Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia appears to have thwarted President Joe Biden’s “Build Back Better” (BBB=666) bill.

At least for now.

Though Manchin also appears, according to articles published at MSM sources such as and at, to have unequivocally stated he “cannot vote to continue with this piece of legislation,” the influential senator’s only objection to President Biden’s “signature $2.2 trillion social safety net,” according to the pack of egregious propagandists at the, is to the “policy legislation as written.”

Below: Senator Joe Manchin (Democrat, West Virginia)


But Manchin’s public statements concerning the Build Back Better Bill, other than lodging concerns about “inflation”, have been characteristically vague and, as indicated by the recently published piece at, entitled “Joe Manchin Says He Can’t Support Build Back Better Act,” oftentimes “murky”.  

This covertly implies Manchin’s current political intransigence represents a calculated ploy, designed purely for the purpose of public perception management or, as such frequent political maneuvers have become more popularly known, to achieve the desired “optics”. Or perhaps, as evidenced by the following video excerpt displayed immediately below, Manchin’s ploy was designed with yet another, ulterior objective in mind. Specifically, to lend more television face time to that insufferably snarky, Marxist activist gasbag known as “Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez”(AKA Megahn Markle/Princess Beatrice Borromeo of Monaco).

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But therein lies the rub, as it were.

Could it be, Manchin’s public protestations are merely theatrical in nature, more neck craning car crash scenery promoted by the MSM for the thoroughly distracted American public to gape at. 

As has been well-documented on this site, the conceptual emanation of “Build Back Better” is certainly not from the mind of US president “Joe Biden” (AKA the “late” Prince Stefano Casiraghi Grimaldi/Brian Williams/George W. Bush/Neil Bush/Martin Sheen/James Dean/Donald Trump), but, rather, from the U.N., and from the global “sustainability” goals as stated in its Agenda 2030 (formerly Agenda 21).

Assuredly, however, despite the bill’s recent difficulties in the US senate, and though deluded political conservatives would like to believe otherwise, the global implementation of “Build Back Better” is a fait accompli.

After all, as is so often the case in American politics, once the road is paved, and despite, from time-to-time, the manufactured appearance of speed bumps, traffic naturally follows.

But not only are Manchin’s motivations in attempting to thwart the senatorial passage of “Build Back Better” disingenuous and wholly deceptive, the problem is with “Joe Manchin” himself.

Turns out, the entire political persona of the senator from West Virginia has been creatively engineered and, before he began throwing political monkey wrenches into the passage of senatorial bills, “Joe Manchin” became famous for his ability to toss pigskins for touchdowns on the professional gridiron. 


“Joe Manchin” has been identified as a fabricated character scheme, portrayed by a former star of the NFL (National Football League) who once wore the number of 7 on his team jersey (Kabbalah Zayin, the hook or mind weapon) and matriculated at Notre Dame University, a Jesuit institution.



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According to Wikipedia, “Joseph Manchin III (born August 24, 1947) is an American politician and businessman serving as the senior United States senator from West Virginia, a seat he has held since 2010.” Before then, Manchin “was the 34th governor of West Virginia from 2005 to 2010 and the 27th secretary of state of West Virginia from 2001 to 2005.”

Assuredly, everyone who frequents this site happened to notice the preceding biographical excerpt contained a most familiar code: “34th governor” (3+4=7) and “27th secretary of state” (2 7’s) = 777, Alistair Crowley’s joker intelligence code. Also, it is certainly pertinent to note that, in English Ordinal gematria, “Joseph” equals 73 which, when applied to the concept of occult mirrored reversal, also equals 3 7’s or 777.

Apparently, at least as “official” biographical narratives would have us believe, “Joe Manchin”, for most of his career while in Washington D.C., has dared to pose himself as a bit of a political maverick, oftentimes choosing to swim against the ideological tide so often comfortably navigated by his democratic party colleagues. Still other mainstream sources choose to characterize Manchin’s political behavioral reputation as “bi-partisan”.

Nevertheless, as shall soon be revealed, before he began his career acting on the political stage, “Joe Manchin” once performed on the professional gridiron as the modern-day Roman-styled gladiator, an entertainer who helped to serve up tainted bread and mindless circuses to the American public.

