Kim Kardashian: Behind The Hollywood Mask

Coming up very soon after this installment, loyal readers will not want to miss the results of the author’s investigation into the most recent mass casualty event in Christchurch, New Zealand (Christchurch/Christ consciousness/CC=33/high-degree Scottish Rite Freemasonry/sums to 138 in English Ordinal gematria/12/21/777/ intelligence joker code).

Guaranteed, that installment shall prove to be filled with shocking revelations left unconsidered by other alternative news researchers, most of whom are insipidly labeling the event as either a “false flag” or have inexplicably decided to invest credulity into some aspects of the “official” narrative spun by the MSM media sorcerers.

As one’s loyal readers have come to learn, many of the biggest stars of stage and screen – both past and present – are not at all who they claim.

In a uniquely post-modern sense, each is a willful participant in a CGI-driven conversion scheme of deliberate identity fraud and, in many cases – due in part through both contractual obligation and genealogical relations – are strategically utilized to not only garner perpetual profit streams for their Templar/Jesuit/Masonic masters, but to bring forth the sinister and often perverse social and political goals of the thirteen ruling elite families who have long monopolized the entertainment industry.

The subject of this installment, while she no doubt still represents a cornerstone of 21st century Western pop culture, is a fraud with links to not only the monolithic mainstay of the corporate industrial/entertainment complex, Disney, but links to Hollywood executive titan, David Geffen, and the royal European House of von Furstenberg.

Reality television star Kim Kardashian is known and beloved by millions on social media platforms. However, those millions of followers may not be aware that “Kardashian” was previously known to them by another name as not only a best-selling pop singer, but earlier on in her entertainment career, was a member of Disney’s Mickey Mouse Club. But such is the chameleon-like nature of the actor based reality and its sinister but geometrically deceptive black magic.


The creation of the Kim Kardashian’s pop culture character has clearly been predicated on the rather cynical belief that any publicity in Hollywood is “good” publicity.  Kardashian first came to public notoriety due to her association with yet another Hollywood character who became famous for seemingly no other reason than well, being famous, socialite Paris Hilton. The fame index Kardashian garnered as a result of her dubious association with Hilton became augmented when she appeared in a widely distributed videotape – which was allegedly filmed in 2003 (2 3’s=33) and publicly surfaced in 2007 (9/6 mirrored occult reflection/33/33X2=66/12/21/777 joker code) – featuring a sexual imbroglio involving her then alleged boyfriend, Ray J (suns to 54 in English Ordinal gematria/9/6/33/ 18 in Full Reduction/666).

In the case of Kardashian, nothing more than the gawking tendencies of prurient interest served to dubiously catapult her character into pop culture’s pantheon of fame and fortune. Then again, when it comes to making a profit for the ruling elite families who own Hollywood, the ends always invaribaly justify whatever means, no matter how dubious they may appear.


The first indication something may have been amiss with Kim Kardashian, is the fact her alleged and “late” father participated in the O J Simpson legal farce in 1995 (23/2 3’s/33/high-degree Scottish Rite Freemasonry) which became the type of episodic “reality” television production his daughter would be cast in future.

A cursory glance of Robert’s biographical details reveal the usual numerological markers, the first of which is the date of his alleged “death” on September 30, 2003 (12/21/777 joker code/23/2 3’s/33) and secondarily, the value of his net worth which is listed at 30 million (3/EE=33).

One of the most interesting or even stunning biographical tidbits concerning Robert Kardashian is that Priscilla Presley is listed as one of his “partners”. Priscilla, of course, is the surviving daughter of the “King of Rock and Roll”, Elvis Presley AKA Michael Rockefeller/Roger Smith/former Olympic decathlete Bruce Jenner (See:  The mysterious man of many famous faces (part III)

Not so coincidentally, the name of the latter character shows up in Kim Kardashian’s official biographies, which proves to be a key clue that she is another fabricated Hollywood and reality television myth.

But much like the “King”, Priscilla Presley (233 in Reverse English Ordinal/322/Skull and Bones/233/2X33=66/12/21/777) proves to be yet another fabricated pop culture character too, as she is portrayed by Hollywood screen legend, Ann-Margaret Olsson.

