In comparison to other commentary found on this blog, this can be classified as lighter fare. Nonetheless, the following may change one’s perspective on the traditional image of what constitutes the classic espionage candidate, derived from a steady diet of decades of James Bond films. Unlikely as it may seem, some of the public’s most beloved celebrities have been employed by CIA and large corporations as spies and counter-intelligence agents. Before one scoffs and snickers, consider the possibilities.

To agencies like CIA, celebrities have two distinct advantages over an agent coming off the training ‘farm’ in Langley. One, celebrities, particularly accomplished and veteran actors and actresses, have greater access and plausible deniability with regard to counter-intelligence activities. Two, because they are accomplished at their craft, transitioning to an assumed identity in the service of a counter-intelligence operation is a rather simple matter. Portraying tailored roles with accompanying disguises and assumed identities or aliases, celebrities as counter-intelligence agents can easily get close to any specified target, even while doing so under the hot glare of the public eye. Some of the following names may not seem immediately familiar, and yet during the inception of the OSS  (Office of Strategic Services), the precursor organization led by General ‘Wild’ William Donovan that later came to be known as CIA, these celebrities were actively recruited, oftentimes in cooperation with British intelligence, to help out with America’s war effort.

escape-to-death_banner1071JULIA CHILD

Admittedly, though her name may not be recognizable to latter day generations, Julia Child, during her celebrity heyday, was a huge television star, beloved by millions. Most famous for over three decades as ‘The French Chef’, Child served in several counter-intelligence efforts during the war and post-war periods prior to 1960. Assigned overseas to ‘listening posts’ both in China and Ceylon, Child quickly rose through the ranks of the OSS, and was even credited as a top-notch operator in William Donovan’s private papers.


Reputed to have mob ties, many are still not aware that OSS/CIA, worked closely with many mob bosses during the war and post war periods.  One of OSS Director Donovan’s early recruits included pop crooner Frank Sinatra. Sinatra, because he had exclusive access, particularly during the era of the Kennedy administration, often acted as a courier for CIA, carrying valuable information and accompanying other agents on missions around the world.


Best known as the author of the wildly popular “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”, later adapted for the classic 1970’s cinematic production starring American comedic actor Gene Wilder, Dahl was employed by the British Secret Service during World War II. Dahl was instructed to spy on the lives of influential and powerful American businessmen and figures in positions of high American politics. Dahl’s reputed method of operation was to become sexually involved with the wives of these powerful men. Physically resembling the classic profile of ‘tall, dark and handsome’, by all reports, Dahl was mightily successful. However, when his clandestine activities led him into the arms of American congresswoman Clare Booth Luce, wife of the publisher of Time magazine, Dahl requested to be reassigned. Apparently, Dahl found the congresswoman emotionally needy, and too sexually voracious for his more conservative tastes. Much to Dahl’s dismay, his spymasters at MI6 reportedly rebuffed his repeated requests. In light of this anecdotal information, one can readily observe where Ian Fleming may have derived the idea for modeling the seminal character of James Bond’s 007.


Known for his portrayal in the roles of infamous movie villains, renowned British actor Christopher Lee is less well known in playing the role of real life spy in the service of king and country during the second world war. Signing up for the army as a young recruit, Lee was summarily placed in the intelligence division. Later, quickly rising up the ranks, the celebrated actor was recruited for ultra-secret Special Operations Executive as part of “The Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare”. Shortly after the war’s conclusion, Lee was assigned the dangerous task of tracking down Nazi war criminals. Still later, an interesting anecdote arose out of Lee’s villainous role in Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings trilogy. When told by Jackson to imagine stabbing someone in the back during the filming of a particularly violent scene, Lee drolly replied, ‘he didn’t have to imagine it’.Featured Image -- 5549Featured Image -- 5555