This NFL gladiator – the host actor (live-action role player) identified in portrayal of the fabricated character scheme known as “Senator Joe Manchin” – was also known by the moniker of “Joe”, which, in English Ordinal gematria, sums to the number of 30 (3/EE/33/highest degree Scottish Rite freemasonry), and, in Full Reduction, to the number of 12 (21/777). Both of these gematria sums also reduce to the number of 3 (3+3/EE/33). Respectively, when summed in Reverse Ordinal and in Reverse Full Reduction, the name of “Joe” equals 51 and 15. Both of these gematria sums also reduce to 6 (3+3/33). Collectively, and more fascinatingly however, when multiplied together (3X6), all of these gematria sums equal the number of 18 or 3 6’s/666.  


According to Wikipedia, “the name ‘Manchin’ was derived from the Italian name ‘Mancini”. Deeper investigation revealed that the name of “Mancini” also derives from one of the oldest families of Roman nobility. Even the cubicle-dwelling hacks at CIA who write for Wikipedia admit, “Their {Mancini} titles and fiefs were numerous.” In fact, Wikipedia goes on to inform, during the family’s medieval era of royal prominence, the Mancini were Dukes and Princes of “the Holy Roman Empire with the treatment of Serene Highness.”

The ancient Roman Mancini family were also, it seems, known as “Knights of the Golden Fleece, of the Order of the Holy Spirit, of the Order of Saint Michael, of the Sovereign Order of Saint John of Jerusalem and many more.” Wikipedia also reports, “The humanist Marco Antonio Altieri (1457-1537) includes them {Mancini) in Li Nuptiali, an important collection of news about Rome in the 16th century. The family was granted the Honneurs de la Cour of France.”

Regarding the latter – “Honneurs de la Cour of France” – further investigation reveals the “Honors of the Court were ceremonious presentations to the sovereign of the Royal Court of France, a most prestigious royal honor granted only,” Wikipedia confirms, “to the families of ancient nobility.”

More remarkably, regarding the immediate family of “Senator Joe Manchin”, Wikipedia reports, “His father was of Italian descent (from the town of San Giovanni in Fiore, in Calabria region).” Located in Southern Italy, the town of San Giovanni, according to Wikipedia, “originates from the Florence Abbey, built by Calabrian monk Joachim of Fiore in 1188.”

As for the monk referred to as Joachim of Fiore, further investigation reveals that, according to theologian Bernard Mcginn, “Joachim of Fiore is the most important apocalyptic thinker of the whole medieval period.” In fact, among medieval theological scholars, Joachim of Fiore is best-known for his Theory of the three ages, which was founded upon an interpretation of the biblical passage – Chapter 14, verse 6 – contained in the Book of Revelation. Among his published texts, according to Wikipedia, Joachim declared, “that a pope will be the Antichrist and that Rome represents Babylon.”


Numerous articles have been published on this site regarding the extreme quality control exerted over theatrically scripted NFL contests, as well as the league’s historical relationship to not only freemasonry and to the Jesuit order but to the monopolized gaming industry, headquartered in Las Vegas.

In the video excerpt displayed immediately below, everyone will witness one of the NFL’s most celebrated gridiron heroes – Joe Theismann – wax sentimentally concerning cherished memories of his playing career. 

Here’s just a few things that Joe Theismann will never tell the public about the NFL. Several former NFL commissioners were connected to the Council on Foreign Relations, to the Royal Institute of International Affairs, and to the Jesuit founded military fortress, Georgetown University. In fact, extensive research confirms Paul Tagliabue, who served a long tenure as NFL commissioner, was not only a member of the Council on Foreign Relations but, he was also a board member of Georgetown University. Walter Camp, known as the “father of American football”, who also originally conceived football’s system of downs and the line of scrimmage, was a member of Yale’s Skull and Bones masonic fraternity.

Others appointed to executive positions in both the NHL and NBA have been discovered to harbor similar or identical connections. Adam Silver, the current NBA commissioner, for example, is also a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, as was David Stern, the preceding NBA commissioner. Not so coincidentally, Silver also sits on the board of trustees for the Rockefeller (AKA royal house of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, Hanover, Windsor, Rothschild) Foundation.

In addition, the man credited with creating the game of professional basketball – James Naismith – was a high-degree freemason.

Just as interestingly, Clarence Campbell, a former president of the NHL, was discovered to be a sworn member of the Order of the British Empire and a Rhodes Scholar.

Regarding the Rhodes scholarship, named after Cecil Rhodes, the former British prime minister, diamond mine magnate, freemason, and esquire of the middle temple of the Crown Temple in the City of London, the scholarship selection process has historically served as a recruitment arm for genealogical ancestors of the thirteen, ruling elite Jesuit families operating in executive and tenured faculty positions at Oxford University.

