did he obtain his means and funding to virtually travel the world?

Not coincidentally, all of CNN’s aforementioned locations are hotbeds and headquarters for the international intelligence octopus, including the CIA, which via their ongoing Project Mockingbird program, is in complete control of all information distributed and reported by not only CNN, but all other corporately owned mainstream media outlets.

Obviously, Brenton Harrison Tarrant (sums to 282 in English Ordinal gematria/12/21/777/intelligence joker code), like Lee Harvey Oswald and Adam Lanza, was a straw man party set up to act under a pseudonym, yet another fictional entity with bona fides created by the cubicle dwellers anonymously toiling at CIA headquarters in Langley.

Furthermore, according to Google maps, it should be noted that the distance in terms of kilometers between the campus of Canterbury University and the mosque of Masjid Al-Noor is 2.9 (2 9’s/occult mirrored reversal=66/12/21/777 intelligence joker code) and again according to the source of Goggle maps, the distance between the pair of locations is navigable via automobile in 6 minutes (33), 27 minutes via bus (77/twin charges of Lucifer’s lightning), and 43 minutes on foot (7/Kabbalah Zayin, the hook or mind weapon). A further perusal of the online map provided by Google indicates that Christchurch is surrounded by a series of roads or highways respectively demarcated SH 73 (37’s/777). 75 (12/21/777), and 74 (11/twin masonic pillars of Boaz and Jachin/7X4=28/2 8’s/88/aces and eights/mark of the Jesuit order).


The video of the attack was an obvious production and mixed and edited in post-production, and was likely filmed and composited, like a Hollywood production, from different takes possibly filmed on different dates.

The empirical basis for this claim would be to point out that deeper scrutiny of the video’s content indicates the perpetrator appears to have utilized two automobiles.

This too is part of the MSM’s deliberate and routine deceptions.

Upon closer scrutiny, while the pair of automobiles appear to have been painted with the identical color of white (recall too that OJ Simpson’s getaway Bronco was colored white) there seem also to have existed anomalous comparative disparities concerning the cosmetic details. Indeed, when various frames of the video released by MSM are more closely viewed and scrutinized, both automobiles are demonstrated to be two distinctly different models.

Keep in mind too, that the color of white – in the context of the symbolic and theatrical nature of the Christchurch event – is a clear symbolic reference to the apocalyptic rider of the pale horse featured in the biblical book of revelation.

One of the vehicles, the model utilized by the alleged assailant that is present in the early junctures of the video appears to be a Subaru Legacy and marked with a discernable license plate attached below a grill complete with fog lights that is shorter and of comparably greater width than the model observed at a later juncture.

The other model vehicle observed at a later juncture of the video however, while it appears to be placed in the identical location outside of the Al-Noor mosque, appears to be a Toyota Prius and has no discernable license plate, while the front grill is more elongated. And while not only do the adjacent fog lights that were intact on the Subaru appear to be missing on the Toyota, the grill of this second vehicle appears discernably slimmer in diameter.

Below is a video excerpt (beginning at 2:50) presented as both a visual aid and an exhibit demonstrating this apparent anomaly beginning at approximately 2:50:



As mentioned at the outset of this installment, the MSM’s designated hero of the Christchurch mass casualty event, Abdul Aziz (sums to 102 in English Ordinal gematria/3/33/39 in Full Reduction/12/21/777/51 in Reverse Full Reduction/6/33), appeared to be, at first glance, very familiar. Turns out – with help from ear biometric and facial recognition – the author’s recollections and intuitive suspicions proved correct.

Remember this guy?

Yes folks, that is, once again, Carlos Arrendondo, the “hero” of the “Boston Bombing” back on April 15, 2013.

However, one’s memory was further jogged when one recalled extensive research performed for a past installment involving two music legends, Don Henley and Glen Frey. Both music stars were members of the legendary and multi-platinum selling classic rock and pop music act, the Eagles. Well, this popular act also included Timothy B. Schmit who served as the band’s bass player and co-vocalist. Further ear biometric and facial recogntion analysis demonstrates conclusive empirical proof that Timothy B. Schmit not only starred as the host actor behind the mask of “Carlos Arrendondo”, but also portrayed the host actor behind the character or “hero” of Christchurch, Abdul Aziz.

Reverting back to the video featuring the graphic rampage of the alleged Christchurch assailant, for those who have viewed it, he can clearly be heard to have said: “Subscribe to Pew Die Pie.”

For those unfamiliar, Pew Die Pie (sums to 92 in English Ordinal gematria/29 in occult mirrored reversal=2 9’s/2 6’s/12/21/777 intelligence joker code) is one of You Tube’s most heralded alternative media performers, and his channel claims to boast one of the largest lists of subscribers. As observed in the past, the mass media distribution of such mass casualty events presents a prime opportunity for advertisers to not only buy ad blocks in prime time  – knowing millions will be glued to their 100 inch widescreen HD television sets – but as well ensures strategic product placement. And with his father, Timothy B. Schmit, participating and even starring in the Christchurch event, this posed an excellent opportunity to garner a product placement to increase the commercial potential and ad revenue for son Ben’s online business.

Ben Schmit and father Timothy:

PewDiePie AKA Ben Schmit:





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  1. Hi.
    Great Research.
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    This ties in with many of
    the discrepancies in that situation.

    Btw… Do You have a Face recognition Program

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    1. I must tell you, I feel compelled to continue researching the US military installation in Christchurch. And by the way, it looks as if the New Zealand PM is also portrayed by an actor.

