The Champ Who Transitioned Into A Congresswoman

The ideological thrust of the UN’s Agenda 21 into the West has now become readily transparent.

Both the media exploitation of the trans-gender community and the psychotic propaganda of “toxic masculinity” constitute a massive veil thrown up by the high-level criminals belonging to the thirteen, ruling elite Jesuit families, who while hiding in the shadows behind the publicly displayed government reported to have been recently ‘shut down’, remain in firm control of the US corporation.

Clearly, the ruling elites have targeted groups perceived to have been historically exploited such as women, LGBTQ, and African-Americans, and through strategically planned psychological operations augmented by repetitive propaganda campaigns, have united these groups and posed them in hostile opposition in helping to psychologically subdue the one group capable of strategically organizing some measure of resistance against the prevailing tyranny: middle and working class white males, a certain percentage of whom possess licensed and perhaps even unlicensed weaponry.

These agendas constitute gaslighting conversion schemes to blindfold the masses, to keep them from ever discovering the post-modern phenomenon of the actor based reality and, of course, to prevent those the thirteen families collectively rule over from ever coming to the conclusion the presence of their tax farm/global protection/extortion rackets called governments are criminal pyramid operations and ultimately unnecessary and thoroughly superfluous.

Utilizing a full array of puppet celebrities, media personalities, politicians, and those merely famous for being famous, the thirteen families have successfully, via proxy, been able to direct and manipulate the economic, political, and socio-cultural energy of the US corporation.

However, the ruling elites do have a funny penchant of placing truth in the mouths of their chosen puppets:

“Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I’m not sure about the former.” (Albert Einstein)

Agitating divisiveness between races, genders, and social and economic demographics not only keep the masses fighting against each other rather than their true enemies, but significantly bolsters the profitability of the ruling elite’s globally organized commercial trade markets.

This installment shall feature one such puppet who, in the 1960’s, began his career as a heavyweight boxing champion by defeating the same opponent who was instructed to take a dive to the canvas – twice.

A few years later though, this same “champion” of the boxing ring transitioned into a congresswoman who testified at the absurd clown circus known as the Watergate hearings in the early 1970’s. 


The headline that begins this paragraph was uttered by former heavyweight boxing champion, Muhammed Ali, or as he was first publicly known, Cassius Clay (CC=33).

This statement is loaded with occult significance, and numerological markers. The butterfly is symbolic of the concept of spiritual transformation, while the symbolism of the bee (EE=33/B=24/6/33) can be found on tracing boards within most masonic “blue” lodges.

According to Andrew Gough ( “bee symbolism is a vital component of Masonic ideals, although its application within the craft is not without paradox.”

The symbolism of the bee is also synonymous with the concept of resurrection. Masonic lore also refers to King Solomon, who was only able to secure the love of the Queen of Sheba after consulting with a bee.

But the bee has a deeper occult significance, as it relates to the psychology of groups, or society in general.

Bees are known to organize themselves into hives, led by a single “King Bee.” This plays into the deeper significance of the psychological concept of the ‘egregore’, which defined at its most simplistic level, is a collection of thoughts put forth from a group mind.

In terms of psychological analysis, an ‘egregore’ represents a prevailing atmosphere or personality that inevitably develops among groups independent of its members. This is the psychology of cults, corporate boardrooms, fundamentalist religions or even popular and well organized social or political movements.

These groups are often led by their own “King Bee”, which manifests in the form of a cult of personality that ultimately personifies the psychological essence or dogmatic ideal of the group. The concept or working psychology of the egregore is most observable during occult rituals, when a ‘spirit’ or unifying sensation can be felt moving through the members of the group performing the ritual to solidify one goal or another.

The masonic literature of esteemed freemasons Albert Pike and Albert Mackey alludes to the egregore as the pinnacle of freemasonic ritual. This may help better explain to loyal readers why the utilization of symbols, rituals, and even the rudimentarily organized meetings of a group help to better harmonize, stimulate, and motivate the spiritual growth or “brainwashing” of each individual member present at the gathering.

