Does the technology to simulate extreme weather conditions exist?

And, perhaps more pertinent still, does the corporately owned mainstream media further augment or even simulate the appearance of such weather conditions with advanced CGI video morphing – of the type similarly utilized to create high-end commercial video gaming products?

Are either of these questions germane to what was presented to the general public via the mainstream media in the case of the recently alleged Hurricane Florence?

These are the questions that shall briefly be examined in this latest installment.

But before definitive answers to these hypothetical questions can be fully given, one feels it is paramount to point out that, the corporately owned mainstream media can and often will execute the creation of its own content to maximize advertising revenues, television ratings and, overall profitability for its stock and shareholders.

Legally, fulfilling this fiduciary responsibility is paramount when it comes to bolstering job security for mainstream television executives. In essence folks, they will sell a hurricane much like any other product or ware shamelessly hawked on the airwaves, and all to fully captivate public attentions, to the effect that they might and most likely will buy the marketed product(s).

Would the mainstream media market a storm much like it would cars, pharmaceuticals, sitcoms, and washing machines?

Affirmatively, they would.

But don’t take the author’s word for it, for here in the following video one shall observe empirical evidence. In the very beginning portion of the video, one will hear the CNN anchor accuse the US president of “selling a hurricane like a condo.” And just how is it, the president sells a hurricane to the general public? He is effectively able to do so with the aiding and abetting of his conspiratorial cohorts in the mainstream media and their utilization of what is termed “Immersive Mixed Reality Technology”:

As the so-called expert performing in the video explains, this advanced CGI technology allows the corporate mainstream news to enhance or augment a real world event to influence public perception that the event may be a developing crisis. This is tantamount to a professional magician or illusionist freely divulging the secrets as to how his magical props are deployed and how they function. One is willing to wager however, that a majority percentage of the American population will never bother or perhaps better to say, remain unwilling to comprehend the implications of convergences between real world events and CGI technology.

Even now, and though the on-scene “reporter” is clearly an actor posed before a looped image projected onto a green screen, and the effect of high winds are being simulated with a high-speed wind machine, a great majority of those television demographics still consuming mainstream news content will refuse to ever gain the necessary wherewithal to accurately discern between either an augmented or complete simulation and real-time news coverage.

It is also likely, they will never bother to consider the social and political implications of how and for what true purposes this immersive mixed reality technology has been deployed.

Nevertheless, it is primarily about profits and the unimpeded flow of global commerce.

The judicious and clever utilization of this technology benefits not only the profitability of corporate networks and their affiliates, but benefits politicians whose job it is to bring home to their respective local and state governments, windfalls of federal grant money which in turn, affords greater public visibility for their careers and more importantly gets them reelected.

Considering this, is it possible the recent hurricane that struck the Carolina coastline began as a tropical storm, and that through the augmentation of CGI and the utilization of immersive mixed reality programming the public was yet again emotionally and perceptibly manipulated?

Such would appear to be the case.

But, as one has pointed out before, the effective deployment of CGI graphics are not the only time tested manipulations utilized by the mainstream media sorcerers and their conspiring cabal of politicians and federal and state appointed public officials. No folks, the manipulation goes much deeper, for in the case of Hurricane Florence, what one witnessed was not only yet another massive psychological operation designed to primarily siphon more public tax dollars, but to also effectively transform the general public’s perceptions and expectations.

Per, mixed reality or MR, overlays and anchors virtual things in a real world  environment. For example, the mainstream news media could add simulated CGI visual elements either in real-time or during the post-production process into news footage to make a tropical storm or other extreme weather phenomenon appear to be more destructive or severe. Although the application process for a major market corporate mainstream production suite would be much more sophisticated, for laymen’s purposes, the Mixed Reality Technology functions similarly to video games such as Pokémon Go or certain Snapchat features, which allow the user to add interactive digital avatars in real-time.

However,  MR is not only used to augment the appearance of extreme weather conditions, but is also utilized by NASA to simulate its so-called live feed from “outer space”. In fact, if one observes the examples of Mixed Reality Technology from the video above more closely, one will readily recognize this is the exact technology one witnesses when viewing the “astronauts” performing so-called experiments aboard  NASA’s alleged live feed from CGI created outer space. Given this, one could easily envision how it is that the mainstream media, while in league with FEMA and the Federal Weather Bureau, could simulate satellite images of the path of an incoming hurricane charging into the shores of the Carolinas. With further help from the application of MR, they could even simulate examples of extreme property damage in the storm’s aftermath.

