Grenfell Tower inferno hoax: controlled demolition

It can now be reported the Grenfell tower inferno was a controlled demolition. Like Sandy Hook elementary, the structure had been long shuddered, abandoned and slated for demolition long before the mainstream crisis was reported by mainstream television sources.

In truth, there were no casualties, and no victims.

All tenants and leaseholders had packed up and moved out to other area properties long before June 13, 2017. A Building Control Document filed with the royal bureau of Kensington and Chelsea on May 22, 2014, application reference number DEM/14/02401, has now been discovered. Once again, the masonic numerology markers are present: 24=cipher for 33(highest degree in Scottish rite freemasonry) 11+22=33 flipped in the mirrors reflection=99(666). The ownership of the building (KCTMO) has also been traced back to a holding company headquartered in Monaco.

Stay tuned folks.

This rabbit hole goes deep indeed.

One shall begin by citing a quote from an article published by the Grenfell Action Group back in 2014 on wordpress:

“It is a truly terrifying thought, but the Grenfell Action Group firmly believe that only a catastrophic event will expose the ineptitude and incompetence of our landlord, the KTCMO, and bring to an end the dangerous living conditions and neglect of health and safety legislation that they inflict upon their tenants and leaseholders. We believe the KTCMO are an evil, unprincipled, mini-mafia who have no business being charged with the responsibility of looking after the every day management of large scale social housing estates and that their sordid collusion with RBKC council is a recipe for a future major disaster.”

It appears, that for quite sometime, KTMCO was notorious for its rather sordid business practices regarding their management of various properties in and around the West London area, including the Grenfell towers. Featured Image -- 5992Featured Image -- 5549


What follows shall be no doubt considered complex and perhaps even convoluted. It appears the business interests of KMTCO entangle with those of gangsters and royal families with histories extending all the way back to the medieval period of Europe. This tangled web also connects to US and Russian heads of state and latter day European nobility. Could it be this premeditated inferno was part of an insurance or money laundering scam, involving those in positions of political power? Could it be, there is much more to this mainstream news story than yet another hoax crisis event perpetrated by the so-called ruling elites? One thing is clear, if one is still believing the concocted details of any story reported by any mainstream news source, it may be too late to recognize that indeed, regardless of educational level or social or economic status, one has been hopelessly duped. The internet is a powerful tool for the acquisition of pertinent information regarding all mainstream news stories. The power of acquiring such knowledge is well within one’s purview at the simple stroke of a laptop key, if one indeed knows where to look. No longer are there any excuses to remain reliant on mainstream sources intent on only peddling state created propaganda.

supernatural-alien invasion-homicidal madness-politics-
humid Hollywood night. Beltane, the witches holiday was breaking, and death was the only escape from danger.


From just preliminary and cursory research, it can now be reported KTMCO’s ownership traces back to a holding company located in the principality of Monaco. Research into the principality of Monaco revealed that its origins trace back to 13th century Genoa, which was ruled over by the Grimaldi family. Upon further investigation, the House of Grimaldi still rules over Monaco today. Traditionally, the Grimaldi family is known for producing titans of the banking and political trades. Francois Grimaldi, the notorious and reportedly ruthless first ruler of Monaco, was nicknamed the ‘Malicious One’.

Today, Monaco is a sovereign city state much like the Vatican, the city of London (one square mile of the Crown Temple) and Washington D.C., with an economy primarily based on casinos and the gaming industry. It is also sought out as a tax haven by the richest and most powerful. The rich and the powerful seek out Monaco for this purpose chiefly because there is no income tax. For this reason, many royal families and wealthy industrialists operate with impunity and with complete discretion, and are able to conceal their wealth in the most exclusive Swiss bank accounts.

It should come as a surprise to no one, Monaco’s gaming industry is very closely related to another sordid business-money laundering. Going back to early/mid 20th century America, the American Chicago mafia, who set up shop in Las Vegas, along with the other five mafia families in Atlantic City, all had very close ties to the profitable gaming and money laundering interests ensconced in Monaco.

The house of Grimaldi is known for having established the first gaming establishments and casinos. Prince Albert II, the blood appointed head of the state of Monaco and a Knight of Malta, is rumored to have a personal net worth of over one billion dollars.

Over the centuries, the Grimaldi family intermarried with various French, Genoa and German noble bloodlines, specifically the Houses of Hanover and of Lorraine. Like most Genoa Nobility, the House of Grimaldi’s business interests are primarily concerned with the trade of merchant banking, having established the Bank of Saint George in 1407.