Priscilla Presley:

Ann-Margaret Olsson:

Robert George Kardashian’s official biographies claim his grandparents immigrated to America from Bremerhaven, Germany. For centuries, Bremerhaven has existed as a key European seaport belonging to the Free Hanseatic City of Bremen, a state of the Free Republic of Germany. In an earlier installment concerning an investigation into the legend of Hollywood director Stanley Kubrick, it was revealed the Hanseatic League, a legally established consortium of commercial and trade guilds, was established during the early 12th century, an era during which the City of London’s Crown Temple was also being established shortly after the signing of the Magna Carta between King John and the Vatican (See: Kubrick’s legacy of smoke and mirrors (Part II).

What is curious about Kardashian’s career as a litigator, is that even though it is claimed he was awareded a J.D. (Doctorate of Jurisprudence) degree from the University of San Diego School of Law, there is no record of Kardashian ever having taken, completed or passed the official Bar Examination, a prerequisite for practicing law in all jurisdictions of the US, save those located in Wisconsin. In addition to this anomaly, Kardashian’s biographies are also peppered with freemasonic symbolic markers. It is alleged that he was an investor in Juice Inc. (sums to 48 in English Ordinal gematria/12/21/777 joker code/21 in Full Reduction/3/EE=33), and a music video business called Concert Cinema (CC=33).

Juice, OJ, cinema – starting to get the picture here, folks?

But as we have observed on so many previous occasions, the official scribes of the ruling elite families have a remarkable propensity for leaving such glaring clues behind.

In summary, these empirical facts more than imply that not only was the “late” Robert George Kardashian yet another fabricated Hollywood character but – like the Kennedy and Nixon clans examined in the past – the entire Kardashian family is also a fabrication belonging to the phenomenon of the actor based reality. In fact, it may be more accurate to say, the alleged “life” of the Robert Kardashian character was itself nothing more than a Hollywood inspired movie, and a scripted masonic stage play.


Examination of Kim Kardashian’s official biographies reveal a Jesuit connection. But first, it is alleged that in 1991, after her parents divorce, her mother went on to marry Olympic champion Bruce Jenner AKA Michael Rockefeller (See: The mysterious man of many famous faces (Part 1)

At 19, it is alleged Kardashian eloped with music producer Damon Thomas AKA Harvey Mason Junior, the son of a noted Los Angeles session drummer. This aspect of Kardashian’s biography also proves instrumental in providing another clue as to the identity of the character’s host actor. As an American songwriter, music and movie producer, Mason has worked in the past with some of the music industry’s brightest luminaries, including Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake, Chris Brown, and even Michael Jackson and Aretha Franklin.

Mason’s legal marriage entanglement with Kardashian was reportedly short-lived when he opted to file for divorce in 2003 (2 3’s/33). Kardashian reportedly was soon to marry again on August 20, 2011 (23/2 3’s/33) , this time with NBA star Kris Humphries, but that marriage too proved to be abbreviated, lasting a mere 72 days (77/twin lightning bolts of Lucifer/angelic transformation) and ending in divorce on October 31 (32/23 occult mirrored reflection/2 3’s/33).

Curiously, other than the usual biographical superficialities, there seems to be a paucity of information concerning Kardashian’s parents. It is alleged however, that Kardashian attended Marymount High School, a Roman Catholic all-girls boarding school in Los Angeles, which was founded by John Joseph Cantwell, the first ordained bishop of Los Angeles. Cantwell was a Jesuit priest, and was educated at the Jesuit’s Crescent College, Limerick and Saint Patrick’s College, Thuries.

Yes, folks, when it comes to high-profile celebrity biographies, the Jesuits seem ubiquitous.

Subsequent to garnering notoriety for her sex tape romp in 2007, Kimberly Noel (sums to 46 in English Ordinal gematria/4X6=24/6/33) Kardashian skyrocketed to nationwide and global fame starring in the E! (E=3/EE/33) reality television series, Keeping up with the Kardashians.

Suffice to say, the stylized entertainment formulations of Kardashian’s show have reached an apex and left an indelible mark on American and Western culture.

Nevertheless, an analytical summarization of what the concept of “reality” television itself and its proliferation has meant from a purely sociological standpoint as a key machination of mass psychological programming may remain far more pertinent.

In truth, “reality” television, because its venue of scripted and caricatured contrivances are well-known to its target audience, allows for a greater scope of vicarious participation, in that the audience is as much a part of the show as the cast.

In that sense, the targeted audience, while remaining aware the show is anything but “real”, leaves itself vulnerable to the covert machinations of the programming’s sinister manipulations, and in letting down its collective psychological guard, becomes more vulnerable to the subconscious preparation and for its ultimate acceptance of an all-pervasive surveillance state.

