It has often been said pride comes before the fall.

However, when one observes mainstream news sources echoing what the author here at concluded months ago concerning Elon Musk’s Tesla Motors (See: Should America buy what Elon is selling?), one cannot resist heralding the accuracy of one’s foresight.

The glaring question, however, is this: why suddenly have those in the mainstream media begun to bark like meat starved hounds over the obvious and utter folly demonstrated by Musk’s Tesla Motors?

Why now, have they chose to begin crucifying a media figure they had previously and so obsequiously lionized as a “next level genius”?

Perhaps what follows shall provide a plausible, if not probable hypothesis?

One’s first impulse upon observing an article in the mainstream New York Post regarding the utter fiscal folly of Elon Musk’s Tesla Motors should have been to applaud.

Though there is certainly enjoyment to be derived from watching a puppet of the ruling elites, a trained actor posed as saintly guru completely totter from the summit of his media created pulpit into the dregs of utter disgrace, upon reflection one was given pause, considering both the timing and context of the article.

One had previously theorized the establishment of Tesla Motors and the so-called private space agency Space X (research has indicated this is a canard, that Space X is in fact publicly funded) with a charismatic guru in Elon Musk at the head, represented nothing less than the careful execution of a fiscal ploy, yet another gambit created by the US corporate government, Wall Street, and NASA enjoined in a secretive masonic handshake and in deceptive collusion to willfully bilk the public of millions, if not billions of tax dollars.

Considering the timing of the article ( and at a time when NASA is once again ramping up its vast publicity campaign to whip up public excitement and support for its quixotically fantastic journey to Mars, one’s working theory seems now most relevant.

Could it be, while the US corporate government was colluding with Wall Street, and with the SEC turning a blind eye to the entire conspiratorial gambit, the millions of tax dollars that were employed to artificially pump up the stock of an ailing Tesla Motors were secretly funneled to NASA?

Could it have indeed been the case, that setting up media puppet Musk and the fiscal pyramid scheme known as Tesla Motors for a prefabricated fall represented a back door deception to garner covert funding on behalf of NASA for what will surely be yet another CGI driven, and Hollywood produced extravaganza presented to the public as a wondrous, reality television themed space opera?

If this is so, then one may safely summarize the New York Post’s recent article seems to represent a clever, but transparent effort to direct public ire towards a mere front man in Elon Musk, while the genuine criminal perpetrators escape prosecution and remain unaccountable.

But before examining this theory further, shall we observe just what the mainstream New York Post had to say about the illustrious Elon Musk?

While the article’s rather sensational, tabloid stylization becomes immediately evident, the Post begins with the tawdry details of what is undoubtedly a fabricated social media story (digital social media outlets are artificially controlled and routinely monitored by agencies employed by the US corporate government) concerning a British cave diver criticizing Musk for what he believed to be a hairbrained scheme to rescue the Thai soccer squad – calling it a PR stunt.

Apparently, Musk cast a brusque and scandalous reply, calling the British man a “pedo.”

Subsequently, the Post claims the market value of Tesla Motor’s stock plummeted by 2 million dollars.

Oh – the humanity!

The Post then goes on to make reference to the artificial pumping of Tesla’s stock value with endless infusions of government subsidies, but then oddly fails to explore the possibility the stock market itself may be a colossal casino, routinely rigged by collusive and criminal elements.

Of course, that shall never happen, for the New York Post and all other similar, mainstream periodicals are merely mouthpieces and stenographers for those very elements colluding to rig stock prices on all Wall Street exchanges.

The article goes on to list the various problems with Tesla Motors – inventories of product lines promised by Musk but never delivered – the various faulty design features, specifically the automobile’s batteries demonstrated to be dangerously defective – all of which while true, merely scratch the surface of what the creation of Tesla really represents – a pyramid style, high stakes con game maintained by stolen American tax dollars.

In summary, the article achieves exactly what it was designed to do, to not only marshal public indignation towards Tesla Motors and Musk personally, but in doing so, it deceptively misdirects where anger should be targeted – at the genuine criminal perpetrators who stole millions in tax dollars and hid behind the image of a fake, CGI created guru.