It should be noted, according to the text of “The Life of The Right Honorable Cecil John Rhodes”, during the span of his life, Rhodes made no secret of his belief in maintaining, at all costs, the supremacy of the British empire, which was merely a cloak for the still extant Roman empire, and of his contempt for the common hoi polloi.

Of Rhodes, the American author and satirist Mark Twain was once quoted as remarking with biting wit: “I admire him, I frankly confess it; and when his time comes, I shall buy a piece of the rope for a keepsake.”  

Is it any wonder then, we discover many of those appointed to executive positions in the American professional sports leagues are also members of elite societies, whether secret or conspicuous, and that, systematically and repeatedly, these same professional sports executives have utilized the Covid-19 “pandemic” psychological operation in cooperation with the theatrically staged operations of sporting spectacles to socially condition the American public to their own genocidal demise?

The ancient imperial Roman tradition of offering bread and circuses to the masses in order to distract them from the political machinations of their elite oppressors has carried down through the ages and, today, in the 21st century, the popularity of such stage-managed professional sports spectacles have not waned, but become even more suffocatingly pervasive, ubiquitous, and ever more profitable.

Assuredly, having starred both on the professional gridiron and on the American political stage, Joe Theismann (AKA US Senator Joe Manchin) remains well aware of the role(s) he has played in helping to maintain the hegemonic global power of his elite Jesuit masters.

Extensive ear biometric, facial recognition, and image comparison analyses has confirmed, “Senator Joe Manchin” from West Virginia is a fabricated character scheme portrayed by former NFL star Joe Theismann.

Below: From L to R, Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia, former NFL star Joe Theismann 


13 thoughts on “Senator Joe Manchin’s Political Charade

  1. I must say Manchin and Theismann strongly resemble each other. The only difference is they elongated his nose and probably used stippling on his skin and dyes on his hair and eyebrows to make him look years older for his role as the senator. And it also appears the ears have been disguised, too.

    Even their first names are the same: Joseph. They can’t get any more obvious with that one.

    The fact that the name “Manchin” hails back to ancient Roman nobility is also revelatory. As always, they keep it within the family, and politics and entertainment are no exceptions to that rule.

    It reminds me of the Bush genealogy, which also traces back to ancient Rome, and before that to ancient Greece and Egypt. No doubt there’s probably a family relation between the Mancinis/Manchins and the Bushes that dates back to that period, if not earlier. Click the link below and scroll to the bottom of this website to see the Bush family tree.

    1. All very astute observations and, indeed, it appears certain portions to the facial architecture of the fabricated character scheme known as “Joe Manchin” have been strategically modified with stippling. As I’ve alluded to before, further investigation has revealed – from Burque’s peerage and other reliable sources and particularly in the case of the Grimaldi, the house of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha and other European royal lineages – that the genealogies of many of these families extends back to the imperial period of ancient Rome.

      1. Also, Theismann’s mother worked for Johnson & Johnson, who is one of the biggest manufacturers of the COVID-19 vaccines.

        “His Hungarian mother, Olga Tóbiás,[8] worked for Johnson & Johnson until her retirement.”

        J&J has been embroiled in many lawsuits for decades over the carcinogenic compounds found in their products that have been linked to cancer, among other issues, including vaccine production.

        Plus, his mother was a Tobias, which is a Jewish name, therefore making him a “Jew” according to Judaic law, which dictates that the maternal line determines Jewishness. It may also tie us to “Molly” Brown of the Titanic hoax, whose birth name was Tobin, which is a variant of Tobias.

        In later life, Brown became a stage actress after she retired from her stunt an outspoken suffragist and her mingling in American politics (she ran for the U.S. Senate shortly after the Titanic “disaster”. Manchin himself is a senator, which may tell us where they got the idea for that from.) After she died, Broadway dedicated a play to her titled ” The Unsinkable Molly Brown”, and a movie was made after that play in 1964.

        “In her later years, Margaret returned to her earlier fascination with drama, particularly Sarah Bernhardt, and studied in Paris in the Bernhardt tradition. She performed to appreciative audiences in Paris and New York.”

        And to tie back home, I’ve shown previously that Manchin’s colleague “AOC” is related to a Titanic “victim” via the British peerage in the family tree of her alter “Meghan Markle” in your last post on the Duchess of Sussex. Birds of a feather, indeed.