Moreover, not only does reality television induce acceptance of such an artificial and invasive societal construct, but provides psychological reinforcement, tricking the audience into believing that the nature of such omniscient surveillance is benign and should therefore become readily and collectively embraced.

With the popularity of Kardashian’s show, in combination with spin-off productions Kourtney and Kim Take New York and Kourtney and Chloe Take Miami, and a social media presence eclipsing unprecedented millions of followers, Kardashian’s total financial worth has reportedly grown to an estimated 350 million (8/aces and eights/mark of Saturn/3X5=15/6/33).

According to most mainstream sources, Kardashian’s relationship with renowned music star Kanye West has continued to keep the reality television star in the public eye, and since their marriage together in 2014, they have allegedly produced three children (3/EE=33).

But her millions of fans may not be aware they have observed “Kim Kardashian” in another guise of the entertainment industry, and that her host actor had been famous long before the advent of “reality television”.


Yes folks, both facial recognition and voice analysis clearly indicate that Kim Kardashian’s host actor is none other than former Disney child and pop music star, Christina Aguilera. In fact, the content of Kardashian’s makeup tutorial video displayed at the beginning of this installment demonstrates a step by step revelation as to how – with additional aid from lighting angles, lens distortions, and reverse CGI rakes – her host actor’s facial geometry and identity are modified.

Christina Aguilera:

Not only are Kardashian’s fans unaware of the identity of her character’s host actor, but they may also be generally unaware of her hidden mother, Cher AKA Celine Dionne, former spouse of Sonny Bono AKA Hollywood entertainment mogul, David Geffen.

Cher AKA Celine Dionne:












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      3. Since you’ve been so helpful, I shall provide a hint as to the identity of the designated “hero” from the recent Christchurch mass casualty event on March 15: this actor was at the “Boston bombing” of 2013, but in the iconic photo distributed by MSM with which everyone became familiar, he can be seen with a very famous and iconic Hollywood actor who also starred as a doctor at the Aurora theater event (another hint: think “Cocktail”/Eyes Wide Shut/Top Gun).
        Though the MSM called this “hero” “Carlos”, he is far better known as a former member of a very popular and multi-platinum selling classic rock group of the 1970’s that also featured Glenn Frey and Don Henley.

  2. Most authorities say that black magic quickly brings bad karma to the practitioner. How do these people seem to avoid this?

    1. In this context, the term “black magic” is being utilized in a figurative sense to mean or imply influence or control of mass human perception, which is essentially – according to the renowned occultist, Dionne Fortune – the true definition of “black magic”. Every social and political agenda sponsored by the ruling elite families is performed to benefit profits and to further ease and facilitate the flow of global commerce. Thus in that sense, whether from the perspective of the party targeted or being acted upon the result appears or is perceived as good or evil, the ends, in the grand scheme, always justify the means. In a karmic sense, remember that the ruling families also employ the aid of puppets, proxies and straw parties to carry out their bidding. From that perspective, they can avoid karmic retribution because the “blood” – so to speak – or the consequences then lie with the proxy perpetrator, and not with the sponsoring party.

      1. Thanks, I am grateful for the response, and the opportunity for discussion.

        I appreciate your use of the term black magic, and agree. In my view using the attention and energy of the public in such a way would be black magic. I can see how it might be a grey area though, given that the attention is willingly given.

        I also can see how being a step removed would lessen the burden of karma but can it really be enough to remove all karmic responsibility?

      2. It has to do with mental intention. If the practitioner or perpetrator believes or has been convinced they are performing with the best of intentions, then they have provided for themselves some measure of absolution from whatever consequences, whether good or ill, may come about. While using proxy’s or straw parties to carry out their bidding, I would assume the ruling elite families believe or perhaps have deceived themselves into believing – one might say moral relativism – they are not ultimately responsible. On the other hand, they may also sincerely believe they are acting with good intentions, and that sometimes in order to do good, one must consort with devils. Consider also, that since we are but two examples of those and others who have seen beyond their deceptive veil of illusion, it could ultimately be, that is a form of karmic retribution, and despite the best laid plans of mice and men, they are beginning to reap the rotten fruits of the bad seeds they have sewn.

    1. Yes, the way the ruling elite families operate is nothing short of fascinating. Of even greater fascination is their mastery of mass human psychology, and its no secret as to why the CIA refers to the mass media as the Mighty Wurlitzer. What I appreciate most, is the fact you’re willing to challenge the author and demand explanation. After all, the entire point of this blog is to stimulate others to do their own research and begin their own investigations, and to underscore the point that no one should ever take anything at face value, no matter how authoritative the source may appear.

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