The persona of professional prize fighter Muhammed Ali, after his transformation from Cassius Clay, soon developed into one such cult of personality that helped lead one of the most significant social movements of the 1960’s, the so-called civil rights movement, which was well- planned by the ruling elite Jesuit families, financed by the Rockefeller family of merchant bankers, and organized and monitored by the international intelligence octopus, represented in America by CIA.


Although the results of the pair of prize fights scheduled in the mid-1960’s between the then reigning heavyweight champion, Sonny Liston, and as he was then known, Cassius Clay, have been debated ad nauseum for decades as to whether or not the fix was in, the mainstream accounts, notwithstanding, are rife with numerological and symbolic markers. Such dubiously framed debates preclude the pursuit of the greater and more pertinent analysis, that carefully orchestrated sporting events and staged entertainment spectacles are merely profitable tools of the ruling elites, and are used for the purpose of creating mythical and heroic figures and other cults of personality, which in turn, direct the socio-cultural and sometimes political energy of the masses.

After defeating Sonny Liston in the boxing ring twice, Cassius Clay AKA Mohammed Ali went on to become one such mythical and beloved American hero. In retrospect, crystal clear and objective analysis of the way the two fighters were depicted by the mainstream media indicates such could not have been otherwise, as the more articulate, youthful and charismatic Clay AKA Ali proved to be the antithesis of the thuggish, inarticulate and comparatively elderly Liston. While still a young man in his early twenties, Ali possessed the requisite qualities of the perfect spokesperson that the ruling elites covet to position as puppet leaders of their socio-political movements.

The first of Ali’s bouts with Liston was held in February of 1964 (2/pillars of Boaz and Jachin/29/2 9’s=2 6’s/occult mirrored reversal/12/21/777/intelligence joker code/2+29=31/13/summit of masonic pyramid) which resulted in Liston bowing out in the seventh round (7/Kabbalah Zayin, the mind weapon).

The second meeting and celebrated rematch between the pair of heavyweight prize fighters took place in Lewiston, Maine in May of 1965 (5=2 3’s/33/30 or 3/EE=33/66=12/21/777), on the eve of the occult summer solstice. The fight culminated in the “phantom punch” with just 30 seconds (3/EE=33) remaining in the first round from the 23 (2 3’s=33) year-old Ali upon the chin of Liston (officially aged 32 at the time of the bout/2 3’s=33), which became officially recorded as a knockout.

At the initial meeting between Liston and Ali in Miami, official accounts of what happened before the pair of fighters even entered the ring at the “weigh-in” on the morning of the fight, smack of a staged pantomime.

Reportedly, when Ali saw Liston enter the room, he began bellowing and baiting his opponent. “Someone is going to die at ringside tonight,” Ali screamed at Liston. “You’re scared chump!”

Mayhem ensued, with Ali having to be restrained by his trainers.

Does this not resemble the antics of the professional performers contracted by WWE?

As a result of the pandemonium, Ali was officially fined $2,500 dollars (7/Kabbalah Zayin, the mind weapon) for his pre-fight misconduct. Furthermore, according to Wikipedia, Ali’s heartbeat escalated to over 120 beats (3/EE=33) per minute during the incident, and his blood pressure raced to 200/100 (3/EE=33). The respective pre-fight weights of the pair of fighters are also coded with numerology, with Clay AKA Ali weighing in at 95 kg (14=77/twin lighting charges of Lucifer/angelic transformation) and Liston weighing at 99 kg (99/66/occult mirrored reversal/12./21/777/intelligence joker code).


