NFL’s Jim Brown also a Jackson?

Many former NFL players have also been actors.

Joe Namath, O.J. Simpson, and several others, have all taken turns starring on Hollywood’s silver screen.

Now however, former all-Pro and NFL Hall of Famer Jim Brown can be added to that hallowed list.

Though, after his retirement from the professional gridiron, the illustrious Brown starred in a string of mostly execrable films, most of you may not be aware, Mister Brown has also starred in another well-recognizable role.

And, though Brown has portrayed this particular character for several ongoing decades, many have never realized, the former NFL running back remains hidden behind the mask of one of American history’s most renowned Civil Rights activists, a well-documented historical figure who also twice campaigned for the presidency of the US corporation.

During the decade of the 1960’s, Jim Brown was not only recognized as one of the premiere athletes in the game of American professional football, he was also universally recognized as one of America’s finest athletes.

More than this, Jim Brown was feared, not only by his opponents while performing on the professional gridiron but, even when off the field. Brown utilized this intimidating nature to his advantage while, subsequent to his football career, he become recognized as an uncompromising and even intrepid activist for the social cause of Civil Rights.

A thorough examination of the American Civil Rights movement – as with other major  American social movements of both the latter-day and from the past – reveals it to have been deliberately fomented, fostered, promoted and controlled by the international intelligence octopus via the Central Intelligence Agency in Langley, Virginia, and financed by the international bankers of the Crown Temple in the City of London to benefit the global agendas of the thirteen, ruling elite Jesuit families.

Most of its leaders have been identified as actors.

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Most recently – relative to the disruptive antics demonstrated by NFL players like Colin Kaepernick and others – the NFL showed itself as a trojan horse which is often utilized, both routinely and judiciously, for the purpose of political and social perception management to effect societal chaos.

Since the beginning of the Civil Rights movement, entire generations of Americans have been psychologically manipulated by the tactics of racial division. What those of the general public fail to realize – regardless of race, sex, etc. etc. – they are tax farmed human capital and own nothing, and have always been subjects (slaves) to the strict terms and conditions of universally applied Admiralty Law, which is adjudicated by the Crown Temple and enforced by agents employed by the alphabet-lettered agencies (CIA, FBI, FEMA, ATF, IRS), all of which exist under the auspices of the Vatican in Rome.

The US corporation is still a colony of Britain, and Britain is owned by the Vatican, which is, in turn, controlled by the Jesuit order.

SEE:  Senate document 43, 73rd Congress 1st session

SEE also: 42 Pa. C.S.A. 502, Treaty of Versailles of July 16, 1782 AKA Treaty of Peace 8 STAT 80, and Padelford Fay & Co. v. The Mayor and Alderman of the City of Savannah 14 Georgia 438, 520, Respublica v. Sweers 1 Dallas 43, Treaty of Commerce 8 STAT 116, IRS Publication 6209, Articles of Association October 20, 1774, and Treaty of 1213.

If, after consulting those documents, you still think you’re a free human being entitled to rights – whether Civil or otherwise – rather than existing as a unit of commercial property and human resource inventory granted with merely privileges, then consider yourself uninformed or either thoroughly psychologically conditioned. But the transparent veils of idealism and the thin façades of political ideologies can only hold out against the onslaught of documented truth for so long.


Jim Brown’s careers, both as an NFL athlete and, later, as a Hollywood actor, have been distinguished by an almost single-minded accentuation of the concept of race discrimination. Despite Brown’s claims of repeated discrimination, his career as a professional athlete – similar to the rocketing career trajectories of other such celebrities examined in the past – experienced a groundswell of stellar upward momentum.

This rapid career momentum has always been attributed to Brown’s strength of character while faced with what were generally perceived to be insurmountable social roadblocks.

However, after viewing the content of his biographical film, entitled Jim Brown All-American and directed by Spike Lee, it becomes clear that, from the beginning, Brown was well-groomed for the heavily promoted and conspicuous character identity he would later portray.

Early on, during his NFL career – as put into evidence from Brown’s own testimony which can be viewed in the video sample, displayed below – Brown became associated with the likes of Frank Sinatra and Hugh Hefner.

The former character, “Sinatra”, was an active participant in the phenomenon of Post-Modern Reality Simulation and was proved to be, rather than an obscure New Jersey saloon singer who rose to fame and fortune, a European royal in disguise (Prince Felix Marie, of Bourbon Parma and Luxembourg); a genealogical relation of David Bowie AKA Grand Duke Henri of Luxembourg and the Orsini family, one of the more prominent thirteen, ruling elite Jesuit families, the very same families who are also the major stockholders of the US corporation.

