Grenfell Tower inferno hoax: controlled demolition

It can now be reported the Grenfell tower inferno was a controlled demolition. Like Sandy Hook elementary, the structure had been long shuddered, abandoned and slated for demolition long before the mainstream crisis was reported by mainstream television sources.

In truth, there were no casualties, and no victims.

All tenants and leaseholders had packed up and moved out to other area properties long before June 13, 2017. A Building Control Document filed with the royal bureau of Kensington and Chelsea on May 22, 2014, application reference number DEM/14/02401, has now been discovered. Once again, the masonic numerology markers are present: 24=cipher for 33(highest degree in Scottish rite freemasonry) 11+22=33 flipped in the mirrors reflection=99(666). The ownership of the building (KCTMO) has also been traced back to a holding company headquartered in Monaco.

Stay tuned folks.

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