The Champ Who Transitioned Into A Congresswoman

The ideological thrust of the UN’s Agenda 21 into the West has now become readily transparent.

Both the media exploitation of the trans-gender community and the psychotic propaganda of “toxic masculinity” constitute a massive veil thrown up by the high-level criminals belonging to the thirteen, ruling elite Jesuit families, who while hiding in the shadows behind the publicly displayed government reported to have been recently ‘shut down’, remain in firm control of the US corporation.

Clearly, the ruling elites have targeted groups perceived to have been historically exploited such as women, LGBTQ, and African-Americans, and through strategically planned psychological operations augmented by repetitive propaganda campaigns, have united these groups and posed them in hostile opposition in helping to psychologically subdue the one group capable of strategically organizing some measure of resistance against the prevailing tyranny: middle and working class white males, a certain percentage of whom possess licensed and perhaps even unlicensed weaponry.

These agendas constitute gaslighting conversion schemes to blindfold the masses, to keep them from ever discovering the post-modern phenomenon of the actor based reality and, of course, to prevent those the thirteen families collectively rule over from ever coming to the conclusion the presence of their tax farm/global protection/extortion rackets called governments are criminal pyramid operations and ultimately unnecessary and thoroughly superfluous.

Utilizing a full array of puppet celebrities, media personalities, politicians, and those merely famous for being famous, the thirteen families have successfully, via proxy, been able to direct and manipulate the economic, political, and socio-cultural energy of the US corporation.

However, the ruling elites do have a funny penchant of placing truth in the mouths of their chosen puppets:

“Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I’m not sure about the former.” (Albert Einstein)

Agitating divisiveness between races, genders, and social and economic demographics not only keep the masses fighting against each other rather than their true enemies, but significantly bolsters the profitability of the ruling elite’s globally organized commercial trade markets.

This installment shall feature one such puppet who, in the 1960’s, began his career as a heavyweight boxing champion by defeating the same opponent who was instructed to take a dive to the canvas – twice.

A few years later though, this same “champion” of the boxing ring transitioned into a congresswoman who testified at the absurd clown circus known as the Watergate hearings in the early 1970’s.  Continue reading “The Champ Who Transitioned Into A Congresswoman”