Presently, the market leader in the commercialization of MR technology appears to be Microsoft, and from all reliable reports the company is rapidly proceeding with portable and wearable devices for retail distribution. If the technology’s vast potential holds true, it is not an entirely profound observation to foresee that MR will not only permanently distort the masses ability to discern between fantasy and reality, but rapidly alter American and even global culture in unimaginable ways. Perhaps, that is already an apt description of present circumstances, given that many are still fooled by the mainstream media’s CGI created illusions and deliberately concocted storylines.

Clearly, the grossly exaggerated mainstream media accounts of the arrival of Hurricane Florence exhibited a case of transforming a mild tropical storm – common to the time of the season – into a full-blown, biblically inspired crisis.


Beyond this, and considering further still, could the presence of MR technology alter the standard procedures and practices of law enforcement and even those of the judicial system?

Here’s perhaps an extreme but rather plausibly hypothetical example to consider: An ambitious political candidate finds he or she is trailing their rival for public office in the polls, and in finding MR technology useful for plotting nefarious designs, they frame and thus entrap the rival with a sexual imbroglio or better still for their purposes, perhaps even a homicidal episode. Or consider this, folks: an ambitious and youthful police chief wishes to solidify the powers of his public position and prove his toughness on crime to those within his jurisdiction, and he then endeavors to frame or entrap with felonious suspicions those with minor criminal infractions or repeat offenders shown to have propensities- whether real or imagined – towards violent crime or perhaps even those on the force ambitious to take his place or those who have been critical of his job performance.

Not likely one may say?

Well, consider that not only in Canada, but in other regions of North America, pre-crime initiatives have already been legally adopted, thus making the hypothetical scenarios one has proposed perhaps more plausible than heretofore realized. With the help of digital and MR technologies, law enforcement will sell the public on the idea they shall know when, where and by whom a crime is to take place even before it happens.

One imagines of course, the public will either be coerced or thoroughly manipulated into perceiving these unconstitutional measures have been enacted to further ensure public and community safety. But this is complete balderdash, for the acquisition and utilization of such advanced technology is really all about the profits gained from federal funding and the revenue pouring into the coffers of private-public business partnerships who, while joined at the hip to scrounge as much tax money as they can from the public tax payers, could really care less about yours, your family’s, or the safety of one’s community.

This is Alice in Wonderland governed by the Mad Hatters folks, and at least for now, we’re all living in it.

Oh, and by the way, the proper noun Florence, sums to 6 (33/high-degree Freemasonry) in English Ordinal gematria and, its Reverse Full Reduction sums to 39 (12/21 occult mirror reversal=777/intelligence joker code).

In fact, it is now being reported over the AP wires (which are owned by Rothschild and Rockefeller merchant banking interests) that a total of 42 persons (6/33) have perished in the wake of Hurricane Florence.

Yes folks, those lying cretins also known as your “elected” public officials and those sorcerers in the mainstream media who use MR/CGI technology, are endlessly conspiring to steal your tax money.

And, all the while, the joker is still laughing at you.


4 thoughts on “Mainstream media’s simulated Magical Mystery Tour

  1. Just discovered your blog today, absolutely captivating! The CGI in weather reporting I do not doubt, including the fear-porn angle. But, I have had the misfortune of enduring 3 separate (and most likely manufactured) weather ‘events’ (2 hurricanes and a tornado) and the destruction is very real indeed.

    1. Thanks for visiting Newsspell. There have been several international treaties drawn up regarding weather warfare’s rules of engagement. The technology of cloud seeding with specific chemicals to effect the behavior of weather fronts was first developed by General Electric in cooperation with DAARPA. Experimentation with weather warfare was conducted on the populations of Southeast Asia during the Vietnam conflict and has been used in other regions of the world ever since, including in the West. The reporting of the weather by MSM outlets is also used as a form of psychological warfare to effect the behaviors of the public in ways that are commercially profitable to the ruling families. When a population is manipulated into becoming fearful, studies have proved they become more voracious consumers of commercial and retail goods. They also become more politically malleable and easier to coerce and control.

      1. Thanks for your reply. I’ve been studying geoengineering/weather mod for some time and another form of the psychological warfare aspect is when you try to talk to others about it. It’s incredibly demoralizing to have all your friends and family think you are a nutter.

      2. As an antidote to demoralization, one would suggest reminding your friends and family that whenever they read an online news article, hear a news report on their radios, or turn on their television sets to view CNN, FOX, MSNBC, etc. etc. they are being subjected to a regular diet of psychological warfare.

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