And, as to one’s final determination why the mainstream Post would feature a headline so thoroughly dismantling the heretofore unimpeachable reputation of one who was built up to the proportions of a mythical, media hero? – because folks, the pyramid scheme the conspirators concocted with the character of Musk as its cartoon front man is collapsing. Those on the inside of the deal are now rushing headlong to the casino cage to cash in their chips knowing the entire house of cards is about to tumble.

Which brings up yet another pertinent point concerning the almost flippant tone of the Post’s article.

In pointing out the problematic design failures of Tesla’s product line of electric automobiles, the Post never bothers to examine the possibility – given Tesla’s stock value was shown time and again to have been artificially manipulated by a steady stream of government subsidies – as to whether or not Tesla may have been designed as nothing more than a brass plate through which millions in feloniously collected investment funds may have been funneled directly towards offshore shells or holding companies that may have, in turn, represented indirect pipelines to the coffers of NASA.

And of course, the Post will never investigate the very idea that Musk himself may be an artificially created character portrayed by a host actor. But that would mean someone at the Post would have to employ actual investigative journalism, of the sort that has been long extinct, if it ever existed at all within the sordid and compromised offices of the corporately owned, mainstream media.

Meanwhile, NASA officials, anticipating a return to their former halcyon days of space age glory due to the unceremonious tumble of their perceived competition for conquest of the cosmos, stand to become the ultimate victors on the battlefield of PR stunts.

Unfortunately, there are those, despite the Post’s mudslinging, who shall remain unwavering in their support of Elon Musk.

Comparatively speaking, perceptions the New York Post publishes articles tinctured with tabloid sensationalism lends it diminished credibility among the readers of its more prestigious competition, competition such as America’s so-called “newspaper of record,” the vaunted New York Times. Undoubtedly, those who regularly read the Times while sipping their Starbucks cappuccino will tend to scoff at the Post’s dismissive headline.

However, that is the mainstream’s sly method of operation in action – to dispense nuggets of truth through what may be perceived by certain majority segments of the general public as less than reliable sources of news.

While the Post also points out Musk is personally indignant over repeated charges of his gross mismanagement of not only Space X but Tesla Motors, one can rest assured Musk’s displays of righteous indignation are all part of the grand, scripted charade.

Yes folks, our fake space guru, Elon Musk has tottered and plunged from his lofty perch. But cry not for the fallen, for he shall surely rise unscathed, and while laughing, proceed to the teller window of the nearest American bank to cash his considerable actor’s guild earnings.

Then, Musk’s host actor will finally return from whence he came, back to Europe to enjoy the palatial comforts of one of his royal estates.

But alas, without an Academy Award.


9 thoughts on “New York Post: Elon Musk is a fraud

  1. The Thailand cave rescue doubles as a reversal of Platos cave with the sunlight of truth substituted for our media driven reality.

  2. Guaranteed, you’re probably one of a very small percentage to pick up on the allegory alluded to, and the philosophy, allegory and symbolism found in Plato’s Republic is synonymous with much of the same to be discovered in not only the King James Bible, which was written by Freemason’s, but also lays the groundwork for an understanding of high degree Freemasonry. What you’ve alluded to is also the revelation of the method, and how the arrogance of the ruling elite’s revels in mocking the public by putting this sort of thing right in their faces, knowing it will go unnoticed by most.

  3. The unconscious mind is shared by humanity, and the origin of these teachings from Plato et al. By twisting the story, the conscious mind of the people will unknowingly reject a truth before they are even have a chance to become aware of it?

    1. Rather sinister isn’t it? It’s the concept of the mirror – like the reflecting pool found in Washington D.C. and at the Vatican’s Holy See. But, that is how deep the social programming is designed to penetrate. The ruling elites know they can never allow the masses to fully understand the machinations of their own human nature or to reach their full human potential, for if they did, the hegemony of the ruling elites would be terminally threatened, and their prevailing global commercial system with it.

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