Before the turn of the millennium in the early 1990’s, celebrated comedian Jay Leno became the heir apparent to one of television’s most legendary talk show hosts in Johnny Carson and went on to experience a long reign upon the throne of what was perhaps the most prestigious position in all late night television.

While a majority of Americans enjoyed his everyman persona and sharp wit, the millions tuning in each night to witness the celebrated host deliver another witty  monologue then breezily banter with a myriad of celebrities would never have dreamed the man they thought they knew as Jay Leno may not have been who he claimed to be.

While even now, the following may seem shocking, the former host of America’s Tonight Show was yet another Hollywood created character, who while no doubt entertaining, and perhaps even genuinely comical, was in fact yet another Hollywood created impostor!

Andover, Massachusetts, the alleged hometown of Jay Leno the celebrity comedian and former late night host of the Tonight Show, is also home to several masonic lodges and the prestigious, blue blooded boarding school Exeter Academy, from where many belonging to America’s ruling elite class have graduated. Loyal readers may also recall from a previous installment that Andover was also the residence of former Danvers High School teacher Colleen Ritzer, alleged to have been slain by one of her own freshman students in 2013.

Turns out, the Colleen Ritzer hoax and Leno may have much in common.

Needless to say, the aforementioned information and the anecdotes to follow will cause loyal readers to think the somewhat insulated, upper middle-class suburb of Andover is a very interesting place indeed. In fact, Andover seems to possess what could only be described as an eerie, almost foreboding vibe, of the sort that might give one the genuine impression the austere, architectural façade of its buildings and sylvan isolation are silently but sternly communicating it doesn’t exactly welcome or tolerate those it might consider outsiders belonging to minority, or lower social and economic backgrounds. One could very well be mistaken, but this is the identical impression one felt overcome with while observing pictures of Newtown, Connecticut, the setting for the Sandy Hook mass casualty drill simulation for the very first time in 2012.

Further research into the town of Andover availed some interesting and fascinatingly pertinent facts. Perhaps unknown to most, even among its inhabitants, the town of Andover is “twinned” with its namesake, Andover, Hampshire, England.

The practice of “twinning” began after 1947, and formally, per Wikipedia, the state of twin or sister cities constitutes “a legal or social agreement between towns, cities, and counties, oblasts, prefectures, provinces, regions, states, and even countries in geographically and politically distinct areas to promote cultural and commercial ties.” Wikipedia goes on to report, “The modern concept of town twinning, conceived after the Second World War, was intended to foster friendship and understanding between different cultures and between former foes as an act of peace and reconciliation, and to encourage trade and tourism.”

Although this globally oriented concept is made to sound philosophically high-minded, one can well imagine that the latter part about stimulating commerce represented the utmost importance and true purpose of such internationally based agreements, since it has always been the primary objective of the thirteen, ruling elite families to maintain, at all costs, in keeping the wheels of global commerce perpetually spinning.

But hold on folks, because not only is the tiny town of Andover (recent and official census data indicates it has a population of just over 35,000) legally involved with obscure international agreements and home to an assortment of masonic lodges, but some of its former residents played a prominent role in the Salem witch trials of 1692.

It is alleged that 40 Andover citizens, mostly women and their children, were formally accused of having made a covenant with the Devil. In fact, three Andover residents, Martha Carrier, Mary Parker (Robbie Parker, sound familiar folks?), and Samuel Wardwell, were alleged to have been tried, convicted and executed.

Given Andover is home to a masonic Grand Lodge, one finds it is not surprising to discover this hamlet township located in Essex County, Massachusetts became involved in what was termed “witchcraft”.

Perhaps this is to what the Freemasons are referring when they mention “the craft”?

Although the author hasn’t yet performed any extensive research into this curious and fascinating historical event, one would not become surprised to find anomalous and numerological details recorded in the official annals of the Salem witch trials.

Regarding the celebrity name of Jay Leno (proper birth name James Douglas Muir Leno), the name breaks down in the following numerological fashion: 77/land of Oz and 6/33, high degree freemasonry.

Other than this, there are notably curious elements concerning Leno’s biography, in that it is alleged he was one of the few Hollywood celebrities to have personally testified as a defense witness during the 2005 trial of Michael Jackson. Leno’s reported testimony is stunning to say the least. During the proceeding, Leno testified regarding a call by the accuser, saying he never called the police, that no money was asked for, and there was no coaching – but that the calls seemed unusual and – get this folks – “scripted”.

This is the method of masonic operation when staging the grand judicial proceedings that are then transformed into broadly promoted media events (such as the staged farce of the OJ Simpson trail), in that while presenting these staged spectaculars as actual trials, they will always call upon one of their celebrity minions to mock the masses on their behalf, instructing them to sprinkle some dollops of truth amid their cesspool of lies and deception.

However, to add further manipulative confusion (and as loyal readers know, the ruling elites and their masonic puppets thrive on confusion), Leno’s masonic masters in the judicial system issued a gag order, stipulating that the Tonight Show host could not perform jokes during his opening monologue regarding the Michael Jackson trial, particularly jokes which may reference his sworn court testimony.