SEE: Actors in history’s grand stage play (Part XVI)

For his part, Hefner – an agent of Left-hand path social chaos – sold the concept of sexual liberation to America, a concept which, through the widespread promotion of Playboy magazine, fostered the chaotic breakdown of the American nuclear family and the deliverance of generations of latch-key kids into the hands of complete dependence on government control.

Through his friendship with heavyweight boxing champion Mohammed Ali who, during the 1960’s when America escalated its military presence in Southeast Asia, refused to report for military conscription on the grounds of his strict religious beliefs, Brown gained notoriety for his strong public advocacy of Civil Rights, and as an outspoken critic of what he perceived to be America’s racial divide.

Though Brown and other renowned American professional athletes chose to demonstrate solidarity with Ali, it has never been made clear as to why, Brown himself did not become embroiled in the same controversy, given, he was still young enough to have been also conscripted.

However, Brown’s tight connections with Sinatra AKA Prince Felix Marie of the royal Orsini family of Luxembourg may provide a clue.

It may also be that, due to that royal connection, Brown was utilized, time and again, throughout his career as a witting pawn to advance the social and political agendas of the thirteen families.

But then, we must consider Art Modell, the man who became the owner of the professional football franchise Brown was drafted by and contracted to, the Cleveland Browns.

Image comparison analysis between Modell’s spouse, actress Patricia Breslin and the former spouse of Frank Sinatra, Mia Farrow, availed not only stunning similarities, but a further examination with ear biometric and facial recognition proved Farrow and Breslin appear to be one and the same.

Patricia Breslin:

Mia Farrow:

Such high-level Hollywood connections with characters such as “Sinatra” (sums to 82/English Ordinal gematria/2 8’s/aces and eights/mark of the Jesuits) and Mia Farrow would explain how Brown’s acting career in Tinsel Town, so soon after his retirement from professional football in 1966, was able to progress so rapidly.

The name Art Modell sums to 37 (3 7’s/777/intelligence joker code) in English Ordinal Full Reduction and 53 (8/aces and eights/mark of the Jesuits) in Reverse Full Reduction:

Art Modell:

Frank Sinatra:

Art Modell:

Frank Sinatra:


Upon examining Jim Brown’s official biographies, we are able to discover that his early life is closely associated with Saint Simons Island which, according to Wikipedia and other sources, is a “barrier island and census designated place (CDP) located in Glynn county, Georgia, United States.”

Brown is alleged to have been born in Saint Simons on February 22, 1936, to Swinton and Theresa Brown.

A 2002 New York Times film review, published shortly after the release of Brown’s biographical film directed by Spike Lee, “Jim Brown All-American”, accentuated the importance Saint Simons held for Brown during his formative years:

“Mister Brown credits his self-reliance to having grown up on Saint Simons Island, a community off the coast of Georgia where he was raised by his grandmother and and where racism did not effect him directly. At the age of eight {aces and eights/mark of the Jesuits}, he moved to Manhasset, New York, on Long Island, where his mother worked as a domestic. It was at Manhasset High School that he became a football star and athletic legend.”

During the first half of Jim Brown All-American, the former NFL star claims his father did not have a significant impact on his life, and that they had “made a pact” which kept Swinton Brown from having any further contact with his legendary son.

Other biographical sketches of Brown’s early life claim the former professional boxer simply chose to abandon his wife and son, without any further explanation or elaboration. In a more recent interview, conducted for publication in the Wall Street Journal, Brown appears to have been more forthcoming regarding the father who allegedly abandoned him and his biological mother:

“My earliest memories are of my great-grandmother Nora Peterson. There were no men in the house on St. Simons Island, Ga. My father had abandoned me when I was just a few weeks old, and my grandmother was an alcoholic. Nora kept our house together. She loved me to death. I saw my father, Swinton, only four times in my life. He was a boxer and dropped by a couple of times when I was little. He had gone off to a city to start another family.”

Does it seem odd that Brown, while characterizing his grandmother as an ‘alcoholic’, would claim Nora Peterson had such a positive impact upon his life?

Perhaps stranger still, and with a glaring non-specificity, Brown claims his father, Swinton, merely went off to ‘a city to start another family’.