In 1966, at a time when Ali’s public acclaim had grown exponentially, he was posed by his elite masters as a wartime conscientious objector in opposition to the Vietnam war draft imposed by President Lyndon Johnson AKA Robert Deniro (See: ACTORS IN HISTORY’s GRAND STAGE PLAY (Part I)

In his role as social agitator, Ali became an iconic hero of not only the American civil rights movement, but the counter-culture movement, which had just begun to spring up on college campuses around the country. Of course, both movements were funded by the Rockefeller foundation and overseen by their loyal Jesuit minions working for CIA. During this era, it has now come to light, through FOAI (Freedom of Information Act), that cultural icons such as Mohammed Ali and Martin Luther King were under investigation by the FBI, and that their activities were unconstitutionally and unlawfully scrutinized. In truth, both King and Ali were nothing more than professional agent provocateurs deployed by the international intelligence octopus and handled, much like latter day crisis actors, by FBI on behalf of CIA while acting out their roles as government informants and trained destabilization agents.

It remains rather noteworthy, that mainstream news sources continue to depict Ali’s draft refusal as a provocation of the “white” establishment, thus revealing the method of true operation at play in Ali’s deployment as a professional agent provocateur to divide the West along racial delineations. To hide their covert method of operation, this same “establishment” saw fit to strip Ali of his coveted boxing titles and placed him under arrest. Both conveniently and tellingly enough, both of these decisions were soon appealed before the Supreme Court and in 1971, summarily overturned.

But loyal readers of Newsspell have learned that the American Supreme Court is nothing more than a farcical demonstration of legal pantomime (See: Ginsburg’s court is a supreme hoax).

Furthermore, Ali’s overall boxing records are also heavily coded with numerology. According to most mainstream sources, including Sports Illustrated, Ali is the only three-time (EE=33) champion of the heavyweight boxing division. Reportedly, over the course of his career, Ali defeated 21 boxers (777) for the world heavyweight championship, and achieved 14 (77) unified title bouts, a record which went uneclipsed for 35 years (15/6/33). Yes folks, the career of Mohammed Ali as an icon in the sports and entertainment arena was spent acting out, albeit splendidly, a thoroughly scripted theatrical performance.


What is rather comical about the video clip displayed above, is that the creators of Barbara Jordan’s character obviously thought disguising the host actor with merely a wig, eye wear, and a pink hued wardrobe reflecting some semblance of femininity would thoroughly suffice. Performing a comparative voice analysis between the character of Jordan and the host actor, Ali, one can readily detect the similarities in cadence and tone. However, as in the case of the manufactured presidential character, Richard “Tricky Dick” Nixon AKA Warren Beatty, a process called voice concatenative synthesis was cleverly utilized. Like the Nixon resignation speech detailed in a previous installment, Jordan’s congressional address observed in the video above, wasn’t a live performance. Rather, it was prerecorded and then doctored in post-production, to better hide the voice of the host actor by syncing Jordan’s performance with other voice host actors. Comparative voice analysis indicates the voice of Jordan’s host actor was synced and mixed up in post-production with voice samples from a pair of very popular and well-respected iconographical intellectuals belonging to that era, William F. Buckley Junior and Gore Vidal.


Even without the benefit of facial recognition and ear biometric comparative analysis between Jordan and the presumed host actor, one can readily see the diameter of Jordan’s shoulders, nasal cavities, as well the slope of the character’s brow ridges are identical to the host actor, Mohammed Ali. Unlike in most cases, the application of eye wear to the Jordan character does not seem to greatly aid in the concealment of the host actor’s identity. It is no coincidence either, that during the alleged tenure of her congressional career, Jordan served as an advocate for the American civil rights movement. Not surprisingly, her biographies are coded with numerology. It is alleged that Jordan was born on February 21, 1936 (2/masonic pillars of Boaz and Jachin/21/777/19/Jesuit sun #/36=3 6’s/666), and that she also received the Presidential Medal of Freedom (five pointed star of Baphomet).

Barbara Jordan:

Mohammed Ali:


In the final analysis, all of your heroes, both past and present, whether featured in the arena of sports, politics, or entertainment, have worked and are working for the identical masters, and they do so, against the very interests of the masses who naively continue to cherish their manufactured images with the highest of esteem.







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