Shotgun Willie Goes Down in Flames

Shotgun Willie Goes Down in Flames

Moving forward from the dawn of the early 20th century, the establishment of Hollywood’s illusion factory created what came to be known as the American Dream, a mass distributed display of dazzling images that usurped any attempt made at an objective material perception of the genuine America.

One remains hopeful, however, that while a majority still remain in thrall to Hollywood’s spell-casting visions, that the information discovered here at Newsspell will continue to utterly grind such grand monuments as have been erected upon the foundation of the public’s mind to wind-blown dust.

Country and Western music star Willie Nelson has always been known as an “outlaw”, the celebrated culmination of a stellar but unorthodox entertainment career, a man who brawled his way to fame and fortune and, in the mythical vein of Frank Sinatra, did it his way.

The following information provided in this installment however, shall surely dispel any such mythical notions, demonstrating that Nelson’s reputation as an “outlaw” is yet another Hollywood concocted superficiality designed to generate profits rather than reflect any genuine iconoclasm. Continue reading “Shotgun Willie Goes Down in Flames”

The “Man in Black” cashes in with Motorhead

The “Man in Black” cashes in with Motorhead

Fans of rock and roll have long indulged in guilty pleasures.

And for several decades, the blistering heavy rock mayhem of Motorhead entertained rock music fans the world over. To many of those same rabid fans, the band Motorhead’s legendary, charismatic but irascible front man, Lemmy Kilmister, remained a living and symbolic totem to sex, drugs, and the reckless abandon of rock and roll rebellion.

Inevitably, all good things must pass, and though he may have appeared to be immortal despite his destructive and debased penchants for Tennessee whiskey, yielding women and amphetamines, the roaring rock and roll freight train known as Motorhead came to a sudden stop when Kilmister reportedly died on the 28th of December, 2015 (3 8’s/aces and eights=24/6/33/high-degree Scottish Rite Freemasonry/December=12/21/777 joker code).

With that brief numerological analysis, loyal readers have no doubt already well- surmised in which direction this installment is travelling. Yes folks, yet another legendary rock star has been identified as an artificially fabricated character created by the music industry, a profitable industry both owned and controlled by the ruling elite, thirteen Jesuit families.

On this occasion however, the true identity of Lemmy KIlmister’s host actor turned out to be quite surprising.

The legendary Kilmister was, in fact, portrayed by another even more legendary Hollywood figure, a mammoth star of prime time network television and a Hall of Fame Country and Western music star whose illustrious career tracks back to the era of the 1950’s, to Sam Phillips and Sun Records, the very recording label that launched the career of the King of Rock himself, Elvis Presley. Continue reading “The “Man in Black” cashes in with Motorhead”