      2. Yes, everything you’ve cited connects. Over the decades, and even over a period of centuries, the same families have been involved in every manufactured historical event. I plan to delve more into the relationship between J&J and Theismann’s mother in a follow up article. I believe there is, yet another high-profile fabricated character scheme portrayed by this former NFL player.

      3. And speaking of Johnson & Johnson, their employees have been exposed admitting that people don’t need to be vaccinated for COVID-19, but they go along with the heavy push for vaccination by Big Pharma and their MSM presstitutes because of “numbers”. They’ve also been caught expressing their desire to create “second grade citizens” out of the unvaccinated, which is already happening in places like India, France, and New York City. Despicable.

      4. Prevarication through the manipulation of statistics has always been a key element in the arsenal of psychological warfare. If memory serves, I believe Bill Gates was caught with a book entitled something of the sort. It was prominently displayed on his very own bookshelf.

  2. Thank you for linking Pro “Sports” to the CFR and to the Jesuits. My gut has always told me these games are fixed. Thanks for the Mark Twain quote, it is definitely appropriate. Thanks for sharing the results of all of your hard work. You are a Godsend. Here is a question and answer from me:
    Q. Do you know why something smells rotten in the town of Denmark?
    A. Because something is rotten in the town of Denmark!

    1. Thanks, once again, for taking the time to visit. In fact, high degree freemasons were involved in the creation of all major professional sports leagues. Of course, NBA, NFL, and MLB are also tied to the gaming industry in Las Vegas. Some time ago, a pernicious and cowardly shill – a blue lodge mason whose hidden identity I managed to discover and have linked to not only fake accounts here on this blogosphere but to the YMCA and to NEMELEC, a non-profit law enforcement organization with ties to Homeland Security and other private military/security contractors which recruits police informants – attempted to debunk the fact many of the owners in the NFL are in fact high degree freemasons. Nevertheless, there exists evidence, awareness among average sports fans that sports contests are nothing more than theatrical spectacles designed to maximize add revenue and television ratings which are routinely and even legally stage managed, with point shaving and other underhanded tactics, is increasingly growing.

  3. I am glad people are waking up. I live in Minnesota and noticed every football game we played this year was close. The problem is that they were purposely kept close to keep viewers watching. They do subtle thinks like throw a bad pass intentionally, miss an extra point attempt or field goal, throw a bogus penalty flag, or not throw one when one is warranted. Anything to keep the game close and have a final score that is prosperous for Las Vegas. I am sure the referees and quarterbacks, among others, are on board, and if they took oaths, they must obey.

    People need to use their intuition more.

    That is what is meant by “something smells rotten”.

    When you see too many coincidences, you know there is a problem.

    Speaking of coincidences, there are islands in Antarctica named Coronation, Delta and Omicron. I am sure it is a coincidence, even though Admiral Byrd smelled a rat when he visited Antarctica.

    It is a stone’s throw from Argentina, where all the Nazi’s (who coincidentally were Catholic/Jesuit) relocated after the war.

    Something funky is going on in Antarctica, it is not passing the smell test, hopefully you or your readers can share what they know. .

  4. I am glad people are waking up to the corruption and deception prevalent in pro sports. I live in Minnesota and each of their football games this year have been close and decided on the last play.
    The problem is they were purposely played in such a way to keep the score close and viewers watching.
    I am sure analytics show that when a game becomes one-sided, people head to the mall.
    They also manipulate the final score to increase Las Vegas’ profits.
    Tactics like missing a field goal or point after attempt, purposely throwing a bad pass, dropping a pass, throwing an unwarranted penalty flag, are all used.
    I am sure some referees, owners, quarterbacks and other integral players are in on it and, if they took an oath, they have an obligation in addition to any financial reward.
    People need to learn to use their innate intuition.
    When there are too may coincidences, there is s problem.
    That is what is meant by something smelling rotten. Speaking of coincidences, there are 3 islands in Antarctica named Coronation, Delta and Omicron.
    Antarctica is a stone’s throw from Argentina, where the Nazi’s (Catholic/Jesuit) relocated after the “war”.
    Admiral Byrd smelled a rat in Antarctica and so do I.
    I hope you or your readers can share whatever they know about Jesuit operations in Antarctica.

    1. Thanks for the information contained in the latter portion of your comment. I’ll look into that further. You’re not going to want to miss the next article concerning David Icke!

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