Around this time, the Republic of Genoa expanded its territories into the Black Sea region and used central banking principles to manage its kingdom. Eventually, the Grimaldi family also intermarried with a clan known as the Ghisolfi’s. From that time on, the Genoa nobility used the Ghisolfi’s (whose family origins can be traced back to an Eastern European region located in Russia known as Khazaria) as bank managers, to expand their merchant banking interests into Russia, Turkey, Bulgaria, and the Crimea. The Ghisolfi clan used other trustworthy Khazarian agents as middle-men in business transactions and to manage smaller merchant banks in various territories controlled by Genoa nobility. Today, this complex family banking arrangement is known as the Khazarian mafia. Turns out, these are the same merchant bankers doing business in Israel and Greater Europe. The House of Savoy, which runs the modern Genovese crime family, works closely with the House of Grimaldi, and Albert II. From the fifteenth century on, the family roots between the Russian and Italian mafia’s have run very deep.

conspiracy-stephen perkins-thriller-fiction-sandy hook-9/11-Boston bombing--black magic
Raging Falcon is it conspiracy or fiction?


The Russian gangster Felix Slater, who has known business ties with the current US president Donald Trump, is rumored to serve as a ranking boss in the Crimean crime families operating their headquarters around the region of the Black Sea.  Just as an aside, Vadimir Putin is a Knight of the House of Grimaldi’s Order of Saint Charles, and has ties to the Genovese crime family.

How does all this tie in with KTMCO, one may ask?

Turns out, Banco Di San Giorgio, which does business with the holding company under which KTMCO is kept in trust, is owned by the same families owning and operating the Bank of Saint George.

Recently, through a series of complex mergers, according to Italian newspapers, Banco Di San Giorgio has since merged with Banca Regionale Europea.

Keep in mind, with no discernible victims or casualties, the Go Fund Me donation pot in the wake of the Grenfell tower inferno overflows with-at last count-over 2 million pounds.

Could it be, the Grenfell tower inferno and controlled demolition was but one small part of an insurance and money laundering deal involving the principality of Monaco, in order for stockholders of these merging merchant banks to protect their tax positions?

Only the passage of time and more extensive research will bear out a definitive answer to that pertinent question.




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    1. Please can you provide the links regarding “KTMCO’s ownership traces back to a holding company located in the principality of Monaco”. It would give the article greater validity since you are pointing towards the Black Nobility. I guess you are familiar with “Zeusian Revelations” work.

      Also, the UK Privy Council appears to be involved


      1. Thank you for your continued interest in Despite the omission of a validating footnote with the particular article cited, if one peruses the subsequent installments, the case is rather well articulated concerning the thirteen Jesuit ruling families and their Anglo-American hegemony over not only the international intelligence octopus, but the Freemasons, controlling stock positions in terms of major broadcasting media and the international private banking conglomerates. And, you are most likely correct concerning the involvement of the UK Privy Council with the Grenfell Towers event.

      2. Upon further consideration, in the interests of satisfying the inclinations of a loyal reader, one shall attempt to locate a link to the precise article excerpt cited and provide the necessary addendum.

  1. what a relief, its all a hoax and the earth is flat. And the royal family are all reptiles, just as wise David Icke said.

  2. No casualties in Grenfell? Yeah. And the WW11 didn’t really happen. I hope you dont really believe it and if you do you’re a fucking moron. Like many domestic fires in the UK, it was started by faulty white goods. The manufacturers of the cladding are guilty of corporate manslaughter. You are guilty of reality manslaughter.

    1. Thank you for your gracious interest in the material found at Indeed, if one is to be accused of, as you say, “reality manslaughter”, then not only have you proved one’s underlying premise that it is too often more comfortable and socially acceptable to swallow wholesale the repetitively delivered lies of mainstream media and so-called experts than it is to utilize keen discernment in arriving at one’s own conclusions through individual investigation. Then again, one supposes like many, you belong to the mindset of those who find perverse comfort in the low vibration of tales of death and destruction. If so, then I stand guilty as charged before the judge, jury, and executioner.

    1. Thanks for your interest in the articles published at Newsspell. I happy to hear you found the research helpful in carrying on your own investigations. Very soon, a new post will be published, concerning the “George Floyd” psychological operation, and the funding connections between the UN, various Non-Government Organizations, BLM, and the “Open Society”.

  3. sounds great…do you have any more information about Grenfell – were there any victims at all? were the Freemasons involved? How long was it planned for and why is it now being co-opted in with the BLM protests? I have just found out today that it was probably a hoax and I’m trying to catch up!

    1. As was the case on September 11, 2001, the Grenfell Towers were empty, and the death certificates were fabrications. The correlating nexus between the Grenfell Towers “event”, 9/11, and the most recent psychological operation involving “George Floyd” is, in fact, the International Brotherhood of Freemasons, a global organization controlled by the Jesuit order which, in turn, controls the Vatican and the international web of intelligence agencies, including MI5, MI6, CIA, etc. etc.. All of these events were, characteristically, esoteric and symbolic in nature. The Grenfell Towers event represented the symbolism of the ancient legend of the Phoenix bird, which rose from the ashes of fire, a primal element which is symbolic of renewal, regeneration, resurrection, and rebirth.

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