Best known for his feats of spectacular, death defying magic, what is lesser known is Houdini served as an allied forces operative during Word War I, in close conjunction with Scotland Yard and the US Secret Service. During his travels to far flung locales in Russia during the nascent Communist revolution, using his magic act as a cover, Houdini’s official assignments would be to secretly collect information on Russian anarchists, for both the US and British governments. In other words, Houdini was what is known in intelligence parlance as a ‘handler’, working closely with Lenin, Trotsky, and other Russian revolutionaries. Turns out, Houdini’s greatest magic trick was escaping detection as a player in the grand conspiratorial scheme of geopolitics. Given that the communist revolution was funded by prominent Wall Street banking families like the Rockefeller’s, Morgans, and Guggenheim’s, and given that the same bankers funded the nascent development of both American and British intelligence agencies, it is a safe bet the elites were doing in Russia what they have always sought to do; namely exploiting new markets with inherent vast pools of natural and human resources, for even greater profits. Using a celebrity such as Houdini to handle other paid operatives no one would suspect of being a spy, one who could travel freely and gain free access where others could not, was certainly a brilliant ploy, in making certain the elite agenda was going to plan.

conspiracy-stephen perkins-thriller-fiction-sandy hook-9/11-Boston bombing--black magic
Raging Falcon is it conspiracy or fiction?

Could it be the elite bankers are presently using the same method of operation in North Korea, utilizing a celebrity to handle their trained puppet in Kim Jong-un? Recently, there have been mainstream news reports of former NBA star Dennis Rodman traveling to North Korea to meet and dine with the reputed Far Eastern dictator.

Odd though it may seem, could it be, Rodman is being used clandestinely by CIA, or perhaps some other intelligence mechanism, to relate messages, gain information, or perhaps as a middle-man, in some clandestine Western directed intelligence operation or other?

Taking into account the aforementioned information, one may very well conclude in the affirmative.Amazon.com/dp/B06XFCXJGW


When encountering the information supplied from this blog, one must, at times, learn to bear with me. In the last installments, I discussed concepts perhaps unfamiliar, even alien to the consideration of most.

Here, one shall be asked to consider yet another.

What if, the truth of our political reality, apart from conditioned, accepted conventions and ideologies, were readily visible, and yet remained hidden, locked just beyond the door’s of human perception, hidden in the most unexpected places?


Yes, but, because everything is perceived within the confines of an established duality; good vs. evil, Democrat vs. Republican, Communism vs. Democracy, Coke vs. Pepsi, human perceptions are often lead in either of those two directions.

And yet, those perceptions are not always what they appear.


Well, look at it this way. Most are familiar with the often repeated adage: “Truth is stranger than fiction.”

In the last few installments offered from this blog, I proposed the concept of coded news stories, esoteric numerology codes woven together to create an ongoing mythological narrative transmitted to the human subconscious.

Now, as they say, for something completely different.



The meaning of the word occult, admittedly, carries it with it a rather sinister connotation. To many, particularly to those followers of the world’s major established religions, the word may imply an allegiance to an evil anthropomorphic deity of one kind or another. In truth, occult means nothing other than something that has been hidden from plain view. Many of the conspiracy theorists operating on You Tube, or elsewhere on the internet, namely, Alex Jones, David Icke, will tell you there is a new world order being brought about, to be realized at some undefined, future date.

But, what if, that idea were found to be misguided disinformation, or even erroneous? What if, as discussed in my previous blog series, How Crown Temple rules America (parts I-III), this heralded new world order has always existed, and has been hidden from view?

What if this fact has been hidden all along, and yet broadcast in plain view, but broadcast from sources one would normally consider frivolous entertainment; banal cinematic trifles with a built in obsolescence, to be consumed along with boxes of popcorn, then soon discarded? Although the idea may seem absurd, what if the elites, who own all media, were broadcasting the truth of global governance, not through the televised nightly news or daily newspapers, where one has been conditioned to expect the ‘truth’ delivered prepackaged, but through sources a lot less obvious-Hollywood movies, for example?

The key to understanding the elite maintenance of human mass perception through channels of the modern media, lies in the comprehension of the concept of duality; that lies are presented as truth, and vice versa-reality presented as mirror reflections.

