Mainstream media’s simulated Magical Mystery Tour

Mainstream media’s simulated Magical Mystery Tour

Does the technology to simulate extreme weather conditions exist?

And, perhaps more pertinent still, does the corporately owned mainstream media further augment or even simulate the appearance of such weather conditions with advanced CGI video morphing – of the type similarly utilized to create high-end commercial video gaming products?

Are either of these questions germane to what was presented to the general public via the mainstream media in the case of the recently alleged Hurricane Florence?

These are the questions that shall briefly be examined in this latest installment.

But before definitive answers to these hypothetical questions can be fully given, one feels it is paramount to point out that, the corporately owned mainstream media can and often will execute the creation of its own content to maximize advertising revenues, television ratings and, overall profitability for its stock and shareholders.

Legally, fulfilling this fiduciary responsibility is paramount when it comes to bolstering job security for mainstream television executives. In essence folks, they will sell a hurricane much like any other product or ware shamelessly hawked on the airwaves, and all to fully captivate public attentions, to the effect that they might and most likely will buy the marketed product(s).
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