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    1. The ultimate aim of such operations is to psychologically traumatize, disorient, and to ultimately polarize mass populations – much more commonly, this phenomenon is known as “gaslighting”. So yes, you’re very astute, the ruling elites are utilizing the mass media to make us all go crazy. Don’t fall for it.

    1. It could very well be she is a political character portrayed by an actor. Nevertheless, males portraying female roles is a masonic tradition going back to the Shakespearean era. Considering this from a grander perspective, the promotion of the transgender agenda is nothing more than a clever but desperate attempt to further conceal such theatrical conversion schemes or what has been termed here at Newsspell as the actor-based- reality. The promotion of these agendas (i.e. transgender/gun control etc. etc.) also stimulates profits from commercial interests, and profits from such commercial interests are what the ruling elite families covet above all other considerations.

      1. Man, depopulation is the main thing for the elites and feminism and LGBTQ agenda are a means serving that purpose. Search the “Jaffe memo”, who worked in the notorious Planned Parenthood, a document that dates from back in 1969 (!) describing the ways to depopulate the USA. Keep also in mind that the phenomenon of elite transgenderism is a way for the elites to keep the bloodline pure and also keep the wealth in the family, avoiding possible misadventures with marriages with commoners, many siblings and divorces with all their financial consequences. Of course there is a possibility that they attribute to this practice occult meaning, idolising Baphomet, the androgynous god.

      2. Thanks for your interest in the material presented at Newsspell. Indeed, all of the social and political agendas currently promoted through the conduit of the MSM have a documented paper trial left behind by various think tanks, foundations and organizations such as Planned Parenthood funded by the Rockefellers and other American merchant bankers. All of these agendas are also part and parcel of the UN’s Agenda 21 which – one would assume due to an uncomfortable degree of public exposure – was recently rebranded “sustainable development”.

      3. Since you seem to be a frequent visitor, I should like to inform that there will be a part II coming up very soon. Figuring prominently shall be details concerning a crisis management conference that took place on March 5th/6th in New Zealand.

  2. Hugely Hilarous.

    1. the two cars were not white they are silver
    2. Plate for each car can be established from video content and non video content.
    3. Abdul & Tom Cruise (met both these guys (okay Cruise was on the other side of the hotel foyer and we never actually talked). Abdul own a shop in Christchurch and has being there for quite some time.
    4. Number 3 sent at 7.20 cross ref against 42 equals rabbit symbolises bibby blippty bop
    5. Your source is correct see Owen Wilkes Mt John, Kaikoura a UFO Project Long Bank, that’s being declassified since 1995 and not secret – ( on similar project see Weedon Gunnery Chch and again Cabersham Tunnels Birdling flats and Swarura bay Bluff)

    You research is pretty good when yous tick to actual fact.

    But your conclusions suck because in your pursuit of esoteric knowledge your mind begins to seek and find patterns to reach pre-detemrined conclusions you have already formed and that were you descends into over thought out idiocy — that and you try to decipher a a very code but one which needs a rossett stone you dont posess. That system is ancient and the vetting immense. As Robert E Wilson once said those who dont know speak and those who know remain silent.

    My advice dump the esoteric shit it does you no favours.
    Come up with a idea (and you do have good ideas) chuck your computer out the window
    And let your phone do the walking and ask your self okay I have a hypothesis now have I done every thing in my mind to test it …or am I not making those calls (doing simple shit to prove yor not just another you tube idiot) because I am little afraid it will be wont be what I thought then I will look dumb.

    Be honest now.

    And seriously Tom Cruise Abdul he will love to hear that. Im going to get a video me telling him that for sure
    Again extraordinary claims need extraordinary evidence three forms independent of each other.

    A) Primary documentation pass ports company files
    B) Primary in record named source
    C) Other supporting (e.g video clip with avidavit of many witness as possible)

    You provide not one single shred of evidence for a very extraordinary claim so on that score mate its an F utter fail.

    1. I never claimed Tom Cruise was the host actor who portrayed “Abdul Aziz”, that was in reference to the event that occurred at Aurora, Colorado, some years ago. The identification of Cruise as the “doctor” briefing the mainstream press in the wake of the Aurora “event” has been confirmed with extensive image, facial, and voice analysis which can hardly be classified as “subjective”. Both the event in Aurora and Christchurch – as are all similar “crisis management” events – are synonymous in their fabricated nature, and designed to manipulate public perceptions to benefit the political and social agendas of the thirteen, ruling elite families. You make claims that your “proximity” to the event and your familiarity to the so-called “witnesses” is equivalent to a substantive validation of your “facts”, and yet, for such an “award-winning” researcher, your reading comprehension is left severely wanting. That alone – along with your condescending rhetorical appeals to authority and to emotional sentiment – serves to completely undermine whatever credibility you may think you’ve established. Furthermore, your statement regarding the role of Crisis X management smacks of Orwellian double-think. “Crisis X not preparing fake event rather preparing control of narrative of real event pre-orchestrated event.” Though one is willing to forgive the statement’s garbled syntax, surely, you will also admit such a statement is an insult to any rationally thinking individual. And yet, you possess the temerity to label my empirical assertions “stupidity in a bottle”? No, sir, it is you who have failed to present any empirical basis for your claims. However, you are entitled to your opinions, and I thank you for the opportunity to facilitate, in future, the civil exchange of ideas.

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