This is the secret in understanding elite methods of operation, and the magic sleight of hand utilized by their media sorcerers. While one has been conditioned to believe magic represents some Harry Potter-like notion of spells, wands, and incantations, the true sorcerers tools exist right in your own homes, and in your own neighborhoods at the local movie cinemas.

Not to belabor the point, but put yet another way, the truth is purposely placed, not in academic or respected journals, not spoken by professors, priests, politicians, or pundits, but obscured in plain ocular view, where it’s discovery is least expected.

escape-to-death_banner1071HOLLYWOOD: SORCERER’S LAIR

Hollywood, the world’s entertainment capital, appropriately enough, is named after the wood of the Holly tree. Historic lore, recorded from the medieval period of human history, documents the bark of the Holly tree was fashioned to make magic wands later used in the casting of spells. Suppose for a moment, what is observed on the silver screen, though perceived as wholly fictional, may in fact be delivering the truth, truth the elites know will be dismissed as fiction?


Science fiction movies, particularly those of the dystopian variety, have always represented a popular public entertainment staple. Most recently, such examples as Divergent, Hunger Games, and others, have come to represent cautionary tales of an impending future of dreary doom and gloom for mankind, suffering under the boot of oppressive or tyrannical governments. Such stories always feature a hero, or heroine, who not only manages to survive the prevailing oppression, but somehow manages to transcend it, through the act of some heroic deed or other.

While many would consider such latter day films as the best examples of their particular genre, I would suggest one better, or perhaps more prescient.

Going all the way back to 1975’s Rollerball, starring James Caan cast as the avenging hero, along with John Houseman, cast as his villainous foil, one observes a most revealing scene right at the beginning of the film. The premise for the setting of the film takes place in a dystopian society in the year 2018. This dystopian world, where problems of poverty, sickness, racial and national strife have been eliminated, is overseen by a handful of corporate bureaucrats, governing a global population that has, for all intents and purposes, chosen to sacrifice old ideas of individual liberty and even personal decision making, in lieu of possessing the privileges of opulent material comforts.

The game of Rollerball, serving as the main global entertainment, has been created for purposes of mass social conditioning, to convey the idea that individual initiative, or decision making, is in fact futile. When the ruling corporation becomes fearful ‘Jonathan E’, Caan’s character, has become too popular with the people and represents a possible threat to their global hegemony, he is asked to retire:

“You must understand, Jonathon, the game serves a social purpose,” Houseman’s character convey’s. “Nations are bankrupt-gone-there is no longer any tribal warfare, even corporate wars are a thing of the past. Now, we have the majors, executives responsible for the distribution of transport, food, communication, housing, few of us, making decisions on a global level.”


Another pertinent example from the world of cinema, although not presented in the guise of science fiction, is no less prescient. In 2000’s academy award winning spectacle Gladiator, starring Russel Crowe as the gladiatorial hero who defied an emperor, there is this scene, with two senators sitting in the Roman forum, commenting on the imperial games: “I think the emperor knows what Rome is-Rome is the mob. Fear and wonder are a powerful combination,” says Senator Graccus, played by British actor Derek Jacobi. “Conjure magic for them, and you can take away their freedom. The beating heart of Rome is not in the Senate, but it is the sand of the Coliseum-he will bring them death-and they will love him for it!”

Now, forgetting for a moment these words have come from mere actors, read these words from former President Jimmy Carter, then square it with the above quotes:

“In a nation once proud of hard work, strong families, close-knit communities, and our faith in God, too many of us now tend to worship self-indulgence and consumption. Human identity is no longer defined by what one does, but by what one owns. Perhaps it is time for a selfless global society to emerge, in order to restore purpose to empty lives who’ve learned piling up material goods cannot make up for that which lacks enterprise or purpose.”

To some, the comparisons may seem to be a stretch and cannot be reconciled. But, just take a moment, and try and think about it.

Tell me folks, what do you think?