According to an article published at, the psychological effects on children raised in such deleterious home environments – particularly those raised in single parent homes where there is only a mother suffering from either alcohol or drug addiction – can be devastating to the healthy development of a child’s social behaviors:

“Studies have shown that adult children of single mothers with either drug or alcohol addictions are more likely to exhibit symptoms of generalized anxiety disorder, panic disorder, agoraphobia, dysthymia, and social dysfunction, and experience episodes of trauma, neglect, or abuse, and anti-social personality traits.”

Therefore, a most pertinent question looms: Were the precarious family circumstances of Jim Brown’s early life engineered by those – like Art Modell AKA “Frank Sinatra”/Prince Felix Marie of Luxembourg and Playboy magazine founder Hugh Hefner –  who wished to later counter-balance, shape, and control the future NFL star’s behavior by posing themselves as strong paternal figures and mentors, those who would deliberately guide the young and impressionable Brown in their desired direction, and for their own purposes and ends?

From an early age, it seems more than likely, Jim Brown’s athletic prowess was harnessed, honed, and trained to become a legendary sports entertainment celebrity.

Still don’t believe the NFL is scripted entertainment and not, as you’ve been psychologically conditioned to believe, a legitimate sports competition?

Though this topic has been sufficiently covered in past installments, the following video presentation (from represents a rather thorough explanation as to how the business of the NFL is genuinely conducted.

Additionally, it is not surprising to learn that “Sinatra” had a similar connection – as a mentor and guide – to former US president John F. Kennedy AKA Hollywood actor Dennis Hopper, brother of iconic Hollywood actor Jack Nicholson AKA Prince consort Henrik of Denmark.

It could very well have been that “Sinatra”, AKA Art Modell/Prince Felix Marie of Luxembourg, served as a watchful handler to both Jim Brown and “John Kennedy”, to make certain both youthful assets of the thirteen families stayed on-message and followed their respective character’s scripts.


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Regarding Saint Simons Island and the man it was named for, there is also – wait for it, folks – a connection with both Marxism and the Jesuit order.

Henri de Saint-Simon was an eighteenth century French political and economic theorist whose philosophies played a paramount role in the development of economics, sociology, and the philosophy of science. He is reputed to have created a political and economic ideology of Saint-Simonianism.

According to Wikipedia, Saint-Simon’s “conceptual recognition of broad socio-economic contribution, and his Enlightenment valorization of scientific knowledge, soon inspired and influenced utopian socialism, liberal political theorist John Stuart Mill, and anarchism through its founder Pierre Joseph Proudhon who was inspired by Saint-Simon’s thought and Marxism with Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels identifying Saint-Simon as an inspiration to their ideas and classifying him among the utopian socialists.”

As for Saint-Simon’s connection with the Jesuit order, an excerpt from page 244 in Chapter 6 of “Saint-Simon and the Court of Louis XIV”, by Emmanuel Le Roy Ladurie (, tells the story of when, during the early years of the 18th century, the Frenchman visited the place of Ignatius Loyola’s (the legendary founder of the Society of Jesus) birth, only to discover the Jesuit monks, living at the baroque-styled church located there, were engaged in smuggling gold bars from the ‘old world’ of Western Europe to the shores of the ‘new world’ in America camouflaged in layers of chocolate.

Apparently, Saint-Simon also discovered the monks were smuggling casks of gunpowder, both to America and to other countries in Western Europe for the purpose of fomenting revolution.

To find this latter detail – regarding gunpowder smuggling – from another published source isn’t surprising since, in a past installment here at Newsspell, the Jesuit’s active involvement in the British gunpowder plot -utilizing their patsy Guy Fawkes as an agent of Left-hand path chaos – was thoroughly detailed.

It becomes apparent, the thirteen, ruling elite Jesuit families were utilizing – as they’ve always done with other similarly recruited agents throughout history – Jim Brown and his celebrity to foster the introduction of similar social chaos in America during the era of the 1960’s and 70’s.

SEE: Jesuit bloodlines behind gunpowder plot hoax

Brown’s official biographies – career/game statistics, etc. etc. – are riddled with gematria coding.

After establishing himself as a talented multi-sport letterman at Manhasset Secondary School, Brown was recruited by Syracuse University where, in 1954, during the season of his Junior year, he rushed for – get this, folks – 666 yards.

After finishing fifth (2+3/2 3’s/33/high-degree Scottish Rite freemasonry) for the Heisman trophy voting in his senior year of 1957, Brown became the first-round pick of the Cleveland Browns, a team which would go on to win the NFL championship in 1964.

Throughout his nine-year NFL career (9=6(occult law of mirrored reversal)=33), Brown wore the number 32 (2 3’s=33).

