Has America been tricked by ‘Delphi’ consensus?

Have you never wondered how political decisions are really made? Is the voice of the people being manipulated towards a predetermined outcome-is public opinion manufactured?

Apparently, in not only town hall meetings across the nation and in the nation’s capital of Washington D.C., this appears to be the overwhelming reality.

In other words, the American decision making process with regard to political policy, whether on a local, statutory, or federal level, only appears to be democratic, when in truth, it is something else entirely.

Though regular visitors and even some loyal followers may find the following topic comparatively unexciting, please allow one to introduce what is known as the ‘Delphi technique’.

The grander implications of what is, upon deeper examination, a sinister psychological technique, transcends national boundaries, in that the standard utilization of this scientifically created method also serves the emerging presence of global governance. Incrementally, UN global hegemony is emerging from behind the curtain of national security. And, Americans are being tricked into accepting, perhaps even desiring the idea of surrendering their perceptions of national sovereignty to an all encompassing global governance. But, this is part of the scam that is perhaps the most sinister, if not pernicious. It must be understood, global governance is not a concept that is arriving at some time in the future-it is already here.

In fact, there is every indication, global governance was consolidated by the thirteen ruling Jesuit Papal bloodlines in 1776.

Yes, folks, you read that correctly, contrary to what American history books inform all pubic school students, 1776 did not mean freedom from the chains of tyrannical bondage.

How can this be so, one may ask?

Remember, that to the ruling elites, the true meaning of concepts has been inverted from everything the common man has been conditioned to believe.

For, they believe truth is lies, and freedom, slavery.  Continue reading “Has America been tricked by ‘Delphi’ consensus?”