Since the effectiveness of Leno’s brand of comedy heavily relied on social commentary and lampooning the inherent absurdity of current events, this presented Leno with a potential quandary. But, network executive’s decided to offer a solution in working around their celebrated host’s legal problems.

In lieu of Leno risking legal censure delivering jokes with Michael Jackson serving as the punch line to the studio and television audiences, the network brass brought on to the show many upstart comedians, including Roseanne Barr, Drew Carey, and Dennis Miller, who claims his comedy stylings were heavily influenced by Leno. Like most show business scenarios, this entire legal snafu involving Leno and the Jackson trial seems manufactured, an insipid example of more colorful fodder spooned up for the entertainment starved masses.

And then, there was the controversy, likely concocted, concerning Leno’s retirement and the succession to his prestigious Tonight Show throne by noted Boston comedian, Conan O’Brien. To the reported misgivings of some of his show business and Hollywood colleagues, Leno’s return to the Jay Leno show only served to complicate legal and other contractual matters. Without deeply delving into the legal maneuverings on the part of Leno and O’Brien, suffice to say a mutual negotiation was reached when the conflicting time slots of both television shows proved to respectively compromise the garnering of the successful ratings envisioned by network executives. O’Brien subsequently agreed to leave the Tonight Show, and in a negotiated settlement, the Boston comic reportedly received – wait for it folks – 33 million dollars, and that his departing staff received payments totaling 12 million (777/joker code). Additionally, the gematria sum of O’Brien’s full name is 110 in English ordinal and 7 in full reduction (110=2/masonic pillars of Boaz and Jachin/7/Kabbalah Zayin or mind weapon).

In examining publicity photographs and video of Leno’s comedic television act as host of the Tonight Show, one began to acquire the impression Leno’s visage – the pointed chin, the sculpted helmet of dark hair with strands of snowy white woven through – appears made up, almost in the fashion of a caricature come to life. Looking more closely, Leno appears to have had stippling strategically applied around the eyes and the chin, and his bright hazel eyes almost appear as if they are poking through the confines of an artificially applied mask. Speaking of the eyes – in so far as they are, so it is said, a window unto the soul – Leno’s appear to radiate an eerie familiarity, as if one has observed them from the face of yet another popular Hollywood personality – one that has been featured before here and identified as having starred as the host actor for numerous characters well known to the general public.

In carefully studying the content of this video, one noticed that once again, despite network claims this is a representation of a “live” broadcast, there are clearly demonstrative signs the footage underwent post-production editing before being aired and sold to the public as a live show. Clooney’s eyes seem to have been blacked, perhaps in an effort to further conceal any outstanding clues or connections to the other characters and manufactured public figures for which Clooney has served as host actor.

Above all, one thing has become very apparent regarding the Hollywood actor known as George Clooney, that he has, time and again, served as a key lynchpin in demonstrating empirical evidence of the actor based reality. Furthermore, loyal readers should make note of the fact Dennis Miller, the host, makes reference to Clooney’s “cat box” story as having been told before while Clooney allegedly appeared as a guest on Jay Leno’s show. However, despite Miller’s assertions, there are no video excerpts to be discovered featuring this particular interview, and there were no discernable search results compiled for Clooney having allegedly told this tale while appearing with Leno or on Leno’s show at any given time. This not only sheds a dubious light on Clooney’s amusing tale, but possibly provides evidence both the host, Dennis Miller, and his guest, George Clooney may have been caught in a gross prevarication – in essence, they are lying.

Added to this, there are several outstanding and anomalous issues regarding photographs of Jay Leno as a youth taken from when he allegedly matriculated at Andover High School in Massachusetts. The following example was culled from an online library and stands as one such curious exhibit. Perhaps, in attempting to corroborate the author’s analysis, loyal readers will make a genuine effort to notice the identical anomalies evident in the following example:

Examining closely, one shall perhaps notice the odd shadows descending along the rather unnaturally rigid contours of the young Leno’s face, extending from the bottom portion of the ears to just above the jaw line. One shall also note, what appears to be an anomalous and shadowy protuberance, perhaps the result of photo shop cropping or tipping, along the edge of the collar just under Leno’s unusually pointed chin.

Yet another example represents perhaps an even greater degree of pixel manipulation and photo shop cropping, particularly in the vicinity of the chin region, almost as if the entire appendage were painted on. The hue of the skin about the chin possess a strange alabaster complexion seemingly inconsistent with the rest of the facial region and seems inconsistent with what could result from the glare of in-studio lighting sources.

In addition to the odd shadows cast about the neck, facial and chin areas (the chin seems comparatively pointier and almost conical), some of which were evident in the previous example, the entire head appears as if it were a cut and paste job, demonstrating angular irregularities:

In summary, and underscoring the existence of this short list of anomalies, were the results of voice comparison and ear biometric analysis, indicating that indeed, our old friend George Clooney is the host actor behind the mask of famed Tonight Show host and celebrity comedian Jay Leno.

The question remaining: who is George Clooney, does the name popularly associated with the famous Hollywood persona merely represent another concealing pseudonym, and are there possibly any other Hollywood characters on Clooney’s already extensive resume?

To discover more, stay tuned for part II, folks, coming soon!


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