Brown’s age at the time of his announced retirement was 29 (2 9’s/2X9=18/666/occult law of mirrored reversal/2 6’s/12/21/777).


By 1966, the year of his retirement from the NFL, Brown had already begun his career as a Hollywood actor. From there, Brown went on, most notably, to star with Raquel Welch in the steamy western saga “100 Rifles” and, still later on, co-starred with Al Pacino in, of course, the football-themed Any Given Sunday, which also starred former NFL luminary Lawrence Taylor.

Pacino has been exposed as a British royal who has portrayed a pair of rock stars, Bruce Springsteen and Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones.

And, with Brown’s connections to “Sinatra”, AKA Art Modell/Prince Felix Marie of Bourbon Parma/Luxembourg, it is not surprising to see him crossing paths in Hollywood with “Pacino” as well.

SEE: “Boss” Springsteen: Working class hero or imposter?

Though 1966 marked Brown’s vista into Hollywood movies, it also marked his full public transition to a character who would go on to have an impact on the American history books, the “Reverend” Jesse Jackson.

Jim Brown:

Jesse Jackson:

Jim Brown:

Jesse Jackson:

Not only do image comparison, ear biometric, and facial recognition analysis clearly demonstrate Jim Brown is hidden behind the mask of the renowned Civil Rights activist Jesse Jackson, but there also appear to be detailed similarities and fluid chronological congruences between the official biographies of both Brown and Jackson.

There are also – as we’ve seen in the case of Jim Brown – identically glaring gematria codes evident in Jackson’s official biographies.

Regarding Jackson’s comparative facial geometry, it appears prosthetics have been strategically placed in the area of the brow ridges, chin, and cheeks to further aid the facial concealment of his host actor, Jim Brown.

Jesse Louis Jackson Junior was allegedly born in Greenville, South Carolina to Helen Burns, a 16-year-old high school student (7/Kabbalah Zayin, the mind weapon or the hook), and her 33-year-old married neighbor, Noah Louis Robinson.

There’s that number of 33, once again. Coincidence? Truly, you should think not.

But get this, folks. Jackson’s biographers go on to tell us that, like Brown’s estranged father, Robinson was a professional boxer.

What are the odds?

Although Jackson has always called himself a ‘reverend’, official biographies claim that, in 1966, Jackson dropped out of seminary school and never graduated.

Wikipedia’s account is as follows:

{Jackson} “attended the Chicago Theological Seminary on a scholarship. He dropped out in 1966, three classes short of earning his master’s degree, to focus full-time on the Civil Rights movement.”

Nevertheless, in 1968, Jackson was ordained a minister – so Wikipedia claims – “based on his previous credits earned plus his life experience and subsequent work.”

Or, truth be told, Jackson’s official ordaining was merely part of his fabricated character’s script.

Similarly, and like Jim Brown’s smooth transition to Hollywood fame and fortune, Jackson too, seems to have been the beneficiary of a rapid career momentum.

The very same year Brown retired from professional football in 1966, Jackson was named the operational director of Operation Breadbasket in Chicago by both Civil Rights leaders Martin Luther King and Al Sharpton.

The following year, Jackson was promoted to be the program’s national director.

Ostensibly, Operation Breadbasket was begun as a job placement agency for blacks. Under Jackson’s leadership however, the focus of the program shifted, and the organization began using the identically disruptive tactics of social agitation utilized today by those agents of the climate change and 3rd wave feminist movements.

Soon after taking executive command of the entire nationwide organization, Jackson reportedly announced to his networks of trained operatives, a key goal of Breadbasket – according to Wikipedia – “was to encourage massive boycotts by black consumers as a means to pressure “white owned” business to hire blacks and to purchase only goods and services from black-owned firms.”

King has already been exposed as a trained Jesuit/Marxist social agitator portrayed by Hollywood actor Sidney Poitier and, as for Sharpton, he has been exposed as yet another fictional character portrayed by Geraldo Rivera, the same man who, along with Dick Gregory, presented the fraudulent JFK Zapruder film to the American public on national television in the mid-1970’s.

Of course, Jackson was present on the very day of MLK’s fake assassination.

MLK assassination image:

SEE: “Superman” Sharpton comes to rescue Sacramento

SEE also: The death of Kings and false prophets

The air-tight collusion between the thirteen families’ covert media-driven agents, while hiding behind fabricated character masks and pseudonyms which are verified by hidden third parties, has allowed for the perpetual operational integrity of history’s theatrical hoaxes, and keeps the true agenda of the thirteen, ruling elite Jesuit families from ever being exposed to the American public.

That is, until now.

To give each of you a fuller perspective as to the gargantuan level of operational chicanery at work here, both Jackson and Brown have been involved in several landmark but deliberately fabricated events which, while theatrically staged, were nevertheless designed to mold, shape and, ultimately change the public’s social and political perceptions.


Again, while continuing on with our examination of Jesse Jackson’s official biographies, we encounter the nearly ubiquitous number of 8.

Many of you might still be wondering what is truly meant by the occult description of ‘mark of the Jesuits’ or ‘aces and eights’.

Though some of you may still find the author’s description confusing, you’ve seen its symbolical representation before, represented by corporate logos, such as the one seen in the image available at the link, displayed immediately below.

Infiniti corporate logo:

The logo design is symbolic of the ancient Greek god Chronos (also Saturn/the god’s sickle), the Harvesting Scythe, Zodiac Wheel.

This is germane, as it relates to one of Jesse Jackson’s first involvements as a Civil Rights activist and Left-hand path social agitator. It is alleged that Jackson, while home from college and along with seven other African-American activists, arranged a “sit-in” at the Greenville public library in Greenville, South Carolina.

Though Jackson and his seven cohorts were arrested, one of the activists, DeeDee Wright, was quoted by the Greenville news as having said the groups arrest was entirely the point of the protest “so it could be a test case”.

Of course, the general public is always led to believe such protests are organic in nature, but that is far from the case.

Such exercises in civil disobedience and social disruption could never be possible without the complicity of public officials, the masonic police guilds, and the MSM.


Here’s a fact concerning the Reverend Jesse Jackson of which many may not be aware.

From the years 1991 until 1997, Jackson served as a shadow US Senator for the District of Columbia.

What is a Shadow Senator?

According to Wikipedia, “the posts of shadow United States senator and shadow United States Representative are held by elected or appointed government officials from subnational polities of the United States that lack congressional vote. While these officials are not seated in either chamber of Congress, they seek for their subnational polity to gain voting rights in Congress.”

Somehow, I can’t think of a better post for such a willing tool of the thirteen, ruling elite Jesuit families.

While contemplating the true meaning of the definition of US shadow senator, consider also that Washington’s District of Columbia, like the Crown Temple in the City of London and the Vatican in Rome, is a principality and not part of the US corporation.

The District of Columbia is also the military headquarters of the thirteen Jesuit families and, along with the Crown Temple and the Vatican, is a designated capital of global governance.

Washington D.C. is also home to the Grand Masonic Lodge or the “Home of the Temple”, the headquarters of the Scottish Rite’s Supreme Council of 33.


O.J. Simpson is not the only former NFL player to have been used as a willing pawn in legal cases which were nothing more than theatrical charades.

Likewise, when not starring as his alter-ego, Jesse Jackson, Jim Brown was busy involving himself in similarly fabricated legal “test cases”.

In addition to other well-documented legal troubles throughout his life, one of the most pertinent examples, as it relates to his alter-ego of Jesse Jackson, came in 1999, when Brown was – once again, according to Wikipedia – “arrested and charged with terrorist threats to his wife”.

For this, Brown was allegedly sentenced to three years probation (3/EE=33), one year of ‘domestic counseling’, 400 hours of community service or 40 hours (4+4=8/aces and eights) on a work crew along with a $1,800 fine (18=666).

As was the case with his NFL colleague, O.J. Simpson, Brown never served a day in prison nor was the court case actual. It was all for public consumption, to alter the tenor of public perception toward certain social issues.

This particular test case – involving a well-known celebrity personality and alleged “terrorist threats” –  demonstrates how the wide promotion of such fabricated news stories are effectively utilized as mass perception management tools.

Not only are such cases designed to enact new laws, but are meticulously scripted and, when widely promoted, serve to artificially influence the public’s perception that more security, surveillance, and greater levels of police presences are necessary.

The fabrication of such heavily promoted but bogus legal cases also serves to routinely manipulate the public into handing over more tax dollars to the government and accepting the passage of more restrictive laws which further erode personal freedoms.

And yet, because of their renowned celebrity status, and despite their complicity in actively promoting the covert agendas of social and political chaos which solely benefit the global economic hegemony of the thirteen, ruling elite Jesuit families against those of the common proletariat, the perception Jim Brown and Jesse Jackson represent pillars of moral virtue, to-this-day, remains intact.

Such is the sinister nature of Post-Modern Reality Simulation.









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